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Container Listings

J. Railroad (7 folders)

box 5

folder 5-12
J1.) [Allegheny] Portage Railroad (track) (5 items) J2.) Baldwin, Locomotives built 1886, 1898, 1909, 1921, undated (5 items) J3.) Baltimore & Ohio, Locomotives built 1831 (2 items) J4.) Burlington, Locomotive & Train (1 item) J5.) C. B. & O. (1 item) J6.) Great Northern, Locomotive, 1912 (1 item) J7.) Huntingdon & Broad Top RR in yards at Huntingdon, Penna., 1954 (1 item) J8.) Incline Plane Johnstown to Westmont, Cambria Co., undated (3 items) J9.) John Bull, undated (2 items) J10.) Old Ironsides built 1832 (1 item) J11.) Penna. RR Yards, Renovo, Penna., 1954 (3 items) J12.) The Rocket (1 item) J13.) Stourbridge Lion built 1829 (1 item) J14.) Texas & Pacific built 1933 (1 item) J15.) Trevethick's Tramroad Locomotive South Wales, 1803 (1 item) J16.) Union Pacific built 1934 (1 item) J17.) Westinghouse Electric, undated (1 item), not found as of 7/26/01 J18.) Unidentified, undated (5 items) J19.) Horse drawn cart, (1 item) level 5 cabinet J19.) Market St. Crossing, Harrisburg; Photographer - HB Harmer, 2/19/1901 (poor condition) J20.) President Lincoln's Funeral Train at Penna. RR Station, Harrisburg in 1865 (2 items mounted) Items moved to MG-327: Ira J. Stouffer Postcards, [ca. 1915] J21.) Horseshoe Curve, PRR, (1 item) J22.) PRR at Union Furnace (1 item) J23.) PRR near Petersburg undated. (Inc. Station) (3 items) J24.) Portage Railroad (43 items) box 5
folder 5-15
J25.) Charles G. Nash Collection, 1903-7 1.) Codorus Creek, Double Track, Stone Arches, a few miles E. of York Haven, ca. 1903-04 (MSCL-3) (1 item) 2.) Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, undated. (MSCL-1) (1 item) 3.) Juniata River a few miles below Hollidaysburg, undated. [Petersburg Branch of PRR] (JR-1, JR-2) (2 items) 4.) PRR Co., Enola Yard, construction work and equipment, 1903-5 (1-25) (25 items) 5.) PRR Co., Enola Yard, near Fairview, HS Kerbaugh, Inc., contractors, undated. (EY-1-EY-26) (46 items) 6.) PRR Co., Enola Yard and vicinity, opposite Harrisburg & near Middletown, undated (2-17) 7.) (item listing with prints) (16 items) (geology New York Haven) 8.) PRR Co., Hollidaysburg, Yard, Reily& Webber Contractors, 1906-7. Prints show work underway to enlarge and improve the Hollidaysburg Yard as it existed late in 1906 (H-1-H-28) (28 items) 9.) PRR Co. Locomotive 1904-5 & geology near York Have, undated(1-4) (items listing with prints) 10.) Rockville Bridge, undated(RB-1- RB-3, Mis-2) (4 items) 11.) Susquehanna River Ice Jam (over PRR track) Early March 1904 (IJ-1-IJ-15) (15 items) 12.) Misc.: 1903-5 undated[PRR Construction Data, 1903-5 (9 items), Steam Shovel Data, 1903-4 (8 items), 14.) Booklet: Pitzer House, Gettysburg, PA., Battlefield Facts, undated (1 vol.) 15.) Facts about Wilkes Barre, info card, undated (1 item)

level 5 cabinet 15A drawer 5

J25.) Charles G. Nash Collection, 1903-7 (continued)
16.) Gettysburg Battlefield Monuments, 1903 (1 item)
17.) Harrisburg--Panoramic View, c. 1900 (1 item)
18.) Lakemont Park--Lake, 1906-1907 (1 item)

folder 5-11
J26.) The Lincoln Funeral Car, Souvenir, 42nd National Encampment, GAR, copyright 1908 (1 item)

folder 5-13
J27.) Cecil C. Fulton, Jr. Collection ca. 1870: Photographic Views on the Penna. Central Rail Road; Purviance, 1.) Photographer, Philadelphia; James S. Earle & sons, Philadelphia, General Agents for the Publisher 2.) [Altoona] Horse Shoe, undated (1 item) 3.) On the Conemaugh, below Johnstown, undated (2 items) 4.) Eagle Station, undated (1 item) 5.) View near Huntingdon, undated (1 item) 6.) Entering Jack's Narrows, from the West, undated (1 item) 7.) One Mile Dam below Johnston, undated (1 item) 8.) View at Johnstown, undated (1 item) 9.) Kittanning Point, undated (1 item) 10.) View in Lewistown Narrows, undated (1 item) 11.) Suspension Bridge, Pittsburgh, undated (1 item) 12.) Susquehanna Bridge, undated (1 item) 13.) View below Tyrone, undated (1 item) 14.) Tyrone Forges, undated (1 item)
folder 5-5
J28.) Utility Locomotive of Cumberland Valley RR, undated (broken in half) (1 item) J29.) Railroad Engine K4's (added 4/21/76) (1 item)
box 24 J30.) Daniel Roland Photograph Collection, railroad cars, engines, PRR repair facility, undated (37 items) (unfoldered)
5 - Cabinet 44, Drawer 4
J31.) PRR's Rockville Bridge, circa. 1878-1880
1) Construction of the third Rockville Bridge (stone-arch design), circa 1902, accn#3453 (1 item)

box 5
folder 5-14

J31.) Stereoscope views of the Penn. Central Railroad, undated (9 items) box 55 (11-2200)
J32.) East Broad Top Railroad 0-6-0 “Switcher” No. 6 switching at Mount Union Yard, Mt. Union, Pa., c.1907 (1 item)
K. Vehicles and Roads
2 folders and loose items) box 5 (continued)

folder 5-16
K1.) Model of US Protected Cruiser New York, undated (1 item) K2.) Horse Drawn Vehicle of National Parcel and Baggage Transfer Co., taken on 11th St. near Market (1 item) not found as of 7/26/01 K4.) Trolley Cars, Washington Co., (added 11/16/76) (3 items) box 25 K5.) Millersburg Ferry, Susquehanna River (61 items) (unfoldered) box 5 (loose) K6.) George F. Stringer Photograph Albums, depicting Dauphin Co. roads surveyed by Stringer while working for the Hugh Hawn Contracting Company of Harrisburg, contractors for the Pennsylvania Department of Highways, 1920. (Accession #1969) (2 albums)
box 55 11-2200
K7.) Black and White Photograph of street view of Philadelphia, c.1940s (1 item)

L. Bridges (Inc. Covered, Stone Arch, Railroad)
(14 folders, 1 box) box 6 Adams County(folder 6-1) L1.) [Conewago Chapel] Covered Bridge, North of McSherrystown, undated (1 item) L2.) Kohler's Mill Covered Bridge, South of New Oxford, undated (1 item) L3.) Peepytown Covered Bridge on Route 01037, undated (1 item) L4.) Saulk [Sauck's] Covered Bridge at Gettysburg Water Works, undated (2 items) L5.) Covered Bridge across Bermudian Creek, undated (2 items) L6.) Stone Arch Bridge over Muddy Creek, undated (1 item) L7.) Covered Bridge, North of New Chester, undated (1 item) L8.) Covered Bridge, North of New Oxford, undated (2 items) Bedford County (folder 6-1) L9.) Hall's Mill Covered Bridge across Yellow Creek, undated (1 item) L10.) Hugh's [Hughes Station] Covered Bridge over Dunnings Creek, undated (1 item) L11.) Keffman Covered Bridge across Yellow Creek, undated (1 item) L12.) Mullen's Covered Bridge near Mann's Choice, undated (1 item) L13.) Ramage's Covered Bridge across Yellow Creek, undated (1 item) L14.) Reed Covered Bridge across Yellow Creek, undated (1 item) L15.) Snokes Covered Bridge over Dunnings Creek, undated (1 item) L16.) Steeletown Covered Bridge across Yellow Creek, undated (2 items) L17.) Yount [Station] Covered Bridge across Dunnings Creek, undated (1 item) L18.) Covered Bridge across Brush Creek, North East of Mench, undated (1 item) L19.) Covered Bridge across Brush Creek, South of Clearville, undated (1 item) L20.) Covered Bridge over Dunnings Creek, undated (1 item) L21.) Covered Bridge over Dunnings Creek, undated (1 item) L22.) Covered Bridge across Juniata River West of Mann's Choice, undated (3 items) L23.) Covered Bridge across Juniata River, Raystown Branch, 3 miles West of Mann's Choice, undated (1 item) L24.) Covered Bridge across Juniata River, Raystown Branch, 5 miles West of Mann's Choice, undated (1 item) L25.) Covered Bridge over Shaf[f]er's Creek undated (1 item) L26.) Stone Arch Bridge on Route 30, East of Bedford, undated (1 item) Chester County (folder 6-2) L27.) Hayes Clark Covered Bridge over Doe Run, undated (1 item) L28.) Speakman #2 Covered Bridge over Shaf[f]ER's Creek, undated (1 item) L29.) Stone Arch Bridge at Mortonville, undated (1 item) L30.) Covered Bridge , South of Mortonville, undated (1 item) L31.) Stone Bridge at Warwick Furnace, undated (2 items) Cumberland County (folder 6-2) L32.) Bernheisel Covered Bridge over Conodoguinet Creek, North of Carlisle Country Club, undated (1 item) L33.) Buergner's Covered Bridge across Conodoguinet Creek, North of Plainfield, undated (1 item) L34.) Erb's Covered Bridge across Conodoguinet Creek, North of Route 11, undated (1 item) L35.) Eyster's Covered Bridge across Conodoguinet Creek, North of Camp Hill Country Club, undated (1 item) L36.) Graham's Covered Bridge over Conodoguinet Creek, East of Newville, undated (1 item) L37.) Greider's Covered Bridge, North West, of Plainfield, undated (1 item) L38.) Hay's covered Bridge across Conodoguinet Creek, East of Plainfield, undated (1 item) L39.) Orr's Covered Bridge across Conodoguinet Creek, North of Route 11, undated (1 item) L40.) Sample Covered Bridge across Conodoguinet Creek, East of Carlisle on Route 11, undated (1 item) L41.) Spangler's Mill Covered Bridge (Cumberland and York Counties), undated (2 items) L42.) Stanton covered Bridge over Conodoguinet Creek, North East of Heishman's Mill, undated (1 item) L43.) Thompson's Covered Bridge across Big Spring Creek near Newburg, undated (1 item) L44.) Wagner's Covered Bridge, Pennsylvania Route. 74 over Conodoguinet Creek, North of Carlisle, undated (1 item) L45.) Watt's Covered Bridge where Pennsylvania highway 21033 crosses Conodoguinet Creek, undated (1 item) L46.) Covered Bridge across Yellow Breeches Creek at Bowmansdale, undated (1 item) L47.) Covered Bridge across Yellow Breeches Creek at Grantham, undated (1 item) L48.) Covered Bridge, South of Bowmansdale, undated (1 item) Dauphin County (folder 6-3)
L49.) Clifton Covered Bridge over Swatara Creek, North of Middletown, undated (1 item) L50.) Fiddler's Elbow Covered Bridge over Swatara Creek near Hummelstown, undated (2 items) L51.) Herman's (T.) Covered Bridge across Wiconisco Creek, West of Elizabethville, undated (3 items) L52.) Covered Bridge over Swatara Creek, North of Middletown, Route 22017, undated (1 item) L53.) Covered Bridge over Wiconisco Creek, West of Elizabethville, undated (1 item) L54.) Covered Bridge, North of Elizabethville on Route 22035, being repaired 1961 (1 item) L55.) Covered Bridge at Mattis Mills #41, undated (1 item) L56.) Covered Bridge at Sandy Beach, North of Hershey, undated (2 items) Franklin County (folder 6-3) L57.) Arch Bridge at Mogul, undated (1 item) Huntingdon County (folder 6-3)
L58.) Jackson's Corners Covered Bridge across Stone Creek near Huntingdon, 1938, undated (2 items) L59.) Jackstown Aqueduct over Juniata River, East of Mapleton, undated (1 item) L60.) Covered Bridge across Aughwick Creek between Orbisonia and Shade Gap, undated (2 items) L61.) Covered Bridge at Cornprobst's Mill in Miller Township, 1938 (1 item) Juniata County (folder 6-3) L62.) Covered Bridge over Cocolamus Creek, Route 34009, undated (3 items) L63.) Covered Bridge across Licking Creek, West of Mifflintown, undated (1 item) L64.) Covered Bridge across Licking Creek at Port Royal, undated (1 item) L65.) Covered Bridge across Sherman's Creek at Bridgeport, undated (2 items) L66.) Covered Bridge across Tuscarora Creek near Academia, undated (1 item) Lancaster County (folders 6-4 through 6-5)

folder 6-4
L67.) Baumgardner's Mill Covered Bridge near Marticville, undated (1 item) L68.) Bear's Mill Covered Bridge over Conestoga Creek, undated (1 item) L69.) Bucher's Mill Covered Bridge at Reamstown, undated (1 item) L70.) Eberly's Mill Covered Bridge, West of Hinkletown, undated (2 items) L71.) Erb's (Samuel) Covered Bridge across Hammer Creek near Milway, undated (1 item) L72.) Eichelberber covered Bridge near Millway, undated (1 item) L73.) Forrey's Covered Bridge above Seigrist's Mill, undated (1 item) L74.) Fry's Mill Covered Bridge near Hohnstown, undated (1 item) L75.) Good's Fording Covered Bridge between Marticville at West Willown, undated (1 item) L76.) Herr's Mill Covered Bridge, South of Soudersburg, undated (1 item) L77.) Hunsecker's Mill Bridge at Hunsecker, North of New Holland Pike, undated (1 item) L78.) Jackson's Mill Covered Bridge over Octorora Creek, undated (2 items) L79.) Kagel's Covered Bridge over Chicquies Creek, undated (1 item) L80.) Keller's Mill or Rettew's Mill Covered Bridge near Ephrata, undated (2 items) L81.) Kings Covered Bridge, North East of Fairmont, undated (1 item) L82.) Lime Valley Mills Covered Bridge between Lampeter and the Quarryville Road, undated (1 item) L83.) Neff's Mills Covered Bridge near Lampeter, undated( 1 item) L84.) Nissley's Mill Covered Bridge between Falmouth and Middletown, undated (2 items) L85.) Pennsylvania Rail Road Bridge over Susquehanna River at Columbia, Lancaster, undated (2 items) L86.) Pool Forge Covered Bridge, West of Churchtown, Route 36053, undated (3 items) L87.) Red Run Covered Bridge near Reamstown, undated (1 item) L88.) Second Lock or Snaveley's Mill Covered Bridge, South of Milersville, undated (1 item) L89.) Seigrist's Mill Covered Bridge, undated (1 item) L90.) Shaubach's Covered Bridge, Route 36091, undated (2 items) L91.) Shenk's Mill Covered Bridge across Chicques Creek, North of Salunga, undated (2 items)

folder 6-5
L92.) Sporting Hill Covered Bridge, undated (1 item) L93.) Wabank Road Covered Bridge over Conestoga Creek, South of Millersville, undated (1 item) L94.) Wenger's Mill Covered Bridge, South of Rothsville,undated (1 item) L95.) White Rock Covered Bridge, South of Strasburg, undated (3 items) L96.) Zook's Mill Covered Bridge on Tr. 222, undated (1 item) L97.) Covered Bridge over Big Conestoga Creek at Slackwater, South West of Millersville, undated (3 items) L98.) Covered Bridge over Conestoga Creek at Eden, undated (1 item) L99.) Covered Bridge over Conestoga Creek between Martindale and new Holland, undated (2 items) L100.) Covered Bridge over Conestoga Creek near Oregon, undated (1 item) L101.) Covered Bridge over Little Conestoga Creek, North of Oreville, undated (1 item) L102.) Covered Bridge over Muddy Creek at Fry's Mill near Martindale, undated (1 item) L103.) Covered Bridge over Muddy Creek near Terr Hill, undated (1 item) L104.) Covered Bridge, West of Andrews Bridge, undated (1 item) L105.) Covered Bridge, West of Andrews Bridge, Lower Lancaster County, undated (1 item) L106.) Covered Bridge, South West of Ephrata, undated (1 item) L107.) Covered Bridge, East of Marietta, undated (1 item) L108.) Stone Bridge at Marietta on Route 441, undated (1 item) L109.) Covered Bridge near Oregon off Route. 222, undated (1 item) L110.) Stone Arch Bridge near Oregon, undated (1 item) L111.) Stone Arch Bridge on Pinkerton Road, Mt. Joy, Newton, undated (1 item) Lebanon County (folder 6-6) L112.) Stone Arch Bridge at Myerstown, undated (1 item) Perry County (folder 6-6) L113.) Clay's or Wahmeta Covered Bridge, North West of Newport, undated (2 item) L114.) Dellvlle Covered Bridge, undated (2 items) L115.) Landisburg Covered Bridge over Sherman's Creek,undated (1 item) L116.) Morrow's Covered Bridge over Sherman's Creek, South West of Loysville, undated (1 item) L117.) Smith's (Gard) Mills Covered Bridge, South of Blain, undated (3 items) L118.) Wagners Covered bridge, West of Loysville on Route 274, undated (1 item) L119.) Wagner's Mill Covered Bridge over Bixler's Run between Kistler and Loysville, undated (1 item) L120.) Weaver's Mill Covered Bridge over Sherman's Creek, South of Loysville, undated (2 items) L121.) Covered Bridge over Sherman's Creek, East of new Germantown, undated (1 item) L122.) Covered Bridge over Sherman's Creek, East of new Germantown, undated (1 item) L123.) Covered Bridge, East of Andersonburg near junction of Route 274 and 50009, North (2 items) L124.) Covered Bridge, South West of Andersonburg on on Route 500008, undated (1 item) L125.) Covered Bridge between Ickesburg and Kistler, undated (1 item) L126.) Covered Bridge West of Loysville off Route 274, undated (1 item) L127.) Covered Bridge, South of New Germantown, undated (1 item) Snyder County (folder 6-7) L128.) Covered Bridge over Middle Creek, North West of Beaver Springs, undated (1 item) L129.) Covered Bridge over Middle Creek, North East of Beavertown, undated (1 item) L130.) Covered Bridge over Middle Creek between McClure and Beaver Springs, undated (2 items) L131.) Covered Bridge, East of Meiserville, undated(1 item) L132.) Covered Bridge, West of Meiserville, undated (1 item) Somerset County (folder 6-7) L133.) Kings Covered Bridge near new Lexington, undated (1 items) L134.) Covered Bridge over Casselman River near Rockwood, undated (1 item) L135.) Covered Bridge near Somerset, undated (1 item) Union County (folder 6-7) L136.) Covered Bridge over Penn's Creek, undated (1 item) York County (folder 6-7) L137.) Bentzell's Mill Bridge, North of York, Route 66021, undated (2 items) L138.) Detter's Mill Bridge, Dover to Wellsville, undated (1 item) L139.) Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at Wrightsville, York County, undated (1 item) L140.) Spangler's Mill Bridge (York, Cumberland County), undated (1 item) L141.) Brownstone Bridge near Weigeltown, undated (1 item) Miscellaneous (folder 6-7) L142.) Covered Bridge West of King of Prussia, undated (1 item) L143.) Stone Arch Bridge, North of Millerstown, off Route 22 (3 items) L144.) Perkiomen Stone Arch Bridge, undated (1 item) L145.) Stone Arch Bridge, South East Of Roxbury, undated (1 item) L146.) Unidentified (9 items) Publication and Manuscripts (folder 6-7) L147.) Horst, Melvin J. and Smith, Elmer Lewis, Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania Dutchland, Akron, Pennsylvania: Applied Arts, 1960 (1 Vol. ) L148.) Kennedy, William, [Poem] "The Lewistown Bridge By Moonlight," Lewistown, Sept. 15, 1883 L149.) [ ], [List] "Covered Wooden Bridges on Pennsylvania's Highway System" Corrected as of January, 1947 (7 Pages) L150.) Clippings (Nos. 1-150 transferred from Museum, 1967) level 5 map case
L151.) Camel Back Covered Bridge, Harrisburg (1 item) level 5 map case

L152.) Camel Back Covered Bridge, Harrisburg (3 photos, poor condition) level 5 map case

L153.) Market St. Bridge, Harrisburg, July 9, 1903 (4 items) L154.) Market St. Bridge, Harrisburg, 1904 (inc. horse drawn vehicles, bicycle) (6 photos, 2 items) L155.) Market St. Bridge, Harrisburg; Photographer: William M. Rittase, Philadelphia, undated (1 item) box 7
folder 7-1
L156.) Clarks Ferry Covered Bridge and Toll Gate (copy) (1 item) L157.) Clarks Ferry Covered Bridge, 1888 (copy) (1 item) level 5 map case

L158.) Old Rockville Bridge (in background) (1 item) box 7 cont.
folder 7-1
L159.) Unidentified Bridge (covered & iron) (1 item) L160.) Camel Back Covered Bridge, Harrisburg,undated (Engraving) (1 item) 5-Cab.15 dr. 5 L161.) Camel Back Covered Bridge, Harrisburg, undated (3 items) L162.) Market Street Bridge, Panorama of North Side; Harrisburg Bridge Company; Ralph Madjeski, Frank M. Masters, Engineers, 1924 (pencil drawing) level 5 map case

L163.) Market Street Bridge, Harrisburg; Ralph Madjeski, Frank Masters, Engineer; Paul P. Cret, Consulting Architect (drawing, color) box 7 cont. Ira J. Stouffer, Photographer, Altoona L164.) State Street Bridge, Harrisburg, Construction, Photographer: Myers, Williams Grove, Pennsylvania, Nov. 29, 1927- June 30, 1930 (33 items) (folder 7-2) L165.) Camel Back Covered Bridge, Harrisburg (2 items mounted) (folder 7-3) L166.) Knob Dam Covered Bridge, undated (1 item) L167.) Unidentified, undated (2 items) L168.) Kinzua Viaduct, undated (Stereographs) (2 items) (folder 7-4

folder 7-5
L169.) Covered Bridge at Slackwater, 10/23/40 (1 item) L170.) Colemanville Covered Bridge, 10/23/40 (1 item) L171.) McCall Ferry Covered Bridge, 9/18/47 (1 item) L172.) Stoudt's Ferry Bridge, Berks County (1 item) L173.) Soldiers and Sailors Bridge, Harrisburg, PA (2 negs.)

folder 7-6
L174.) Northumberland County Bridge, mounted, (4 items) L175.) Columbia County Bridges, mounted, (11 items) L176.) Snyder County Bridge, mounted, (1 item) L177.) Bedford Coounty Bridge, mounted, (1 item) L178.) Sullivan County Bridge, mounted, (1 item) L179.) Perry County, Bridge, mounted, (2 items) L180.) Union County, Bridge, mounted, (1 item) L181.) Adams & York County Bridges, mounted (2 items) L182.) Lycoming County Bridge, mounted, (1 item) L183.) Berks County Bridge, mounted, (1 item) L184.) Lebanon & Dauphin County Bridges, mounted, (1 item) L185.) Lancaster County Bridge, mounted, (3 items) L186.) Out of State Bridges, mounted, (2 items) L187.) Clippings, Bridges L188.) Northumberland & Sunbury Bridge, Johnstown Flood, (1 item) L189.) Northumberland County, Lock where Canal flows into the Susquehanna at the West Branch Bridge, (1 item) level 5 map case

L190.) Panoramic prints of scenes in the Harrisburg area, 1902 (4 items)

8-1568 box 56

L191.) Color Slide File of Pennsylvania Covered Bridges, 1960-1970 (258 slides)

box 54 (11-1736)

L192.) The Bridge at the Ephrata Cloister, 1905 (1 item)

Buildings M. Capitol (6 folders)
M1.) State capitol [Old] at Harrisburg, Published by P. Price Jr., Philadelphia, undated (Engraving), not found as of 6/14/01 M2.) The Pennsylvania Capitol [Old] Destroyed by Fire, Feb. 2, 1897, not found as of 6/14/01 M3.) The Pennsylvania Capitol [Old] Photographed in the year 1895, not found as of 6/14/01 box 8 M4.) The State House at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; J. McGoffin undated [Engraving] (1 item) (missing?) M5.) Capitol and Christmas Tree, 1959, Color (4 items) (folder 8-5) M6.) Mrs. Jacob Dubs Collection, 1897, undated (folder 8-2) 1.) State Capitol (old), undated (3 items) 2.) Sate Capitol (old) after fire, 1897 (Inc. House, Corridor) (6 items) 3.) Picture (newspaper Clipping) or 1891 class of Old Harrisburg Girls High School (1 item) 4.) Presidential Mansion, Wash, DC Photographer: newsboy, New York, undated (1 item) M7.) State Capitol (new) undated (1 negative) (folder 8-3) M8.) State Capitol Dome [added 10/28/76] (unfoldered) M9.) Photos of (Old) Capitol before and after fire, 1897 (inc. Capitol Park, snow scenes, April 11, 1894) (16 items) (folder 8-4) M10.) House of Representatives draped for Lincoln's coffin (folder 8-6) M11.) Rebecca Edge Photographs (Ruins of State Capitol, Feb. 2, 1897), (13 items) (folder 8-1) N. Other State Buildings (36 folders) box 9 N1.) [Old State Museum] (folder 9-1) 1.) Inside view showing displays including Rothermel's Battle of Gettysburg, undated (1 item) 2.) Rothermel's Battle of Gettysburg of, Photographer: Brown's Studio, Harrisburg, undated (1 item) N2.) William Penn Memorial Museum of Archives Building, undated (1 item), not found as of 6/14/01 N3.) Architect's Drawing of William Penn Memorial Museum & Archives Building, Lawrence Green, undated (1 item), not found as of 6/14/01, box 9 cont. N4.) William Penn Memorial Museum & Archives building, Construction, Sept. 1962 (1-8 negative & prints) (unfoldered) N5.) William Penn memorial Museum & Archive Building, Construction, January-Dec. 1963, undated (unfoldered) (1-39 negatives& prints) N6.) Highway & Safety Building, Construction, 1964-6, undated (1-63 negatives & prints) (unfoldered) N7.) Highway & Safety Building, Construction, 1966 (1-8 color negatives & prints) (unfoldered) box 10 N8.) Capitol Park Extension Area, Harrisburg Plans, William Gehron, Architect, 1850-51 (Inc. Wm. Penn Memorial Museum & Archives, Labor & Industry, Garage, Utility Building) (4 items) (folder 10-1) N9.) Architect's drawings of William Penn Memorial Museum & Archives, Laurie & Green, undated (1 item) (folder 10-2) N10.) William Penn Memorial Museum Mural: Vision of Wm. Penn by Vincent Maragliotte, undated (Print & color negative) (folder 10-3) N11.) Front Entrance to the Forum & South Office Bldg., 1936 (folder 10-3) N12.) William Penn Memorial Museum and Archives Building, undated Photographer: Karl G. Rath, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (2 items) (folder 10-4) N13.) Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (folder 10-5) 1.) Consultation Room, undated (1 item) 2.) Court Room,undated (1 item) 3.) Prothonotary's Office, undated (1 item) N14.) William Penn Memorial Museum & Archives Building, (9 items) (folders 10-6 & 10-7) N15.) William Penn Museum Staff at Washington Borough Archeological Dig, 1969 (19 items) (folder 10-8) N16.) Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission events to exhibit (79 items) (folder 10-9) N17.) Old State Museum (1 negative envelope) (folder 10-10) N18.) William Penn Memorial Museum & Archives Building, Construction (1 negative envelope) (folder 10-11) N19.) William Penn Memorial Museum & Archives (Archives , Building (interior), Commissioners, Dedication (w/Governors), Documents, Events & Exhibits (Eisenhower, Governors, Wyeth), Insignia, Junior Historians, maps, personnel) (53 items) (folder 10-12) box 11 N20.) Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Properties 1.) Anthracite Museum Complex (proposed) (4 items) (folder 11-1) level 5 map case

2.) Cornwall Furnace box 11 cont. 3.) Drake Well, 1 neg., 15 photos (folder 11-2) 4.) Ephrata Cloister, 2 negs., 2 photos (folder 11-3) 5.) Flagship Niagara, 1 neg., 1 photo (folder 11-4) 6.) Fort Augusta, 1 neg., 2 photos (folder 11-5) 7.) Fort Le Boeuf, 1 neg., 3 photos (folder 11-6) 8.) Robert Fulton Birthplace, 1 neg., 2 photos (folder 11-7) 9.) Graeme Park, 1 neg., 1 photo (folder 11-8) 10.) Hope Lodge, 1 neg., 1 photo (folder 11-9) 11.) Morton Homestead, 1 neg., 3 photos (folder 11-10) 12.) Old Economy, 1 neg., 7 photos (folder 11-11) 13.) Pennsbury, 3 negs., 3 photos (folder 11-12) 14.) Pennsylvania Farm Museum, Landis Valley, 1 neg., 8 photos (folder 11-13) 15.) Pennsylvania Rail Road Museum, 1 photo (folder 11-14) 16.) Pottsgrove Mansionm 2 negs., 1 photo (folder 11-15) 17.) Priestly House, 1 neg., 8 photos (folder 11-16) 18.) Somerset Historical Center, 6 photos (folder 11-17) 19.) Stevens Blacksmith Shop, 1 photo (folder 11-18) 20.) Valley Forge, 1 photo (folder 11-19) 21.) Conrad Weiser Park, 1 neg., 1 photo (folder 11-20) 22.) Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Archives, Building and Employees (24 items) (folder 11-23) 23.) Front entrance to Old Museum Building (1 item) (folder 11-21) 24.) Museum & Archives Bldg. (1 item) not found as of 7/27/01 25.) Lumber Museum Prints (3 items) (missing) 26.) Old Economy Village (3 items) (missing) 27.) Pennsylvania Heritage, page one, 1 neg. (missing) 28.) Daniel Boone Homestead, 10 photos, 1 neg.(folder 11-22) level 5 map case 27.) William Penn Museum & Archives Building (enlarged) Box 6 Lantern Slides N21.) J. M. Tate Jr.'s Collection of Lantern Slides of Harmony, new Harmony, Old Economy, undated [Items have been moved to MG- 354] Depreciation land, Butler County (cracked) (1 item) Rapp House, Harmony (1 item) Cemetery stone gate, Harmony (1 item) New Harmony during the occupation of the Owens (1 item) Wabash River, New Harmony, undated (1 item) Church, New Harmony, undated (1 item) School, New Harmony (1 item) Door, new School House, New Harmony (1 item) Rooming House (Hotel), New Harmony (1 item) Sun Dial, New Harmony (1 item) Street, New Harmony (1 item) Gabriel Rock, New Harmony (1 item) Cemetery, New Harmony (1 item) Wabash River, New Harmony (1 item) Receipt, Hays from Economites (1 item) Devils Bridge below Economy (1 item) View of Old Economy (1 item) Church, Economy (1 item) Church (Interior), Economy (1 item) Great House, Economy (1 item) Parlor, Great House (1 item) Parlor (1 item) Great House from Garden (1 item) Great House from Garden (1 item) Fountain in Garden (1 item) Grotto in Garden (1 item) Pump, Great House (1 item) Music Hall, Church (1 item) Music Hall (1 item) Great House, new addition (1 item) Grainery, Ware House or Wine Cellar Building (1 item) Arch cellar showing wine casks (1 item) Stone Wall and Great House (1 item) Typical Economite House, Ohioview Ave. (1 item) Typical Economite House, Ohioview Ave. (1 item) Flour Mill (1 item) Miller, John Wirth, in doorway (1 item) Cotton Mill, rear view (1 item) Wollen Mill, 12th & Ohioview Ave. (1 item) Old Economy Hotel, 14th & Merchant (1 item) Hotel, 14th Street (1 item) Economite dewlling occupied by KRW (1 item) Rain Barrel, 13th & Church St. (1 item) Indenture (1 item) Economite Fire Engine (1 item) Jacob Henrich on Street (1 item) Jacob Henrich (cracked) (1 item) Economite lady in garden in back yard (1 item) Economite lady in garden in back yard (1 item) Marie Diem in doorway (1 item) 1-0850 box 54 N22.) Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Properties 1.) Pennsbury Manor (3 items) 2.) Cornwall Furnace (3 items) 3.) Drake Well (1 item) 4.) Covered Wagons (2 items) 5.) Unkown (3 items) O. County Court Houses, ca. 1903-1963, undated (66 folders) box 12 O22.) Adams County, undated (2 items, 1 in poor condition) (folder 12-1) O23.) Armstrong County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-2) O24.) Beaver County, undated (2 items) (folder 12-3) O25.) Bedford County, 1903, undated (2 items) (folder 12-4) O26.) Berks County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-5) O27.) Blair County, 1912, 1946 (2 items) (folder 12-6) O28.) Bradford County, 1903, undated (2 items) (folder 12-7) O29.) Bucks County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-8) O30.) Butler County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-9) O31.) Cambira County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-10) O32.) Cameron County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-11) O33.) Carbon County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-12) O34.) Centre County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-13) O35.) Chester County, 1962 (1 item) (folder 12-14) O36.) Clarion County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-15) O37.) Clearfield County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-16) O38.) Clinton County, undated color (1 item) (folder 12-17) O39.) Columbia County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-18) O40.) Crawford County, 1963 (1 item) (folder 12-19) O41.) Cumberland County, 1963, undated (2 color) (3 items) (folder 12-20) O42.) Dauphin County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-21) O43.) Delaware County, undated (2 items) 1 poor condition (folder 12-22) O44.) Elk County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-23) O45.) Erie County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-24) O46.) Fayette County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-25) O47.) Forest County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-26) O48.)Franklin County, undated (2 items) (folder 12-27) O49.) Fulton County, undated (2 items) 1 poor condition (folder 12-28) O50.) Greene County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-29) O51.) Huntingdon County, undated(2 items) 1 poor condition (folder 12-30) O52.) Indiana County, undated (2 items) (folder 12-31) O53.) Jefferson County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-32) O54.) Juniata County, undated (3 items) (folder 12-33) O55.) Lackawanna County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-34) O56.) Lancaster County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-35) O57.) Lawrence County,undated (1 item) (folder 12-36) O58.) Lebanon County,undated (1 item) (folder 12-37) O59.) Lehigh County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-38) O60.) Lycoming County, 1963 (1 item) (folder 12-39) O61.) McKean County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-40) O62.) Mercer County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-41) O63.) Mifflin County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-42) O64.) Monroe County, undated(1 item) (folder 12-43) O65.) Montgomery County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-44) O66.) Montour County, undated(1 item) (folder 12-45) O67.) Northampton County, ca. 1910, undated (2 items) (folder 12-46) O68.) Northumberland County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-47) O69.) Perry County, undated (2 items) (folder 12-48) O70.) Philadelphia City Hall, undated (1 item) (folder 12-49) O71.) Pike County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-50) O72.) Potter County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-51) O73.) Schuylkill County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-52) O74.) Snyder County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-53) O75.) Somerset County, undated (2 items) (folder 12-54) O76.) Sullivan County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-55) O77.) Susquehanna County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-56) O78.) Tioga County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-57) O79.) Union County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-58) O80.) Venango County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-59) O81.) Warren County,undated (1 item) (folder 12-60) O82.) Washington County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-61) O83.) Wayne County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-62) O84.) Westmoreland County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-63) O85.) Wyoming County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-64) O86.) York County, undated (1 item) (folder 12-65) O87.) Misc. (poor condition) (3 items) (folder 12-66) P. Houses of Worship (2 folders) box 13
folder 13-2
P1.) Coleman Memorial Chapel, Brickerville, Lancaster County, undated (1 item) P2.) Donegall Church, Donegal Springs, Lancaster County, undated (1 item) P3.) Peace Chapel, North of Shiremanstown, Cumberland County, undated (1 item) P4.) Salem Methodist Church, along Route 30 West of Harrisburg (Built 1818) (1 item) P5.) St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, undated (2 items) P6.) Silver Spring Presbyterian Church, Cumberland County, undated (1 item) P7.) Church at Bethel, Pennsylvania, Route 501, undated (1 item) P8.) Friends Meeting House, Drumore, Lancaster County, undated (1 item) P9.) Stone Church, Germany Valley, Huntingdon County, undated (1 item) P10.) Church West of Spring Run, undated (1 item) Items transferred to MG-327 P11.) Presbyterian Church at Arch Springs, undated (1 items) P12.) Lutheran Church as Cassville, undated (1 item) P13.) Methodist Church at Cassville, undated (1 item) P14.) Church at Greysville, undated (1 item) P15.) Church at Middletown built 1767, undated (4 items)
folder 13-1
P16.) First Presbyterian Church, Middletown, Pennsylvania (4 items) P17.) Unitarian Church, Northumberland (2 items) P18.) Methodist Church (interior at Christmas) (1 item)
P.19) Donegal Church and Graveyard, February 27, 1877 (1 item) - SM #50.45.4 Q. Schools (3 folders) Q1.) Exterior and Interior Views of Chigwell School, Wanstead, Essex, England, Attended by William Penn (from old print), not found as of 6/14/01 box 13 cont.
folder 13-3
Q2.) Octagonal Schoolhouse at Newburg, Cumberland County, undated (1 item) Q3.) "Old Main", Penn State University (torn down 1939) (1 item) Q4.) Brownes' Mill School, Kauffman, Franklin County (built 1832) ( 1 item) Q5.) Cassville Seminary, undated (1 item), not found as of 6/14/01 level 5 map case

Q6.) Mater Misericordia Academy, Merion, Pennsylvania., undated (1 item), not found as of 7/3/01 box 13 cont.
folder 13-4
Q7.) Pepper Box Schoolhouse, Erected in Selinsgrove in 1816, negative (1 item) Q8.) A School Museum to Girls Normal School by Philadelphia Commercial Museum, undated (negative 1 item) Q9.) Berean Manual Training & Industrial School, Philadelphia (negative & print) (2 items) Q10.) Frederick Douglass Memorial and Training School, Philadelphia (negative print) (2 items) Q11.) Octagonal School, Brandywine, Pennsylvania (1 item) Q12.) 1st Conscription School, Westmoreland County (color) (1 item) Q13.) Proposed Pennsylvania Maritime Academy (1 item) Q14.) Pennhurst School & Garretford School & misc. (7 items)

folder 13-5
Q15.) Millersville State Normal School (3 items)

5-cab. 15A dr. 4 folder 59

Q.16.) University of Pennsylvania Dormitories, Philadelphia, c.1900. (1 item) R. Misc. Buildings (16 folders) box 13 cont.
folder 13-6
R1.) Orphans' Homestead, Gettysburg (formerly General Howard's headquarters); Photographer: CG Tyson, Gettysburg, June 21, 1867 (shows soldiers orphans, General Crawford, Governor Geary, General Porter, General Grant) (1 item)

folder 13-7
R2.) Allison Hill Fire County, Harrisburg 1.) 1st Fire House, undated (1 item) 2.) 2nd Fire House, undated (1 item) 3.) Last Fire House (including horse drawn equipment), undated (1 item)
folder 13-8
R3.) Plough Tavern, corner of West King and Charlotte Sts, York, undated (1 item) R4.) The Fores Inn, undated (1 item) R5.) Thaddeus Stevens Blacksmith Ship, Caledonia Park, Adams County, undated (1 item) R6.) Old Marietta Borough Building, undated (1 item) R7.) Kreutz Creek Coop, Stonybrook, York County, undated (1 item) R8.) Mylan's Gun Shop near Willow Street, Lancaster County, undated (1 item) R9.) Stone House, several miles south of Colebrook, Lebanon County, undated (1 item) R10.) Stone House on Martin Farm near Ritters Mill, Ephrata, Lancaster County, undated (1 item) R11.) Log building, undated (1 item) R12.) Building at Whitford, Chester County, undated (1 item) R13.) Building in Marshalltown, Chester County, undated (1 item) R14.) Building South of Mortonville about 1 mile, Chester County, undated (1 item) R15.) Barnagat Lighthouse, undated (2 items) R16.) Unidentified (2 items)

folder 13-9
R17.) Ferry House built 1732, West side of River, Harrisburg, undated (1 item) Items transferred to MG- 327 Ira J. Stouffer, Altoona R18.) Hotel, Cassville, undated(1 item) R19.) Petersburg House, undated (1 item) R20.) Home, Arch Spring, erected 1797, undated(2 items) R21.) Baker Mansion, Altoona, undated (1 item) R22.) Home of Gov. Andrew J. Curtin, Curtin, undated (1 item) R23.) House, Middletown, built 1767, undated (1 item) R24.) Pennsylvania Valley Bank, built 1808, undated (1 item) R25.) House David R. Porter lived in previous to his Governorship, undated (2 items) R26.) Sullenberger Cabin, Petersburg, undated (1 item) R27.) Log House, Water Street, Pennsylvania, undated (1 item) R39.) Street across from Gateway Center in Golden Triangle (1975 copy print) (1 item) R40.) Centennial Exposition Building of 1876 (negative& prints) (14 items) R41.) Philadelphia Hospital, undated (negatives & prints) (6 items) R28.) "Lincoln Cabin," 1st Court House, Macon County, Ill, 1829, undated (1 item)

folder 13-10 R29.) Independence Hall, undated (negatives & prints) (48 items)

folder 13-11 R30.) Betsy Ross House,undated (negatives) (6 items) R31.) B. Corrs Wine & Liquor Store, Philadelphia, undated (negative & prints) (2 items) R32.) Girard Life Insurance Building, Philadelphia Undated (negative & prints) (2 items) R33.) Sketch of Early Philadelphia showing brick Fish House, ca. 1800 (negative & print) (2 items) R34.) The "Angle" House from a drawing by John Retards, 1870 (negative & print) (2 items) R35.) Washington House, Wm. J. Carbine, Philadelphia, Ca. 1859-60 (negative & print) (2 items) R36.) Free Library, Philadelphia, (negative) (1 item) R37.) Emancipation Proclamation Exposition Buildings, undated (negative& prints) (8 items) R38.) Schwartz Brothers, store, 310 Ferry St., Pittsburgh, Remington Rand Building on this site now [1975], Stanwix R42.) James Logan Home, Painting by Walter M. Aikman, 1909 (negative& print) (2 items)
R43.) Unidentified house on Woodlyn Ave., undated (1 item) (folder 13-12) R44.) Unidentified buildings (2 items) (folder 13-13) R45.) Unidentified buildings (3 items)
(folder 13-14)
folder 13-15
R46.) "The Game of Philadelphia Buildings," Copyright 1899, Mary South Holmes; Patterson & White County, Publishers, Philadelphia, new Edition 1914 (53 cards & Key to pictures) 1.) [Independence Hall] State House 2.) Carpenter's Hall 3.) Christ Church 4.) Old Swedes' Church 5.) Bartram's House 6.) Franklin's Grove 7.) University of Pennsylvania 8.) Pennsylvania Hospital 9.) Academy of Natural Sciences 10.) Franklin Institute 11.) Girard Trust Company 12.) Academy of Music 13.) Academy of Fine Arts 14.) New Mint 15.) Girard College 16.) Custom House 17.) Old Stock Exchange 18.) Cramp's Ship Yard 19.) William Penn Cottage, Letitia Street 20.) Masonic Temple 21.) Reading Terminal 22.) Pennsylvania Rail Road Station 23.) Union League 24.) Art Club 25.) Mercantile Club 26.) Memorial Hall 27.) Horticultural Hall 28.) Betsy Ross House 29.) Entrance to Zoological Gardens 30.) Post Office 31.) Fairmont Water Works 32.) Philadelphia Library 33.) Ridgeway Library 34.) New Horticultural Hall 35.) Chestnut Street Theater 36.) Metropolitan Opera House 37.) Century Club 38.) Twelfth Street Meeting House 39.) Synagogue Rodef Shalom 40.) Cathedral of St. Peters and St. Pauls 41.) High School for Girls 42.) Normal School for Girls 43.) High School for Boys 44.) Bourse 45.) Baldwin Locomotive Works 46.) Drexel University 47.) Mary J. Drexel Home 48.) Pennsylvania School of Industrial Art 49.) [Philadelphia] Commercial Museum 50.) St. Peter's Church 51.) City Hall 52.) Convention Ha11 53.) Old Fellows' Hall
folder 13-16
R47.) National Hotel, (1 item) R48.) Buhl Planetarium and Chatham Village, (8 items) level 5 map case R49.) Delaware River Elevation, Dormitory Building & Dock work box 13 cont.
folder 13-17
R50.) Bedford Village, (15 items) R51.) Old Mill Village, Susquehanna County (dedication), (1 item) R52.) Old Zeller Indian Fort, Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, (2 items) level 5 cabinet 15 drawer 5
R53.) Franklin County Jail R54.) Pennsbury - View of Pennsbury Manor from the River, 1932 box 13 cont.
folder 13-18
R55.) James C. Walker's General Store (3 prints) R56.) James C. Walker's Saloon (1 print) R57.) Presbyterian Board of Publication, Philadelphia
R58.) Cornwall Iron Furnace, (2 items) (folder 13-19) R59.) J. D. Twney birthplace, (1 item) (folder 13-20) R60.) The Original Galley home, (1 item) (folder 13-18) S. Floods (17 folders)

box 15

folder 15-1 through 15-9
S1.) 1972 Agnes Flood, Collected by Joseph Kingston, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission 1.) Harrisburg (Color) (39 items) (folder 15-1) 2.) Photographer: Reading Times (18 items) (folder 15-2) 3.) Photographer: York Daily Record (26 items) (folder 15-3) 4.) Photographer: Pennsylvania Mirror, State College [Inc. Centre County, Clinton County, Tyrone] (6 items) (folder 15-4) 5.) Photographer: Pittsburgh Press [Not to be published without permission] (45 items) (folder 15-5) 6.) Photographer: Eagle, Reading (10 items) (folder 15-6) 7.) Photographer: Standard-Speaker, Hazelton (61 items) (folder 15-7) 8.) Photographer: Curtis K. Salonick [Wilkes Barre Area] (22 items) (folder 15-8) 9.) Photographer: The Milton Standard (23 items) (folder 15-9)

folder 15-10
S2.) Harrisburg Area Flood: Photographer LeRue Lemer, Harrisburg, undated 1.) Destruction of Hargest's Island (Inc. Covered Bridge) (1 item) 2.) Ewington [in 1880 became part of Steelton], showing main street after flood (1 item) 3.) Unidentified (1 item) S3.) Johnstown Flood, 1889 [Inc. RR Bridge, Location of Dam] (5 items) (folder 15-11) S4.) [ ] June 2, 1889, Uncaptioned flood scene, (1 item) (folder 15-12) S5.) Floods and High Water-1936, Harrisburg, The Telegraph Press, 1936 (1 Vol. ) (2 items) (folder 15-13) S6.) Johnstown Flood, 1889 (Scrapbook including photographs, clippings,) (1 Vol. ) (folder 15-14) S7.) Two views of a flood, probably on the Susquehanna River, abt. 1910 (2 items) (folder 15-15) S8.) Harrisburg Flood views, 1936m (37 items) (folder 15-16) S9.) Johnstown Flood Views, (9 items) (folder 15-17) S10.) 1972, Harrisburg Flood, collected by J. Kingston, PHMC, (39 items) T. Political (14 folders, 7 albums, 1 item) box 16
folder 16-1
T1.) [Theodore Roosevelt and U. South Military Officer,] Post Card, undated T2.) Samuel W. Pennypacker 1.) [With group], Antietam, Sept. 17 1904 (1 item) 2.) Portrait, full length, undated (1 item) 3.) Portrait, undated (1 item) box 17 T3.) Photo Album, "Senate of the United States 1864 by M. B. Brady" [Contains portraits of the United States Senators by Brady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries and signatures], level 5 map case
Printed Publications containing political cartoons, biographical sketches, abs., etc.
T4.) "Judge," Published by the Judge Publishing County, New York (1 Vol. ) 1.) Supplement, March 4, 1885, "The Inaugural Ball," Cartoon by F. Beard and on reverse side "Philadelphia School System" 2.) Cartoon (1 Vol. ) 3.) Issue of March 7, 1885 (1 Vol. ) 4.) Issue of January 28, 1893 (1 Vol. ) 5.) Issue of Dec. 22, 1894 (1 Vol. ) 6.) Part of Issue of June 13, 1896 (1 Vol. ) 7.) Special Political Issue, copyright 1900 (1 Vol. ) 8.) Pages 15 & 16 including cartoon "Cleveland on the Fence," undated (1 item) T5.) "Puck," Copyright by Keppler & Schwarzmann, New York 1.) Part of Issue, may 13 1896 (1 Vol. ) 2.) Pages 223-226 (Inc. Cartoon "The Monkey's Revenge,") (1 item) T6.) "The Wasp," Published by "The Wasp Publishing County," (1 Vol. ) box 17 T7.) Photo Album, ca. 1860's (14 items) Including portraits of President and Mrs. Lincoln and family with a printed sketch of Pres. Lincoln's life, military officers, and Governor Curtin box 18 T8.) Photo Album, "Commission on Constitutional Amendment and Revision, Pennsylvania, 1920" by Chandler, Philadelphia (26 items) 1 Vol. [Contains portraits with signatures of George E. Alter, Hampton L. 1.) Carson, John P. Connely, Thomas DeWitt Cuyler, Charles H. English, John S. Fisher, Edward & J. Fox, James Gay Gordon, 2.) John P. Kelly, William Draper Lewis, Vance C. McCormick, Lucy K. Miller, R L Munce, George Wharton Pepper, 3.) William Perrine, Gifford Pinchot, JH Reed, W. F. Schaffer, Wm. C. Sproul, EJ Stackpole, William Kerper Stevens, 4.) Mayer Sulzberger, Francis N. Thorpe, CJ Tyson, John A. Voll, Mrs. Barclay H. Warburton] box 19 T9.) Photo Album, "D. L. Imbrie" [Chief Clerk of 1873 Constitutional Convention] (1 Vol. ) [Includes portraits of Simon Cameron, MS Quay, James A. Garfield, 1880 and Delegates of 1873 Constitution, Pennsylvania: George A. Achenbach, John E. Addicks, Hamilton Alricks, William H. Armstrong, William J. Baer, John M. Bailey, Joseph Bailey, GM [Lynn] Bartholomew, Thomas R. Bauman, William D. Baker, George Barclay, John Bardsley, George W. Biddle, Charles O. Bauman, Judee S. Black, James, Boyd, Charles Buckalew, Samuel Calvin, Henry Carter, Lewis C. Cassidy, Pearson Church, Silas M. Clark, John Collins, William Corbett, John P. Cornmiller, Andrew Curtin, Thomas Dallas, William Darlington, William Davis, RM De France, S E Dimmick, SCT Dodd, MF Elliot, James Ellis, Thomas Evins, J. G. Fell, A. C. Finney, AM Fulton, John Gibson, John Gilpin, W B Guthrie, John G. Hall, AD Harlan, George F. Horton, Thomas Howard, William B. Hana, Goseph Hemphill, Charles Hunsicker, Edward Harvey, T. R. Hazzard, DL Imbrie, Daniel Kaine, Augustus S. Landis, George V. Lawrence, George Lear, William M. Lilly, W E Littleton, Zach H. Long, Joel B. McCamant, Willliam M. McClean, Thomas MacConnell, John McMurray, Wayne MacVeagh, John S. Mann, Frank Mantor, John G. Metzger, Henry South Mott, James WM Newlin, Jerome B. Niles, HW Palmer, HC Parsons, David W. Patterson, Joseph G. Patton, Daniel South Porter, Lewis Pugh, Andrew A. Purman, John North Purvaiance, Samuel A. Purvaiance, John R. Read, Andrew Reed, S H Reynolds, Lucius Rogers, Levi Rooke, George Ross, Samuel L. Russell, J. Alexander Simpson, William H. Smith, John Stewart, Thomas Struthers, Benjamin L. Temple, William J. Turrell, John H. Walker, John P. Wetherill, Samuel Wherry, David North White, J. F. White, George W. Woodward, Edward R. Worrell, Caleb Wright] level 5 map case

T10.) Duncan C. McCallum Collection 1.) Portrait of Gifford Pinchot with inscription to McCallum, Photographer: Marceau Group (Inc. Pinchot & McCallum) (1 item) 2.) Portrait of South D. Butler, Major General (Ret.), U. S. Marines with inscription to McCallum and signature (1 item) 3.) Veteran of two wars given Pennsylvania Bonus Check No. 1 (Inc. Char. A. Waters, State Treasurer; Lieut. H.M.M. Richards, Lebanon; Duncan C. McCallum, Secretary to Governor; Brig. General David G. Davis (2 items) 4.) Certificate of Appointment of Duncan C. McCallum as Secretary to the Governor [Pinchot] beginning Oct. 1. 1932 signed by Gifford Pinchot, Richard Beamish (1 item) level 5 map case

T11.) James H. Duff, Inauguration, Harrisburg, Jan 21, 1947, Photographer: Guy Pagliese (7 photos) box 16 T12.) George H. Earle, Inauguration, Harrisburg, January 15, 1935 by the "Philadelphia Record" (5 items) (folder 16-2) level 5 map case T13.) Governor Pennypacker and Staff [N.G.P.] Camp MS Quay, Gettysburg, July 23-30, 1904, Photographer: WH Tipton, Gettysburg (2 items) T14.) Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker & National Guard at the Inauguration of President-elect Theodore Roosevelt (in Parade) March 4, 1905 (1 item) level 5 map case
T15.) Gifford Pinchot, Inauguration, January 16, 1923 by "Public Ledger," Philadelphia (1 item) T16.) Governor Stone & Staff , N.G.P., Camp George G. Meade, Gettysburg, July 12-19, 1902 Photographer WH Tipton, Gettysburg (1 item) box 16 T17.) Governor William A. Stone and National Guard at Inauguration President - elect William McKinley, Washington DC, March 4, 1901, Photographer Wm. H. Rau; Philadelphia (1 item) (folder 16-3) level 5 map case T18.) House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, 1879-80 (Portrait of each member) Photographer: LeRue Lemer, Harrisburg (1 item) T19.) House of Representatives of Pennsylvania, 1891-92 (Portrait of each member) Photographer: LeRue Lemer, Harrisburg (1 item)
5-0685 box 63

T20.) Senate of Pennsylvania, 1913-1914 by Musser Studio, Harrisburg (Portrait of each member) (1 item)
5-0615 box 1

T21.) William C. Sproul (full length portrait with signature), 1919 box 16 T22.) William C. Sproul (seated), undated (folder 16-4) level 5 map case T23.) William C. Sproul, Inauguration as Governor of Pennsylvania, January 21, 1919 (with inscription, signature) (2 items, very fragile) box 16 T24.) John S. Fisher, Inauguration as Governor of Pennsylvania, January 18, 1927, Photographer: Philadelphia Inquirer (8 items mounted) (folder 16-5) T25.) Authur H. James, Inauguration as Governor of Pennsylvania, January 17, 1939, Photographer: Philadelphia Inquirer (8 items mounted) (folder 16-6) T26.) Governor Simon Snyder (copy of print) 4x5 color neg. (1 item) (folder 16-7)

folder 16-8 T27.) Governor Milton Shap (Inc. Biographical Sketch), undated (1 item) T28.) Theodore Roosevelt and [Gifford Pinchot], 1907 neg. & print (2 items) T29.) George Washington (copies of 6 portraits), undated (2 items) T30.) Abraham Lincoln, undated (1 item) T31.) Governor David Lawrence, undated (2 items) T32.) Governor Gifford Pinchot, undated (8 items) T33.) Governor William Scranton, undated (4 items) T34.) Governor Raymond Shafer, undated (1 item)
T35.) Governor Thomas Mifflin, undated, (Engraved by E. Wellmore) Engraving (1 item) (folder 16-9)
Box 57 T37.) Hotel Governor Collection of Portraits of Governors of Pennsylvania, Photographic prints and silhouette (60 items)
Provincial Governors
1.) George Bryan 2.) William Denny 3.) John Dickinson 4.) Benjamin Franklin 5.) Patrick Gordon 6.) Andrew Hamilton 7.) James Hamilton 8.) William Keith 9.) Thomas Lloyd 10.) James Logan 11.) William Moore 12.) Robert Morris 13.) John Penn 14.) Richard Penn 15.) William Penn 16.) Joseph Reed 17.) Edward Shippen 18.) George Thomas 19.) Thomas Wharton Governors of Pennsylvania 20.) Thomas Mifflin (No Party) 12/21/1790-12/17/1799
21.) Thomas McKean (Dem-Rep) 12/17/1799-12/20/180
22.) Simon Snyder (Dem-Rep) 12/20/1808-12/16/1817
23.) William Findlay (Dem-Rep) 12/16/1817-12/19/1820
24.) Joseph Hiester (Dem-Rep) 12/19/1820-12/16/1823
25.) John Andrew Shulze (Dem-Rep) 12/16/1823-12/15/1829
26.) George Wolf (Dem-Rep) 12/15/1829-12/15/1835
27.) Joseph Ritner (Anti-Mason) 12/15/1835 - 1/15/1839
28.) David Rittenhouse Porter (Dem-Rep) 1/15/1839-1/21/1845 29.) Francis Rawn Shunk* (Democrat) 1/21/1845-7/09/1848 (Missing as of March 2018)
30.) William Freame Johnston** (Whig) 7/26/1848-1/20/1852

Box 58

31.) William Bigler (Democrat) 1/20/1852-1/16/1855
32.) James Pollock (Whig) 1/16/1855-1/19/1858
33.) William Fisher Packer (Democrat) 1/19/1858-1/15/1861
34.) Andew Gregg Curtin (Republican) 1/15/1861-1/15/1867
35.) John White Geary (Republican) 1/15/1867- 1/21/1873
36.) John Frederick Hartranft (Republican) 1/21/1873-1/18/1876 (Same as Item 38) 37.) Governor Shunk resigned July 9, 1848 (** there was an interregnum from July 9, 1848 to July 26, 1848 when Johnston took the oath) 38.) John Frederick Hartranft (Republican) 1/18/1876- 1/21/1879 (Same as Item 36) 39.) Henry Martin Hoyt (Republican) 1/21/1879- 1/16/1883
40.) Robert Emory Pattison (Democrat) 1/16/1883- 1/18/1887 (Same as Item 42)
41.) James Addams Beaver (Republican) 1/18/1887-1/20/1891
42.) Robert Emory Pattison (Democrat) 1/20/1891- 1/15/1895 (Same as Item 40)
43.) Daniel Hartman Hastings (Republican) 1/15/1895- 1/17/1899 44.) William Alexis Stone (Republican) 1/17/1899- 1/20/1903 45.) Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker (Republican) 1/20/1903- 1/15/1907 46.) Edwin Sydney Stuart (Republican) 1/15/1907- 1/17/1911
47.) John Kinley Tener (Republican) 1/17/1911- 1/19/1915
48.) Martin Grove Brumbaugh (Republican) 1/19/1915- 1/21/1919 49.) William Cameron Sproul (Republican) 1/21/1919- 1/16/1923 50.) Gifford Pinchot (Republican) 1/16/1923- 1/18/1927 (Same as Item 52)
51.) John Stuchell Fisher (Republican) 1/18/1927- 1/20/1931 52.) Gifford Pinchot (Republican) 1/20/1931- 1/15/1935 (Same as Item 50)
53.) George Howard Earle (Democrat) 1/15/1935- 1/17/1939
54.) Arthur Horace James (Republican) 1/17/1939- 1/19/1943
55.) Edward Martin (Republican)1/19/1943-1/03/1947 (Governor Martin resigned January 2, 1947 to take a seat in the United States Senate)
56.) John C. Bell Jr.(Republican) 1/02/1947- 1/21/1947 (John C. Bell Jr. became governor upon the resignation of Governor Edward Martin) 57.) James H. Duff (Republican) 1/21/1947- 1/16/1951
58.) John South Fine (Republican) 1/16/1951- 1/18/1955
59.) George Michael Leader (Democrat) 1/18/1955- 1/20/1959
60.) David Leo Lawrence (Democrat) 1/20/1959- 1/15/1963
61.) William Warren Scranton (Republican) 1/15/1963- 1/17/1967 (2 items)
62.) Raymond P. Shafer (Republican) 1/17/1967- 1/19/1971 63.) Milton J. Shapp (Democrat) 1/19/1971- 1/16/1979
box 38 T38.) Photo album relating to the Cowperwaite family (2 vols.) level 5 map case
T40.) Members of the State Senate in the Senate Chamber at the end of World War II, ca. April or May, 1945 (1 oversize item)
box 16

T41.) Memorial Stage setting for US Grant at time of his death; McCall & Kean, Reading (1 item) (folder 6-10)
T42.) The Birth of the Flag  (1 item) (folder 6-11)
T43.) Dom Pedro II of Brazil, Alexander Graham Bell at Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition (1876) (1 item) (folder 6-11)

box 20

T44.1) Members of the House of Representative, 1868, CS Rashon, Harrisburg (1 item)
T44.2) Hoyt, Henry M. (1 item)

box 16

T45.) Governor James' Inauguration (8 items) (folder 16-12)

box 20

T46.) Photo Album of members of the State Constitutional Convention, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 1872

level 5 map case 

T47.) Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1879-1880, 1891-1892, Composite, LaRue Lemer Photographer (1891) (1 item) box 21 T48.) Photo Album ca. 1870-1900 133 studio portrait cards of various officials in Pennsylvania State Government including Governors, Secretaries, Bureau Officials, Legislators (1 Vol.) 5-0685 box 63

T49.) Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1913-14 (framed) (1 item) box 16 T50.) Cabinet Cards of Members of the Pennsylvania. House of Representatives, 1887-1888 (14 items) (folder 16-13) level 5 mapcase

T51.) Governor William Sproul and members of his Cabinet, ca. 1920 Composite, Photographer Keystone Viewing County, Harrisburg (1 item) box 16 T52.) Governor George Leader, Inauguration, January 1957, by Charles Ague, Shippensburg, (22 negs.) (folder 16-14) box 22 T53.) Pennsylvania Week, 1950 Joseph Feagley Photographer (1 Vol. ) T54.) Grant's Funeral Procession passing up 5th Ave. Drawing (1 item), not found as of 6/14/01 level 5 mapcase

T55.) Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1883-1884 (composite) (1 item)level 5 mapcase

5-0685 box 63

T56.) Pages of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 1913-1914

5-Cab. 15A dr. 1

T57.) Photographic Print of Glasuha A. Grow, ca. 1863 (1 item)
T58.) Photographic Print of Oil on Canas Portrait of Glashuha A. Grow Painted by William A. Greaves, 1891 (1 item)
T59.) Photograph of Grove School, 1879 (1 item) box 26
folder 26-1
U1.) Captain Abraham Witherup and Elizabeth Phillips Witherup at House, Venango County. Captain Witherup commanded the 7th County, 132nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, War of 1812 (includes handwritten description) (1 item in poor condition) U2.) Major Samuel Cooper (1 item) level 5 map case

U3.) Flagship Niagara, not found as of 7/3/01
box 54 11-1736

U4.) Portrait of William F. Harrity, Pennsylvania Secretary of State, 1891-1895, Chair of Democratic National Committee, 1892-1918 (1 item)

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