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Series Descriptions

American Cancer Society Materials,
(1 folder)

{series #514m.1} [Holdings]

Arranged in chronological order by year.

Various materials relating to Mrs. S. Harper Myers' work with the American Cancer Society. Included are a postcard to Mrs.Myers, newspaper clippings asking for dressing donations, pamphlets, Cumberland County Unit elections, and a notebook. The pamphlets describe cancer signs, and also donations for a cancer memorial. The notebook contains information about cancer cases and dressing materials used for cases.

Bank Records,
[ca. 1845-1930].
(6 folders and 1 box)

{series #514m.2} [Holdings]

Grouped by type of material, and thereunder arranged variously.

The following types of material are present: account balance books, arranged chronologically by family member; blank promissory notes, which are unarranged; safety deposit box payment receipts arranged chronologically; and miscellaneous bank items, such as statements, Mechanicsburg Trust statements, and undescriped transactions. .

(4 folders)

{series #514m.3} [Holdings]

Grouped by context of bills, thereunder arranged chronologically by year.

Included are personal individual bills with either businesses or other people; and specific utility bills, including gas and water, phone, and electrical.

Checks and Related Materials,
(3 folders, 1 box, and 1 packet)

{series #514m.4} [Holdings]

Grouped by type of material, thereunder arranged variously.

Materials present include counter checks (arranged chronologically); check book stubs (arranged chronologically); and checks paid to the order of various people and businesses (unarranged).

Church Materials,
(1 folder)

{series #514m.5} [Holdings]


Church materials include wedding and funeral notification letters, as well as various religious literature. The literature includes "The Monthly Review" from 1809, ministerium booklet, sermons programs, a description of the history of "The Apostolic Clock," and a brief written history of the Peace Church.

Day Books,
(1 folder)

{series #514m.6} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Books note number of days workers spent a particular job or event, and some show amount paid to each worker.

(1 flat box and 1 large folder)

{series #514m.7} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Deeds of land purchases by individuals from other people, real estate companies, and boroughs--for example a deed for land purchased by the Mechanicsburg Cemetary Association.

Education Materials,
(7 folders)

{series #514m.8} [Holdings]

Grouped by type of material, and arranged variously within each group.

Present are documents involving Cumberland County school districts (arranged chronologically), including minutes from schoold board meetings concerning the formation of school districts, letter of reparation for service, a student's letter of acceptance, school board meeting notes, and petitions for construction and repair of school houses. Also found are school contracts documenting the hiring of Elizabeth B. Rupp, and also her qualifications and certfication; teacher grade books of unknown teachers (unarranged); report cards of Albert B. Rupp, Elizabeth B. Rupp, and of Guy Rupp (arranged chronologically); student work books; letters for commencement; miscellaneous school items, such as tuition notifications, reference books, register books, a pamphlet entitled "300 Years of American High Schools, 1635-1835: Celebration Handbook," excuse notes, final examination schedule, and a copy of Scholastic's"The National High School Weekly."

Election Materials,
(1 folder)

{series #514m.9} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Included are a letter notification of election results for Peter Barnhart as a Trustee for the school at Peace Church, December 2, 1826, as well as certificate of elections, proxy vote application, and a letter of support from Republican party.

[ca. 1800-1964].
(8 folders)

{series #514m.10} [Holdings]


Empty envelopes, some of which were used for storage of unrelated documents. The majority are hand-addressed, and bear cancelled stamps from their respective eras.

Insurance Materials,
(4 folders)

{series #514m.11} [Holdings]

Grouped by type of insurance, and thereunder arranged chronologically.

Materials present include fire insurance premium payment receipts; estate insurance contract and premium payment receipts; life insurance premium payment receipts, business cards, envelopes and letters from the life insurance companies; a Coal, Coke and Supply Companies Employee's Insurance Association life insurance policy for salary workers; and workmen's compensation insurance liability policies from A. B. Rupp for Happle and Swartz, and also for Bernard E. Stansfield.

Land Development Plans and Materials,
(1 folder and 2 boxes)

{series #514m.12} [Holdings]

Grouped by material types, and thereunder unarranged.

Engineering reference books for surveying instruments, "Roads and Pavements in France," water wheels, and other topic, as well as droughts and sketches of various development plans, including two boxes of notebooks with sketches and plans.

Legal Documents,
(3 boxes)

{series #514m.13} [Holdings]

Grouped alphabetically by document type, and documents within the groups are arranged chronologically.

Document types which are present: Administration Accounts; Administration Account Books; Appreisement; Bonds; Contracts and Ordinances; Estate Distributions and Accounts; Estate and Public Sales; Executor Account Books; First, Second and Final Accounts; Guardian Accounts; Guardian Appointments; Inventories of Estates; Judgements and Interest; Last Will and Testiments; Leases; Letters of Administration; Letters of Attorney; Petitions; Power of Attorney; Probates; receipts (expenditures, payments for court orders, and others); Release Papers; Settlements and Articles of Agreements; Miscellaneous. The miscellaneous documents include various legal documents that do not follow the context of other documents listed, such as auditor reports, allegations, and affidavits.

(6 folders)

{series #514m.14} [Holdings]

Grouped by content of letters, and the letters within the groups are arranged chronologically.

Topical groupings include business, personal, court and schoo letters. The business letters involve transactions or requests for items or services. The school letters relate to the teaching career of Elizabeth B. Rupp.

(3 folders)

{series #514m.15} [Holdings]


Various pieces of published and unpublished writings and books, including Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Friendship and Love by Ralph Waldo Emerson, pieces of Shakespear's Hamlet, and Macbeth, Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, and other pieces of writtings.

(1 large folder)

{series #514m.16} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Maps include an1891 map of Boston and surrounding areas, National Geographic maps of Africa and the United States, and a 1964 map of New York City.

(5 folders and 1 item)

{series #514m.17} [Holdings]


Various materials whose content does not fit with other series. Material include unknown work records of employees, "amount sheets," notebooks, drawings, various unidentified calculations, an Air Union ticket, a lottery ticket, and other various items.

(1 folders and 1 flat box)

{series #514m.18} [Holdings]


Various newspapers, including selected newspaper articles from the The Daily Local News (Cumberland County), the Dollar Pennsylvanian, The Patriot-News, The Evening News, The North American, The Lancaster Semi-Weekly Intelligencer, The Daily Courier, and the Evening Sentinel. Important articles in the selected newspapers include, "Stand Up for the Union," November 26, 1859, "A[lbert] B. Rupp, Bank President, Dies at 79," January 18, 1935, "Combat-Ready Marines On Duty In Viet Nam," March 8, 1965, "Alabama Police Break Up March of 600 Negroes," (1st Selma to Birmingham March, "Bloody Sunday") March 8, 1965, and various articles about the Rupp's family houses.

Photographs and Art,
[ca. 1850's-1960's].
(1 box, 1 item, and 1 flat box)

{series #514m.19} [Holdings]


Photographs of Rupp family members, relatives, and friends, as well as faimly made works of art. Some photos are labeled, and some remain in their original frames or folios. . -----

(1 item)

{series #514m.20} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Postcards bear mostly personal correspondences, but some postcards have business context.

[ca 1800's-1930's].
(13 folders)

{series #514m.21} [Holdings]


Receipts document the details of personal and business transactions.

(1 folder)

{series #514m.22} [Holdings]


Family cooking recipes for a various items, such as pudding, pies, and cakes.

Sheet Music and Concert programs,
(2 folders)

{series #514m.23} [Holdings]


Published and self written sheet music, as well as concert programs. Musical instruments for which the sheet music was written include piano, baritone, clarinet and others.

Social Security Materials,
(1 folder)

{series #514m.24} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Included are Claimant's Report forms; information pamphlets about the Social Security program; and information about how to make reports for benefits.

Stock and Bond Materials,
(1 folder)

{series #514m.25} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Materials present include reports and receipts for purchases and sellings of stocks and bonds, such as a receipt for a bond from Mechancisburg Gas and Water Company, foreign bonds for Canada and United Kingdom, and stocks from United States Steel Corporation.

Tax Records,
(5 folders)

{series #514m.26} [Holdings]

Grouped by material type, and thereunder arranged chronologically.

Tax records include tax receipts for School, Borough, County, and State taxes; tax appeals; and miscellaneous tax materials.

(1 folder)

{series #514m.27} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically.

Personal correspondences which utilized the Western Union Telegraph Company.

Travel Journals and Materials,
(1 folder and 1 packet)

{series #514m.28} [Holdings]


Journals contain personal comments about various locations and buildings in the Middle East, locations include Alexandria, Cairo, Damascus, and Jerusalem. An envelope contains hotel stickers from an unidentified person's travel..





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