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Pine Grove Furnace Collection



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Abbott, Jno N., Gen. Passenger Agent, N.Y., Lake Erie & Western R.R. Co, N.Y.C., May 29, l883
Adams, W.S., Hill Top Orchards, Aspers, Penna., 1908-1911
Addams, Alfh., Treas., Carlisle Herald, Carlisle, Penna., 1881-1882
Addoms, Wm. H. & Co, N.Y.C., September 16, 1901
Ahl’s, C.W., Carlisle, Penna., December 22, 1886
Ahlum, Chas H.& Co, Philadelphia, Penna., May 3l, 1886
Albright’s Sons & Co, Allentown, Penna., 1886, 1889
Alderson, Wm. B., Purchasing Agent, Lehigh Valley R.R., Philadelphia, Penna., 1889
Alleman, F.H., Cumberland Light, Heat & Power Co, Steelton, Penna., January 18, 1901
Allen & Bro., Philadelphia, Pa., 1882-1883, 1888
Allen, Lane & Scott, Philadelphia, Pa., 1881-1882
Allen, John,York Clay Co, Ltd.,York, Penna., 1904, n.d.
Allen, Lee R., Carlisle, Penna., June 15, 1909
Allen, W.F., Editor, Nat. Railway Publication Co, 1882-1883
Allington, W.E., The Allington & Curtis Mfg. Co, Buffalo, N.Y., l909
Allison, Miss Annie A., Gettysburg, Penna., November 27, 1893
Alten, D., Greencastle, Penna., l882-1883
American Manufacturer & Iron World, Pittsburgh, Penna., September 20, l888
American Store Stool Co, N.Y.C., February 3, l882
Anspach, Wm. H., Marysville, Penna., April l8, l887
Arnold, J.A., Hardware Merchant, Dillsburg,  Penna., l885, l887
Ashburner, C.H., Pres., The Abbott Iron Co, Baltimore, Md., July 7, l883
Ashurst, R.L., Philadelphia, Penna., June 5, l888
Asper, D.C. The Aspers Milling & Produce Co, Aspers, Penna., October 28,1912
Asper, Henry S., Boiling Spring, Penna., 1905, 1909, 1911
Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe R.R. Co, Topeka, Kansas, November l0, l883
Atkinson, F.T., South Mountain R..R., Hunters Run, Penna., l883
Backus, A., Jr. & Sons, Detroit, Mich., October 8, l880
Bacon, D., Wholesale Confectioner, Harrisburg, Penna., August 4, l886
Bailey, A.M.D., Metal Broker, Pittsburgh, Penna., 1881-1883
Bailey, Chas. L & Co, Chesapeake Nail Works, Harrisburg, Penna., 1880-1882, 1885
Bailey, Clara, Gettysburg, Penna., 1909
Bailey  E.W., Shenango Sand Mining Co, Sharpsville, Penna., 1902
Bailey, J.W., Carlisle, Penna., 1912
Bailey, James B., Chas. L. Bailey & Co Inc, Chesapeake Nail Works, Harrisburg, Penna., l900
Bailey, Joseph L., Bailey & Shoemaker, Pine Iron Works, Penna., l882-1884, l887-1890
Bailey, Luther, Harrisburg, Penna., n.d.
Bailey, Nelle, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., January 2, 1911
Bailey, Richard W., Treas., Glasgow Iron Co, Pottstown, Penna., November 20, l894
Bailey, Wm. L., Treas., Thorndale Iron Works, Chester County, Penna., 1881
Bains, Geo. B. & Sons, Philadelphia, Penna., December 12, 1887
Baish, G.J., Aspers, Penna., n.d.
Baker, Chas. B., Austin, Nichols & Co, N.Y.C., 1893
Baker, John Bus. Mgr., Herald Printing & Publishing Co, Carlisle, Penna., 1883
Baker, R.J. & Co, Baltimore, Md., April 26, 1886
Baldwin, Joseph, Boyds, Penna., 1901
Baldwin, Omar, Harrisburg, Penna., l907, l909
Ball, Peter, April 9, 1887
Ballard, J.W., Wholesale Charcoal, Binghamton, N.Y., September 25, l899
Banch, Thomas, Sr., Laurel, Penna., April 23, l907
Barbour, Mrs. J.W., Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., 1910-1911
Barbour, Joseph P., Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l884, l887
Barken, M.M. N.Y.C., June 9, l882
Barker, Moore & Mein, Wholesale Druggists, Philadelphia, Penna., December 6, l893
Barker,  Wharton, Philadelphia, Penna., l908
Barnitz, U.G., Flour Manufacturer, Barnitz, Penna., 1901, 1908, 1911, 1913
Barron, Michael, Tax Collector, Carlisle, Penna., l905
Bartels, Pittsburgh, Penna., l908
Barto, Lucein, Penna. R.R. Co, Baldwin Station, l88l
Bartron, S., Proprietor, Pen Argyl Iron Works, Pen Argyl, Penna., l889-1890
Baumgardner, Woodward & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l883-1884
Baur, A., Flushing Queens Co, N.Y., November 23, l883
Beale, Horace A., Pres., the Parkesburg Iron Co, Parkesburg,  Penna., l885, l887-88, l893
Beale, Horace A., Jr., Pres., The Parkesburg Iron Co, Parkesburg, Penna., l900, l903
Beamer, C.H., Arendtsville, Penna., l884, l886
Beamesderfer, John, Elizabethtown, Penna., l904-1905
Beanis, H. W., Pine Grove, Penna., November l0, l902
Beans, Geo. S., Penn. Globe Gas Light Co, Philadelphia,  Penna., l885-1886, l889, l894
Bear, Geo W., Carlisle, Penna., 1912-1913
Beck, R.M., Supt., Taylor Mfg. Co, Chambersburg, Penna., July 5, l888
Beeber, M. & Co, N.Y.C., December 10, 1883
Beecher, J.W., Wholesale Lumber, Pottsville, Pa., l904-1905
Beetem, E.C. & Co, Carlisle Carpet Mills, Carlisle, Penna., March l5, l902
Beetem, J.R., F. Gardner & Co, Carlisle, Penna., November 19, 1880
Beetem, R.N. & Co, Ribbon Manufacturer, Carlisle, Penna., May 22, 1914
Beetem, Samuel F., Longsdorf, Penna., January 6, l908
Beetem, W.A., Huntsdale, Penna., May 4, l903
Beetem, W.J., Carlisle, Penna., November 7, 1881
Beggs, James & Co, Engineers, N.Y.C., October 23, 1883
Behney, Snyder & Stecher, Carlisle, Penna., l899
Beitzel, Jacob & Sons, Lumber Dealer, York, Penna., 1907
Belfield, H. & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l883-1884
Bell, Walt & Co, Wholesale Boots & Shoes, Philadelphia, Penna., l903
Bell, James, Lumber Dealer, Marysville, Penna, December 22, l884
Bennett, O.W., Drexel Building, Philadelphia, Penna., October 20, l899
Bent, L.S. Supt., Penna. Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., l88l-l883, l907
Bent, Quincy, Mgr., Penna., Steel Co, Lebanon, Penna., l907
Bent, Stedman, Purchasing Agent, Penna.. Steel Co, Philadelphia,1903-1907, 1910
Bentley, H.J., Carlisle, Penna., June 1, 1909
Bentz, O.C., Mt. Holly, Penna., July 6, l882
Berg, Herman, Wholesale & Retail Clothing, Carlisle, Penna., April 4, l888
Bernheisel, Peter & Co, Lime Dealers, Harrisburg, Penna., l882
Beshore, J.B., Gettysburg, Penna., November 2, l909
Beston, Geo. W., Weighmaster, Peoria Board of Trade, Peoria, Ill.
Bevcher, A., Bendersville, Penna., December 3, l884
Bickerton, T.B.& Co, R.R. Machinists, Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1884, l886-1887, l890
Biddle & Eno, Agents, Insurance Agency, Wilkes-Barre, Penna., l880-188l, l883-1887, l889, l900-1904
Biddle, E.M., Cumberland Valley R.R. Co, Carlisle, Penna., l880, l882
Biddle, Mary L., Laurel, Penna., 1900-1901
Biedel, Geo B., Gen. Storekeeper, The Penna. Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., 1910-1912
Bigelow, D.H., Carlisle, Penna. January 8, l908
Bigler, Jr. Frank, Wheeler & Wilson Mfg. Co, Lebanon, Penna., l882
Billmeyer & Small Co, York, Penna., May 30, l882
Birkinbine, Harry, Philadelphia, Penna., January l4, l828
Birkinbine, John Sec’y. U.S. Assoc. of Charcoal Iron Workers, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1883, l886, l889, l900
Bishop, H.W., Nat. Tube Works Co, McKeesport, Penna., October 29, l886
Bittinger, J.R., Lime Manufacturer, Bittinger, Penna., November 26, l908
Bittinger, Wm., Abbottstown, Penna., November 25, 1881
Bixler, J.P. & Sons, Hardware House, Carlisle, Penna.,1899, 1901, 1905-1907, 1909
Black, Andrew, Tax Collector, Biglerville, Penna., l900-1904, l908
Black, Calvin M., Aspers, Penna, l906-1907
Black, E.E., Brady Cooperage Machinery Co, Manistee, Mich., November 11, l908
Black, Edward, Blacksmith, Bendersville, Penna., 1908, 1911
Black, Isaac, Huntsdale, Penna., June 12, 1906
Black, John C., Pres., U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, D.C., November 2, 1918
Black, M., Poole & Hunt, Founders & Machinists, Baltimore, Md., March l5, l883
Black, Moses, Aspers, Penna., April, l908
Blackburn, W.D., Mechanicsburg, Penna., n.d.
Blain, Bros., Wheel Works, Huntingdon, Penna., October 9, l880
Blair, Wm., Carlisle, Penna., February 22, l886
Blake, Chas. S., Supt., Penna., Boiler Insurance Co, Philadelphia, Penna., November 7, l888
Blakey & Walbaum, Gen. Merchandise Brokers, Philadelphia, Penna., March 2, l882
Bleakney, Robert Arndtsville, Penna., January 16, 1882
Blessing, Paul, Coatesville, Penna., September 6, l907
Blessley, J.W. Mgr., Harrisburg, Employment Agency, Harrisburg, Penna., October 30, l907
Blissard, Chas. L., Supt. Mt. Holly Brick & Clay Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., 1900, 1906-1907
Blocher, A.H., Tax Collector, Bendersville, Penna., November 24, l884
Bobb, John G., Carlisle, Penna., l902, l907
Bobb, R.C., Carlisle, Penna., June l8, l908
Bogar, Jno. D. & Sons, Herndon, Penna., l907
Boggs, Ray R., Division  Freight Agent, Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Harrisburg, Penna., August l8, l904
Bohn, George, March l2, l9l2
Bohn, Thomas, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., 1909, 1911
Bohn, William T., Walnut Bottom, Penna., April l8, l887
Bonbright, Geo. C., Mgr., The Harrisburg, Provision Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l885-1886
Boone, Albert E., Gen. Mgr., U.S. Gov. Contracting Co, Washington, D.C., May l5, l882
Bosler, A. & Dale, Grain & Coal, Carlisle, Penna., October 8, l880
Bosler, Frank C., Carlisle, Penna., November 2, l898
Bosler, Robinson, Carlisle, Penna., 1910
Bough, Jas. E., Mgr., A.V., Kaiser & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., October l7, l907
Bouman, W.H., Mercantile, Appraiser, Carlisle, Penna., January 30, l909
Bower, L.F., Gen. Mgr., The Carlisle Mfg. Co, Carlisle,  Penna., February 25, l892
Bowerman, C.M., Treas. Dept., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., December l5, l909
Bowles, G.F., Gen. Mgr., Inter-state Mutual Benefit Assoc., Natchez, Miss., October l, l892
Bowman, Geo. S., Purchasing Agent, Amer. Iron & Steel, Mfg. Co, Lebanon, Penna., l900-1902, l906-1908
Boyd, Geo. W., Asst. Gen. Passenger Agent, Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., April l8, l882
Boyd, J.F., Supt., Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l880, l882-1883
Boyd, J. Taylor, Gen. Supt., Cornwall Ore Bank Co, Cornwall, Penna., September l7, l88l
Boyd, James & Co, Coal Shippers, Harrisburg, Penna., l880-1884, l886-1887
Boyer, Chas. I., Liberty Forge Lisburn, Penna., May 23, l8l2
Boyer, Geo. G., Supt., Harrisburg, Car Mfg. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l882, l886-1888
Boyer, Jerome L., Supt., Chestnut Hill Iron Ore Co, Reading, Penna., l889-90
Boyer, John K., Fairbanks & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., November 29, l88l
Boyer R.A., Crane Iron Works, Catasouqua, Penna., l886-1887
Bracken, J.W., Treas., Hollidaysburg Iron & Nail Co, Hollidaysburg, Penna., l88l
Brame, M.O., Idaville, Penna., l908
Brandon, J., Clear Spring, Penna., April 6, l882
Brandon, W.T. & Co, Carlisle, Penna., May 3l, l882
Brandon, W. T. & Son, Idaville, Penna., March 9, l887
Brandt, H.W., Charles Bond Co, Philadelphia, Penna. December l, l908 
Brandt, J. Austin, Paxton Flour & Feed Co, Harrisburg,  Penna., l907-1908
Brandt, Jacob, Horse Dealer, Clear Spring, Penna., l882
Bream, Charles W., Fertilizer Dealer, Biglerville, Penna., l906
Brelsford, C.E. H. & Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l885-1886, l888-1889
Brennan, P.N., Treas., Lobdell Car Wheel Co, Wilmington, Del, November 29, l887
Breslin, Wm. M., Editor, Lebanon Advertiser, Lebanon, Pennon, Penna., July 5, l882
Bresnen & Lloyd, Trenton, Penna., January 30, l890
Brickley, W.E., November l8, l880
Bridges & Williams, Agricultural Implements, Carlisle, Penna., l892, l899
Bridges, Geo., Agricultural Implements, Carlisle, Penna., 1885-1886, 1901, 1903, 1906, 1908, 1910
Brigham, L.F., Gen. Storekeeper, The Phil’a & Reading Coal & Iron Co, Pottsville, Penn., l903
Brigham, M., Gen. Storekeeper, The Philadelphia & Reading Coal and Iron Co, Pottsville, Penna., l903
Britcher & Klugh, Lumber Dealers, Dillsburg, Penna., March l5, l906
Brooke, F & G Iron Co, Birdsboro, Penna., May 24, 1912
Brooks, Wm. H., Wm. F., Murphy’s Sons Co, Philadelphia, Penna., December l7, l906
Brown & Reel, Iron Founders, Harrisburg, Penna., l882
Brown Mfg. Co, Providence, R.I., August 1882
Brown, E.E. & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l907
Brown, John W., Iron Founder, Harrisburg, Penna., l886
Brown, Wieson, Asst. Engineer, Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Browning, Abe, Fish Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., February l3, l882
Browning, James, Real Estate & Loans, N.Y.C., February 10, 1892
Brugh, P.A., Dry Good Dealer, Hagerstown, Md., October27, 1881
Brumback, Susan M., Chambersburg, Penna., October 26, l908
Bubb, N.B., Pres., Amer. Charcoal Co, Williamsport, Penna., September 23, l899
Bucher, J.C., Flour Mfg., Barnitz, Penna., l884, l889
Buckley, Edward S., Gray’s Ferry Iron Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Bueckling, Geo. H., Bueckling Vinegar & Cider Co, Kansas City, Mo., November 4, l886
Buehler, Bonbright & Co, Hardware, Philadelphia, Penna., l886, l893
Buehler, Martin H., Treas., Penna. Telephone Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l883, l894
Buehler, William, State Central Agent, Insurance Co of  North Amer.,  Harrisburg, Penna., l880
Buist, Robert Jr., Buist’s Garden Seeds, Philadelphia, Penna., l882, l886, l9l8
Bullard, A.H., Charcoal Basket Mfg., Ausable Forks, N.Y., l887
Bullock & Crenshaw, Chemists, Philadelphia, Penna., June l8, l886
Burkey, J.Y., Menallen, Penna., February 2, l882
Burkholder, C.A., Mt. Holly, Penna., l880-1882
Burman, Birger F., Buffalo, N.Y., April 2l, l904
Burnham, Parry, Williams & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l880, l882
Burns, Y., Siddonsburg, Penna., August 6, l886
Buser, O.S., Highspire, Penna., l903-1904
Bush, Edward, Ruggles, Penna., October 7, l889
Bushnell, Alvah, Stationer and printer, Philadelphia, Penna., July l0, l882
Butler, Geo R. & Co, Doro Mfg., Sandusky, O., September 2, l889
Butler, John M., Philadelphia, Penna., l88l, l899-l90l
Cabeen & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-82
Cadwalader, C., Philadelphia, Penna., February 6, l907
Caffrey, T.E., Imperial Show, Boiling Springs, Penna., n.d.
Caldwell, R.A., Pastor, Methodist Episcopal Church, Carlisle, Penna., April 29, l909
Calkins, J.W, Sec’y., Thorn Wire Hedge Co, Chicago, Ill., July 11, l882
Camel, David, Laurel, Penna., November l2, l883
Camens, J.M., Harrisburg, Penna., July l7, l908
Cameron, G.G. Prop., The Marietta Times, Marietta, Penna., June 30, l882
Cameron, Simon, Harrisburg, Penna., January l7, l882
Campbell, David, Henry Clay Furnace, Reading, Penna., October l8, l880
Campbell, Emma., Carlisle, Penna., n.d..
Campbell, Jos., Harrisburg Steam Boiler Works, Harrisburg, Penna., l887
Campbell, W.H., Gen. Mgr., Amer. Duplex Ticket Co,  N.Y.C., l882-83
Carey, Charles, Cambridge, Mass., February 6, l883
Carey, Simon, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., August 26, l904
Carlin, Thomas, Foundry & Steam Engine Works, Allegheny City, Penna., l882-1883, l885-1886, l888
Carlisle Mfg. Co, Carlisle, Penna., l882-83, l885-86, l888
Carly, Jacob, Catoctin Furnaces, Frederreck Co, December 3, l882
Carmany, Jno. F., Supt., Harrisburg Car Co’s Saw Mill & Lumber Yards, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883
Carothers, Geo. C., Shippensburg, Penna., November 2l, l908
Carothers, James C., Lorle Farm, Penna., September l, l884
Carpenter, C.A., Penna. R.R. Co, Pine Grove, Penna., December 24, l886
Cart, Wm. S., Wenksville, Penna., January 2l, l884
Carter Bros. & Co, Produce Commission Merchants, Baltimore, Md., l888
Cartwright, Wm., Cartwright Bros., Decorated Ware Mfg., East Liverpool, O., April l9, l889
Cashman, H.S., Horse Dealer, Bendersville, Penna., July l7, l900
Cayuta Wheel & Foundry Co, Sayre, Penna., l888-1889
Cbyler, Jonas, Bendersville, Penna., September l2, l900
Central Manufacturing Co, Lumber Mfg., Chattanooga, Tenn., May 8, l899
Chamberlain Medicine Co, Des Moines, Iowa, November 8, l907
Chamberlin, James, Attorney, Harrisburg, Penna., December 9, l886
Chambers, James Ltd., Boot & Shoe. Dealer, N.Y.C., January l2, l895
Chase, L.W., Atlantic Refining Co, Philadelphia, Penna., February 27, l9l2
Chestnut, James, August l6, l882
Child, Sullivan S., Gen. Insurance Agents, Harrisburg,  Penna., l880
Childs, Harvey L., Packing, Cotton & Wool Waste, Pittsburgh, July 26, l882
Christiana Brick Co, Stanton, Del., March 11, l90l
Circle Publishing Co, N.Y.C., May 4, l908
Clapsade, Frank, Orrtanna, Penna., 1911-1912
Clark, J.R., Louisville, Ky., April 23, l883
Clark, James, Gen. Agent, Cumberland Valley R.R., Harrisburg, Penna., l88l, l883
Clarke, James C., Harrisburg, Penna., l882
Clepper, Wm., Saddle Dealer, Carlisle, Penna., l883-1884
Clever, Edward, Cleversburg, Penna., n.d.
Clever, Geo G., Cleversburg, Penna., l888-1889
Clever, S.K. & Co, Lees Cross Road, Penna. July l5, l887
Cline, Wm., Idaville, Penna., January 11, l904
Clough, O.R., Chief Grain Sampler, Peoria Board of Trade, Peoria, Ill., October 6, l886
Clut, H.A. Gen. Mgr., Harrisburg Telephone Exchange, Harrisburg, Penna., l880-1882
Coates & Bro., Locust Point Rolling Mills, Baltimore, Md., l88l-1883
Coates & Co, Locust Point Iron and Steel Works, Baltimore, Md., l884-1886
Coatesville Iron Co, Plate Iron Mfg., Coatesville, Penna., November l0, l882
Cobean, Chas.H., Grocer, Gettysburg, Penna., 1913-1914
Cochran & Alcock, Hardware, Carlisle, Penna., l904
Cockey, Henry, Longsdorf, Penna., August 2, 1911
Cocklin, Samuel E., Tax Collection, Boiling Springs, Penna., 1901-1902
Cockran, Robert P., Millerstown, Penna., October l5, l88l
Coe, W.W., Chief Engineer, Norfolk & Western R.R.Co, Roanoke, Va., February l9, l883
Coffin, Charles E., Charcoal Pig Iron Mfg., Muirkirk, Md., September 27, l882
Coit, Edward W., Reading Iron Works, Philadelphia, Penna., October 29, l886
Cole, Francis, Arendtsville, Penna., l884, l886, l892, l899
Collutt, J.N., Vesta, Penna., July l, l882
Columbia Flint Co, Marietta, Penna., August 28, l909
Conard, Thomas P., Railway Equipment, Philadelphia, Penna., December 28, l90l
Conklin, Robert S., Commissioner of Forestry, Harrisburg, Penna., l906, l908-1909, 1911-1913
Connelly, O.F., Red Front Cigar Parlors, Carlisle, Penna., l900-190l
Connelly, S.J., Potato Grower, Fisher, N.Y., May 9, l906
Cook, Harris W., Bendersville, Penna., August 9, l886
Cook, Sweney & Cook, Dry Goods Jobbers, Harrisburg, Penna., l889
Cooke, Jay, Philadelphia, Penna., November 11, 1881
Cope, Geo. W., Sec’y Amer. Iron and Steel Assoc., Philadelphia, Penna., l885
Copping H., Powhatan Clay Mfg. Co, Claysville, Va., November 27,1901
Corbin & Goodrich, Gen. Agents, Penna. Dept., Hartford Steam Boiler Inspt. & Ins. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., May 26, l886
Corman, Chas. T., City Ticket Agent, The Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Carlisle, Penna., April 23, l908
Corman, Geo. W., Boiling Spring, Penna., l899, l900
Cornman, Jos. S., Editor, Carlisle Mirror, Carlisle, Penna., l880
Coulter & Huff, Coal Miners & Shippers, Greensburg, Penna., October 27, l889
Coulter, James M., Sec’y., Glendower Iron Works, Danville, Penna., October 27, l889
Cox, D.W., & Co, Coal Shippers, Harrisburg, Penna., l893
Cox, Justice Jr. & Co, Foundry & Forge, Philadelphia, Penna., April 2, l88l
Coxe, Joseph W., Auditor, The Shenandoah Valley R.R. Co, Roanoke, Va., October l8, l883
Coyle, Bros., Dry Goods, Dealer, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1887
Coyle, H.E., Purchasing Agent, Central States Cooperage Co, New Castle, Ind., 1909-1910
Craig Bros. Gen. Merchandise dealers, Scotland, Penna., February 20, l890
Craig, James H., Deputy Sec’y., Dept. of Internal affairs, Harrisburg, Penna., l907
Craighead, F.W., Craighead Mills, Carlisle, Penna., l883-1884
Craighead, R.R. & Bro., Grain Dealers, Craighead’s Station, Penna., l88l-1889, l893-1894
Crane, U.O. & Bra., Iron Brokers, N.Y.C., November 23, l88l
Creager, J.L., East Berlin, Penna., August 28, l882
Cresswell, LaLanne & Co, Dry Goods Jobbers, Philadelphia, Penna., l880
Croft & Allen Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l904
Cronise, A.F., Dry Goods Dealer, Bigler, Penna., l882, l885
Crosby, W.S. & Co, Oils Mfg., Baltimore, Md., January 8, l883
Crosman, J.H. Jr., Treas., Penna. Telephone Co, Harrisburg, Penna., July l6, l894
Crowe, Lewis, Bowmansdale, Penna., l909
Crowther, Samuel, Plumber, Philadelphia, Penna., July 3, l882, n.d.
Crozien, Willie B., Mt. Holly Paper Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Pa, July 2, l883
Crum, R.R., Idaville, Penna., April l8, l887
Culf, G.L., Biglerville, Penna., November l6, l907
Cumbler & Zimmerman, Quarries, l88l-1882
Cumbler, Geo. W., Stone Dealer, Steelton, Penna., November l0, l902
Cumbler, M.B., Mgr., Susquehanna Sand Co, Highspire, Penna., l900-l901
Cuntz, Wm. C., Sales Agent, Penna., Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., March 20, l907
Cushman, Harvey S., Bendersville, Penna., February 7, l900
Cuyahoga Forge & Iron Co, Cuyahoga Falls, O., April 29, l882 
Daib, Frederick, Sec’y, Amer. Contractor Publishing Co, Chicago, Ill., October 22, l908
Dale & Hart, Wholesale Drug House, York, Penna., l883-1884, l886-1887
Dale & Thompson, Grain, Flour & Coal,, Carlisle, Penna., l828-1883, l885
Danner, N.B., Bendersville, Penna., October l9, l900
Dare Bros., Coal & Wood Dealers, Harrisburg, Penna., l906-1907
David, T.B. A., David & Weeks, Pittsburgh, Penna., June l2, l882
Davis, A.B., Pres., Viaduct Mfg. Co, Baltimore, Md., January l0, l884
Davis, A.P., Hydrographic, Interior Dept., U.S., Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., l90l
Davis, Henry, Treas., Catasauqua Mfg. Co, Catasauqua, Penna., l884, l886-1888
Davis, J.B., Cashier, Catasauqua Mfg. Co, Catasauqua, Pena., l886, l888-1890
Davis, O.W. Jr., Gen. Mgr., Katahdin, Charcoal Iron Co, Bangor, Me., August l6, l886
Deitzel, Mrs. Ida, Laurel, Penna., l903, l905
Delafo, D.P., Bendersville, Penna., June 25, l883
Dengler, Daniel S. & Son. Fireworks Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., l904
Denner, Wm., Carlisle, Penna., July 8, l904
Denney, John A, Supt. Paxton Rolling Mills, Harrisburg, Penna., l880-1889
Derby, Geo. H. & Co, Furniture Mfg., Boston, Mass. 1882
Derringer, R. Calhoun, Pres., Monongahela Gas Coal Co, Baltimore, Md., January l0, l882
Derr-Haney Co, Notions Jobbers, Philadelphia, Penna., l903-1904
Detrucele & Son, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., March 8, l899
Dieterich, D.P., Agent, Goodyear Rubber Belting and Packing Co, Philadelphia, Penna., April 26, l884
Diffely, John, Oils Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., l886, l894
Dillen, D.B., Carlisle, Penna., May 26, l886
Dinsmore, W.B., Pres., Adams Express Co, N.Y.C., July 2, l883
Disston, Henry & Sons, Inc. Steel Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l904, l906-1908
Diven, S.L., M.D., Carlisle, Penna., l899, l907
Dixon, Jas., Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., n.d.
Dixon, Jos Cruncible Co, Jersey City, N.J., l880, l882
Dobbs, S.B., Mgr. Sales Dept., Atlantic Brick Mfg. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., October 11, l902
Dock, Gilliard, Supt., Harrisburg Gas Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l880
Dodge, G.M., N.Y.C., November 21, 1904
Dold, Jacob, Wholesale Provision Dealer, Buffalo, N.Y., November 6, l882
Donnelly, William, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., January 7, l904
Dougherty, J.S., Carlisle, Penna., October l9, l899
Downin, L.A. & L.W., Artesian Wells, Hagerstown, Md., October 29, l883
Downing, R.W. Comptroller, Penna. R.R. Philadelphia, Penna., November l, l881
Dreese & Stimely, Nail Mfg., Thompsontown, Penna., l902
Dreifus Bros & Co, Iron & Steel  Scrap, Pittsburgh, Penna., May 26, l900
Dudley, S.C., Scrap Iron Dealer,  Malone, N.Y., July 3l, l90l
Duke, J.C., Agent, Phila. & Reading R.R. Co, Carlisle, Penna., October 3, l892
Dum, G.B., Carlisle, Penna., December l9, l9l2
Dun, R.G. & Co, Mercantile Agency, Philadelphia, Penna., September l0, l883
Duncan, August, Penna., Commissioners of Fisheries, Chambersburg, Penna., l887
Duncanson, E.M., Carlisle, Penna., l895, l899
Dunkel, Aaron K., Sec’y of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, Penna., January l7, l883
Dunkel, D.B., & Co, Iron & Steel Scrap, Williamsport, Penna., l905
Dunlevy, D.H., Treas., Mt. Holly Stationery & Printing Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., July 28, l899
Durand, E. Dana, Director, Commerce & Labor Dept., Census Bureau, Washington, D.C., February 15, 1911
Eaholtz, S.M., Gettysburg, Penna., l886
Earley, Jos. S., Proprietor, Central Hotel, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l883
Earley, R. Melvin, Mountain Echo, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., June 27, l882
Eberly, J.A., Eberly & Orris, Wheeling Mfg., Mechanicsburg, Penna., l887
Eberly’s, L.F. Son, Lumber Dealer, Mechanicsburg, Penna., l907-19l0
Eckels, J.C., Real Estate & General Insurance, Carlisle, Penna., l908-1909, 1911-1912
Eddins, J., Painter & Paper Hanger, Mt. Holly springs, Penna., April l9, l907
Edwards, C.S., Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1883
Ege, A.H., Mechanicsburg, Penna., l880-1883
Ege, Chas. R. Gen. H. McFadden & Bro., Philadelphia, Penna., October 9, l906
Ehlen Bros., Coal Miners, Baltimore, Md., May l3, l887
Eichelberger, A.H., Hanover, Penna., l893, l900
Elden, R.E., Bendersville, Penna., l884
Elert, H.E., American Book Co, N.Y.C., n.d.
Elias, G. & Bro., Lumber Mill, Buffalo, N.Y., July 23, l907
Elkins, Wm. L. & Co, Petroleum Refiners, Philadelphia,  Penna., November 20, l880
Elkins, Wm. L. Jr., Treas., Penna. Globe Gas Light Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l885, l888-1889
Elliot, W.S., Mecantile Appraiser, Newville, Penna., March 5, l892
Ellis, Charles, Sec’y, Rue Mfg Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882, l884
Ellmaker, E. Ben., Pres., Spider Lake Saw Mill &  Lumber Co, Lancaster Penn., l904-1906
Elmer, Richard A., Second Assistant Postmaster General, Post Office Dept., Washington, D.C., February l4, l882
Else, Thomas C & Co, Shoe Dealer, Philadelphia,  Penna., January 20, l887
Enck, H.B., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l904
Endy, D.J., Sec’y., E.R. Artman-Treichler Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l886, l892-1893, l90l
Eno, W.G., Biddle & Eno., Insurance Agency, Wilkes-Barre, Penna., l880-1883
Ensminger, E.M., Gen. Mgr., Ensminger Lumber Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l903-19l2
Eppley, R.G., Carlisle, Penna., October l2, l882
Erringer, J.R. Jr., Gen. Ticket Agent, Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1883
Eschenhour, J.G., Justice of the Peace, Steelton, Penna., November 28, l88l
Essig, J.M., Agent, Penna., R.R. Co, Parkesburg Station, Penna., l89l-1892
Etting, Edward, J., Iron Broker, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Eyer, B.F., Scotland, Penna., March 23, l908
Eyster, J.M., Under Sheriff, Harrisburg, Penna., l880
Eyster, William, Gen. Mgr., Baugher, Kurtz & Co, Ltd., Founders, York, Penna., December 3l, l90l
Farabelli, James, Wholesale Fruit & Candy Dealer, Carlisle, Penna., l903, l905
Farquhar, A.B., Proprietor, Penna., Agricultural Works, York Penna., l885, l887, l889, l90l
Farquhar, W.E., Vice Chairman, Penna., Agricultural Works, York, Penna., February 23, l90l
Farr, C.N., Amer. Steam Boiler Insurance Co, Philadelphia, Penna., April l3, l888
Fenicle, A.A., Div. Mgr., Cumberland Valley Telephone Co of Penna., Carlisle, Penna., December 4, l9l2
Fennessy, W., Employee, South Mountain Mining & Iron Co, Carlisle, Penna., March l, l882
Ferry, D.M., & Co, Seedsmen, Detroit, Mich., October 24, l903
Fetnich, Jno. H.M., May l5, l882
Fickes, Wm. E., Mt. Rock, Penna.,1901-1902
Filbert, L.S., Pres., Dulcanite Paving Co, Philadelphia, Penna., July 25, l882
File, Derr, Haney & Co, Notions, Philadelphia, Penna., l887, l889
Fink, Henry, V. Pres., Norfolk & Western R.R. Co, Lynchburg, Va., July 22, l882
Fireng, George W., Cigar Mfg., Burlington, N.J., l886
Fisher, Son & Ruth, Glassware, Philadelphia, Penna., October 8, l887
Fisher, Elias, Newport, Penna., l88l-1883
Fitch, Cox & Staples, Shoe Mfg., Worcester, Mass., l885, l887
Fleisher, D., Newport, Penna., August l5, l882                                     
Fleming, D. Jr., Harrisburg Car Mfg. Co, Harrisburg, l889
Fleming, John A., Sec’y, Hall of Cumberland Valley Fire Co, Shippensburg, Penna., June 6, l883                     
Flesher, Henry V., Attorney, Alkorn, W.Va., September 20, l892
Ford & Kendig, Wrought Iron Pipe & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l886
Foreman, Jacob H., United Ice & Coal Co, Harrisburg, Penna., October l, l892, n.d.
Forney, W.OL., Sand Miner, Chambersburg, Penna., November 8, l907
Forsaith, J.L. & Co, Rolling Mill Lubricators Mfg., Sharpsburg, Penna., l882
Foster, James, Boiling Springs, Penna., l885
Foust, Ellis E., Attorney, Chambersburg, Penna., l904
Fox, D.R., Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Penna., November 29, l906
Fox, Michael, Woodbury, Penna., l88l-1883
Fraim Bros., Builders, Harrisburg, Penna., l906
Fraley, Henry, Mgr., Capital City Oil Co, Harrisburg, Penna.  December 7, l899
Frank, T.W., Lancaster, Penna., September 27, l894
Frazer, E. K., Lumber Mfg., Lemoyne, Penna., l906-1907
Frazier, Daniel B., Atlantic Brick Mfg. Co, May’s Landing, N.J., l900-l902
Frazier, John W., Tariff Specialist, Philadelphia, Penna., May l2, l886

carton 2

Free, James E., Emporium Penna., n.d.
Frehn, S.J., Barnitz, Penna., January l8, l90l
Frick, H.C. & Co, Coke Dealer, Pittsburgh, Penna., l880-1882
Frick, H.C. Coke Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., l882-1886, l889
Fridy, S.H., Agent, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Pottstown Station, Penna., November 3, 1888 
Friendly Boot & Shoe Co, Elmira, N.Y., December 9, l90l
Frohmann, A. & Co, Philadelphia, N.Y., June 28, l882
Frymier & Edwards, Glass, Philadelphia, Penna., May 7, l888
Fuller, J.C., Pres., South Mountain Mining & Iron Co, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l880, l882-83, l888, l893-94, l900, l902, l904, n.d.
Fulton, S., Delaware Brick & Terra Cotta Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l899, l904-5
Gable, Flora, Aspers, Penna., October 11, l907
Gallagher, Fulton, December 3l, l889
Garden, H.C. & Co, Millinery Goods, Philadelphia, Penna., l893-94
Gardner, C.M., Uriah, Penna., October 2, l902
Gardner, E.J., Supt., The Huntingdon Mfg. Co Foundry, Huntingdon, Penna., l888-1890
Gardner, F. & Sons, Foundry, Carlisle, Penna., l88l, l886-1887, l892
Gardner, Samuel, Walnut Bottom, Penna., l907
Gardner, U.T., Uriah, Penn., l899, l90l
Gardner, W.L., Hunters Run, Penna., l882, l885
Garretson, J. Blair, Aspers, Penna., l907
Garrett, C.S. & Son, Paper Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1894
Gee, Oliver, Matthew Addy & Co, Iron & Steel, Philadelphia, Penna., February l4, l906
Gegenheimer, C.W., Inspector, Amer., Casaualty Co, Reading, Penna., July l4, l908
George, Henry, Sec’y, York Woodworking Co, York, Penna., June l3, l905
Gerhardt, H.B., Agent, Cumberland Valley R.R., June 28, l882
Getz, George, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., March l8, l886
Getz, Henry, York, Penna., l883
Gevin, Sam, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., December 7, l882
Gibbons, H.L.L. Ardmore, Penna., November 23, l904

Gibbons, W.H., The Parkesburg Iron Co, Parkesburg, Penna., l884, l886-1889, l893, l904
Gilbert, A.C., Bowmansdale, Penna., June l0, l906
Gilbert, Henry & Son, Hardware Dealer, Harrisburg, Penna., l880, l882-1883, l90l
Gillespie, Zeller & Co, Grocers, Philadelphia, Penna., l880, l883-1887
Gilmon, Thos P., Mgr., Chicago Fire-Proof Paint Co, Chicago, Ill., September 27, l882
Givler, A.C. & Bro., Lumber Mfg., Carlisle, Penna., l906-1907
Glasgow Iron Co, Iron Mfg., Pottstown, Penna., l883, l888-1889, l894, n.d.
Glass, Rev. J.F. Pastor, Harrisburg, Penna., March 9, l909
Glatfelter, P.H., Paper Mfg., Spring Forge, Penna., l902-1904
Glendower Iron Works, Danville, Penna., July 24, l883
Glisson, F.R., Post Master, Exton, Penna., August 27, l909
Gochnauer, G.C., Mgr., Monroe Milling Co, Allen, Penna., l886, l893-1895, l899-l90l
Gochnaur, S.B., Dry Goods Dealer, Bendersville, Penna., l900
Goldenberger, E., Div. Supt., Penna., Telephone Co, Harrisburg, Penna., March 27, l883
Golding & Sons Co, Pottery Dealers, Trenton, N.J., l889, l906
Good, G.L., Agent, The Gettysburg & Harrisburg Railway Co, Bendersville, Penna., February 23, l906
Goodling, H.B., Penna., Agricultural Works, York, Penna., l90l
Goodman, B & E Clothiers, Harrisburg, Penna., January 2l, l887
Goodrich B.F. Co, Rubber Goods, Akron O., l882-1883, l892
Goodyear Bros., Carlisle, Penna., September 7, l900
Goodyear, B.K., Peter A. Ahl, Coke Iron Mfg., Sharpsburg, Md., July 9, l883
Goodyear, J.M., Carlisle, Penna., August 29, l883
Goodyear, S.P., Sec’y of Council, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l883, l890
Gordon, Ghas. F. & Co, Scrap Metals, Matteawan, N.Y., December 2l, l902
Gordon, William M., The Pottstown Iron Co, Pottstown, Penna., l888-1889, l89l-1893
Gorsuch, N.I. & Son, Westminster, Md., August 28, l886
Graff, Son & Co, Shoe Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1893
Graham, B.S., Music Teacher, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., July 20, l882
Graves, Geo W., Union Bridge, Penna., June 6, l883
Gray, O.W. & Son., Map Publishers, Philadelphia, Penna., September l5, l882
Graybill & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l884-1885, n.d.
Grebb, Louis, Packer, Baltimore, Md., January 11, 1902
Greenawalt Bros., Leather Mfg., Harrisburg, Penna., l882, l886, l888
Gregg, D. McM., Auditor General, Harrisburg, Penna., November l, l893
Greider, J.T., Harrisburg Mfg. & Boiler Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l906
Grevemeyer, Wm. H & Co Booksellers, Philadelphia, Penna., l899-l903
Griffery, Lillie, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l900, l907
Griffey, Joseph Thurmont, Md., l904
Griffitts, W.B., Gen. Freight Agent, Penna. R.R., Philadelphia, Penna., l880-188l
Grimes, Daniel, Hunters Run, Penna., l900
Griswold, B.H., Gen. Freight & Passenger Agent, Western Md. R.R. Co, Baltimore, Md., l886
Groover, Ira, Carlisle, Penna., April 2, l900
Group, Isaac, Idaville, Penna., July 23, l883
Group, Jesse Lunger, Idaville, Penna., l892, l907
Group, William M., Idaville, Penna., l892
Grove, E.A., Carlisle, Penna., November l5, l880
Gulden, Harry J., Flour Mfg., Bendersville, Penna., January l3, l886
Gummey, Spering, Ingrm Co, Tin Plate Dealers, Philadelphia, Penna., l883-85

Gurney, C., Texas-Mexican Railway Co, N.Y.C., January 20, l882
Hagy, J. Milton, Cotton & Wooden Waste, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1883
Hahvestock, Duncannon Iron & Steel Co, Duncannon, Penna., May 22, l9l2
Halbach, Wm. A., New Era,  Lancaster, Penna., July l0, l882
Hall & Jordan, Harrisburg, Penna., l880
Hall, Swoyer, Glase & Co, Dry Goods Jobbers, Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1893
Halteman, G.K., Sec’y, Allentown Brick Co, Allentown, Penna., May l8, l9l2
Halter, G.J., Mgr., Hollywell Paper Mills, Chambersburg, Penna., 1899-1902, 1904, n.d.
Hamlin, G.A., E.I., DuPont Co, Philadelphia, Penna., May 8, 1905
Hancock, C.G., Gen. Passenger & Ticket Agent, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Penna., 1882
Hancock Inspirator Co, N.Y.C., February 6, 1907

Hanlon, Marcus, Bus. Mgr. Amer. Protectionist Publishing Co, N.Y.C. 1882
Hannon, C.S., Carlisle, Penna., May 28, l893
Hansell’s, J.M. Sons, Printers, Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1884
Hanson, E., Sec’y, Trenton Iron Co, Trenton, N.J., l886
Hardenbergh, E.B., Auditor Gen., Harrisburg, Penna., l902-1903
Harding, George, Philadelphia, Penna.,  April 9, l884
Hardy, E.J., Oliver Chilled Plow Works, Harrisburg, Penna., June 8, l883
Harhanft, J.F., Collector, Custom House, Philadelphia, Penna., May 20, l886
Harlow, W.H., Gen. Mgr., Eastern Rolling Stock Co, Bangor, Me., December 23, l882
Harman, Andy, York Springs, Penna., June 29, l907
Harman & Hassert, Founders, Bloomsburg, Penna., l883-1884
Harman, P., Coal & Lumber Dealer, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l884, l886
Harman, Percy, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., April l0, l907
Harman, W.A., Gen. Mgr., Mt. Holly Stationery & Printing Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l893-1894, l899-l902, l906
Harmes, A.G., Machinery, Pittsburgh, Penna., June 24, l882
Harnish, A.B., Mechanicsburg, Penna., l90l-1904
Harper & Bros., Publishers, Franklin Square, N.Y., October 22, l885
Harper & Co, Commission Merchants, Peoria, Ill. October 7, l886
Harrisburg Grocery & Produce Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l899-l90l
Harrisburg Provision Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l885-1886, l893-1894
Harrison & Co, Spice Mfg., Harrisburg, Penna., September l7, l886
Hart, Lane S., Hart Printing & Publishing House, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l-1883
Hart, William R. & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l888, l892
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co, York, Penna., l885-1887
Hartman, H.W., Schuylkill Steam Forge, Douglassville, Penna., November 5, l883
Hartman, L.M., Dry Goods, York, Penna., August l5, l904
Harzell, H.K., Allentown, Penna., l899
Hassinger, J.C., Milroy, Penna., November l2, l903
Hatch, Charles P., Gen. Passenger Agent, Shenandoah Valley R.R. Hagerstown, Md., November 3, l881
Hatfield & Hilles, Philadelphia, Penna., l899-l904
Hauck & Comstock, Machinery Mfg., Mechanicsburg, Penna., l838, l885
Haughton, Richard, Haughton & Smith Insurance, Philadelphia, Penna., October 5, l907
Hawkins, A. Agt., Cooper, Hewitt & Co, N.Y.C., l887-1888
Hawkins, Edgar M., Chief Engineer, Penna., Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., l906-1907
Haydon, J.C., & Co, Foundry, Jeanesville, Penna., l882-1884
Hayes, J.R., Editor, Harrisburg Sat. Night, Harrisburg, Penna., l882
Hayes, John, Pres., The Mfg. Co, Carlisle, Penna., l900, l903-1905
Hays, Geo M., Attorney, Carlisle, Penna. October l, l906
Hazzard, R.T.H., Philadelphia, Penna., January l3, l882
Heck, Lewis, Dauphin, Penna., l88l
Hecker, Mrs. Julia, Carlisle, Penna., l884-1885
Heen, John, Arendtsville, Penna., May 29, l885
Hege, Frank V., Contractor & Builder, Marion, Penna., l903-1904
Hegewisch, A., Pres., U.S. Rolling Stock Co, N.Y.C., l882
Heim Belting Co, N.Y.C., January l3, l887
Heindell, Jno. P., Asst. Supt., Gettysburg, & Harrisburg R.R., Carlisle, Penn., l887, l889
Helb, Theo. R., Keystone Brewery, York, Penna., October 3, l902
Helfrich & Hartzell, Scrap Iron Dealer, Shippensburg, Penna., l902
Helfrich, D.W., Shippensburg, Penna., July 2l, l884
Heller, John, Aspers, Penna., l904-1905
Hemminger, J.D., Carlisle, Penna., l905
Hench & Stuart Notions, Harrisburg, Penna., l887, l894
Hench, N.I. & Co, Notions, Harrisburg, Penna., January 4, l900
Hench, S. Nevin., Pres., Hench & Dromgold Co, Machinery Mfg., York, Penna., l905 
Hendersen, J. Webster, Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., December 8, l88l
Henderson, Peter & Co, Seedsmen, N.Y.C., l885, l897
Henderson, R.P., Letort Roller Mills, Carlisle, Penna., l884, l899
Henning, H., Pres., Eastern Granite Roofing Co, N.Y.C., November 25, l90l
Henry, Jno. F.& Co, Contractors, Leesport, Penna., May 3l, l882
Hepburn, S. Jr., Carlisle, Penna., l882-1884
Hepburn, Sam, Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., l880, l882-1884, l886
Herman, M.C., Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., November l8, l893
Hersh, William, Attorney, Gettysburg, Penna., March 25, 1905
Hertzler, Austin B., Coal & Wood Dealer, Carlisle, Penna., August l7, l906
Hess & Boughter, Iron Dealers, Lebanon, Penna., l905-1906
Hess, Rogers & Chambers, Notions, Philadelphia, Penna., February l5, l884
Hickernell, Ross, Coal Dealers, Middletown, Penna., October 6, l902
Hickok, W.O., Eagle Works, Harrisburg, Penna., June 20, l883
Highlands, Isaac, Huntsdale, Penna., March 6, l905
Hildrup, W.T., Supt., Harrisburg Car Mfg., Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l880-188l, l886-1889, l892
Hilles, J.T., Sec’y, Laurel Ore Bank Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l90l, l904
Himes, J.H., Huntsdale, Penna., May 27, l894
Hine, Mrs. C.W., Reading, Penna., l907
Hines, W.A., Hanover, Penna., July 8, l90l
Hitton, Joseph, Penna  R.R. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l883-1884
Hoagland, M., Proprietor, Union Foundry & Machine Shops, Rockaway, N.J., l888
Hoar, David J. & Co, Boats & Shoes, Philadelphia, Penna., l880, l882-1886
Hoar, Morgan & Co, Boat & Shoes, Philadelphia, Penna., l885-1886
Hoare, J. & Co, Cut Glass Ware, Corning, N.Y., November 6, l899
Hobbs, Jas. M., Bus. Mgr., Hoopes & Townsend, Philadelphia, Penna., March 3l, l882
Hockensmith, R.W., Shippensburg, Penna., l882-1883
Hoffer, F.H., Treas., Carlisle, Mfg., Co, Carlisle, Penna., January l8, l884
Hoffert, Mrs. J.B., Carlisle, Penna., November 25, l903
Hoffman, A. Lewis, Machinery Dealer, Biglerville, Penna., February 4, l905
Hoffman, L.B., Carlisle, Penna., July 20, l882
Hogan, Jno. L & Co, Iron & Steel, Philadelphia, Penna., June 29, l887
Hogg, Geo. A., Pres., Totten & Hogg Iron & Steel Foundry Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., August 20, l889
Hood, Bonbright & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l884, l886-1887, n.d.
Hood, Foulkrod & Co, Jobbers, Philadelphia, Pena., l893-1895, l899-l90l
Hooks Smelting Co, Philadelphia, Penna., September 20, l882
Hoopes, Hannah A., Flora Dale, Penna., l883
Hoover, Wm., Brandtsville, Penna., l900
Hopkins, John S., Wholesale Wooden Ware, Baltimore, Md., May 6, 1889
Hopkins, Samuel D., Reading Iron Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l888-1889

Horner, W.W., Cleversburgh, Penna., May l2, l882
Horstmann Bros. & Co, Military Furnishers, Philadelphia, Penna., l882

Hosford & Sons, Stationers, N.Y.C., l882-1883
Hosford, Geo. K, Resident Agent, Rogers, Brown & Co, Cleveland O., September 29, l899
Houck, Wm. A. Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883
Houser, Cornelius, Harrisburg, Penna., l880-1882
Howes & Co, Bakers, N.Y.C., October l8, l882
Howett, Warner Co, Dry Goods, Philadelphia, Penna., l902-1904, l906
Howett, J.M.& Co, Dry Goods, Philadelphia, Penna., l884
Huey, Arthur B., Attorney, Philadelphia, Penna., l884
Huff, Geo F. & Co, Coal Miners, Philadelphia, Penna., July 2, l883
Hughes, Chas A., Treas., Standard Coal Co, Altoona, Penna., March 2l, l884
Hughes, W.J., Chief Clerk, Railway Mail Service, Harrisburg, Penna., l883
Hulburt C. & Co, Oils, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1883, l886-1887, l889, n.d.
Hull, A.S., Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l882-1883, n.d.
Hummel, Fendrich & Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l882
Humphreys, M.S., Chief, Bureau of Industrial Statistics, Harrisburg, Penna., February l0, l882
Humpton, Jos., Lukens Rolling Mills, Coatesville, Penna., l885-1886, l888-1889, l894
Hunsicker, John, Treas., Lebanon Mfg., Co, Lebanon, Penna., January l6, l882
Hunt, C.J., Philadelphia, Penna., l904
Hunt, Joshua, Pres., Catasauqua & Fogelsville R.R. Co, Catasauqua, Penna., l882
Hunter & Drennen, Commission Merchants, Philadelphia, Penna., l883
Hunter, Joseph, State Highway Commissioner, Harrisburg, Penna., l906
Huntingdon Mfg. Co, Foundry, Huntingdon, Penna., October 8, l888
Hurman, C., South Mountain R.R., August 29, l889
Huston & Penrose & Co, Lukens Rolling Mills, Coatesville, Penna., l880-188l
Huston, Chas. & Sons, Lukens Rolling Mills, Coatesville, Penna., l882-1886, l888-1889
Huston, E.R., County Treas., Carlisle, Penna., June 28, l899
Hutchinson, Smoke Consumer, Chicago, Ill., October 27, l882
Hutchinson, J.H., Huntsdale, Penna., l900, l902-1903
Huyett, Huron A., Contractor, Artesian Wells, Hagerstown, Md., May 3l, l887
Ilsley, Doubleday & Co, Oils Mfg., N.Y.C., February l0, l887
Ingersoll, S.W., Treas., Montour Iron & Steel Co, Philadelphia, Penna., October 6, l882
Inness, Thomas B. & Co, N.Y.C., l828
Iron Age, N.Y.C., July 29, l886
Isaacs, M.C., Treas., Phoenix Steel Wire Broom & Brush Co, Chicago, Ill., October 22, l880
Ivery, J.W., Dillsburg, Penna., January 9, l906
Ives, Chauncey, Chief Engineer, Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l882-1883  
Jackson & Woodin Mfg. Co, Berwick, Penna., l880, l882
Jackson, C.H., Union Switch & Signal Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., l882
Jackson, Geo. W., Pres., Atlantic Brick Mfg. Co, Philadelphia, Penna. l905
Jackson, H.C., Ore Dealer, N.Y.C., March 20, l883
Jackson, R., Supt., Railway Mail Service, N.Y.C., November l5, l883
Jackson, S.B., Eden Roller Mills, Carlisle, Penna., l902-1905, l907, n.d.
James, Geo. P., Editor, Star of the Valley, Newville, Penna., August l4, l882
Janney & Andrews, Commission Merchants, Philadelphia, Penna., l886-1889
Janney, M.P., Supt., Glendon Iron Co, Easton, Penna., January l6, l889
Jarecki Mfg. Co, Ltd., Brass Work, Erie, Penna., l889, n..d..
Jauss, D.L. & Co, Coal Dealers, Harrisburg, Penna., l880-188l, l883, l886
Jennings, H.E., Pres., Central State Cooperage Co, New Castle, Ind., l908-1909
Jennings, J.C., Agent, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l880, l883
Jennings, W.W., Pres., Commonwealth Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co, Harrisburg, Penna., January 22, l883
Johnson & Bros., Looking Glass & Picture Frames, Philadelphia, Penna., May l5, l883
Johnson, J.R., Viaduct Mfg. Co, Baltimore, Md., July 6, l894
Johnson, W.T., Amer. Ave & Tool Co, Glassport, Penna., December l2, l906
Johnston, Adam & Son, Reading, Penna., March 29, l88l
James D., Comptroller, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., April  11, 1882
Jones, J.C., Philadelphia, Penna., July 5, l882
Jones, Wm. H., Millerstown, Penna., October 3, l88l
Jordan, Sam A., Carlisle, Penna., July
l8, l882
Justice, A.R.& Co, Cutlery  Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., l899
Kalbfus, Joseph, Sec’y, Game Commission, Harrisburg, Penna., 1908
Kane, Thomas & Co, Settee Mfg., Chicago, Ill., l882
Kantner, C.B., Sharpsville, Penna., l902
Kast, Jno. P., Mechanicsburg, Penna., August 7, l883
Kauffman & Brown, Gen. Insurance Agents, Harrisburg, Penna., November 24, l880
Kaufman, Wm. M. & Co, Pig Iron Mfg. Sheridan, Penna., l889, l892
Keelay, Jerome & Co, Iron Commission Merchants Philadelphia, Penna., l886-1887
Kemerer, Geo., W., Hokendauqua, Penna., March 9, l886
Kemper, John, Trust, Penna., March l9, l887
Kempfer, A.S., Aspers, Penna., l906
Kendall, J.G., Hardware, Washington, D.C., l888-1889, n.d.
Kennedy, J., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., March l7, l882
Kennedy, Jesse R., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l882-1883, n.d.
Kennedy, Thomas B., Pres., Cumberland Valley R.R. Co, Chambersburg, Penna., l880-1882
Ker, J.B., Agent, Amer., Bell Telephone Co, Boston, Mass., February l9, l889
Keystone Tobacco Co, Middletown, Penna., October l9, l883
Kieffer, S.B., Carlisle, Penna., l882
Killinger Kaufman Co, Ellendale Forge, Penna., l88l-1882
Kilpatrick, F.E. Co, Shoe Mfg., New Brunswick, N.J., l883-1884, n.d.
Kimple, John, Gettysburg, Penna., l886, l899-l900
Kindig, H.J. & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1893
King, Daniel, Supt., South Mountain Mining & Iron Co, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l880-1888, l904 
King, M.K., Gen. Mgr., Elizabeth City & Norfolk R.R., Norfolk, Va., l882
Kinneard, Frank B., Gen Mgr., Mt. Holly Stationery & Printing Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., November 8, l904
Kinter, Chas H., Sec’y, Mt. Holly Brick & Clay Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l904, l906-1907
Kirby & Hawkins Co, Philadelphia, Penna., n.d.
Kirk, G.W., Gettysburg, Penna., l886
Klein, Theodore B., Deputy Sec’y, Dept. of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, Penna., August l8, l905
Kline, W.T., Lees Cross Roads, Penna., November l4, l885
Klinedinet, J.S., Freight Agent, Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Harrisburg, Penna., March l7, 1911
Klopp, George R., Coal Dealer, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l880-1883
Knauss, J.D., Tax Collector, Brysonia, Penna., January 11, l892
Knoche, Geo., l886
Knouse, Oliver, Tax Collector, Brysonia, Penna., l899-l900
Knowles Steam Rump Works, N.Y.C., l880, l882
Knox, Geo B., Atlantic Refining Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., July 25, l902
Koser, Henry, Bigler, Penna., August 11, l882
Kraemer, Louis & C., Cotton & Woolen Goods Mfg., Reading, Penna., l887
Kready & King, Ortanna, Penna., August 16, 1886
Kready, P., Agent, Hanover & Gettysburg R.R. Co, Ortanna, Penna., l886
Krepps, J.W., Agent, Banning Brake Head & Shoe, N.Y.C., May l, l883
Kronenberg, S., Clothier, Carlisle, Penna., l885-1886, l899-l903
Kronenhey, W.M., Carlisle, Penna., November 28, l905
Krumrine, C.H., Lumber, Chambersburg, Penna., l904
Kuhn, Emmit, Alto Dale, Penna., October 29, l882
Kulp, H.C., Kulp & McMamigle, Lumber Mfg., Milroy, Penna., l903
Kulp, Monroe H. & Co, Lumber, Shamokin, Penna., May 9, l906
Kutz, A.J., Machinist, Newville, Penna., July l6, l884
Kutz, J.W., Carlisle, Penna., July l0, l903
Lackey, Levi, Boiling Springs, July 22, l882
Lackey, Wm. E., Boiling Springs, Penna., April 27, l905
Lady, John C., Arendtville, Penna., March 4, l889
Lagorce, G.H., Harrisburg, Penna., November l3, l880
Lalance & Grosjean Mfg. Co, N.Y.C., April 4, l883
Lamb, John T., Mechanicsburg, Penna., October 4, l902
Lamberton, R.C., Treas., Bectem Lumber & Mfg. Co, Carlisle, Penna., l900, l907
Lamkin & Foster, Shoe Mfg., Boston Mass., l899
Landis, G.C., Engineering, Gettysburg, Penna., l90l-1902
Landis, J.O., Purchasing Agent, Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Philadelphia Co, Philadelphia, Penna. 1900, l902-1907 Landis, J.H., Supt., Lochiel Rolling Mill Co, Iron Mfg., Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883
Landis, Merkel, Treas., Carlisle Trust Co, Carlisle, Penna., l908-1909
Langdon, A.L., Gen Freight Agent, Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l880-1883
Langdon, Andrew, Langdon, Richardson & Co, Coal Miners, Buffalo, N.Y., l882
Langsdorf, W.W., Cumberland Co Commissioner, Carlisle, Penna., November 29, l882
Laughlin, J.W. & Son, Grocers, Philadelphia, Penna., l893-1894
Law, C.D., Supt., Western Div., Penna. Co, Fort Wayne, Ind., January 5, l883
Law, Ernest & Co, Iron & Steel Merchants, Philadelphia, Penna., l900-l90l
Leaf, E.B. & Co, Iron & Steel By-Products, Philadelphia, Penna., November l4, l900
Leahey, Caron, Coal & Lumber Dealer, Hemlock, Penna., n.d.
Leavitt, C.W., Railway Equipment, N.Y. C., l882
Leavitt, Cecil Kent, Edward C. Haviland, Country Real Estate, N.Y.C., l905
Lebanon Valley Furnace Co, Iron, Lebanon, Penna., July 23, l907
Lee, Theo. H., Amer. Bank Note Co, N.Y.C., l882-1883
Leeds, J. Howell, Sec’y, Glasgow Iron Co, Pottstown, Penna., l887-1888
Lehman, A. Edwin, Civil & Mining Engineer, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1883, l889, l894, l900, l904-1907, n.d.
Lehman, Mrs. G.V., Carlisle, Penna., June 22, l882
Lehman, J.C., Boiling Springs, Penna., l882, l886-1888, l892-1893
Leib, Frank R., Sales Agent, Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l-1885
Leib, Jos., Freight & Passenger Agent, Western Maryland R.R. Co, Hanover, Penna., December 11, l886
Leibrant, F., Leibrant & McDowell Stove Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l885-1886
Leidich, S.M., Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., November 11, l880
Lelp, A.W., Idaville, Penna., October 3l, l904
Lemon, John A., Auditor Gen., Harrisburg, Penna., February 8, l883
Lenker, F.K. & Co, Machinery Mfg., Millersburg, Penna., l906-1907
Lepperd, W.A., Clerk, Cumberland Co Commissioners, Carlisle, Penna., March l5, l904
Lescure, David P., Harrisburg Belt Works, Harrisburg, Penna., October 4, l880
Lesher, John C., Middletown, Penna., July 20, l883
Lesley, J. Peter, Philadelphia, Penna., May l5, l882
Letort, Carpet Co, Carlisle, Penna., August l4, l903
Letters, William & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Leverett, Wm. C., St. Johns Rectory, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883
Lewis, Edwin M., Agent, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Steelton, Penna., June 6, l88l
Lewis, Enuch, Purchasing Agent, Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l883, l888
Lewis, I.M., Industrial Brick Co, N.Y.C., October 24, l894
Lick, William, Lebanon, Penna., June 20, l882
Light, H.H., Purchasing Agent, Amer. Iron & Steel Mfg. Co, Lebanon, Penna., December 30, l899
Lincoln, H.C., Philadelphia, Penna., l885, l892
Lindsay, C.R. Jr., Penna. Globe Gas Light Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1893
Lindsay, Parvin & Co, Iron & Steel Merchants, Philadelphia, Penna., August 26, l887
Line, J. Harvey, Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., October 7, l90l
Line, Wm. R. Jr., Carlisle, Penna., March l, l893
Lineaweaver, Henry H., Coal Shipper, Lebanon, Penna., l904
Liner, Jno. L., Amer. Tube & Iron Co, N.Y.C., April l8, l888
Link-Belt Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l906-1907
Lipe, Raymond P. Co, Feed Shipper, Toledo, Ohio, l906
Lippincott & Co, Grocers, Philadelphia, Penna., December 9, l907
Lippincott, J.B., Carlisle, Penna., l883
Lippincott, J.J.& Co, Iron & Steel Dealers, Philadelphia, Penna., October 20, l882
Lipscomb, Wm. P. & Co, Contractors, Washington, D.C. November 7, l906
Litch, J.B., Gen. Merchandise Dealer, Dauphin Co, Penna., January 2l, l882
Livingston, Jacob & Co, Tobacco & Cigars, Carlisle, Penna., l883-1886, l892-1894
Lloyd & Lindsay, Iron & Steel Merchants, Philadelphia, Penna., February l8, l884
Lobodell, George G., Jr., V. Pres., Lobdell Car Wheel Co, Wilmington, Del., l887-1890, 1899
Lockhard, G.M.& J.K., Machinists, Bloomsburg, Penna., l882-1883
Logan, B.S., Ebensburg, Va., August 24, l887
Logan, James H., Iron Merchant, Pittsburgh, Penna., October 3l, l883
Logan, Minnie, Elliottson, Penna., August 22, l904
Long & Co, Contractors, Carlisle, Penna., l887
Long, John C., Idaville, Penna., January 24, l889
Long, Jas. L., Gettysburg, Penna., July l8, l888
Longacre & Co, Engravers, Philadelphia, Penna., l882 
Longnecker, G.A., Ore Miner, Mechanicsburg, Penna. l883, l886
Longsdorf, C.L., Oak Hill Nursing, Floradale, Penna., l882-1884, l887
Longsdorf, H.H., M.D., Centerville, Penna., l886, l889, l905
Lott, W.J., Seven Starts, Penna., November 29, l882
Loughley, M., Charles Bond Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l909
Lovejoy, C.D., Corrigan, Ives & Co, Cleveland, O., l892
Low, J.S., Bottler, Carlisle, Penna., l899, l900
Lucas, John  & Co, Paint Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., May 22, l886
Ludt, David A., Tar Collector, Mooredale, Penna., l902, l904
Lull, O.W., Chief Engineer, Cumberland Valley R.R. Chambersburg, Penna., l882
Lumley, Joseph, Machinery Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1883
Luttrell, W.P., Car Accountant, Rutland R.R. Co, Rutland, Vt., March 6, l900
Lutz, Chas, W., Supt., Amer. Steel & Wire Co, Donora, Penna., l908-1909
Lutz, W.A. & Co, Clothing Mfg., Shippensburg, Penna., December 27, l90l
Lyle, Lane, Sec’y, Chattanooga Machinery Co, Chattanooga, Tenn., l899
Lynah, J.C.& Co, Coal Merchants, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883
Lynn, J.C.H., Orr, Painter & Co, Furnace Mfg., Reading, Penna., l903  
Lynn,  W.W., Line Sales Agent, Philadelphia & Reading Coal  & Iron Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l903-1904, l906-1907 McAllister, D.A., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l882, n.d.
McBeth, Harvey, Walnut Bottom, Penna., l906-1907
McBeth, S. Walter, Aspers, Penna., January 6, l905
McBride, J.H.R., Lehman Ore Bank, Penna., l884, l886
McCachran, Robert, Newville, Penna., September l3, l882
McCachran, Thos. M., Newville, Penna., June l5, l899
McCauley, G.M., Treas., Central Iron & Steel Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l, l883, l885, l887, l899, n.d.
McCauslin & Gardner, Dull Fields, Penna., November l7, l906
McCauslin, H.E., Carlisle,  l904
McCauslin, Samuel, January 9, l890
McCohaughy, D., Attorney, Gettysburg, Penna., l894
McConnin, M.H., R.R. Supply Broker, N.Y.C., August l7, l883
McConway, Torley & Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., January 25, l884
McCormick & Co, Paxton Furnaces, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883, l886-1889, n.d.
McCormick, Henry B., Harrisburg, Penna., June 2, l906
McCreary Robert G., V. Pres., Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association, Gettysburg, Penna., l882
McCreath, Andrew S., Chemist, Second Geological Survey of Penna., Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883, l888, l904
McCulloh, A.H., Gen. Ticket Agent, Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l882
McCullough, James B., Newville, Penna., August l7, l886
MacDonald, James, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., November 3, l882
McDowell, W.G., Treas., Leibrandt & McDowell Stove Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l887, l894
McElroy, Robert F., Fayetteville, Penna., June l2, l883
McElwes, Mrs. Annie, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., May 23, l907
McFarland, Edward, Heaters, Philadelphia, Penna., November l8, l882
McGeorge, Wm., Jr., Attorney, Philadelphia, Penna., March 3l, l905
McGowan, Wm. C., Chambersburg, Penna., l906-1907
McHenry, H. R.. & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l883
McHose & Co, Reading Fire Brick Works, Reading, Penna., November 27, l894
McKendrich, S.B., Orrtanna, Penna., January l4, l904
McKendrick, John, Bucanon Valley, Penna., December 30, l886
Mackenzie, W.P., Asst. Mgr., Harrisburg Foundry & Machine Works, Harrisburg, Penna., August l4, l899
Mackenzie, Wm. G., Golding & Sons Co, Wilmington, Del., December l8, l906
McLahahan and Stone, Gaysport Foundry, Hollidaysburg, Penna., August l3, l889
McManus, Wm. H., Shippensburg, Penna., January l, l883
McMillan, Robert, Amer. Steel & Wire Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., l877, l909, l9l3
McTague, H.S., Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Madden, P.A., Sen. Storekeeper, Penn. Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., l905-1907
Maddock, Henry, Asst. Engnr, Mexican & Pacific Extension, G., H. & S.A. Railway, Devils River Bridge, Penna., September 26, l882
Magovern & Thompson Bros., Boats & Shoes, N.Y.C., l889
Mahon & Mundorf, Groceries, Carlisle, Penna., l880, l886
Mallery, Garrick, Treas., Jackson & Woodin Mfg. Co, Berwick,  Penna., l88l, l883
Mann, A.W., Boston, Mass., July l6, l883
Mann, Edwin R., Steel & Iron, Philadelphia, Pena., March 11, l888
Manoel, A., Gen. Mgr., St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railway, St. Paul, Minn., January 8, l883
Mansfield, Albert, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., October l4, l882
Marcy, C.R., Sec’y, Raub Coal Co, Ltd., Luzerne, Penna., l893-1894
Mares, C., Coal Miner, Baltimore, Md., l883
Markley, H.D., Markley & Shenk, Miners, Dillsburg, Penna., l886
Marshall Iron Co, Newport, Del., January 3l, l882
Martin Carriage Works, York, Penna., December l3, l907
Martin, L & C., Lumber & Coal Dealer, Mechanicsburg, Penna., March l, l882
Martin, W.A., Lumber Dealer, Boyds, Penna., l893, l904, n.d.
Martin, W.J., Groceries, Gettysburg, Penna., July 9, l888
Martin, William, Mt. Holly, Penna., January 29, l885
Martin, Wm. A., Boyds, Penna., l887, l893, l900, l90l
Mathews, F.A. & Co, Foundry, Harrisburg, Penna., April 7, l885
May, C.R., Tax Collector Boiling Springs, Penna., l906
Meade, Richard H., Sec'y, Powhatan Clay Mfg. Co, Richmond, Val, l902
Mealy, Henry A., Hunters Run, Penna., l882-1884
Meck, John D., Groceries, Carlisle, Penna., November l0, l882
Mecly, H.J., Middletown, Penn., October 5, l880
Meese, J.W., Mgr., Meyers Printing & Publishing House, Harrisburg, Penna., July l9, l889
Meily, Geo. W., Shoe Mfg., Harrisburg, Penna., April 22, l889
Meily, H.J., Middletown, Penna., November 8, l880
Meily, J. & R. Iron Mfg. Lebanon, Penna., l882-1883
Meily, James, Union Forge, Penna., l880, l883
Meloy, J.L. & Co, Groceries, Carlisle, Penna., l886-1887
Merrick, Samuel V., Asst., Sec’y, Goodwin Gas Stove & Meter Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882, n.d.
Metcalf, Paul & Co, Chicago, Ill., August 8, l883
Mettiven, A.A., Walnut Bottom, Penna., June l, l886
Meyers, E.K., Proprietor, Meyers, Printing & Publishing House, Harrisburg, Penna., l887, l889
Michem, Amos, Sec’y, Parkesburg Iron Co, Parkesburg, Penna., l885-1886, l893
Michener, Chas., Proprietor, Guernsey Creamery Sunny Side, Penna., l888-1889
Mickley, J.A., Miller, Bain, Beyer & Co, Dry Goods, Philadelphia, Penna., l90l-1902
Middleton, C.W., & H.W., Iron & Steel, Philadelphia, Penna., December 20, l883
Middleton, Robert H., Supt., Harrisburg & Potomac R.R. Co, Boiling Springs, Penna., l88l-1882, l883-1884, l903-1907
Middleton, T.E., County Surveyor, Boiling Springs, Penna., November l9, l907
Midvale Steel Co, Philadelphia, Penna., July l2, l9l5
Miers, J.A., Hunters Run Penna., January l2, l884
Miles, Geo. W., Gen. Mgr., Glendower Iron Works, Danville, Penna., March 2l, l883
Milleisen, G. Frank, Coal & Wood Dealer, Harrisburg, Penna., January 23, l904
Milleisen’s Joseph, Sons, Coal & Lumber Merchants, Mechanicsburg, Penna., August 2, l907
Miller Co, Pump Mfg., Canton, O., February 7, l883
Miller, A.R., Fruit Dealer, Mechanicsburg, Penna., l886
Miller, George & Son, Fruit Dealers, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Miller, H.K. Coal Merchants, Huntsdale, Penna., August 20, l889
Miller, J.A., Hunters Run, Penna., l880-1883
Miller, Jno. C., Bowmansdale, Penna., September 5, l892
Miller, Lewis A., Proprietor, Pleasant View Poultry Farm, Harrisburg, Penna., l904, l906
Miller, Mervin, Hunters Run, Penna., l900-1902
Miller, S. Miley, Clerk, Adams & Co Commissioners’ Office, Gettysburg, Penna., December 11, l909
Miller, Wm. E., Hardware dealer, Carlisle, Penna., l888-1889
Mills, Chas. W., Carlisle, Penna., October 22, l885
Minnich, Geo. A. & Son, Chambersburg, Penna., l903-1904, n.d.
Mitchell, H. B. & Co, Sales Agents, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1884, l886-1889, l89l-l900
Mitchell, J.L. & Co, Coal Miners, Tyrone, Penna., February 5, l887
Moffitt, Dr. R.H., Harrisburg, Penna., May l8, l894
Momeyer, A.W., Amer. Tube & Iron Co, N.Y.C., l885

carton 3

Montgomery, H.B., Roofing Dealer, Harrisburg, Penna., l902-1906
Moore, Snively & Co, Iron & Steel Brokers, Philadelphia,  Penna., l882
Moore, James, Bush Hill Iron Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l889
Moore, Johnston, l883-1904
Moorehouse, G.H., Agent, Adams Express Co, Harrisburg, Penna., September l, l883
Moorhead, Chas. H., Furnace & Rollin Mill Supplies, Philadelphia, Penna., l888-1890
Moors, F.W., Curwensville, Penna., April 2l, l893
Morgan, Geo. H., Mgr., Commercial Printing House, Harrisburg, Penna., June 27, l882
Morgan, Reed A., Philadelphia Warehouse Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l893-1895
Morganthal, A.D., Sec’y, Geiser Mfg. Co Waynesboro, Penna., January l5, l889
Morret, B.F., Proprietor, Schuylkill Steam Forge, Douglassville, Penna., l880-1885
Morris Machine Works, Pump Mfg., Baldwinsville, N.Y., March 9, l886
Morriss, A.G. Proprietor, Limestone Quarries, Tyrone, Penna.,  January l3, l900
Morris, Tasker & Co, Ltd., Philadelphia, Penna., October 25, l880
Morris, William H., Treas., Pottstown Iron Co, Pottstown,  Penna., l880, l888, l89l
Morrison, Wm. A., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., July 27, l882
Morrow, W.A., Haus Grove, Penna., December 6, l907
Morter, E.F., Barnitz, Penna., l900-l90l
Mortorff, J.W., Alga, Penna., April 8, l904
Mosses, Benj. H., Carlisle, Penna., October l90l
Mt. Holly Brick & Clay Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l907
Mt. Holly Ore Bank, Veetz, Penna., l88l-1942
Mulconroy Co, Inc., Mechanical Rubber Goods, Philadelphia, Penna., April l6, l904
Mulford, Fil., Supt., Harrisburg, Park Commission, Harrisburg, Penna., l907
Mullin, A.L., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., October l5, l880
Mullin, Chas. H., Mt. Holly Paper Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l88l-1883, l886, l888-1889, l907
Munson, Edgar, Lumber, Timber, & Planning Mill Work, Williamsport, Penna., l88l-1882
Murnma & Boyer, Liberty Forge, Penna., l880
Murnma, Ellis S., Patriot Publishing Co, Harrisburg, Penna., June 24, l882
Murphy, John, Craighead, Penna., l899-l900
Murphy’s Wm. F. Sons, Blank Book Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., l884, l906
Mussen, J.L., Mgr., Cumberland Clay Mfg. Co, Lancaster, Penna., l906-1907
Myers & Barnitz, Flour Mfg., Barnitz, Penna., l888
Myers & Bro., Hardware, Newville, Penna., December 11, l889
Myers, Fishel & Co, Publishers, Harrisburg, Penna., l904-1905
Myers, Ezra, New Chester, Penna., July 20, l893
Myers, Henry T., Dickinson, Penna., l883-1886, n.d
Myers, James T., Dickinson, Penna., August 25, l893
Myers, Jno. H., Longsdorf, Penna., July 7, l899
Myers, R.B., Table Rock, Penna., September 23, l886
Myers, R.L. & Co, Publishers, Harrisburg, Penna., March 7, l900
Myers, W.D., Hunters Run, Penna., l883
Nate, J.J., Gen. Mgr. Gilliland Telephone Co, Chicago, Ill., 1894
National Biscuit Co, N.Y.C., l906
Nead, B. Frank Jr., Attorney, Harrisburg, Penna., l907-1908
Nead, Benjamin M., Attorney, Harrisburg, Penna., l882, l884, l886, l893, l899-l902
Nebeker & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., February 8, l883
Neely, J.B., Gettysburg, Penna., l886
Neely, James R., York Springs, Penna., October 3l, l904 
Neely, William & Co, Shoe Dealers, N.Y.C., l889
Neidich, G.W.& Co, Shoe Mfg., Carlisle, Penna., April 27, l887
Ness, J.K., Contractor & Builder, Harrisburg, Penna., April 2l, l904
Newhall, D.S., Purchasing Agent, Penn. R.R Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l905
New Jersey Flint & Spar Co, Trenton, N.J., l889
Newman, H.W., Harrisburg, Penna., July l9, l882
Nickel, Wm. Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., n.d.
Nickey, J.H., Clerk, Cumberland Co Commissioners, Carlisle, Penna., June 28, l907
Nicolls, G.W., Sec’y, Glasgow Iron Co, Pottstown, Penna., l880-188l, l883-1884
Nicols, P.D., Iron Merchant, Pittsburgh, Penna., l882, l889
Noblett, E.J., Cabinet Work, Chicago, Ill., July 7, l899
Norris, James E., Anchor Pottery, Trenton, N.J., l906-1907
North, J.D., Mgr., Company Store, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l880-1882
Northern Central Railway Co, Baltimore, Md., March 8, l882
Nowell, J.F., Greencastle, Penna., l883
Nulhneyer, F.H., Supt., Amer. Steel & Wire Co, Rankin, Penna., 1908-1909
Obermiller, C.W., Carlisle, Penna., August l5, l906
Odell, Chas. H., N.Y.C., l882
Oermann, Blackbaum & Co, Contractors & Builders, York, Penna., l902-1905, l907
Ogelsby, W.P., Plumbing, Philadelphia, Penna., May l5, l882
Oglebay, Norton & Co, Iron Ores., Cleveland, O., September 22, l899
Oil Wall Supply Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., January l6, l909
Oliver & Roberts Wire Co, Ltd., Pittsburgh, Penna., n.d..
O’Nealeson, G.J., Mechanicsburg, Penna., April 1l, l887.
Orner, P.S., Surveyor, Brysonia, Penna., l906-1907
Orner, Samuel, Bendersville, Penna., February l2, l903
Orr, John G. & D.A., Valley  Spirit Chambersburg, Penna., June 26, l882
Osler, Joseph L., Coal Shipper, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1883
Otto, Lew C., Boiling Springs, Penna., February 20, l883
Owens, C.O., Gen. Agent, Charleston & Savannah Railway Co, N.Y.C., May 23, l883
Packard, C. S. W., Treas., Philadelphia, Warehouse, Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l885-1886
Pague, S.A., Carlisle, Penna., January l0, l884
Paine, August G., Amer. Protective Tariff League, N.Y.C., August l9, l905
Paine, Silas H., Standard Oil Co, Cleveland, O., January 9, l882
Palm, J.D., Henry Clay Mine, Penna., January 30, l907
Parker, Leonard, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883
Patrick & Carter, Electrical Instruments Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., l882, l889
Patterson, Abraham S., V. Pres., Chas. L. Bailey & Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l
Patterson, J.D., Clerk, Penna., House of Representatives, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883
Patton, Geo. T., Harrisburg, Penna., September 27, l882
Paul, E.G., Hydrographic, U.S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., October l, l90l
Paul, H.E., May, l886
Paul F.E., Lehman Ore Bank, Penna., l886-1887
Paxten, Samuel A., Hunters Run, Penna., l880
Paxton, Albert, Starners, Penna., November l8, l907
Paxton, Geo W., Hunters Run, Penna., l880-1885, l889
Paxton, M.S. & Co, Goodyear, Penna., l907
Pealey, John, Baltimore, Md., January 23, l893
Pearson, Somers, S., Philadelphia, Penna., l888
Pechart, Samuel, Huntsdale, Penna., January 30, l906
Peet, Frederick T., Supt., Ithaca, Auburn & Western Railway, Auburn, N.Y., December l882
Peffer, B.L., Assessor, March 4, l9l0
Peffer, H.K., Valley Sentinel, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883, l887
Peffer, Jno H., Barnitz, Penna., August 27, l894
Peffer, W.H., Treas., Cumberland Co, Carlisle, Penna., l882, l899, l904-1905
Peffer, Wm., September 4, l880
Penfield, T., Editor, National Railway Publication Co, Chicago, Ill., March 8, l882
Peninsular Stove Co, Detroit, Mich., December 4, l906
Pennell, Geo., Duncannon Iron Co, Duncannon, Penna., l88l, l884, l899, l905-1906
Pennock, C.E. & Co, Valley Iron Works Coatesville., Penna., July 5, l882
Penna. Boiler Insurance Co, Philadelphia, Penna., December 7, l889
Penna. Globe Glass Light Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l893-1894, l899-l903
Penna. & Minter’s Grain & Phosphate Drills, Hunters Run, Penna., March 25, l885
Penna. Pottery Co, Harrisburg, Penna., August l4, l900
Penna. Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., l905-1907
Penrose, V.B., Carlisle, Penna., n.d.
Pensinger, Geo. W., Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l882
Peterman, D.J. & Co, Shoe Dealer, York, Penna., October 8, l904
Peters, C.S., Miller & Peters Builders, Brooklyn, N.Y., January 23, l906
Peters, Earl, John Peters & Co, Nurserymen, Uriah, Penna., l90l, l904
Peters, Geo. W., Bendersville, Penna., May 24, l907
Peters, Myra L., Shippensburg, Penna., April l0, l885
Petersen, L.C., Gen. Passenger Agent, N.Y.C., January 27, l882
Petersen, C. L. Stock, Brokers, Philadelphia, Penn., January 3, l883
Philadelphia Smelting Co, Ltd., Philadelphia, Penna., May 3l, l882
Phillips, D.H., Albany, N.Y., February l7, l883
Phillips, H.G. School Supply House, Williamsport, Penna., May l8, l90l
Phillips, M.W., Importers & Exporters, Philadelphia, Penna., l894-1895, l902, l905, l907.
Phoenix Steel Wire Broom & Brush Co, Chicago, Ill., November l, l882
Pile, Robert H., September, Philadelphia Warehouse Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l888-1890, l892-1893
Pilling & Crane, Philadelphia, Penna., l894-1895, l899
Piper, Witt & Co, Coal Miners, Philadelphia, Penna., l882, l886
Pitts, A.V. & Co, Metals, Chicago, Ill., December l3, l88l
Pittsburg Furnace Supply Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., February 5, l889
Plank, Jno. W., Dry Goods, Carlisle, Penna., January l6, l899
Plutt, John H., Landisburg, Penn., November 3, l903
Pollock, Wm. B.& Co Steam Boiler Mfg. Youngstown, O., November 20, l889
Pompton Steel & Iron Co, Pompton, N.J., September l5, l882
Pool, Anthony B., Boston, Mass., July 27, l883
Poor, Henry V., Poor’s Manual of R.R., N.Y.C., March l4, l883
Pope’s, Thomas J. Sons, N.Y.C., April 23, l900
Porter & Coates, Publishers, Philadelphia, Penna., November l9, l894
Porter, J.W., Iron Merchant, Pittsburgh, Penna., April 28, l887
Porter, Robert, Special Agent, Census Office, Dept. of Interior, Washington, D.C., l88l-1882
Potter, P.A., Penna. Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., l906
Potters’ Mining & Milling Co, East Liverpool, Ohio, l888-1889
Potts E., Biglerville, Penna., February 24, l887
Potts, F.M., Philadelphia, Warehouse Co, Philadelphia, l887, l887-1890, l892-1894
Potts, Jos. D., Philadelphia, Penna., September 30, l882
Potts, P.A., Steelton, Penna., December 5, l906
Potts, William M., Mgr. Isabella Furnace, Barneston, Penna., November l3, l882
Poulterer & Co, Iron, Steel & Machinery, Philadelphia, Penna., l900-l902
Powell, W.G. & Co, Coal Miners, Philadelphia, Penna., l886-1887
Powell, W.L., Mgr., Harrisburg Grocery & Produce Co, Harrisburg, Penna. l892-1894, l898-l906
Pratt, R.H., U.S. Indian Service, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883, l899-l900, l904
Prevost, S.M., Supt., Philadelphia Div., Penna., R.R. West Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1883
Prouty, C. & Co, Lumbermen’s Tools Mfg. Eldred, Penna., October l4, l903
Pullman, J. Wesley, Iron Merchant, Philadelphia, Penna., l882, l888-1889
Queen, James Instruments, Philadelphia, Penna., l883, l90l
Raffensberger, C.D., Mechanicsburg, Penna., July 6, l883
Raffensperger, Harvey, Arendtsville, Penna., June l, l883
Raffensperger, Moses, Arendtsville, Penna., l882
Rahn, G.W., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l888
Ralston, E.N., South Mountain R.R. Hunters Run, Penna., July 25, l893
Ramapo Wheel & Foundry Co, Ramapo, N.Y., April 20, l883
Rambo, A.M., Editor, Columbia Courant, Columbia, Penna., June 27, l882
Ramsey, E. Jr., Swarthmore College Musical Assoc., Swarthmore, Penna., l900
Rand McNally & Co, Chicago Ill., l882, l901
Randall, T.A. & Co, Clay-Worker, Indianapolis, Ind., l9l0, l9l2 
Rankin, J.H., Gen. Storekeeper, Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Reading, Penna., l903, 1906
Raub, Andrew G., Samuel Raub & Son, Flour Mfg., Raubville, Penna., l899, l903
Raub, Samuel, Flour Mfg., Raubville, Penna., August l0, l886
Raymond & Campbell, Proprietors, Susquehanna Iron Works, Middletown, Penna., l880-1882, l885-1889, l893 
Raymond, J.K. Dickinson College, Carlisle, Penna., March 11, 1882
Reading Iron Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l886, l888
Red “C” Oil Mfg. Co, Baltimore, Md., l905, l907
Reddig, Clarence J., Dry Goods, Shippensburg, Penna., October l0, l882
Reed Bros., Proprietors, Huntsdale, Creamery, Huntsdale, Penna., March 30, l885
Reed, Joseph P.& Co, Iron Brokers, Philadelphia, Penna., September 27, l882
Reetum, Stephens, Carlisle, Penna., March l0, l888
Reeve, E.S., Shoe Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., l888
Reeves, S.V., Sec’y, Leibrant & McDowell Stove Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l886-1889
Reigart, J.F. Mechanicsburg, Penna., July 29, l882
Reiley, J.M., Sales Agent, The Mfg. Co, Carlisle, Penna., May l2, l906
Reilly, John, Penn. R.R., Trans. Supt., Penna. R.R., Philadelphia, Penna., 1882-1883
Reily, John W., Lucknow Forge, Harrisburg, Penna., l888-1890, l893-1894
Reiter & Co, Union Chain Works, Pittsburgh, Penna., November l2, l883
Remington Agricultural Co, Philadelphia, Penna., n.d.
Remley, Harry A., Auditor, Baltimore Brick Co, Baltimore, Md., l900
Repplier, J.L., John Coal Dealer, Reading, Pena., l88l
Rhoads, A.M., Penna. House of Rep., Carlisle, Penna., August 24, l882
Rhoads, William, Huntsdale, Penna., March l4, l905
Rhoads, Joshua W. & Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., l900
Rice, Benjamin, Carlisle, Penna., September 5, l884
Rice, J., Bendersville, Penna., February l5, l906
Rice, John D., Attorney, Chambersburg, Penna., October 3, l907
Rice, L.H., Assessor, Brysonia, Penna., l898
Richards, H.C., St. Louis, Mo., April 2l, l882.
Richards, W.J., Gen. Mgr., Philadelphia & Reading Coal & Iron Co, l905
Richardson, J.O., Agent, Monocacy Furnace Co, Philadelphia, Penna., October 3, l880
Richardson, W.F., Lt. Col., Adjutant General’s Office, Harrisburg, Penna., l904, l906
Richwine, Mr. Calvin Idaville, Penna., February 27, l908
Riddle, H.A., Supt., Cumberland R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., September l0, l893
Ridge, J.T., Philadelphia, May l9, l883
Ridgway, Craig & Son., Founders, Coatesville, Penna., l889
Riebenack, M., Auditor of Passenger Receipts, Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l880-1884
Riehle Bros., Philadelphia Scale & Testing Machine Works, Philadelphia, Penna., May 23, l883
Riggleman, J.B., Harrisburg, Penna., l904
Riggs, John L., October 23, l903
Rinesmith, G.W., Carlisle, Penna., l886, l888
Rinick, Jacob, Chambersburg, Penna., August 2l, l882
Ritchey, John L., Auditor, Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., l882, l883
Ritchie, M.M., Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883
Ritter, H.M. Carlisle, Penna., l889, n.d
Roberts, G.B., Pres., Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l
Robinson & Orr Iron & Steel, Pittsburgh, Penna., l907
Rockey, James, Uriah, Penna., April 30, l89l
Roebling’s John A. Sons Co, Iron & Steel Wire, Trenton, N.J., November 30, l889
Roeser, C., Topographer, Post Office Dept., Washington, D.C., May 24, l883
Rogers, Brown & Warner, Iion, Steel & Coke, Philadelphia, Penna., l899
Rogers, C.W., V. Pres., Montgomery Palace Stock  Car Co, N.Y.C., December 7, l88l
Rogers, H.D., Atlantic Refining Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l908, l9l2
Roof, Amanda, Pine Grove Furnace, October l0, l904
Roof, John, Chambersburg, Penna., n.d.
Rose, William J., Gen. Agent, Penna. R.R. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l, l883
Rothrock, J.T., M.D., Penna., Dept. of Forestry, Harrisburg, Penna., January 30, l904
Rounsley, James Millerstown, Penna., l88l-1882, n.d.
Rowand, A.T., Sec’y, Union Switch & Signal Co, Pittsburgh Penna., July 7, l888
Royer, D. Howard, Div. Freight and Passenger Agent, Shenandoah Valley R. R Co, Hagerstown, Md., l882, n.d.
Ruff, Samuel, August l8, l905
Rupley, H.M., Justice of the Peace, West Fairview, Penna., April 2l, l887
Rupp, David, Proprietor, York Steam Soap Work, York, Penna., l882-1883
Russell, J.K., Carlisle, Penna., l903-1904
Ryden, J.M., N.Y.C., October 2l, l880
Ryerson, A.Z., Bloomingdale, N.J., l882, l885
Sadleg, W.F., Carlisle, Penna., November 25, l880
Sadler, W.F., Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., l900
Sage, H.J. Gen. Mgr., Opalite Tile Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., August 23, l899
Saint, J.J., Supt, Pittsburgh & Northern R.R. Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., January 30, l882
Samson, C.S., Asst. Mgr., Penberthy Injector Co, Detroit, Mich., l907
Sands, Joseph Supt., Shenandoah Valley R.R. Co, Hagerstown, Md., l882-1883
Satterlee & Smith, Agents, North British & Mercantile Insurance Co, N.Y.C., 1883
Savage Fire Brick Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., September 27, l900
Saxtan & Bixler, Carlisle Hardware House, Carlisle, Penna., l892, l894
Saxton, D.B.H. Saxton & Co, Carlisle, Penna., October 4, l880
Saxton, Henry H. Saxton & Co, Carlisle, Penna., l880, l883
Scaife, Wm. B & Sons, Iron Working Mfg. Pittsburgh, Penna., l900
Scarlett, Rowland G., Middletown Furnace, Penna., October 27, l880
Sheafer & Korad; Publishers, Philadelphia, Penna., August 4, l883
Shaeffer, Ernest L., Smith Schaeffer & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l903-1904
Schaeffer, Nathan C., Supt. Of  Public Instruction, Harrisburg, Penna., l893, l902
Schall & King, Proprietors, Middletown Car Works, Middletown, Penna., l88l, l883
Schall & Shoop, Dauphin Car Works, Dauphin, Penna., l884, l885, l887
Schall, Steacy & Denney, York Rolling Mill, York, Penna., l882, l884 
Schall, Stenny & Bently, York, Penna.., n.d.
Schall, J.H., Sec’y, Amer. Brick Mfg. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l906, l908-1909, 1911
Schlayer, Jacob L., Harrisburg, Penna., l88l-1882
Schlosser, Aaron, Wenksville, Penna., l887, l889-1890
Schman, A.W., Gettysburg, Harrisburg R.R., Hunter’s Run, Penna., December 25, l882
Schoonmaker, J.M., Coke Mfg., Pittsburgh, Penna., l882-1883
Scull, William S. & Co, Coffee Dealer, Camden, N.J., l887-1888
Schultz & Co, Machinery, Philadelphia, Penna., l901
Schuylkill Navigation Co, Philadelphia, Penna., September l7, l906
Scott, Wm. A., Gettysburg, Penna., May l, l900
Scott, H.B., & Co, Ltd., Pittsburgh, Penna., August l6, l884
Seacrist’s, Jacobsons, Contractors, York,  Penna., l895, l903
Seaton, C.W., Supt. Of Census, Dept. of  the Interior, Washington, D.C., December l4, l88l
Sechler, W.B., Gen. Mgr., Danville Stove & Mfg. Co, Danville, Penna., l907-1908
Sehman, A.E. Hunters Run, Penna., December 2l, l88l
Sehman, I.C., C.S. Deerland, Dry Goods Dealer, Boiling Springs, Penna., January 3, l882
Seidel Bros., Charcoal Mfg., Marysville, Penna., l88l-1888
Seidel, R.B., Iron Mfg., Exeter Station, Penna., May l7, l882
Seidel, W.W., Harrisburg, Penna., l883
Seidle, Frederick Wheel Mfg., Mechanicsburg, Penna., l886
Seitz & Keily, Philadelphia, Penna., July l2, l882
Selleck’s Brier Hill Iron & Coal Co, April l8, l895
Sellers,Wm. & Co, West Philadelphia, Penna., December l3, l883
Semans, F.M., Jr., Asst. Cashier, First National Bank, Uniontown, Penna., July l4, l905
Sennett, H.C., Huntsdale, Penna., June 8, l900
Senrs, Chas., Carlisle, Penna., n.d.
Seyfert, Simon & Co, Gibraltar Iron Works, Reading, Penna., l883
Shafer, Jesse, Cashtown, Penna., l886
Shaffer, W.H., Paper Hanging, Harrisburg, Penna., May 23, l882
Shannon, Cyrus, Lees Cross Roads, Penna., November 11, l892
Shapley’s, C. Sons, Furniture Dealers, Carlisle, Penna., l899-l902
Sheaffer, J.O., Mooredale, Penna., l88l-1882
Sheaffer, J.M., Grocery Jobber, Carlisle, Penna., l903-1904
Sheaffer, Levi, Middletown, Penna., January 22, l88l
Sheck & Weagent, Harrisburg, Penna., September 9, l903
Sheely, Daniel, Bendersville, Penna., l887-1888
Shelly, B.D., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l884-1885
Shen, J.O., Hunters Run, Penna., November 9, l887
Shenango Sand Mining Co, Sharpsville, Penna., March 28, l902
Shenk, N.B.A., Harrisburg, Penna., December l7, l904
Shenk, O.H., Flint Rock Dealer, Lancaster, Penna., l90l, l903
Shenton, Geo. C., Gen. Agent, Gettysburg & Harrisburg Railway Co, Carlisle Penna., l900, l904, l906
Shepard, J., Wenksville, Penna., n.d.
Shepler, N.H., Agent, Cumberland Valley R.R., Carlisle, Penna., June l2, l882
Shimer & Co, Iron & Steel Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., March l5, l882
Shippensburg Mfg. Co, Clothing Mfg., Shippensburg, Penna., August 24, l889
Shoe & Leather Mercantile Agency, Inc., Boston, Mass., l90l-l907
Shoemaker, Comly B., Pres., Glasgow Iron Co, Pottstown, Penna., l883-1884
Shoemaker, Homer, Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., l892
Shoemaker, J.K., Carlisle, Penna., February l0, l883
Shoemaker, J.S., Shoemaker Coal Mining Co, Philadelphia, Penna., February 11, l902
Shoemaker, Robert & Co, Druggists, Philadelphia, Penna., l885
Shoemaker, Thos. E., clerk, St. Paul’s Church, Philadelphia, Penna., July 6, l907
Shoenberger & Co, Juniata Iron & Steel Works, Pittsburgh, Penna., August l0, l883
Shoffner & Bros., Builders, Norristown, Penna., November 27, l895
Shomo, Harvey H., Treas., Amer. Casualty Co, Reading, Penna., l908
Shoop, O.J., Dauphin Car Works, Dauphin, Penna., l883
Shoop, S.J., Harrisburg, Penna., l882
Shover, Joseph M., Cumberland Valley R.R., Shippensburg, Penna., July l9, l883
Shower, C.F., Gen. Freight Agent, Gettysburg & Harrisburg R.R. Carlisle, Penna., l828, l886, l888-1889
Shryock, Edgar L., Carlisle, Penna., August 5, l894
Shultz, Louis I., Cigar Mfg., Hanover, Penna., l885-1886
Shumberger,  W.C., Lumber Shingles, Allen, Penna., l906
Sieg, W.H.H., Publisher, Steelton, Daily Reporter, Steelton, Penna., June 24, l882
Simmons, R.A., Contractor, Philadelphia, Penna., August l9, l892
Sims, John C. Jr., Sec’y, Penna. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., February 2l, l882
Sinclair, H.A.J., Walnut Bottom, Penna., l887
Singer, E.M., Mgr., Capital City Oil Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l900-l902, l904-1906, l908, 1912
Sipe, C.D., Shoes, Carlisle, Penna., August 4, l902
Sites & Gill, Iron Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., November l3, l883
Sloan, Howell & Co, Inc., Mill Supplies, Philadelphia, Penna., l907
Slusoer, B.F., Alga, Penna., n.d.
Slusser, Conrad, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., November l2, l892
Smith & Keffer, Tobacconists, Harrisburg, Penna., l899-l905
Smith, Lineaweaver & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l906, n.d.
Smith, F., Montclair, N.J., January l0, l906
Smith, Frederick R., Purchasing Agent, Central Iron & Steel Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l904-1905, l911
Smith, Gershom, Comptroller, Penna., Steel Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l905-1907
Smith, H.J. & Co, Coal Miners, Philadelphia, Penna., l884-1887
Smith, Jacob, Bakersville, Md., October 6, l880
Smith, Robert D., Shoe Mfg., Philadelphia, Penna., l888
Smith, W.J., Laurel Forge, Penna., August l4, l893
Smucker, Solomon & Co, Grocers, Philadelphia, Penna., October l4, l884
Smythe, T.A., Lorain Foundry, Co, Lorain, Ohio, March l8, l899
Snodgrass, Frank P., Raymond & Campbell Mfg. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., January 25, l90l
Snodgrass, Robert, Deputy Attorney Gen., Harrisburg, Penna., February l7, l882
Snyder, C.J., Foundry, Millersburg, Penna., l902-1905
Snyder, George W. Co, Colliery Iron Works, Pottsville, Penna., January 23, l882
Snyder, Simon, Dickinson, Penna., l885, l887
Snyder, W.P., Auditor Gen., Harrisburg, Penna., November 6, l905
Sotter, George & Co, Coatesville Boiler Works, Coatesville, Penna., July l8, l889
Sovigert, Wm. F., Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., March 2, l900
Spackman, Henry Co, Treas., Penna., Steel Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1882
Spahr, Jas. B., Brick Mfg., Chambersburg, Penna., l895-1896, l904
Spahr, M.A., Hunters Run, Penna., l9l2-1913
Spangler, Alex, Gettysburg, Penna., l885-6, n.d.
Spear, James, Stove & Heating Co, Philadelphia, Penna., April l8, l900
Spear, J.D. & Son., Mfg. Agents, Chambersburg, Penna., l887-l893
Speese, A.J. Car Recorder, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l880, l882
Speese, J.M., Clerk, Railway Mail Service, Harrisburg, Penna., January 3, l882
Spencer, C.H., H.C. Frick Coke Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., l886-1887
Spencer, C.W., Asst. Supt., Canadian Pacific Railway Co, Ottawa, Canada, January 25, l882
Spiat, J.Henry, Harrisburg, Penna., n.d.
Spilsbury, E. Gybbon, Managing Director, Trenton Iron Co, Trenton, N.J., December l3, l888
Spohn, Jacob R., Div. Gen. Freight Agent, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Spong, L.R., Walton Quarries, Harrisburg, Penna., l904
Spragins, Buck & Co, Baltimore, MD, l903-1904
Sprague, S.H., Asst. Sec’y, Westinghouse Air Brake Co, Pittsburgh, Penna., l883
Sprenkel, P.K., Skirt Mfg., Harrisburg, Penna., November 23, l899
Springer, L.L., Chambersburg, Penna., l889-1890
Springr, Warren, Machinery Mfg., Chicago, Ill., October 8, l883
Spurrier, A.K., Alderman & Detective Office, Lancaster, Penna., July 2, l884
Stager, O.W., Trans. Supt., Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Philadelphia, Penna., December 26, l905
Stahle, H.J., Editor, The Gettysburg Compiler, Gettysburg, Penna., June l3, l882
Stallsmith, Geo. W., Door Mfg., Gettysburg, Penna., October 30, l905
Stamy, A.C., Leesburg, Penna., l887-1888
Starner, Edward S., Starner, Penna., November 2l, l907
Starner, W.A., Alga, Penna., l900, l905-1907
Starner, William, l888, l907
Steelton Brick Co, Steelton, Penna., June 28, l895
Stees, J.A., Mt. Holly Paper Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l882, l885, l893
Stees, W.J., Supt., Harrisburg Car Co’s Saw Mill, Harrisburg, Penna., April 2, l88l
Stein, J.D., Findlay, Ohio, l900
Stephens & Beetem, Carpet Dealers, Carlisle, Penna., l828, l893
Sternbergh, J.H., Reading Bolt & Nut Works, Reading, Penna., l882, l886-1887
Stevens, Emory M., Methodist Episcopal Church, Williamsport, Penna., February 22, l907
Stevenson, W.G., Wellsville, Ohio, l899
Stewart & Co, Iron & Steel Mfg., Easton, Penna., l886-1889
Stewart, Thos. J., Adjutant Gen., Harrisburg, Penna., July l8, l906
Stewart, W.M., Chief Statistician for Mfg., Dept. of Commerce & Labor, Washington, D.C., n.d.
Still, S.R., Supt., South Mountain Mining & Iron Co, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l883, l893, l895, l899, n.d.
Stock, Geo. E., Cigar Mfg., Gettysburg, Penna., January 27, l905
Stockbidge, Henry, Cunvensville, Penna., January l0, l884
Stockdon, H.R., Thorn Wire Hedge Co, Ann Arbor, Mich., l882-1883
Stofer, J.W., Editor, The Middleton Journal, Middletown, Penna., June 26, 1882
Stoner & Divine, Sand Dealers, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., April 25, l904
Stoner, M.J., Agent, Penna. R.R. Co, Highspire, Penna., l88l
Stose, George W., Geologist, Dept. of the Interior, Washington, D.C. September l2, l906
Stover J.G., Bendersville, Penna., August 20, l906
Stover, Wm., Section Boss, South Mountain R.R., Carlisle, Penna., September 11, l882
Strite, G.W., Architect, Harrisburg, Penna., l895
Strohm, C.W., Carlisle, Penna., l886, l899
Strohm, J.W. & H.L., Publishers, The Plainfield Times, Plainfield, Penna., l882
Strominger, Frank, Cashier, Philadelphia & Reading R.R. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., August 6, l883
Struthers, Jos., Asst. Sec., Amer. Institute of Mining Engineers, N.Y.C., August l2, l907
Stuart, M.L.B., Carlisle, Penna., l902-1903
Stuart, R.M., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., l884
Stubbs, J.B., Steel & Iron Rails, Chicago, Ill., l882
Summey & Co, Marietta, Penna., l883-1884
Susquehanna Iron Co, Columbia, Penna., l882
Sutton, F., Coffees, Philadelphia, Penna., October l9, l800
Swab Wagon Co, Elizabethville, Penna., December 26, l907
Swain, G.F. Special Agent of the Census, Dept. of the Interior, Lewistown, Penna., October 2, l880
Swank, James M., Special Agent, Statistics of Iron & Steel, Philadelphia, Penna., 1880, l882-1883, l889
Swenger, W.W., Bloomsburg Brick Co, Bloomsburg, Penna., May 5, l9l0
Swigert, W.F., Goodyear, Penna., l90l, l904-1906
Swope, Jno. A., Pres., Gettysburg National Bank, Gettysburg, Penna., June 23, l882
Syman, J.B., Snyder, Harris, Bassett & Co, Philadelphia,  Penna., l894
Symington, Jas., N.Y.C., February 23, l905
Tailor, W.H., Tax Collector, Carlisle, Penna., l889, l899-l900, l902
Talbott, E.H., Pres., The Railway Age, Chicago, Ill., l88l, l883
Tatnall, J. Lea & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Taughinbaugh, S.E., York, Penna., December 9, l907
Taylor, E.E., Newport, Penna., November l, l906
Taylor, G.M., Auditor of Freight Receipts, Penn. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., March 28, 1883 
Taylor, H.M., November 22, l894
Taylor, Harvey H., Aspers, Penna., November 7, l904
Taylor, Ira R. Biglerville, Penna., l907
Taylor, J.E., Taylor Mfg. Co, Machinery Mfg., Chambersburg, Penna., March 28, l883
Taylor, J.L., Agent, Savannah, Florida & Western Railway Co, Savannah, Ga., l882
Taylor, Jacob H., Taylor & McCoy, Coal Miners, Baltimore, Md., December 9, l886
Taylor, Jerry, Aspers, Penna., l905
Taylor, Peter, Arendtsville, Penna., March 5, l889
Taylor, R.S., Newville, Penna., July l0, l899
Taylor, Sam’l, Oberlin, D., July l4, l883
Taws, Louis, Taws & Hartman, Philadelphia, Penna., October 26, l883
Thackara, Sons & Co, Philadelphia, Penna., September 23, l882
Thomas Iron Co, Easton, Penna., l899, l904
Thomas, E.E., Hays Grove, Penna., August 26, l90l
Thomas, Eversley H., Metal Broker, Philadelphia, Penna., l883
Thomas, F.I., Harrisburg, Penna., September 23, l880
Thomas, F.H., Engineer, Harrisburg & Potomac R.R., Boiling Springs, Penna., August l6, l882
Thomas, J.T., Utica, N.Y., October 11, l886
Thomas, R.H., Thomas’ Printing House, Mechanicsburg, Penna., l882-1883
Thomas, Wm. R., Supt., Crane Iron Works, Catasauqua, Penna., January 23, l888
Thompson, David, Carlisle, Penna., July 28, l88l
Thompson, F.E., Coal, Carlisle, Penna., October l4, l903
Thropp, Jos E., Conshohocken, Penna., March 9, l883
Thropp, Thos. A., Eureka Flint & Spar Co, Trenton, N.J., l906, l909
Thurman, A.A., Carlisle, Penna., October 7, l880
Tippett’s, R. Sons, Harrisburg Steam Boiler Works, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1886
Titus, C.S. Bonds, Albany, N.Y., April l3, l883
Tolton, Jos. Jr., Mechanicsburg, Penna., August  5, l882
Tommers, George, Proprietor, Chestnut Grove Furnace, Penna., n.d.
Toomey, Frank, Philadelphia, Penna., December 6, l88l
Topton Furnace Co, Topton, Penna., l888-1889
Totten & Co, Foundry, Pittsburgh, Penna., l882, l884, l886, l889
Totton, D.W., Shippensburg, Penna., January 8, l893
Totton, J., Jr., C. Aultman & Co, Mechanicsburg, Penna., January l6, l884
Trenton Fie Brick Co, Trenton, N.J., April l8, l899
Trenton Rubber Works, Trenton, N.J., March 8, l882
Trescott, M.B., Surveyor, Harveyville, Penna., l888, l892
Tritt, E. P., Mt. Rock, Penna., l884, l886, l906
Tritt, S.J., l893, l895
Troth, Wm. D., Mt. Holly, N.J., l884
Tuckey, W.F., Biglerville, Penna., February l4, l906
Tull, H.G., Treas., Henry A., Dreer, Inc., Philadelphia, Penna., l899-l902, l904
Tyson, C.J., Flora Dale, Penna., l883, n.d.
Tyson, Edwin C., Flora Dale, Penna., l906
Uhrich, J.B. & Sons, Grain Dealer, Mechanicsburg, Penna., January 11, l883
Ulsh, J.M., Grocery Dealer, Pfoutz’s Valley, Penna., l880
United Ice & Coal Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l90l, l903-1906
Upton, Frank S., Kelly Lamp Co, Rochester, N.Y., May 20, l882
Vacuum Oil Co, Rochester, N.Y., August 3l, l886
Vale, Thomas E., Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., May l8, l904
Valentine & Armstrong, Iron & Coal Merchants, Philadelphia, Penna., l886-1887
Vanca & Co, Lumber Dealer, Carlisle, Penna., l882, l885
Van Court, H. & Co, Amer. Shoe & Leather Trade Assoc., Philadelphia, Penna., l886-1887
Van Reed, E.P., Sec’y, Amer. Casualty Co, Reading, Penna., l907-19l0
Van Vliet, C., Goodyear’s India Rubber Glove Mfg. Ca., N.Y.C., l887-1889
Viaduct Mfg. Co, Baltimore, Md., n.d.
Wagner, D K. & J.C., Printers, Shippensburg, Penna., l882-1883
Wagner, M.N., Hardware Dealer, Carlisle, Penna., l902, l903-1905
Wagner, S.C. Big Spring Roller Mills, Newville, Penna., l887-1888
Wagner, W.J., Carlisle, Penna., January 7, l907
Wahley, Wm., Bendersville, Penna., l888
Waidlich, H.L., Contractor, Mercersburg, Penna., December 25, l906
Wainpler, S.E., Bendersville, Penna., November 30, l900
Walborn, H.H., Modern Woodmen of Amer., Millersburg, Penna., November 6, l906
Walcott, Chas. D., Director, Dept. of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 2, l907
Walhey, E., Bendersville, Penna., April 2, l883
Walhey, Mrs. November 29, l88l
Walker, Francis A., Supt. Of Census, Dept. of Interior, Washington, D.C., April 6, l882
Wallace, J.E., Spider Lake Saw Mill & Lumber Co, Lancaster, Penna., August l4, l907
Wallace, Thos. J., Agent, Penn. R.R. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., December l0, l887
Wallaston, Chas. F., Lobdell Car Wheel Co, Wilmington, Del., October l8, l889
Waller, D.J., Jr., Supt. Of Public Instruction, Harrisburg, Penna., August 11, l892
Wallis, F.J., Mgr., Wallis Coal Co, Harrisburg, Penna., November 11, l905
Wallower, E.Z., Publisher  Harrisburg Daily Independent, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883, l888, l903-1904, l906-1907
Wallower, John, Flour Mfg., Harrisburg, Penna., January 2l, l887
Walsen, Chas. Robert Shoemaker & Co, Druggists, Philadelphia, Penna., July 7, l883
Walter, James B., Alga, Penna., December l8, l893
Walter, T.F., Coal Shipper, Mauch Chunk, Pena., l880-1881
Walton, Allen K., Sec’y, Hummelstown Brown-Stone Co, Hummelstown, Penna., January 22, l887
Wampler, S.E., Bendersville, Penna., l880, l884
Wampler, S.H., Stover Dealer, Biglerville, Penna., l90l, l904
Wanamaker, John, Philadelphia, Penna., July l7, l882
Ward, Wm. C., Gen. Freight Agent, Penna. R.R., Williamsport, Penna., January l0, l88l
Warfield, A.J., Agent, Penna., R.R. Co, Littlestown, Penna., August l9, l883
Warner, R.R., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., December 20, l881
Warren & Rexroth, Slate Belt, Penna., October l7, l893
Warren, Ganson A., Wenks, Penna., October 27, l892
Warren, Isaac, n.d.
Warren, W.R. Mgr., Mt. Holly Stationary & Printing Co, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., November l5, l892
Watkins, Wm. E., Boiling Springs, Penna., April 6, l904
Watts, Edw. B. Attorney, Carlisle, Penna., l893, l903
Watts, Ethelbert, Vesta Furnace, Vesta, Penna., l880, l882-1885
Watts, Henry M., & Son., Marietta Furnaces, Marietta, Penna., l88l-1883
Watts Twells & Co, Ltd., Vesta Furnace, Vesta, Penna., l882, l884
Weakley, W.J., Uriah, Penna., l893
Weaver & Bortz, Iron Miners, Macungie, Penna., January l6, l892
Weaver, S.E.A., Centre Mills, Penna., August l5, l882
Weaver, W.C., Aspers, Penna., l907
Weeks, Jos. O., Agent, Dept. of the Interior, Pittsburgh, Penna., l880, l886
Widener, A.J., Lamp dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., October 3, l902
Weigle, E.D., Littlestown, Penna., August l5, l883
Weil, Morris, Iron & Steel Dealer, West Chester, Penna., l902, l904-1905

carton 4 (end)

Weills, Isaac M., Harrisburg, Penna., September 27, l894
Weimer, Wright & Watkin, Shoe Dealer, Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1894, l900-1902
Weimer, John A., Weimer Machine Works Co, Lebanon, Penna., l888
Weimer, L.E., Weimer Machine Works, Co, Lebanon, Penna., l887-l902
Weimer, P.L., Weimer Machine Works Co, Lebanon, Penna., l887-1888
Welb, William, Bendersville, Penna., n.d.
Welch, B.G., Williamsport & North Branch R.R. Co, Hughesville, Penna., l883
Wells, C.R., Industrial Works, Bay City, Mich., May l8, l882
Wendorf, D.F.P., Gettysburg, Penna., October 9, l882
Wenk, D.F., Wenksville, Penna., August 26, l90l
Wenks, Thomas, Wenks, Penna., l899-l900, l907
Werner, Ray, Harrisburg, Penna., November 4,1911
West, Geo. W., County Surveyor, Danville, Penna., l886-1887
West, Harry F., Pres., Philadelphia Warehouse Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l892-1894
Westafen, S.A., Green Spring, Penna., l896
Wetzel, A.Z. & J.A., Carlisle, Penna., l903
Wetzel, H. Carlisle, Penna., l883
White, J. Irvin, Penna. House of Rep., Huntingdon, Penna., October l3, l887
Whitmer, Wm. & Sons Co, Lumber Mfg. Sunbury, Penna., l905, l906
Whitney, A.& Sons, Car Wheel Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l880, l882-1883, l886, l888, l89l-1895, l898
Whitney C.H., A. Whitney & Sons, Car Wheel Works, Philadelphia, Penna., l888-1889, l89l
Wickersham, F., Pottstown Iron Co, Pottstown, Penna., l884
Wickersham, R.A., Bendersville, Penna., l882-1883
Wiebel, L.H., Insulator Mfg., Hagerstown, Md., l903
Wierman, A.A. & Bro., Flour Dealers, Arendtsville, Penna., August 2l, l882
Wierman, Jo. E., Echo Mills, Penna., February 28, l882
Wierman, Thos. T., Chief Engineer, Penna., Canal Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1883
Wiestling, Geo. B., Supt., Mont Alto Iron Co, Mont Alto, Penna., l882, l885, l889-1890
Wikel, P.G., Supt., Harrisburg Fire Brick Works, Harrisburg, Penna., l882-1888
Wiley, F.S., Mgr., Rand McNally & Co, N.Y.C., l90l
Wilhelm, P.S., Greencastle, Penna., September 2l, l885
Willes, W.R., Austin, Nichols & Co, N.Y.C., l885
Williams & Co, Mooredale, Penna., l883, l885-1889, n.d.
Williams & Kline, Lees Cross Roads, Penna., l887
Williams, E.J., l882-1883
Williams, E.T., Sinking Creek Furnace, Newport, Penna., March 8, l88l
Williams, J.B., Miffley, Penna., October 7, l888
Williams, John Crane Iron Works, Catasauqua, Penna., l886-1888
Williams, Jno. L., Williams & Co, White Horse, Penna., June l4, l883
Williams, Oliver, Pres., Catasauqua Mfg. Co, Catasauqua, Penna., l882, l888
Williams, Wm. Biddle, Charles Williams & Son Insurance, Philadelphia, Penna., July 3, 1907
Wilson, Walker & Co, Ltd., Union Forge & Iron Mill, Pittsburgh, Penna., December l9, l883
Wilson, A.G., Penna. R.R. Co, Harrisburg, Penna., June 9, l88l
Wilson, B.F., Bendersville, Penna., l883
Wilson, E.H. & Co, Iron, Philadelphia, Penna., l882-1883
Wilson, W.J., John A. Rocbling’s Sons Co, Trenton, N.J., l880, l907
Windemaker, Char., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., April 23, l907
Winebrenner, P., Hanover Savings Fund Society, Hanover, Penna., l900
Winner, J.E., Philadelphia, Penna., n.d.
Wise, Crawford, Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., September l7, l883
Wister, Francis, Coal & Iron, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l
Wister, I. J., V. Pres., Susquehanna Coal Co, Philadelphia, Penna., January l, l882
Wister, J. & J.., Wister Furnace, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l, l883
Wister, John Duncannon Iron Co, Duncannon, Penna., l88l, l883, l899
Wister, L. & R., Brokers, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-1882
Witt, J.D., Millerstown, Penna., October l8, l880
Wolf, August & Co, Concrete Block Mfg., Chambersburg, Penna., l906
Wolf, H.A., Mt. Holly Springs, Penna., December l9, l883
Wolf, J. Geo., Flour Dealer, Gettysburg, Penna., l886-1887
Wolf, Jacob, Damond Valley, Penna., l887, l905
Wolfe, J.E., The Shippensburg Chronicle, Shippensburg, Penna., June 26, l882
Wolfe, P.L., Gen. Agent, Shoemaker Coal Mining Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l905-1907
Wood, Alexr. C., Treas. Easterbrook Steel Pen Co, Camden, N.J., November l4, l882
Wood, F.W., Asst. Supt. Penna., Steel Co, Steelton, Penna., l883-l886
Wood, I.R., Gen. Passenger Agent, Penn. R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l
Wood, J.R., Philadelphia, Penna., l88l
Wood, W.D. & Co, Ltd., Pittsburgh, Penna., June l8, l886
Woods, Samuel, Carlisle, Penna., l885-1886
Woodward, Graybill & Co, Ltd., Carlisle, Penna., May 8, l888
Woodward, B.J., Pres., Hunter’s Run & Slate Belt R.R. Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l88l-18822, l885, l888, l893-1895, l899-l90l, l905
Woodward, W.R., Supt., Hannibal & St. Joseph R.R. Co, Hannibal, Mo., January 2l. 1882
Woodward, Wm. H., Supt., Gettysburg & Harrisburg R.R., Carlisle, Penna.,  l882, l886-1889, l892, n.d
Wooters, W.A., Gettysburg, Penna., September 3, l905
Worden, H.M.F., Sec’y, Brelsford Packing & Storage Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l904, l907
Worrall, Nathan Y., Penna., Globe Gas Light Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l899-l90l, l904
Worth Bros., Boiler Plate Mfg., Coatesville, Penna., l882-1885
Worth, W.P., Coatesville Rollin Mill Co, Coatesville, Penna., June 27, l903
Wortz, G.W., Fairfield, Penna., l886-1889, n.d.
Wreke, Casper, Agent, Cumberland Valley R.R., Chambersburg, Penna., October l9, l883
Wrenn, B.W. International Cotton Exposition, Atlanta, Ga., October 3l, l88l
Wrigle, John A., n.d.
Wurts, Theodore F., Consulting Engineer, Atlantic City, N.J. May l3, l882
Wynkoop, E. W., Dauphin Furnace Co, Dauphin, Penna., November 6, l880
Yeakle, J. Morris Attorney, Philadelphia, Penna., April 11, l899
Yearsley, I. Jr., agent, U.S. Chemical Co, Coatesville, Penna., l882-1883
Yingst, Annie J., Uriah, Penna., l90l-1903
York Haven Paper Co, York Haven, Penna., April 2l, l902
York Woodworking Co, York, Penna., l907
Young Smyth, Field & Co, Philadelphia,  Penna., October 23, l886
Young, A.D., New Holland, Penna.,  May l5, l883
Young, H.F., Hamburg, Penna., l88l-1882, l886-1888, l900
Zeamer, J., Editor, The American Volunteer, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883
Zelders, Allen & Co, Mifflintown, Penna., l882
Zeigler, George Asst., Comptroller, Philadelphia & Reading Railway Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l903
Zeigler, J.C., Proprietor, Freight, Freight Transfer, Carlisle, Penna., l905-1906
Zeigler, Jesse P., n.d.
Zenblin, J.C., Supt., Western Union Telegraph Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l882
Ziegler, William T., Gettysburg, Penna., l902, l904
Zimmerman, Jesse, Louise Furnace, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l88l-1882
Zimmerman, S., Half Way Quarries, Penna., March 25, l88l
Zinn, Geo & Son. Agricultural Implements, Carlisle, Penna., October 3l, l899
Zinn, McClellan, Farming Implements, Carlisle, Penna., February l, l906

Accounts, 1883-1912

Bair, J. Emery, Cashier, Gettysburg National Bank, Gettysburg, Penna., l886, l893, l900, l904-1905
Barney, Chas. P.& G., Bankers, Philadelphia, Penna., l880-1889, l892-1894, l903-1909
Bradstreet’s, Philadelphia, Penna., November 30, l907
Brady, James, Cashier, First National Bank, Harrisburg, Penna., October 9, l885
Brandt, Jas. A., Cashier, First National Bank, Harrisburg, Penna., October 9, l885
Bushman, S.M., First National Bank, Gettysburg, Penna., June 4, 1904
Citizens’ Trust Co of Gettysburg, Gettysburg, Penna., May 20, l903
Commonwealth Guarantee, Trust & Safe Deposit Co, Harrisburg, Penna., December 3l, l887
Cook, G.W., Cashier, Dillsburg National Bank, Dillsburg, Penna., May 20, l849
Cook, Jay Jr., Chas. D. Barney & Co, Bankers, Philadelphia, Penna., February l8, l882
Coulter, Richard, Greensburg Banking Co, Greensburg, Penna., November 29, l882
Delany, Harry J., Guarantee Trust & Safe Deposit Co, Philadelphia, Penna., l888-1889
Dickson, Sam’l,  Attorney, Philadelphia, Penna., l887-1888, l893-1894, l899-l905
Employees Orders for Money, l889-l893, n.d.
Farmers Bank, Carlisle, Penna., l883-1886
First National Bank, Harrisburg, Penna., l88l-1883
Harrisburg Grocery & Produce Co, Harrisburg, Penna., l894, l899, l90l, l903-1905
Harding, J. Horace, Chas. D. Barney & Co, N.Y.C., l904-1906
Hoffer, J.C., Farmers’ Bank, Carlisle, Penna., l882-1883, l885-1886
Howes Shoe Co, Haverhill, Mass., August l, l90l
Imperial Dry Goods Co, Carlisle, Penna., April l2, l907
Keller, Adam, Carlisle Deposit Bank, Carlisle, Penna., September 8, l885
Roberts, O.D., Second National Bank, N.Y.C., l880
Shaak, Thos. J., First National Bank, Lebanon, Penna., November l7, l905
South Mountain Mining & Iron Co, Pine Grove Furnace, Penna., l878, l887, l890, l893, l909
Thompson, J.W., National Bank of Chester Valley, Coatesville, Penna., October 8, 1894
Willits, Merritt, W., Corn Exchange National Bank, Philadelphia, Penna., l904
Witman, Schwarz & Co, Grocers, Harrisburg, Penna., May l, l899
Land Papers, 187l-l9l2

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