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Series Descriptions

General Correspondence,
(19 boxes)

{series #201m.1} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of correspondence, or in the case of documents or printed materials, by the date of origination or publishing date respectively.

A record of correspondence of Gertrude Howard Nauman, Marlin Edgar Olmstead, Gertrude Howard Olmstead McCormick and related individuals with friends, family and political leaders. Information found in each letter includes the date sent, the name of the sender and recipient, and occasionally enclosed photographs. Some of the letters and documents of Conway R. Howard Jr. are written in Slavic languages, including Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian and Russian. Also included in his correspondence are photographs from his work with the American Relief Administration. They graphically portray the starvation of the people in the aforementioned regions, circa 1920s.

Of interest are the letters of Mrs. Herbert Hoover, J. Horace McFarland, Mrs. Gifford Pinchot and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller to Gertrude McCormick. There are also communications of the Citizens for Eisenhower-Nixon, which are to and from Gertrude Nauman. Other political memorabilia include a program for President Eisenhower's birthday party in Hershey, Pennsylvania; letters about the Republican National Convention and the official program of the Convention; many newsclippings from various political campaigns; a letter from Milton S. Eisenhower to Mrs. Spencer Nauman; correspondence from M. Harvey Taylor to Mrs. Nauman; and bumper stickers from the Schneebeli political race.

The correspondence of Spencer Nauman includes invitations to Westminster Palace. The correspondence of Marlin Edgar Olmsted contains invitations from President T. Roosevelt, Alexander G. Bell, George Cabot Lodge, John F. Hartranft, Gifford Pinchot and Governor Stone. Finally, the last entries of political note include letters from President William H. Taft to Marlin Olmsted.

Card File of Names and Addresses,
1956, 1960 & undated.
(1 box)

{series #201m.2}

The cards for the year 1960 are bundled into groups and thereunder arranged alphabetically by person's last name. The Citizens for Eisenhower cards are first grouped together by district and then arranged alphabetically by surname. The county cards are grouped alphabetically by county name and thereunder arranged alphabetically by person's last name. The District and County Chairman bundle is grouped by district number and thereunder arranged alphabetically by last name. There are also 17 loose cards in random order. The Women's Division file is arranged alphabetically by last name.

Card files of names and addresses which acted as a directory of political connections for Gertrude Howard Nauman. Bundles include cards for Citizens for Eisenhower, Women's Division, District and County Chairmen, and various Counties. Entries on the cards from 1960 record the last name followed by first name; the address of the person; and the county they live in. The Citizens for Eisenhower cards provide the person's name, address, position held, headquarters address and telephone number. The State Counties file documents the person's name, address and county. The District and County Chairmen cards also record the name and address, the position held, the headquarters address and the phone number. In addition, there is a listing of the congressmen for each district. The Women's Division cards contain the same information with the exception of the list of congressmen.

1899, 1905, 1972 & undated.
(1 box)

{series #201m.3} [Holdings]

Grouped into family and political categories. Folders for family photos are arranged alphabetically by name of family member or place name. Photographs within each folder are in random order.

Family and political photographs that were in the possession of Gertrude Howard Nauman. Family photograph subjects include individual portraits, special events, group family shots, sports events and places of interest. Political Photographs include portraits of various political leaders, a group shot featuring Richard Nixon, and one of Herbert Hoover and his wife.

Sheet Music,
(1 box)

{series #201m.4} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by song title.

The sheet music includes works by such composers as Beethoven, Chopin, Dvorak, Tschaikovsky, George M. Cohan, Al Jolson, Irving Berlin, Benny Davis and Oscar Hammerstein II. Most of the covers feature colorful illustrations from the period of publication.

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