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Series Descriptions


Drawings and Sketches,
[ca. 1940s]-1970s.
(1 box, 5 oversized folders)

{series #392m.1} [Holdings]

Arranged by group, then either numerically or alphabetically.

The drawings, patterns and sketches contained in Series 1 are divided into two sections. The first is a numbered group, which was originally housed in a box before the items were flattened and placed into oversized folders. This set of drawings is divided into 3 different types of mediums: pencil drawings on tissue paper, brown paper sketches in pencil and specimens on white paper or matboard. The organization of this section follows a list that accompanied the materials, except that the drawings are now arranged in numerical order instead of the haphazard order in which they were originally aligned. The second group of drawings are miscellaneous items from the remainder of the collection, which have been organized alphabetically and placed either into an oversized box or into an oversized folder. Included in the box are two of Bowling's sketchbooks, one dealing with “ships and women,” the other with “anatomy.” The drawings and patterns are usually rough and unpolished in nature. Most are of subjects that were eventually made into sculptures of silver or some other metal. They provide an excellent look at the preparation Bowling put into his various works of art.

Negatives and Photographs,
[ca. 1940s-ca. 1970s].
(6 boxes)

{series #392m.2} [Holdings]

Arranged by group, then either numerically or by subject.

The negatives and photographs in Series 2 were culled from various places during processing, with care being taken to keep together negatives or photographs that were found in the same folder or sleeve. Amalgamations of miscellaneous items have been made, however, when no discernable order or grouping was present. The negatives consist of negative film strips and single negatives of various sizes, up to and including 8"x10" items. Most concern silverwork done by Bowling, but subjects such as family, friends, dogs, exhibits and flower arrangements are also included. There is also a specific numbered grouping of combined 6"x9" descriptive cards, negatives and photographs in this series, which focus exclusively on Bowling's silverwork. Finally, there are five binders of photographs and one box of oversized photographs present. The images are either grouped together by topic (except for the oversized images) or housed in a grouping because they were originally in one folder or sleeve. Subjects such as examples of silverwork, images of Bowling in his workshop, Naval Academy postcards and photos, other types of artwork and miscellaneous images are included.


Artwork, Church and Exhibit Files,
(2 boxes)

{series #392m.3} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series 3 contains various types of files which pertain to the artwork of Jack Bowling. Materials such as an index of his prints, articles, correspondence, exhibit catalogs, newsclippings and programs are present. A few of these items pertain to various churches throughout the United States, who were the recipients of the bulk of Bowling's artwork. The artist made numerous candlestick holders, collection plates, communion chalices, crosses and patens for numerous congregations around the country.

(1 box)

{series #392m.4}

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Folders one through ten in Series 4 consist of a particular correspondence file that was discovered during processing. The remainder of the files in this series come from miscellaneous correspondence folders or groupings found in the collection. Topics such as artwork, church correspondence and personal correspondence, along with various types of other files, are present.

Navy Materials,
(2 boxes)

{series #392m.5} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Bowling's naval files comprise this series. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 1927, he rose through the ranks, serving in the North Atlantic during World War II and eventually retiring in 1947 with the rank of Rear Admiral. Correspondence relative to his navy career and his service during World War II, fitness for duty reports, an officer's qualification record jacket, personal files, service files and a file concerning the U.S.S. F.C. Davis, are included.

Personal Files,
(1 box)

{series #392m.6} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Materials of a personal nature, relative to Jack Bowling, make up Series 6. Awards and certificates, a file on Bonham, Texas, artwork-related files, lecture notes from lectures that Bowling gave on silverwork, tax data and various other types of personal items are present.

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