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Merle H. Deardorff Collection

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Merle H. Deardorff Collection

MAPS, 1544-1968, [undated]. (3 boxes).

box 1

[1544] [World Map (section) showing coast of N.A., by Sebatian Cabot], photostat, 12x16.

[1572?] [Map of Florida and Mexico, and the Land in between], photostst, 9 x 11.

1623 Map of New Netherland, by Nicholas J. Visscher, 2 photostats, 16x17 ea.

1632 "Carte de la nouvelle france . . ., by Sr. de Champlain, photostat, 12x21.

1634 "Certe Universelle Hydrographique; Failte par Jean Guerard," photostat, 13x17.

1643 "Description de La Nouvelle France, by Jean Boisseau," photostat, 9x13.

1656 "Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, etc.., by N. Sanson, 2 photostats, 8x12 and 16x22.

1670 "Carte du Pays Que M.M. Dollier de Casson et de Galinee . . .," by Mr. dr Galinee, photostat, 8x13.

[1679] "Carte du Pays des Iroquois, by J.B.L. F[ranquelin]," photostat, 9x12.

[168?] "Pays des Iroquois, Carte faite conformement a la description du pays des Iroquois qu en a fait le R.P. Rafeix . . .," by Raffeix, photostat, 7x10.

[168?] "Parties Les Plus Occidentals du Canada," by Raffeix, photostat, 11x15.

1680 [Carte D'une Grande Partie du Canada depuis Quebec jusqu'aux fond di Lac Superieur et du Lac Nipissing an Nord . . . ,] True copy of a tracing of the original Archives of Quebec Summary, No. 65 by P.M. O'Leary, Quebec, May 4, 1911, 3 photostats, 14x18 ea.

[1680] [Carte d'une Partie di Canada Depuis Quebec jusqu'au fond du Lac Superieur du Lac Nipissing au Nord, jusqu'aux sources de La R. Chesapeack,] copied by P.L. Morin, No. 20, 6 photostats, 18x22 ea.

[after 1680] [Map of Lake Erie and the surrounding area by Bernau], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. 48, photostat, 10x23.

[after 1680] [Map of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area, by Bernau], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. 50, photostat, 10x16.

[after 1680] [Map of Lake Superieur and the surrounding area, by Bernau], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. B46, photostat, 7x10.

[after 1680] [Map of Lake Ontario and the surrounding area, by Bernau], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. B43, photostat, 7x10.

[after 1680] [Map of Lake Champlain, St, Lawrence River, N.Y., N. England, part of the Iroquois country, by Bernau], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. 45, photostat, 7x10.

1684 "Carte de la Louisiane ou Des Voyages du Sr. De LaSalle . . .," by Jean Baptiste Louis Franquelin, 4 photostats, 15x18 ea.

[1685] "Carte de la Louisiane," by Minet, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. C4, photostat, 11x16.

1686 "Amerique Septentrion, III, Composee Corrigee et Augmenter . . .," by J. Baptista Louis Franquelin, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4040-6, photostat, 15x16.

1688 "Le Lac Ontario avec les lieux circonvoisins and particulierement les Cinq Nations Iroquoises," by Lannee, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No.B64, photostat, 9x12.

1688 "Le Lac Ontario . . .," redrawn from M.P.M. O'Leary, 1897, photostat, 14x19.

[17--] [Manuscript map of North America], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4049 - No. B32, photostat, 11x15.

1700 "A Mappe of Colonel Rombers Voyage to Ye 5 Indian Nations," copied from the original by Richard Sims, Lith. by G. Hayward, 171 Pearl St, New York, photostat, 17x22.

1717 "Extract from Carte Generale de la Louisiane, ou du Miciscipi par le Sr. Vermale cydevant Cornette de Dragons," tracing furnished by Francis J. Audet, March 15, 1935, 2 photostats, 9x17 ea.

1717 "Carte Generale de la Louisiane ou du Miciscipi dresse sur plusieurs memoires et dessinee le Sr. Vernale cydevant Cornette de Dragons," 1717, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4040 - No. 41, photostats, 12x18.

1718 "A Map of the Country of the Five Nations belonging to the Province of New York and the Lakes near which the nations . . .," by M. Delisle, 1718, printed by Wm. Bradford, New York, 1724, photostat, 13x16.

1725 [Map of the Great Lakes, extending from New York to the Illinois Country, and North to Hudson Bay], fait a quebec ce 28.8 tre 1725, Chaussegro de Lery, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. B15, Karpinski, XIII, 667.

1726 "Carte du Lac Ontario," 1726, Donne par M. de Lery fils 1752, photostat, 14x16.

[1728] "A Map of the Country of the Five Nations belonging to the Province of New York . . .," by [Hon. Cadwalder Colden, Published in London, 1928], 2 photostats, 9x15; 2 printed facsimiles 1952?, 10x12.

1728 [De Lery's Map of Lake Ontario, 1728], (In: An Old Frontier of France, by Frank Severance, Vol. 1, p. 236, photostat, 13x18.

1731 "Detinatio Pennsylbaniae et Caesareae Nov Occident Seu West N. Jersey in America,: Jonas Sillverberg, Sculp (In: Dissertatio Gradualis de Plantatione Ecclesiae Svexanae in America, up saliae, 1731], photostat, 9x10.

1733 [America Septemtrionalis, A Map of the British Empire in America . . ., by Hon Popple], photostat, 12x16.

1740 "Carte Particulire d'une parne de la belle Riviere et de la Routte que le Detachment du Canada a tenu depuis le Saut de Nigara . . .," De Lery files and de Mandeville, 1740, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. C54, 2 photostats, 8x12 ea.

1744 "Carte des Lacs du Canada," N. Bellin, 1744, photostat, 12x18.

1744 "Carte de La Louisiane Cours du Mississippi et Pais Voisins," by N. Bellin, 1744, photostat, 14x18.

1746 "Amerique Septemtrionale, Publiee Sous les Auspices de Monseigneur Le Duc D'Orleans . . .," Par Sr. D'Anville, 3 photostats, 13x17 ea.

1749 "Carte d'un Voyage Fait dins La'Belle Riviere en la Nouelle France, MDCCXLIX," par le Reverend Bonnecamps, Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044, photostat, 12x14.

1749 "A Map of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Thru Delaware Counties, by Lewis Evans, MDCCLIX," photostat, 13x17.

[1753] [Map of western Pennsylvania, showing Fort Presque Isle, Fort Le Boeuf, Venango, and other points on Washington's route]," with a note: "The French are now coming from their forts . . .," Add. MS 15563, photostat, 14x17.

1754 "Captain Snow's Scetch of the country by Himself, and the best accounts he could receive from the Indian Traders, 1754," photostat, 8x12.

1755 "A general Map of the Middle British Colonies, in America . . .," by Lewis Evans, 1755, photostat, 12x15.

[1755?] "A Map of the western parts of the colony of Virginia," [undated], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. 32, photostat, 9x11.

1755 "Cours de l'Ohio Depuis sa Source jusqu'a sa Jonction avee la Riviere d'Ouabache . . .," [N. Bellin], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4044 - No. C87, photostat, 11x15.

[1755] [Manuscript map of western Pennsylvania, showing French forts and the route from Fort Cumberland to Lake Erie], B.M. Add. MS 15563a,] photostat, 11x18 and copy of the same by C. Pettigrew at P.R.A., December 1927, a correct copy H.P. Bigger, 17.1.28 (Adm. Lib., America, Vol. 1, Map No. 19) photostat, 10x16.

1755 "Carte du Cours de L'Ohio ou La Belle Riviere . . .," by N. Bellin, 1755. photostat, 11x16.

[1755] [Ohio Country] "Drawn by Chegere (the Indian) who says he has travell'd through the country," 2 photostats, 14x16 ea.

[1755] "A Draft of the Ohio from an Indian Account," with MHD's interpretations of names, photostat, 15x17.

[before 1755] [Manuscript map of French forts from Quebec to Detroit] copied by C. Pettigrew at P.R.O., December 1927, Adm. Lib. America, Vol. 1, Map No. 18, photostat, 14x17.

[ca. 1757-58] [Plan and Map of Niagara, begin January 14, 1756 and finished October 12, 1757], 6 photostats, 18x24 ea.

[ca. 1758] [Map of N.A. from Lake Huron to the Ohio River and from Maryland to the St. Lawrence River showing the French forts and the Forbes and Braddock roads], Paris: Service Hyd. Bib. MS 4040, 2 photostats, 15x23 ea.

box 2

[1759] [Manuscript plan of Fort Machault, called Venango Fort with explanations,] photostat, 10x16.

[ca. 1759] [Sketch of the country from Fort Duquesne ro Niagara as described by an intelligent Indian who had resided there for a considerable time], photostat, 12x15.

1759 "Carte des Possessions Angloises and Francoises du Continant de L'Amerique Septemtrionale," par. I, J. Palaire Londres, revised by John Rocque, 2 photostats, 14x18 ea.

[1760?] [Manuscript map showing New York, part of Pennsylvania and Ohio, with forts, roads, trails and Indian villages, 1760?], Paris Guerre Etat Majorn 7B59-1.26.167, 3 photostats, 15x21.

1764 "A Sketch of the several Indian roads leading from Fort Pitt to Sioto, Lake Erie Ic Taka from a Draft made on a tour through the Country in 1764, by Mr. Hutchins then in the Indian Department," Guy Johnson, photostat, 9x14.

[1765] "A Map of the Country on the Ohio and Muskingham Rivers showing the Situation of the Indian Towns with respect to the Army under the command of Colonel Bouquet," by Thos. Hutchins, Asst. Engineer (In: Smith, Historical Account . . ., London, 1766, facimile reprint, Cincinnati), photostat, 14x17.

1765 "A Map of the Country from the the Western Lakes to the Eastern parts of the Center Colonies of North America, 1765," 2 photostats, 18x24.

1768 "Map of the Frontiers of the Northern Colonies with the Boundary Line established between them and the Indians at the Treaty held by S. Wilt Johnson at Fort Stanwix in November 1768," photostat, 9x13.

1768 "A Sketch of part of the Province of New York, exhibiting the Boundary Line established at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, November 5, 1768," S. Metcalfe de'r, Public Records Office, London, Colonial Office, New York, 34, photostat, 8x11.

1768 "Map of the Country from the 40th Deg. of Latitude to Lake Ontario, comprehending New York, New Jersey to Pennsylvania with the residences of the Six Nations, Drawn at Fort Stanwix by Guy Johnson, October 1768," copied at Quebec, 1947, J. Hall, photostat, 16x23 (WPA - M-100-L-36)

[ca. 1768] [MHD's Ms. drawing from courses in Hutchins, Fort Charteris Journal, November 15, 1768], photostat, 12x15.

1770 " . . . Map of the Province of Pennsylvania . . ., by W. Scull," printed by James Nevil, April 4, 1770, Philadelphia, photostat, 9x13.

1771 "A New and Accurate Map of Part of North America, Comprehending the Provinces of New England, New York, Pensulvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Part of Virginia, Canada, and Hallifax, For the Illustration of Mr. Peter Kalm's Travels," photostat, 15x20.

1784 "Sketch Showing Districts of the Last Purchase of 1784 East of Allegheny, First Northumberland Lotter followed by Last Purchase Warrants," by Warren Daniel fir M.H. Deardorff, September 23, 1942, photostat, 6x11.

1785 "A Map of the north west parts of the United States of America . . .," by John Fitch, photostat, 12x16.

1786 "Vacant Land in District No. 5 near Venango, February 7, 1786," tracing, 9x12.

1787 "Part of the State of Pennsylvania, to the Hon'ble Josiah Harmar, Esq. . . ., by Hon'a Heart, Capt., Inset: Fort Franklin," photostat, 16x22.

1787 "A Map of the country between Albemarle sound, and Lake Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania . . .," Republished by J.W. Randolph, Richmond, VA, 1853, photostat, 16x17.

1787 "Deaught of the two tracts of land Hospitality and good Luck in the Northwestern Part of Pennsylvania, granted by the G.A. of State to the Society of the United Brethren . . .," 3 photostats, 9x14.

[ca. 1791] [Map of Northwestern Pennsylvania, showing streams, old State line, and Indian Villages] by John Adlum [ca. 1790], 2 items, 1 printed, 9x11 and 1 photostat, 13x16.

[1792] "A Map Exhibiting a General View of Roads and Inland Navigation of Pennsylvania . . ., by John Adlum and John Wallis," [undated], 4 photostats, 18x23 ea.

[1792] [Northwestern Pennsylvania and the Genesee Lands of New York]," reduced from Adlum and Wallis's large map of 1792, photostat, 9x10.

[ca. 1792] [Pennsylvania Population Company Map showing the Pennsylvania-Ohio line, forts and part of Ohio," photostat, 13x16.

[ca. 1793] "Map of the Districts West of the River Allegheny - State of Pennsylvania," showing lands of the Pennsylvania Population Company and Donation Lands, 4 photostats, 9x15.

[ca. 1793-94] "Map of Part of the State of New York with Parts of the Adjacent States, Made in 1793-94, by John Adlum and John Wallis," copied from the original, 1861, photostat, 15x25.

[ca. 1794] [Part of the United States of North America with inset of South Carolina and Georgia," photostat, 17x19.

1794 Canandaigua Treaty, November 11, 1794," 2 photostats, 18x21 ea.

1795 Erie and Outlots, (Irvine and Ellicott), tracing papers, 10x11 ea.

1795 "A Plan of the Town of Franklin with the Out Lots," ca. 1801, blueprint, 29x38.

1795 "A Map of the Late Cayuga Reservation Surveyed into lots generally of 250 acres each, 1795," photostat, 11x18.

1796 "Courses and Distances of the Road Leading from the Bald Eagles Nest to the Town of Erie . . .," by Wilson and Ellicott, photostat, 8x10, 16x23.

[ca. 1796] [Manuscript Map of the Western Reserve and Western Pennsylvania by John Heckewelder], from the Papers of General Moses Cleaveland in the possession of his son-in-law Samuel G. Morgan, Norwich, Conn., Sept. 1849 - C.W.), photostat, 13x23.

1796 "Map or General Draft of the Six Districts situated on the eastern side of the Allegheny River, representing the situation of the lands surveyed for Messrs. Wilhem Willinkm etc., /may 1796," photostat, 17x22.

1799 "A General Draft of Surveys included in the Reserve adjoining the Town of Warren surveyed . . ., May 18, 1799," photostat, 14x17.

book 3

1801 Bond, Teyconha - Cornplanter's son, July 23, 1801.

1801 "A correct Plan of the Town of Warren and Out Lots," by Wm. Irvine and Andrew Ellicott, photostat, 20x28.

1802-1814 "Warren Town Lots," List of purchases, photostats, 14x19.

1803 "Town of Warren Certificates for lots 51 and 499," March 1, 1803, photostat, 15x16.

1803 Patents for lots 51, 387, 510 to Cornplanter's nephew, March 2, 1803, 3 photostats, 17x22 ea.

1804 Patents for lots 139, 204, 542, 545 to potted Spotted Goat and Silver Heels, August 23, 1804, 6 photostats, 16x22 ea.

1807 Certified copy of "Last Land Surveyed for the Holland Company, August 19, 1807, photostat, 18x20.

[after 1815] "From the actual survey - a map of Warren County, by Samuel Gale," photostat, 14x23.

1820 "A Map of Warren County, by J. Irwin, D.S., 1820," photostat, 17x23.

1827 Patent of Martin Reese, April 24, 1827, photostat, 16x18.

1828 "Survey of the Allegheny River from Franklin to Pittsburgh . . . by Lieut. Berrien," 2 photostats, 8x17 ea.

1830 "Draft of a State Road from the Town of Warren . . . to the Milesburg and Smithport turnpike road at or near Ridgeways settlement in Jefferson Cpinty . . .," April 6, 1830, Original in Record Group 12, WD77, Pennsylvania State Archives, 5 photostats, 9x23 ea.

1836 "Map of Warren County," by A.H. Ludlow, photostat, 15x23.

1838 "Map of Warren County, Pennsylvania," by Andrew H. Ludlow, Inset: Town of Warren and City Point, photostat, 16x22.

1852 [Northeastern part of Pennsylvania] from Otley, photostat, 14x19.

1865 "A New Map of the United States of America," by J.H. Young, printed facsimile, 17x27.

[1865] [Map of Warren County with Out Lots of Warren Borough, 1865], printed, 17x21.

[1865] "Map of the Oil Region of Venango County, Pennsylvania," published by J.P. Skelly, photostat, 17x26.

[ca. 1865] "The Valley of Oil Creek," photostat, 13x23.

1870 Patent to Robert Lamberton, et. al., April 1, 1870, 2 photostats, 11x17 ea.

1922 "Map showing location of the land purchased from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Wilken Willenk, et. al. (Holland Land Company)," constructed in the Land Office, May 1922 by Warren J. Daniels, photostat, 14x19.

1929 "Ye Territory of Rich Diversfield Resources served by Niagara Power Service," printed in color, 16x22.

1931 "A Map of the Seneca Villages and the Jesuit and French contacts, 1615-1708, 1931, printed, 21x27.

[ca. 1935] "Historical Map of the Old Northwest Territory," printed in color, 17x23.

[ca. 1935] "Trail, Fort Presque Isle ro Fort Le Boeuf," photostat, 7x10 (WPA Frontier Forts and Trails Survey M-100-M-47)

1936 "Map of Warren, Pennsylvania by C.W. Barvis, C.E., 2 printed copies having MHD's notations, 12x14 ea.

1937 "Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania," printed, 27x29.

1940 "Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania," by R.S. Shaw, printed, 14x20.

1941 "Map of North American Indian Languages," by Voegelin, printed, 35x36.

1941 "Warren County, Pa.," by A,N. Goldfinch, December 1941, blueprint, 29x39.

1942 "Allegheny National Forest and Purchase Unit, Penna.," printed, 25x27.

1942 "Ta-Non-Ka's Indians of the Paper Country," printed in color, 22x33.

1952 "Cornplanter's Kingdom - The Allegheny National Forest and Environs," printed, 19x25.

1965 "Stream Map of Pennsylvania," by Higbee, printed, 34x57.

1968 "Map of Warren, Pennsylvania and Vicinity," printed, 17x20.

[undated] "Map of the Valley of the Allegheny River," P. Haas Lith., photostat, 12x14.

[undated] Tracing of Warren, Forest and Clarion Counties, photostat, 6x10.

[undated] [Map of the Northwest Territory], photostat, 7x10.

[undated] "French Map of Western Pennsylvania," photostat, 9x13.

[undated] "Plan of the Town of Waterford," by A. Ellicott, photostat, 13x15.

[undated] [March from Fort Pitt to Presque Isle], after 1758, photostat, 13x18.

[undated] unidentified [Bernou composite maps?], 7 photostats, 14x19 ea.

Topographic Maps: Scale 1.625000:
Belmont, New York, 1925, 1943.
Chautauqua, New York, 1947.
Corning, New York, 1939.
Coudersport, Pennsylvania, [undated].
Elkland, New York, [undated].
Elmira, New York, 1944.
Gaines, New York, [undated].
Genesee, New York, [undated].
Greenwood, New York, [undated].
Jamestown, New York, 1944.
Kinzua, Pennsylvania and New York, 1949.
Olean, New York, 1943.
Randolph, New York, 1945.
Salamanca, New York, 1900?, 1942.
Sayre, pennsylvania, 1948.
Tidioute, 1941.
Tonawanda, New York, 1944.
Troy, New York, 1947.
Warren, Pennsylvania, 1921, 1958.
Waverly, New York, 1943.
Wellsville, New York, [undated].
Woodhull, New York, [undated].
Youngsville, Pennsylvania-New York, 1929.

{series #220m.8}


Merle H. Deardorff Collection

PRIVATE PAPERS, 1838-1969 (1 box, 1 oversize box and 18 card boxes).

box 1

Books and Pamphlets, 1838-1906
"Annual Bradford County Historical Report . . .," Towanda, 1906, 108 pp. (folder 1)
Banking Service, 1926-1928, New Brunswick, June 1940
Burrowes, Thomas B, Fourth Annual Report of the Common Schools, Acadamies and Colleges of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg: Barrett, Packer and Oarks, 1838, 64 pp.
"Drawbaugh Telephone and Telegraph Company," Printed for private use only, 1884.
Elmquist, Holger N., An Economic Survey of Warren County as a Background for ...
"Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Division, Summer Excursion Routes, Season of 1876." 38 pp.
Perkins, George R., Phinney's Calendar or Western Almanac, Buffalo, NY: Phinney and Co., 1859.
Porter, Henry H. Porter's Health Almanac, for 1832: Calculated Generally for All Parts of the United States, 80 pp.
Miscellaneous -9 items (folder 2)
Indian Illustrations - 9 items (folder 3)
Black Hawk, Dull Knife, Geronimo, Osceola, Quanah Parker, Red Cloud, Red Jacket, Sitting Bull, Tecumseh, Yoholo-Mecco - 10 portraits in color in addition to Catlin's Indian Gallery, 12 x 12 ea. and 2 pamphlets in Indian paintings.
Invitations and Programs, 1937-1969 - 14 items (folder 4)
1941, 1947, 1965, incl. Antiques, October 1947; House and Garden, 1941; Romanization Guide, 1965 - 5 items (folder 6)
1866, 1966, incl. Cornplanter Monument notice, August 15, 1866 and Kinzua Dam, 1966.
Bus Trip, unidentified Revolutionary War General, E. Witmore, Galento-Louis Fight Compliments - 6 items (folder 7)
Warren County:
Books, 1918, 1963, [undated] (folder 8)
Cobham, Henry, Ourselves, [undated], Warren, PA Mirror Print, 74 pp.
"Ordinances of the Borough of Warren, Pennsylvania," 1918, 61 pp.
"Recreation in Warren, PA, The Allegheny Reservoir," 1963, 26 pp.
"Foust Camps in Allegheny National Forest, Pennsylvania," [undated].
"Stepping Stones," 1957-1963 (Vol. 3, No. 3; Vol. 6, Nos. 1, 4; Vol. 8, No. 1; Vol. 9, No. 1; Vol. 11, No. 3, Vol. 14, No. 3 - 9 items (folder 9)
Articles by Deardorff - "Kinzoo or Kinzoo-Ah?" Vol. 11, No. 2; "Old Map Suggests Tidioute as Locale for Jayinus," Vol. 13, No. 3.
"Henry Obail p 1774-1832, 'The Young Cornplanter,'" Vol. 14, No. 3.
1949, General Joseph Warren, Countryside Near Warren, Warren City Streets, 1794 Pickerings Treaty, Cornplanter Monument, Ezra Jacobs, Street Cars, Chair Factory Workers, etc. - 19 items (folder 10)
1923-1952 - 9 items (folder 11)
An Economic Survey of Warren County, 1926-1938 (folder 12)

box 1 (oversize)

Photocopies of maps, surveys and patents (1 folder)
Photographs of Cornplanter monument, John Adlum, Samuel Kirkland House (4 items)
Oversize illustrations incl. Catlin's "Indian Gallery."
Photograph of crowd scene in Warren County [undated] (1 item)

Merle Deardorff Personal Card Files
box 1 General A-D
box 2 General D-M
box 3 General M-S
box 4 General S-Z
box 4 Place Names A
box 5 Place Names B-C
box 6 Place Names D-Me
box 7 Place Names M-T
box 8 Place Names T-Z
box 8 Indian Names A-C
box 9 Indian Names D-K
box 10 Indian Names L-S
box 11 Indian Names T-Z
box 11 Trees A-Z
box 11 Words A
box 12 Words B-S
box 13 Words Misc.
box 13 Cornplanter A-S
box 14 Cornplanter T-Z
box 14 Kiasutha A-Z
box 14 Handsome Lake A-P
box 15 Handsome Lake Q-Z
box 15 Indian Names Xeroxed Cards Misc.
box 16 Indian Names Xeroxed Cards Misc.
box 17 General Xeroxed Cards Misc.
box 18 Unidentified

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