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Series Descriptions

Cost Reduction Files,
(1 box)

{series #527m.1} [Holdings]


Files relative to the reduction of operating costs and expenses at North American Refractories Company (NARCO) plants within the state of Pennsylvania. The main focus of the documents is the cost of operations and materials within each plant. The records were used in order to assess the manner in which a more cost effective alternative of operation could be reached. The files were generated in the format of reports that analyzed current operating costs by examining receipts, materials, and the efficiency of each plant. Documents found within this series include correspondnece, receipts, maps, reports and other records related to the efficiency of NARCO plants. This series mainly contains reference files used for reporting such as graphs, charts, and table along with corresponding maps.

Daily Planner Books,
(2 boxes)

{series #527m.2} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by year.

Seperate daily planner notebooks for personal and departmental use within NARCO. The files were mainly used to record company events and notes, but also contain personal entries. The information within each notebook documents survey information, meeting arrangements, and other business related notes. The personal entries record information such as mood, wellness, and the weather that occurred for the day. The departmental planners contain entries written by multiple authors throughout the book, unlike the personal planner, in which the author remains consistent. The majority of the pages within the books contain no entry.

Deeds and Leases,
(2 cartons, 11 boxes)

{series #527m.3} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by file number.

Land deeds and other related files that document the transfer of land from individuals or corporations to NARCO. These files were used to record who controlled the legal rights to the land and the process to obtain those rights. The information contained within the files includes the name of the individual that the land is being transferred from and the year that the transfer is taking place. This series incorporates the individual deeds as well as the accompanying documentation, which includes survey maps and correspondence between the land owner and NARCO. Other files consist of financial information regarding land that was leased to NARCO and individual files of company stock.

Dover Plant Files,
(1 carton, 1 box)

{series #527m.4} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically.

This series contains financial and land information regarding the NARCO plant located in Dover, Ohio. Files include maps, drilling records, correspondence, and receipts. The records within this series are each concerned with the general functioning of the plant. The Dover plant was stripped and closed in the early 1970s and was abandoned for the period of a few years before being re-opened as the Strausburg plant. Information within the series chronicles the transition of the plant from Dover to Strausburg through permits, correspondence, and resource files. A number of maps are found within this series that coincide with the corespondence files.

Field Survey Books,
(4 boxes)

{series #527m.5} [Holdings]

Arranged numerically by survey book number.

Field survey books containing gridlines to record and illustrate information collected at sites prior to their construction and excavation. Each volume represents a specific site and is noted within a seperate index. Each survey contains measurements and grading information, and in some cases a rough sketch of the tract of land being surveyed. The series does not contain every survey volume listed within an accompanying index, and mainly consists of the surveys of more contemporary sites.

Miscellaneous Files,
(1 carton)

{series #527m.6} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically.

Miscellaneous materials chronicling the functions and busisness transactions of various NARCO sites within the state of Pennsylvania. Files within this series are relative to the function of different plants and tend to focus primarily on sites that specialize in stone and clay operations. The files include photographs, brochures, receipts, and correspondence. The series contains files that deal with broad topics such as clay and stones, as well as specific sites and people.

Ohio Subject Files,
(2 cartons)

{series #527m.7} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by subject title.

Miscellaneous subject files concerning the operations of NARCO plants located within the state of Ohio. These files range from reports given on raw materials, to various types of maps, and other site related material. The series contains information concerning individuals, sites, and townships. Compliance with government agencies is also covered within this series. There are numerous site, township, and county maps paired with aerial photographs which are referenced by other documents within the series.

(4 cartons)

{series #527m.8} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by company.

Various receipts concerning the expenses associated with the general function of sites and departments within NARCO. The records were mainly used to track the expenses of the company and the financial transactions that took place. Information found within the documents include: the date of purchase, items purchased, the company the items were purchased from, and the associated NARCO bank account used to make the purchase. The receipts also depict the specific site or purpose that the order was intended for.

(1 carton, 1 box)

{series #527m.9} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by report.

Various kinds of reports relative to refractories and financial transactions of NARCO are included in this series. The type of records present in the series vary from month to month and year to year. There are annual financial and environmental statements present for numerous townships as well as quarterly raw material reports that are site specific. These records depict detailed financial, geographical, and political information for the time period covered. Reports contain information such as total expenses, tonage of resources collected, and total output. Annual county and township statements reflect the impact that the plants had on the township as well as the impact that legislation within the townships had on the plants.

Shipping Manifests,
(1 box)

{series #527m.10} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by shipment.

Documentation of details regarding shipments sent out by various NARCO plants. Files include information regarding the vendor that purchased the goods as well as the item purchased and the the price paid for the shipment. Other information found on each slip includes: the destination, the quantity, and the location that the shipment was being sent from.

Subject Files,
1881, 1912-1985.
(25 cartons)

{series #527m.11} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Subject files pertaining to the general administration of NARCO and its various sites. There is a large range of subject matter and document types within this series, although most of the records are associated with the financial aspect of the company. The files reflect the interaction NARCO had with public agencies, businesses, and individuals. The types of information within this series include: photographs, correspondence, advertisements, maps, reports, manuals, blueprints, contracts, etc. The subject matter found within the series ranges from business related to miscellaneous. The business related material is technical and site specific, whereas the miscellaneous documents contain more random and obscure information. This information ranges from records vaguely associated with the company functions, to reports such as an alleged sighting of a flying saucer.

Susquehanna Flood Control Files,
(1 carton)

{series #527m.12} [Holdings]


This series contains information regarding the flood control of the Susquehanna River by the construction and improvement of dams, and the effects that measures taken to control the river would have on NARCO mines and quarries situated along its path. The files are concerned mainly with land information and expenses of the project. Included are: maps, receipts, surveys, photographs, and newspaper clippings depicting the progress of the project. Files include numerous maps outlining the afflicted area, project files, and correspondence between NARCO and the U.S. Army.

Womelsdorf Plant Files,
(1 box)

{series #527m.13} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically.

Information regarding the Womelsdorf plant along with various businesses associated with NARCO within the borough of Womelsdorf located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Local resources associated with the refractory include lumber, clay, and coal. The records contain information regarding the general operation around and including the Womelsdorf plant. Documents include receipts, maps, correspondence, photographs, and other files associated with the site. The majority of the records within the series are maps depicting the numerous site and correspondence dealing with the general construction of improvements of each site.

PA State Archives Hours, Directions, & Fees Research Topics Finding Aids for Collections Land Records