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Series Description


Susquehanna Coal Company

Pay Roll Ledgers,

(113 boxes)

{series #463m.1} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of ledger and seperated by individual colliery.

The pay roll ledgers consist of the employees' name and his rate, or how much pay he is owed, along with the number of days that he worked. An amount section adds up the total pay from the rate column. A total deductions section, furthermore, provides the sum that the employees owe back to the company from rent, coal, sundries, shops, and mine supplies. A remarks section gives further information on the employee, if it is filled in. Not all employees owed money back to the company for such things as rent, but all of the amount of pay owed to the employee is given. In a few ledgers, additionally, at the back of the account, expenses for the company are listed. In Scott Colliery, July 1904-April 1906, for example, expenses for cost per yard of airway tunnel are provided. The Cameron and Luke Fidler Collieries are seperated by employees who worked on the outside or the inside of the mine.

Pay roll sheets,

(3 boxes)

{series #463m.2} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date.

The pay roll sheets have numerous colleries listed in each account. All of the sheets have at least two different mines listed in them, with some listing as many as five, such as the account from July 1881. The employees' number is provided, along with his name in the names of workmen section. In the general work section, numerous subdivisions are provided: information for employment, or job description such as laborer and blacksmith, yards, cars, days, or how long the employee worked, rate, and amount are given. There is a sundry credits section along with a total credit section provided, which adds up the amount of money owed to the employee. A deductions section lists the subtractions for powder and oil, rent, coal, and shops. The total deductions section adds up the deductions owed, if any. And lastly, the amount due section provides the total amount of money owed to the employee by the company.

Time Book Ledgers,
(6 boxes)

{series #463m.3} [Holdings]

Seperated by individual colliery.

The time book ledgers list the name of the employee followed by his occupation, such as loader. There are yards and wagons sections. The days worked section gives the total amount of time the employee worked, followed by his total time. The rate shows the total money earned by the worker. The deductions section is divided into subsections called supplies, rent and water, coal, and sundries.

Time Books,
1887, 1896-1896, and 1899-1901.
(6 boxes)

{series #463m.4} [Holdings]

Seperated by individual colliery.

The time books list the name of the employee along with his occupation, such as laborer. Another occupation is in the breast, which is where the workers broke the coal. There are yards, wagons, days, price, and gross amount sections, the latter totaling the amount owed by the colliery. There are, furthermore, additional sections, such as division of account, supplies, rent, coal, stable, total deductions, and amount due. A different, smaller time book from September, 1887, lists how many days the employee worked, along with his rate and account. The employees' job description is also provided.

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