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Series Descriptions

General Correspondence,
(28 boxes) [Holdings]

{series #96m.1}

microfilm rolls #

Included is a letter book, 1779-1793; correspondence of John Nicholson, 1772-1819; correspondence of T. B. Freeman, 1794-1799; and correspondence of William Moulder, Jr., 1794-1800. Freeman and Moulder were business partners of Nicholson. The correspondence covers a broad range of economic, political, and social developments, both state and national, and includes letters from many of the leaders of the period from nearly every part of the country.

Legal Papers,
(5 boxes) [Holdings]

{series #96m.2}

Included are articles of agreement, 1768-1800; bond book, 1794, 1795; bonds, 1787-1795; contracts, 1793-1797; conveyances, 1785-1795; deed polls, 1784-1794; deeds, 1765-1796; letters patent, 1795; mortgages, 1795-1797; powers of attorney, 1790-1800; proposals, 1784-1798; protest notes, 1790-1800; quit claims, 1793-1795; subpoenas, 1795-1798; summonses, 1794-1799; and general legal papers, 1784-1800. Many of these documents relate to estates which Nicholson settled; others bear upon the settlement of his own estate.

General Business Accounts,
(16 boxes) [Holdings]

{series #96m.3}

These include index of accounts, 1797; accounts of notes, 1794-1797; bill books, 1793-1796; calculation books, 1790; cash or waste books, 1778-1790; catalogue (persons and families supported by Nicholson), undated; common place book, 1800; diaries and indexes, 1785-1797; journals, 1789-1795; ledgers, 1785-1796; memoranda books, 1780-1790; promissory notes, 1785-1800; road notes (construction), 1792; stock books, 1792-1794; and vouchers and receipts, 1776-1800.

Individual Business Accounts,
(4 boxes) [Holdings]

{series #96m.4}

Located here are business accounts for the following companies:
Impeachment Papers,
(4 boxes) [Holdings]

{series #96m.5}

These records have been arranged into two subseries. The first, State Financial Accounts, 1777-1794, includes Account of Continental Army Certificates, 1792, 1793; Accounts in Continental Certificates: Errors Rectified, n. d.; Account of My Negotiations for the State between Paper Money of the Emission of 1785 and Specie by Order of Council, 1787, 1788; Accounts of Receipts and Expenditures of the United States for the year 1794; Calculations of Certificates Received and Exchanged, Book B, 1790; Certificates and State Money, 1788-1790, 2 volumes; Checks of Continental Certificates Assigned for Pennsylvania, 1791-1793; and general accounts, 1777-1794. The second series, Impeachment File, 1779-1794, contains the articles of impeachment; copies of correspondence, chiefly from Alexander Hamilton and Governor Mifflin, provided Nicholson in preparing for his defense; notes on the articles of impeachment; transcripts of testimony; drafts of Nicholson's defense statements; and copies of the legislative proceedings.

Estate Settlement Papers,
(3 boxes)


Included are articles of agreement, 1807-1843; bonds, 1807-1843; deeds, 1800-1842; and an Estate Settlement File, 1783-1852, containing correspondence, legal documents, and reports of the several state commissioners involved and of the Nicholson Court of Pleas.

For additional information on this collection, see: Guide to the Microfilm of the John Nicholson Papers (Harrisburg: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1967).

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