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{series #192m.3}


Paul A. W. Wallace Papers

RESEARCH NOTES, 1958-1965 (19 boxes)

box 17

Asylum for a Queen (1 folder)
Athens of America (No. 13) (1 folder)
Bonnecamp, 1749 (1 folder)
Boundary Disputes (1 folder)
Brady, Samuel (1 folder)
Cambria County (1 folder)
Carantouan (inc.: Article entitled "Who Were the Hurons' Allies of 1615?")
Celestia (1 folder)
Cherry Tree
Conrad Weiser State Park (PHMC Leaflet) (1 folder)
"The Daniel Boone Homestead, Berks County, Pennsylvania." Published by PHMC as Daniel Boone in Pennsylvania, 1967 (booklet)
Source Material (1 folder)
Notes on 5x8 cards (3 in.)
Illustrations (1 folder)
Gateway to the West (No. 14) (1 folder)
"George Washington's Route from Venango to Fort Le Boeuf, 1753." (1 folder)
Gist House (1 folder)

box 18

Graeme Park, 1958-1961 (1 folder)
Report, February 26, 1960 (Critique)
Research Material:
Title, 1961
Notes, undated (inc. bibliography, Typed, 125 pp.)
Notes, 5x8 cards, undated.
Graem of Balgowan, undated, photostats, 28 pp.
Interviews, 1958 (1 folder)
Keith, Sir Wm., Articles, undated
Mansion, undated, Iincl. illustrations of Dr. and Mrs. T. Graeme, (1 folder)
Map of Horsham Township, undated.
Miscellaneous Correspondence. (1 folder)
Photostats (1 folder)
Smith, Mrs. Charles Harper, undated (1 folder)
University of Delaware M.A. Thesis by Nancy J. Wosstroff, June 1958 (1 folder)

box 19

"Historic Hope Lodge," Published in Pennsylvania Magazine, Vol. 86, 19, pp. 115-142. (1 folder)
Notes, undated (1 volume)

box 20

Notes, 5x8 cards (1 amfile bpx)
Brief of Title (1 folder)

General Correspondence, 1959-1962
Acuff, Mrs. Wm. S.m Historical Society of Fort Washington, June 1959.
Beach, Mrs. David, Wayne, November 1962.
Brumbaugh, G. Edwin, Guynedd Bailey, July 1959.
Butler, Thomas R., Attorney, West Chester, November 1959.
Cadwalader, Henry, Yorke Harbor, Maine, August 1959.
Cook, Lewis D., Philadelphia, May 1962.
Coryell, C. Stewart, Williamsport, 1961.
Denison, J. Morgan, Tr., Mutual Assurance Company, May 1959.
Eberlin, Harold Donaldson, Philadelphia, August 1959.
Ferguson, Miss Elva, Pennsylvania Railroad Archives, Philadelphia, July 1959.
Franklin, Dr. Neil, National Archives, February 1961.
Groton, Rev. Dr. Nathaniel B., Flourtown, 1959-1960.
Hall, Clarence E., Philadelphia, May 1959.
Hartshorne, Miss Penelope, Philadelphia, 1961-1962.
Emlen, George W., Philadelphia, August 1959.
Higgenbotham, Dr. S.W., PHMC, 1959.
Hocker, Wdward W., Librarian, Germantown Historical Society, 1959.
Hughes, Dr. Charles E., City Archivist, Philadelphia, 1959.
Landell, George A., Philadelphia, 1959-1960.
Lippencott, Horace Mather, Philadelphia, 1958-1961.
MacColl, Rev. James R., III, Whitemarsh, August 1959.
Macfarlan, Dr. Douglas, Ardmore, 1959, 1961.
Martin, Harold B., Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 1959.
Montgomery, Charles F., Director, Dupont Winterthur Museum, June 1959.
Moore, Mrs. Sara Binder, Philadelphia, November 1959.
Neilson, Lewis L., Philadelphia, 1959.
Paul, Joshua, New Hope, December 1959.
Peck, Rev. C.R., Princeton, MA, 1962.
Peck, Frederick W.G., Philadelphia, 1959.
Peterson, Charles E., Architect, Historic Structures, May 1961.
Reilly, John J., Secy., Driendly Sons of St. Patrick, 1959.
Roberts, Mrs. Estelle, Secy, Abington Friends Meeting, June 1959.
Roy, John B., Jr., Philadelphia, May 1959.
Skillman, David B., Attotney, Easton, June 1962.
Smith, Wm. Wikiff, Philadelphia, 1959.
Smithers, Phillip M., Philadelphia, 1959.
Sprogell, Harry E., North Wales, 1959.
Theel, Mrs. Percival, Fort Washington, 1959.
Walsh, John E., Jr., City Hall, Philadelphia, June 1959.
Webb, Wm. Price, Assist. Secy, Philadelphia Contributionship, 1959.
Wentz, Mrs. J. Harlan, Whitemarsh, 1959-1962.
Williams, J. Walker, Plymouth Meeting, 1959.
Williams, Dr. R. Norris, Direstor, H.S.P., Philadelphia, November 1959.
Wolfe, Mrs. E.H., Norristown, 1959.
Woods, Mrs. Harry C. Devon, December 1960.
Act No. 233, June 28, 1957.
Edward Farmer, Wills, Wampum Belts, Road Survey.
Henry Hope, 1959-1960.
Mansion, undated.
Samuel Morris Inventory, 1959.
James Horatio Watmough (incl. illustrations, wills), 1962.
William West, undated.
William West, Jr., undated.

box 21

"Historic Indian Paths of Pennsylvania."
Indian Notes.

Indians in Pennsylvania, ca. 1961 and ca. 1964.
Cornplanter Grant.
Delaware Indians.

box 22

Delawares (1 guild transfer case)
Ferree Family
Handsome Lake.

box 23

Bibliography, 1961 edition, 5x8 cards (1 amfile case)

box 21

Indian Paths in Pennsylvania, ca. 1965
Field Note Books, Nos. 1-47, August, 1948-November 4, 1962 (5, 10 and 11 are missing)

box 24

Path Notes, A-O, 5x8 cards (1 amfile box)

box 25

Path Notes, P-W, 5x8 cards (1 amfile box)

box 26

Topics, Bibliography, Chronologies, Maps, Warrants, etc. (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 27

Topics, Bibliography, Chronologies, Maps, Warrants, etc. (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)
Forbes Road, Appendix 4. (1 folder and Forbes to Misc. in Box 8)
Fort Hill, April 1954.
Great Shamokin Path, 1962.
Wm. Rohrbeck Drawings.
Turkeyfoot Path, 1962.
Tuscarora Path.
Miscellaneous (1 folder)

box 28

Surveys, undated.(Volumes listing copies of survey series in Bureau of Land Records)

box 29

Adams County - Carbon County (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 30

Centre County - Huntingdon County (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 31

Indiana County - Northumberland County (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 32

Perry County - Westmoreland County (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 33

West, f.l.p.s. - York County, Out of State, West Side Applications, Uncatalogued (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 34

Place Names A-G (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 35

Place Names H-R (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 36

Place Names S-Z (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)
Road Names A-Y (Bibliography, Construction, Names), undated.

box 37

Indian Tribes, Carantouan - Wyandot (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)

box 38

Journals, 1712-1826
Joseph Elkinton Trip - Philadelphia to Tunessassa, 1816, Typed, 8 pp. and 2 pp.
Andrew Hesselius, 1712-1722. Typed, 7 pp.
Andrew Porter - Journals and Memorandum, 1785-1787. Typed, 6 pp.
Bougainville, Louis Antoine de, 1756-1758. Typed, 25 pp.
John Fanning Watson's Journal, 1825-1826. Typed, 24 pp.
Kentucky Short, 1963.
Kinzua, 1963-1964.
Lloyd Mifflin, Painter and Poet of the Susquehanna, 1965 PHMC Pamphlet, 27 pp.

General Correspondence, 1964-1965.
Name List, October 5, 1964 (1 folder)
Chew, Dr. Paul A., Director, Westmoreland County Museum of Art, October 1964.
Dickson, Dr. Harold E., Art Dept., Pennsylvania State University, October-December 1964.
Eiseley, Mrs. Loren, Assist. Director, Oennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, October 1964.
Ewema, Dean Ben, School of Fine Arts, University Park, October 1964.
Fraser, Dr. Joseph T., Jr., Director, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, October 1964.
Freudenberg, Miss Anne, Curator, University of Virginia Library, March 1964.
Gundy, Samuel C., Director, Reading Public Museum, October 1964.
Hayden, Mrs. Margaret M., Librarian, Bucknell University, March 1964.
Hipsh, Miss Joan L., Pennsylvania State University, October 1964.
Hirsch, Richard, Director, Allentown Museum, October 1964.
Jacobson, Benjamin, Librarian, University of Pennsylvania, October 1964.
Leedy, Dr. Paul, American University, June 1964.
Loose, John Ward W., Editor, Lancaster County Historical Society, October 1964, January 1965.
Lundgren, Mrs. Charles W., Librarian, Lancaster County Historical Society, March 1964.
McCarthy, Wm. H., Jr., Director, Rosenbach Foundation, October 1964.
Marceau, Dr. Henri, Director, Philadelphia Museum of Art, October 1964.
Merrick, James Kirk, Director, Philadelphia Art Alliance, October 1964.
Minich, Miss Loretta R., Columbia, June 1964-February 1965.
Myers, Fred Arthur, Registrar, Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute, October 1964.
Peacock, H.W., Director, Bryn Mawr Art Center, October 1964.
Quirk, Francis J., Head, Dept. of Fine Arts, Lehigh University, October 1964.
Sanger, Miss Helen, Librarian, Frick Art Reference Linrary, August-September 1964.
Washburn, Dr. Gordon Bailey, Director, Dept. of Fine Arts, Carnegie Institute, October 1964.
Worfolk, Miss Eleanor F., Librarian, University of Pennsylvania, October 1964.
Interviews with Grace and Loretta Minich, April 1964 (incl. "The Life and Personal Lore of L.M.")

box 39

Notes (5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)
Yale Manuscripts, 1929 (in box 38)
"Lloyd Mifflin," by Thomas Copeland. photostats, 29 pp.
"Lloyd Mifflin,,: by George Brown Mifflin. Photostats, pp. 9-40. Transcribed, typed, 21 pp.
"The Life and Poetry of Lloyd Mifflin,: by Thomas H. Vance, 1929. Photostats, 19 pp.
"The Life and Works of Lloyd Mifflin," by Harold A. West, undated. Photostats, 18 pp.
Letters, Geneaology, and Verses, undated.
Illustrations, undated.
Photographs, undated.
"Logan the Mingo: A Problem in Identification." (In: box 38, Logan to Pinchot)
Madame Montour,

Markers, 1948-1950.
Erected, 1949.
Extras, 1950.
Field Notes, undated.
Held over for revision, undated.
Proposed, 1948.
Requested, 1948-1949.
Submitted, 1949-1950.

Moravians, undated.
Old Economy.
Pennsylvania Dutch Lore.
Pennsylvania Folklore Society.

box 40

P(ennsylvania) G(ermans), Amish, Character, Customs, Dunkers, Education, Humor, etc. (5x8 cards in 1/2 amfile box)

box 41

Pennsylvania Indian History, 1695, (Chronological File of 5x8 cards in 1 amfile box)
Pinchot, Gifford, Forester.

box 42

An incomplete and very rough alphabetical file of Indian names, places, and miscellaneous terms.

box 43

A rough and incomplete working file for Indian biographies.

box 44

Incomplete Notes used for preparing booklet on Old Economy Vollage.
Incomplete Indian Subject File on Indian Groups, Iroquois Topics, and Indian Topics.
Incomplete Notes for preparing Historic Pennsylvania Leaflet entitled "William Penn in Pennsylvania."

box 45

Rose Rent.
Russell, [Rev. John].
Shoemaker, Col. Henry W.

Southern Laurel Highlands Study, 1964 (Bureau of Outdoor Recreation)
Report, undated.
Notes, (5x8 cards), undated.

The Squaw Campaign.

box 46

Swedes Path.
Tonkin, R. Dudley, 1958-1959.

The Vision of William Penn, 1964-1965.
General Correspondence, 1964-1965.
Maragliotti, 1964.
Illustrations, 1964.
Miscellaneous, 1964.

War of 1812.
Warrior's Branch.
Washington at Ligonier.
William Penn at Macroom, Ireland.
Speaking Engagements, 1962-1965.(4 folders)
Commission Activities, 1957-1965 (1 folder)
Expenses for Indian Paths in Pennsylvania, August 1, 1947 - March 15, 1951 (1 folder)
Travel Vouchers, 1957-1965 (1 folder)

{series #192m.4}


Paul A. W. Wallace Papers

MAPS, 1936-1965 (3 boxes)

box 48

No. 1. "Historic Map of Adjouqua (Lower Lackawanna Valley) in Pennsylvania." Copyright 1936 by Wm. J. (Chizick) Szszeck . . . and Ethel L. Johns . . . 10x17. Printed in color. (1 item)

No. 2. Allegheny County - Deardorff Maps, various sizes. (4 items)

No. 3. Allegheny County - Warrantee Maps, various sizes. Tracings. (19 items)

No. 4. "The Allegheny Trail, 1748," by P.A.W.W. depicting Indian villages, camping places, settlements, forts, rivers, and Weiser's route. 24 1/2 x 35 Tracing. (1 item)

No. 5. "Asylum," undated. The Setther, Vol. 4, No. 4, June, 1958. 12 x 9 Printed. (1 item)

No. 6. "Baird's Book of Maps, 1803." Tioga Point Museum, Athens, PA. Trasings, various sizes (24).

No. 7. "Bald Eagle Path (Warriors)." Tracing and blueprint. (2 items)

No. 8. "Bouquet's Lands, Bedford County." 18 x 14 photostat. (1 item)

No. 9. "Braddock's Road and Nemacolin's Path." (1 folder)

No. 10. Bradford County (3 items)

No. 11. ". . . Carlisle to Shannopintown." Evanson's Map Maker of Indian Traders. printed 9 x 23 (3 items)

No. 12. "Clearfield and Vicinity."

No. 13. "Cornplanter's Kingdom," The Allegheny National Forest and Environs, ca. 1951. Samuel A. King. Revised, 1952. Printed, 19 x 24 (1 item)

No. 14. "Donatianus LeRay's lands." 4 photostats, 15 x 17 ea. (4 items)

No. 15. "Donation Lands." photostats, various sizes (1 folder)

No. 16. Fayette County Warrantee Maps. Tracings, various sizes (1 folder)

No. 17. "Forbes Road and Raystown Paths." Wm. J. Laughner material (1 folder)

No. 18. "Fort Necessity Campaign." Ink Sketch by P.A.W.W., 9 x 11 (1 item)

No. 19. "God's Country, Pennsylvania's Last Frontier," undated. Samuel A. King. Rev. ed. printed, 19 x 24 (1 item)

No. 20. "Historic Indian Paths of Pennsylvania," 1952, 1954, Map for endpaper, prepared for PHMC by Paul A.W. Wallace, 1952. Revised 1954. 3 printed 12 x 24 ea, (3 items) and Map for endpaper by P.A.W.W., 1952, 1 tracing and 4 hand drawn and color tinted oversize 36 x 53 ea. (5 items)

No. 21. "The Indian Country." Based on a map of the British and French Settlements in North America. (London, 1755), showing the "Bounds of the Six Nations," by P.A.W.W. Tracing, 17 x 16. (1 item)

No. 22. "Indian Map of Bucks County," by Mrs. Ann G. Shoemaker. photostat, 21 x 37. (1 item)

No. 23. "Indian Paths from Assunnepochla called Whiteman-Frankstown." Compiled from Records in the Land Office, May 21, 1943. Copied October 10, 1950 by J.A. Graft, County Engineer of Cambria County. Tracing, 31 x 30 (1 item)

No. 24. Indian Paths of Pennsylvania, 1965 Maps:
Base map showing Indian paths by Paul A.W. Wallace. Handdrawn Oversize , 32 x 54 (1 item)
Base map showing Indian settlements in bold letters nu Paul A.W. Wallace. Handdrawn in color Oversize, 32 x 56 (1 item)
Base map in ink and color by Paul A.W. Wallace. Handdrawn Oversize, 33 x 56 (1 item)
Base map in blue and red ink by Paul A.W. Wallace. Tracingm 32 1/2 x 54 (1 item)

box 49

"Key to the Indian Paths of Pennsylvania.: (endpaper for book)
Completed map by Paul A.W. Wallace (fragile). Handdrawn and colored Oversize, 33 x 56 (1 item)
Base map in blue ink, no signature. Handdrawn Oversize, 33 x 56 (1 item)
Revisions and corrections. Handdrawn Oversize, 33x 55 (1 item)
Final map with title. Tracing, 36 x 56 (1 item)
Base map in black ink. Tracing, 33 x 56 (1 item)
"Path Maps," pp. 21-210 and several not used.
Handdrawn by P.A.W.W., with printer's instructions. Approx. 137 tracings, 11 x 17.

No. 25. "Indians-Pennsylvania." showing Tioga Path; Chautauqua Portage; Cumberland County; Luzerne County; Wyoming Valley, 1775; York and Cumberland Line; Smith's Rpute; Schuylkill County; Purchase of 1749; Delaware Trail; New Thuringia; McKean and Elk; Indiana County; Catawissa or Tory Path; King's Road, 1755; Indian Trails by Tracey; British map by Howe, 1777; Centre County; Lake Erie; Five Nations; Iroquois Position, 1600-1650; Tidewater; Shippens map. Approx. 8 x 11.

No. 26. "John Heckewelder's Travels, 1762-1800, by P.A.W.W., 16 x 23, 20 x 29. by P.A.W.W. 2 tracings, 16 x 23 and 20 x 29.

No. 27. "Kittanning Warriors and Other Indian Paths Drom Frankstown." A connected draft of the individual tracts of land sold by the Penns and the Commonwealth showing the Kittaning Trading Path from Frankstown to the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, part of Warriors Path to the South, part of the Trading Path to Water Street, and an Indian Path passing Altoona. Copiedm J.A. Graft, Cambria County Engineer, October 10, 1950. Oversize Tracing, 36 x 110 (1 item)
". . . The Kittaning Path from Cherry Tree, Clearfield County to Frankstown, Blair County, also the Indian Path from Frankstown to Altoona, Blair County. Constructed from and compared with the original drafts remaining on file in the Dept. of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, April 20, 1923. Printed Oversize, 25 x 100 (1 item)
"Kittaning Path - miscellaneous items - H.M. Gooderham correspondence (1 folder)

No. 28. "Manors, Drafts of, by P.A.W.W. Tracings, various sizes (1 folder)

No. 29. Miscellaneous Tracings by P.A.W.W. Inc.: Washington's Route to Fort LeBoeuf; Ohio to Lake Erie; Thomas Hutchins Papers, 1778; Shamokin (Sunbury); Kittaning Path; Cherry at the Canoe Place; John Adlum and John Wallis, 1783-1784; Pennsylvania at time of Ratification of the Constitution; Part of Pennsylvania west of the Susquehanna, ca. 1775; Trader's Map; Braddock's Military Road from Cumberland, MD to Braddock, PA; Indian Thoroughfares of Ohio; Delaware River, Lindstrom; Presque Isle; Northeastern Pennsylvania; Connecticut Western Reserve, Heckewelder; Fort du Quesne; Northampton County; Northumberland County; John Pattin's Map; Scull, 1759; Karte zur Pfalzischen Auswanderung; Susquehannah River, Taylor Papers, H.S.P.; Walking Purchase; "Washington's Last Trip Across the Allegheny Table lands, September 1784; John Harris Mansion to Fort Hunterl King's Road. Various sizes. (Approx. 51 items)

No. 30. "Monocasy Road," by Dr. Arthur G. Tracey. Copied by Dr. Grace L. Tracey. Handdrawn Oversize, 36 x 60 (1 item)

No. 31. "Moravian Maps," undated, photostats (5 items)

No. 32. "Muhlenberg Family Tree, undated, photostats (5 items)

box 50

No. 33. "New York Trails," Guy Johnson, 1777. (6 items)

No. 34. "Ohio River Basin," Existing and Potential Hydroelectric Power Developments. Photostats. (9 items)

No. 35. "Old Swedes Path (Darby Creek Crossing), Minquas Path." Photostats. (14 items)

No. 36. ". . . The Old Trading Path," from Water Street to Frankstown, Blair County, PA. Constructed from original drafts remaining in files in the Dept. of Internal Affairs. Printed, 19 x 48 (1 item)

No. 37. "The Onandaga Trail," by P.A.W.W. showing Onondaga Trail, Trails and Routes, Indian Villages, towns and settlements, mountains, and rivers. Tracing, 9 x 13 (1 item)

No. 38. General Pennsylvania Maps used 1936-1967:
"Stream Map of Pennsylvania," 1930. ureau of Publications, Dept of P. and S., depicting Indian Paths drawn by P.A.W.W. in red crayon. Printed Oversize, 34 x 56 (1 item)
"Map of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware . . . 1825. photostat, 17 x 20 (1 item)
:Base Map with Mountains. Rivers and Gaps," drawn by P.A.W.W., blue on white printed Oversize, 35 x 57 (1 folder)
"Base Map with Harrisburg to Pittsburgh pencilled in by P.A.W.W. Tracing, 11 x 20 (1 item)
"Named County Map," printed, 11 x 11 (1 item)
"relief Map of Pennsylvania," copyright 1893 by E.B. Hardon, Philadelphia. Printed, 12 x 19 (1 item)
"Country-Town Map of the Central Northeastern Atlantic States . . ., undated. Printed, 17 x 22 (1 item)

No. 39. "Pennsylvania Population Company." Photostats, various sizes (29 items)

No. 40. "1776 Sesqui-Centennial Map Showing Automobile Route from Philadelphia to Washington Crossing," by Henry D. Paxson, 1926. Tracing, 14 x 17 (1 item)

No. 41. "Shamokin Path from Punxsutawny to the Mouth of Marsh Creek," from notes made up to October 25, 1948, by Paul Wallace depicting streams, trails, modern roads, and trail traced by Harold D. Woolridge, Clearfield. Tracing, 11 x 84.

No. 42. "The Shamokin Trail, by P.A.W.W. depicting Indian village and camps, houses and settlements, fords, mountains, rivers and creeks, the riad to Harris's Ferry and the Shamokin Trail.Tracing, 21 x 18 (1 item)

No. 43. "Shamokin Trail." Based on Government Contour Maps," by P.A.W.W. tracing, 46 x 40 (1 item)

No. 44. [Southern Laurel Highlands Study, 1964] National Park Service:
"Map of the Boundary Line Between the Counties of Cambria and Blair . . .," 1849. Photostat, 12 x 57 (1 item)
"Property Map of Cambria County . . .," undated. Blueprint, 35 x 64 (1 item)
"C. and O. Canal National Historical Park" Drawings No. NHP-COC, Sheets 1-12, October 24, 1958 and 1 sheet Revised January 25, 1960. Photostats, 23 x 35 (13 items)

No. 45. "Susquehanna County," undated, depicting Milford and Owego Turnpike. Photostats, 9 x 14 (3 items)

No. 46. "Susquehanna River," undated, depicting Lands belonging to Robert Morris and Wm. Stewart. Photostats, 25 x 28 and 14 x 21 (2 items)

No. 47. "Susquehannah Company Claims," undated. Photostats, 9 x 13 (2 items)

No. 48. [Tulpehocken Path, Sunbury to Womelsdorf], undated, depicting mountains, streams, Pine Grove, Bethel, Hernden, Path. (fragile) Handdrawn Oversize, 41 x 41 (1 item)

No. 49. "Voyage of the Last Raft Down the Susquehanna, 1938." Tracing, 17 x 21 and Inset Tracing, 6 x 15

No. 50. Wayne County, Early Public Roads and Turnpikes, by E.D. LeRoy, 1949. Printed, 15 x 22 (1 item)

No. 51. "Weiser File," by P.A.W.W. Tracings, 9 x 11 (1 folder)

No. 52. Westmoreland County, Dept, of Roads and Bridges, Greensburg, PA. Traced by Wm. J. Laughner. Printed, 14 x18. (1 item)

No. 53. Wilt's Map. Archives Publishing Company of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg. Printedm 10 x 14 (1 item)

No. 54 [Wilt's Highway Map of Pennsylvania], 1941, 1958, 1960. (1 bundle of 68 items)

No. 55. [Topographic and Geologic Survey Maps of Pennsylvania]. Scale: 1:62,500. indexes. Approx. 14 x 20 ea. (1 bundle of approx 200 items)

{series #192m.5}


Paul A. W. Wallace Papers


box 47

Bell, Raymond M. "Early Townships in Greene County, Pennsylvania," 1961. Typed, 6 pp.

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