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J. Horace McFarland Papers

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J. Horace McFarland Papers
American Civic Association


box 1

Abbott, Alvaretta P. Librarian, Free Punlic Library, Atlantic City, NJ, Janyary 26, 1915 (1 folder)
Abbott, Edward A. Chattanooga, TN., 1913, 1916
Abbott, Ernest Hamlin, Secy., The Outlook, NYC, 1918
Abbott, Dr. Lawrence F., Pres., The Outlook, NYC, 1914-1921 (1 folder)
Aberdeen, Countess H.E., Pres., Women's National Health Assoc. of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, 1914
Ackland, Rochard E., Columbus, OH, 1919 (1 folder)
Adams, Mrs. J.Q., New Brighton, NY, 1913
Adams, Linville L., Kansas City, MO., 1917
Adams, Thomas, Conservation Commission, Ottawa, Canada, 1916, 1918-1919, 1924
Adams, W.E. NYC, December 11, 1918
Ahlborn, Emil, Boston, MA, March 31, 1917
Ahlstrom, C.F., Pres., Whitlock Printing Press Manufacturing Co., Derby, CT., 1913
Aikens, D.L. Assist. Civic Secy., City Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1916
Albert, F.P., Alpine on Hudson, NJ, 1908 (1 folder)
Alden, Raymond M. Prof., Columbia University, NYC, 1919
Alexander, John W., Chairman, American Federation of Arts, Washington, D.C., 1915
Alexander, William, Secy., City Club, Philadelphia, PA, 1918-1919
Allen, Mrs. George J., Pres., Civic League, Rochester, MN, 1913
Allen, Dr. John S., NYC, November 12, 1917 (1 folder)
Allen, Leslie H., Aberthaw Construction Co., Boston, MA, 1918

Allen Seeger Oark Committee, 1921

-Morton, T. Roy, District Forester, Petersburg, PA, 1921
-Stuart, Robert Y., Deputy Commissioner, Dept. of Forestry, Harrisburg, PA, 1921 (incl. photograph of Allen Seeger)

Allen, Walter C., Electrical Engineer, Washington, D.C., March 10, 1914
Allison, Mrs. A.C., Metuchin, NJ, 1914
Allison, Clement, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1914, 1918
American Medical Association, Chicago, IL, December 23, 1914
American News Company, NYC, 1913-1914
Ames, Charles W., Pres., West Publishing Co., St. Paul, MN., 1915-1917, 1919
Anderson, Miss Lola, Landscape Architect, Kingsport, TT., 1919
Andrews, Charles W., Attorney, Syracuse, NY, 1913
Analey, Miss Elizabeth, Editor, Mother's Magazine, Elgin, IL, 1915-1917
Appleton, D. and Co., Publishers, NYC, 1916 (1 folder)
Appleton, Rev. Floyd, St. Paul's Rectory, Harrisburg, PA, 1915
Arbt, Max P., Allendale, NJ, May 1, 1914
Arnold, E.S., Post Office Dept., Washington, D.C., 1918
Arnold, Frank A., Pres., Suburban Press, NYC, 1913
Arnold, Sheffield A., Landscape Architect, Boston, MA, 1918
Aronoivici, Dr. Carol, Secy., Suburban Planning Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1914
Artieda, Mrs. Helen S., Ex. Secy., Public Welfare League, Oakland, CA, 1915
Ashley, H.W., Osterville, MA, 1913
Askew, Miss Elizabeth, Secy, Tampa Civic Assoc., Tampa, FL, 1913
Asplund, Miss Ellen, Ridgway, PA, 1913
Aston, Taggart, Engineer, San Francisco, CA, 1916
Atkins, Frederick L., Bobbink and Atkins, Importers, Rutherford, NJ, 1916, 1919
Atwood, Harry F., Lecturer, Chicago, IL, 1917
Auburn, Journal, Editor, Auburn, NY, March 18, 1920 (1 folder)
Augustine, A.M., Secy, Illinois State Horticultural Society, Normal, IL, 1915-1916
Ault, L.A., Ault and Willorg Co., Cincinnati, OH, 1913, 1918
Aust, Franz A., University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI., 1916-1917, 1919
Austin, O.P., Secy., National Geographic Society, Washington, D.C., 1915
Ayers, E.J., Clerk, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 1919
Babcock, Mrs. C.E., Pres., Junior Civic League, Necedah, WI., 1913 (1 folder)
Babcock, Clinton L., Vice Pres., Bureau of Univ. Travel, Boston, MA (Incl. A National Parks Tour, under the auspices of the American Civic Association) 1916
Bacher, J.G., Manager, Swiss Floral Co., Portland, OR., 1913
Bade, Dr. Wm. Frederic, Pacific Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA, 1913, 1915
Bagnell, Dr. Robert, Harrisburg, PA, April 22, 1919
Bailey, Edward, Pres., Harrisburg National Bank, Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1917, 1919
Bailey, Edward P., Chicago, IL, July 17, 1913
Bailey, Frederic S., Bookseller, Syracuse, NY, 1914
Bailey, Dr. L.H., Ithaca, NY, 1917, 1920
Bailey, Wm. E., Commissioner, Park Commission, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Baker and Taylor Co., NYC, 1914 (1 folder)
Baker, A.T., Shipping Orders to A.C.A., 1915-1916
Baker, Alfred L. and Co., Stocks, Bonds, Grain, Chicago, IL, 1913, 1915
Baker, Hon. George L., Commissioner, Portland, OR., 1916
Baker, Dr. Hugh P., Dean, Y.Y. State College of Forestry, Syracuse, NY, 1914-1917, 1919, 1921
Baker, Mrs. J.B., Fort Worth, TX, 1915
Baker, M.N., Editor, Engineering News, NYC., 1914, 1917-1918
Baker, Hon. Newton D., Secretary of War, Washington, D.C., January 26, 1917 (copy)
Baker, W. Harry, Secy., Pennsylvania Senate, Harriksburg, PA, February 3, 1915
Baldensperger, H.L., National Committe on Prisons and Prison Labor, Washington, D.C., 1917
Baldwin, Elbert F., The Outlook, NYC, 1918, 1920
Ball, Charles B., Dept. of Health, City Hall, Chicago, IL, 1921
Ballard, C.M., Acting Chief of Publications, Forest Service, Washington, D.C., 1918
Bancroft, Wm. P., Member of Ex. Board, A.C.A., Wilmington, DE, 1913-1915, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Bange, H.M., Hanolver, PA, 1916
Bannwart, Carl, Secy, Shade Tree Commission, Newark, NJ, 1913, 1915-1916
Barker, Henry A., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Providence, RI, 1921
Barnard, H.W., Secy., Tax Association, Oakland, CA, 1916 (1 folder)
Barnes, P.T., Pittsburgh, PA, 1914
Barr, B.F., Lancaster, PA, May 15, 1920
Barr, Dr. Martin W., Elwyn, PA, July 29, 1915
Barr, Ralph, Amanda, OH, 1914
Barrett, Hon. John T., Secy. Gen., 2nd Pan American Scientific Congress, July 18, 1915
Barron, Leonard, Editor, The Garden Magazine, Garden City, NY, 1913, 1915, 1921
Barry, Herbert, Secy, National Security League, NYC, 1918
Barth, F.F., Ex. Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Beaver Falls, PA, 1919
Bartholomew, Harlan, Engineer, City Plan Commission, St. Louis, MO., October 13, 1919
Battelle, Col. James Gordon, Pres., Columbus Iron and Steel Co., Columbus, OH, 1916-1917
Beahm, Miss Sara, Nokesville, VA, 1915
Bean, Harry M., Phoenix, AZ., March 4, 1915
Beard, Daniel Carter, Pres., Dan Beard Outdoor Scout School, Flushing, Long Island, NY, 1915-1916
Beardsley, Mrs. J.W., Secy., National Economic League, Boston, MA, 1921
Becht, Dr. J. George, 1st Dep. StateSupt., Dept of Public Instruction, Harrisburg, PA, 1921 (1 folder)
Beck, Dr. Emil G., Chicago, IL, 1917, 1919 (Incl. "Recriprocal Representation In a World's Court and International Bonding, Remedies Against Recurrance of War," typed, 26 pp.)
Beckwith, Mrs. Daniel, Providence, RI, 1913, 1915
Bedford, Scott, E.W., Secy., American Sociological Society, Chicago, IL, 1914
Beere, Joseph, Chairman, N.Y. State Civil Service Assoc., Brooklyn, NY, 1912-1913
Beidleman, Hon. Edward E., Lt. Gov. and Senator of PA, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1917, 1919
Beirly, Dr. Alfred, Chicago, IL, 1913
Beishline, L.F., Chairman, Civic Association, Sharon, PA, 1915
Belden, Wm. P., Ishpeming, Mich., January 30, 1913 (copy)
Bell, A.T., YMCA, Atlantic City, NJ, 1916-1917
Bell, Frank, Secy., Penna. Good Roads Assoc., Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Benbow, Wm. C., Portland, OR, January 3, 1912
Benn, Mrs. Eugenia G., Dept. of Agriculture, Harrisburg, PA, 1918
Bennethum, W.H., Jr., Harrisburg, PA, February 23, 1917
Bennett, Edward H., Architect, Chicagom IL, 1919 (1 folder)
Bennett, R. Nelson, Attorney, Wilkes Barre, PA, 1913-1916, 1920
Bentley, Mrs. Sadie, Almonesson, NJ, 1916 (1 folder)
Berckmans, L.A., Aigusta, GA, 1914
Bernheim, Isaac W., Louisville, KY, 1917
Berrey, Everett M., Gen. Agent, U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co., Luray, VA, 1917
Berry, M.F., Gen. Manager, American Express Co., NYC, 1914
Berwald, John, Davenport, IA, 1913
Bestor, Arthur E., Director, Committee on Public Information, Washington, D.C., 1917-1918
Biddle, Edward W., Philadelphia, PA, February 28, 1921 (1 folder)
Biddle, Mrs. Edward W., Vice Pres., A.C.A., Carlisle, PA 1913-1921
Bigelow, Edward F., State Highway Commissioner, Harrisburg, May 14, 1914 (1 folder)
Bigger, Frederick Thomas, Assist. Secy., Art Commission, Pittsburgh, PA, 1914, 1917
Biles, George H., Deputy State Highway Commissioner, Harrisburg, PA, 1917
Bingham, Stillman H., Editor, Duluth Herald, Duluth, MN., 1916
Binkerd, Robert S., City Club, NYC, 1914, 1917
Bird, F.W. and Son, East Walpole, MA, May 28, 1913
Bird, Wm. A. IV, Editor, Good Government, NYC, 1918
Bitler, F.L., PA Forestry Association, Philadelphia, PA. 1915
Blachly, F.F., Secy., Oklahoma Municipal League, Norman, OK., 1918
Black, Hon., Ransey S., PA House of Representatives, Harrisburg, PA, 1917
Black, Hon., Frank B., State Highway Commissioner, Harrisburg, PA, 1917
Black, Russel V., City Planning Commissioner, Akron, OH, 1920
Black, Walter C., Wholesale and Retail Nurseries, Hightstown, NJ, 1919
Blackburn, Miss Mildred R., State Normal School, California, PA, 1914
Blackiston, G.P., Publicity Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Canton, OH, 1915
Blain, W.W., Secy., Commercial Club, Everett, WA., 1916
Blair, Harry M., Phoenix, AZ., Feb. 19, 1915
Blair, Dr. J.C., University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, 1915-1916
Blakiston, Miss Emma, Fort Washington, PA, 1913, 1915
Blanchard, C.J., U.S. Reclamation Service, Dept. of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 1912-1913 (1 folder)
Blossom, Harold Hill, Chairman, American Society of Landscape Architects, Brookline, MA, 1917
Boardman, Hon. Mabel T., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Washington, D.C., September 17, 1920 (1 folder)
Boardman, Miss R.C., Huntington, NY, 1915, 1917-1919
Bodine, H.S., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Fort Wayne, IN., 1921
Bok, Edward Wm., Editor, The Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia, PA, 1912-1917, 1919-1921
Bond, Mrs. Robert, McAlister, OK., 1913 (1 folder)
Borden, Sir Robert L., Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, December 3, 1916
Bosbyshell, Col. Oliver C., PA Public School Memorial Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Bosler, Mrs. J. Herman, Carlisle, PA, 1915
Bouton, Mrs., E.H., Baltimore, MD, 1913
Bowen, Mrs. E.W., Delphi, IN., 1919
Bowlby, H.L., Pres., American Road Builders' Assoc., Washington, D.C., 1922
Bowman, Charles L. and Co., Booksellers, NYC, 1914
Bowman, Harry F., Dept. of Public Safety, Harrisburg, PA, 1914
Bowman, Isaiah, Director, American Geographical Society, NYC, 1921
Bowman, Hon., J. Sm., Mayot, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1917
Bowman, Ralph, Director, Bureau of Municipal Research, Philadelphia, PA, 1915
Boyce, Miss Etta Estey, Sioux Falls, SD, 1913
Boyd, D. Knickerbocker, Architect, Philadelphia, PA, 1917
Boyle, Cornelius, Secy., Town Council, Summit Hill, PA, 1914
Braddock, J. Harold, Ex. Secy., American City Bureau, NYC, August 8, 1913 (1 folder)
Bradley, Mrs. Alice, Cleveland, OH, 1914
Bradley, Mrs. Robert S., Boston, MA, 1913, 1918, 1920
Brady, John T., Harrisburg, PA, February 3, 1913
Brakett, J.R., Boston, MA, July 16, 1913
Bramlee, M.E., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Winchester, VA, 1918
Braucher, Howard S., Secy., War Camp Community Service, NYC, 1921
Bray, Frank Chapin, Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., NYC, 1913, 1921
Brazier, Miss E. Josephine, Philadelphia, PA, July 16, 1919
Breitinger, J. Louis, Chief Censor, PA State Board of Censors, Harrisburg, PA, 1914
Brett, George P., Pres., Macmillan Co., NYC, 1914
Bretzman, Charles F., Photographer, Indianapolis, IN., 1913
Brewer, Franklin N., Chairman, People's Assoc. of PA, Philadelphia, PA, May 6, 1919
Brigham, Johnson, Iowa State Library, Des Moines. IA, October 8, 1910 (1 folder)
Brickerhoff, A.F., Secy., American Societyt of Landscape Architects, NYC, 1919
Brodstone, Miss E., Superior, NE, 1920
Brooke, Francis M., Secy., Main Line Citizens' Assoc., Bryn Mawr, PA, 1916
Bross, Hon. Philip F., Secretary of Finance, Lincoln, NE, 1920
Broughton, B.B., Prof., High School, Dublin, GA, 1915
Brown, Mrs. Bertha Eyster, Rochester, NY, 1917
Brown, Douglas A., Cincinnati, OH, 1917
Brown, Glenn, Secy., American Institute of Architects, Washington, D.C., 1913
Brown, Harry L., Secy., Board of Trade, St. Augustine, FL, 1913
Brown, J. Crosby, Pres., Musical Art Club, Philadelphia, PA, October 3, 1919
Brown, Ralph M., Washington, D.C., 1917
Brown, Seth, Editor, American Business and Standard Advertising, Chicago, IL, 1916
Brown, Stanley E., Slide Dept., A.C.A., Harrisburg, PA, 1914
Brown, Web., The Citizen, Youngstown, OH, 1915
Brown-Landone, M[onsieur], Chairman, International Social and Industrial Betterment Exposition, NYC, 1916
Bruere, Henry, Director, Bureau of Municipal Research, NYC, 1913 (1 folder)
Brumbaugh, Dr. I. Harvey, Pres., Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, 1921
Brumbaugh, Hon. Martin G., Governor of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, 1915-1918

box 2

Brunner, Arnold W., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., NYC, 1914-1919, 1921
Bryan, Hon. W.J., Secretary of State, Washington, D.C., June 7, 1915
Bucher, H.C., Chairman, Vigilance Committee, Lancaster Advertisers Club, Honey Brook, PA, 1917
Buckman, Hon. Clarence J., PA Senate, Harrisburg, PA, April 22, 1915
Bullock, Warren B., Secy., National Forestry Committee, NYC, February 10, 1921
Burdette, Mrs. Robert J., Pasadena, CA, April 21, 1920
Burkholder, Albert H., Editor, The Reading Eagle, Reading, PA, 1914
Burnham, E. Lewis, Philadelphia, PA, March 12, 1914
Burnham, George, Jr., Treasurer, National Municipal League, Philadelphia, PA, 1913-1919
Burnham, Mrs. George, Jr., Berwin, PA, 1915, 1917
Burnham, Wm., Philadelphia, PA, February 26, 1913
Burrellis Press Clipping Bureau, NYC, 1913-1914 (1 folder)
Burton, Hon., Theodore E., U.S. Senate, Ohio, Washington, D.C., 1913-1918, 1920
Busch, H.F.W., Minneapolis, MN, 1913
Bush-Brown, Henry K., Sculptor, Member Ex. Board, A.C.A., Washington, D.C., October 29, 1919
Bushong, M.B., Bristol, TN, 1913
Butler, Ellis Parker, Secy., The Authors' League of America, Inc., NYC, January 1913
Butler, Fred Clayton, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Tonawanda, NY, 1917
Butler, Howard Russell, Vice Pres., National Academy of Design, NYC, 1917
Buttenheim, Harold S., Editor, The American City, NYC, 1912-1921 (3 folders)
Butterfield, Dr. Kenyon L., Pres., Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, 1916, 1919
Buttrick, P.L., Assist. Prof. of Forestry, Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing, MI, 1920
Byrne, M., Saginaw, W.S., MI, 1917
Byron, Frank A., Acting Supervisor, Dept. of Labor, Washington, D.C., 1919
Cabeen, Mrs. Francis von A., Pres., The Weiders, Haverford, PA, October 3, 1919 (1 folder)
Cadwalader, Augustus J., Philadelphia, PA, June 3, 1915
Cady, Walworth, Field Agent, U.S. Housing Corporation, Washington, D.C., April 5, 1919
Cain, Miss Edna, The Quitman Free Press, Quitman, GA, 1913-1914
Caldwell, Mrs. Byrd T., Greeley, CO, 1914
Caldwell, Guy C., Tree Surgery, Forestry Work, Newport, RI, 1917
Cammerer, Arno B., Secy., National Commission of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C., 1918
Campbell, Hon. Ben., Mayor of Houston, TX, 1913-1914
Campbell, Hon., Philip Pitt, U.S. House, Kansas, Washington, D.C., May 4, 1920
Caparn, Harold A., Landscape Architect, NYC, 1917-1921 (1 folder)
Carey, Arthur A., Free Reading Room, Waltham, MA, February 23, 1914 (1 folder)
Carey, Daniel, Gen. Manager, Dept. of Parks, Atlanta, GA, 1913
Carpenter, Mrs. A.A., Lake Forest, IL, June 28, 1919
Carroll, Edward, Coleman Laboratories Corp., NYC, 1917
Carothers, J.B., Harrisburg, PA, May 29, 1917
Carter, Wm. S., East Syracuse, NY, 1914
Carver, Miss Frances C., Public Library, Allendale, NJ, 1913
Case, Newton, Manager, Ruby Manufacturing Co., Jackson, MI., July 28, 1914
Cave, Edward, Editor, Recreation, NYC, 1917
Chaffee, Mrs. George T., Rutland, VT, 1914 (1 folder)
Chamberlain, Allen, Appalachian Mountain Club Camp, Boston, MA, 1914-1917, 1920-1921
Chamberlin, Mrs., James J., Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Chapman, Mrs. Frank M., Women's Club, Englewood, NJ, 1914-1915 (1 folder)
Chase, Harvey S., Boston, MA, May 15, 1917
Chase, John C., Treasurer, Chase Co., Derry, NH, 1918
Cheney, Mrs. B.P., Boston, MA, January 13, 1919
Cheney, Charles Henry, Architect, San Francisco, CA 1917
Chicago Assoc., of Commerce, Secy., Chicago, IL, December 14, 1915
Childs, Miss Mary D., Librarian, Tunkhannock, PA, 1913
Childs, Richard S., Vice Pres., National Municipal League, NYC, 1916, 1918-1920
Chipman, W.W., Cashier, N.Y. State College of Forestry, Syracuse, NY, February 2, 1915 (1 folder)
Chivvis, Mrs. Wm. R., Pres., Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs, St. Louis, MO., 1914
Chute, Charles L., Ex. Secy., PA Child Labor Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Clark, C.S., Pres., Clark Publishing Company, Cincinnati, OH, 1913
Clark, Herbert L., Philadelphia, PA, 1913, 1919
Clark, Miss Janet M., Librarian, Citizens Free Library, Washington, PA, 1915
Clark, Wm. J., Treasurer, Main Line Citizens Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1916
Clarke, A.H., Bemis Bro. Bag Co., Boston, MA, 1918
Clarke, E,Y., Secy., Brooks County Industrial Club, Quitman, GA, January 18, 1915
Clarke, Hon. G.W., Governor of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, 1916
Clarke, George Lemist, Attorney, Boston, MA, 1913
Clarke, John S., Ardmore, PA, 1920
Clarke, Sydney R., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Philadelphia, PA, 1916
Clarke, Theodore W., Syracuse, NY, 1915, 1917
Clarke, Wm. L., Secy., Washington Railway and Electric Co., Washington, D.C., December 11, 1914
Claxton, Philander, Commissioner, U.S. School Garden Army, Washington, D.C., 1918 (1 folder)
Clearwater, Hon. Alphonso T., Judge, Kingston, NY, 1916-1917
Clipper, Wm. H., Maytown, PA, 1913
Cleveland, Miss Catharine, Madison, WI., 1919
Cleves, W.B., Manager, The Sherwood Hotel, Greene, NY, 1915
Cliffe, George W., Treasurer, Gemantown and Chestnut Hill Improvement Assoc., Germantown, PA, 1915
Clifford, Henry, Washington, D.C., January 4, 1916
Cline, Hon. Cyrus, U.S. House, Indiana, Washington, D.C., 1916
Clowes, Ernest S., Long Island, NY, 1916
Coates, Wm. M., Pres., Board of Trade, Philadelphia, PA, October 3, 1919 (1 folder)
Cobb, Miss Gertrude, Librarian, Public Library, Janesville, WI, 1913
Coburn, Miss Louise H., Showhegan, ME, 1913
Cochrane, Alexander, Boston, MA, 1913, 1915
Cochrane, Mrs. H.C., Chester, PA, 1915
Col. Hon. Clarence, Madison, WI, April 17, 1919
Colby, Wm. Edward, Secy., Sierra Club, San Francisco, 1911, 1913-1915
Collier, John. Ex. Committee, N.Y. Traning School, NYC, 1915-1916
Collier-Forbes, Miss Mary, Assist., Secy., Farm to Table Assoc., NYC, 1917
Collins, Alfred M., Pres., Main Line Citizens' Assoc., Bryn Mawr, PA, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Collins, James H., Special Writer, Quoin Club Key, NYC, 1908
Colber, Frederic L., Business Manager, Boys' Life, NYC, 1918
Comey, Arthur C., Landscape Architect, Cambridge, MA, 1913-1914, 1920
Condit, Miss Abbie, Assist., Playground and Recreation Assoc. of America, January 13, 1913 (1 folder)
Conklin, Robert S., Pres., State Forestry Reservation Commission, Harrisburg, PA, January 12, 1916
Connell, Wm. H., Chief, Bureau of Highways, Philadelphia, PA, 1917
Constable, Mrs. Reginald, Elkton, MD, 1913
Conwell, Dr. Russell C., Pres., Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, October 3, 1919
Cook, A.W., Hotel Schenley, Pittsburgh, PA, May 20, 1915
Cook, George E., Vice Pres., The Mother's Magazine, Elgin, IL, 1917
Cook, Wm. A., Director, Sales Div., Reasoner Brothers, Royal Palm Nurseries, Oneco, FL, 1921
Cooper. Walter G., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, GA, 1913, 1915, 1917
Corbett, Henry L., Portland, OR, 1913
Corbett, L.C., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 1920
Cornman, Burce, Chairman, Tax Committee, San Francisco, CA, 1916
Cory, H.T., Consulting Engineer, San Francisco, CA, 1915 (1 folder)
Cosmos Club, Membership Committee, Washington, D.C., 1915-1916
Cotton, W.M., Edgeworth, PA, November 6, 1917
Cottrell, Edwin A., Dept. of Political Science, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 1918-1819
Coville, Dr. F.V., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 1919
Cowell, Arthur W., Prof. of Landscape Architecture, Penn State College, State College, PA, 1913-1914, 1917-1918
Cowles, Henry C., University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1921
Cowles, Mrs, Josiah Evans, Los Angeles, CA, December 27, 1919
Cowley, Mrs. Alexander, Asheville, NC, 1916
Cox, H.R., Philadelphia, PA, March 8, 1917
Cox, Mrs. Lewis J., Terre Haute, IN, 1915
Coxe, Edmund J.D., National Security League, Philadelphia, PA, 1915
Cozzens, Arthur B., Secy., City Planning Commission, Newark, NJ, 1917
Cram, Ralph Adams, Architect, Boston, MA, 1919 (1 folder)
Crampton, Dr. C. Ward, Secy., Public Schools Athletic League, NYC, 1913
Crane, Mrs. Caroline Bartlett, Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Kalamazoo, MI, 1913, 1917, 1919
Cranz, Miss Kate, Florist, Ira, OH, 1916
Crawford, Andrew Wright, Field Secy., A.C.A., Philadelphia, PA, 1919-1920 (13 folders)
Crawford, Mrs. Andrew Wright, Philadelphia, PA, 1919-1920
Creel, George, Committee on Public Information, Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., March 8, 1918
Critchfield, Hon. N.B., Secretary of Agriculture, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Cromie, G.A., Supt. of Trees, Dept. of Public Works, New Haven, CT, 1914
Crosby, Mrs. W.H., Racine, WI, 1914, 1919

box 3

Crosman, J. Heron, Jr., Philadelphia, PA, (1 folder)
Crowell, John Franklin, Pres., American Civic Alliance, NYC, 1912
Culberson, Hon, Charles A., U.S. Senate, TX, Washington, D.C., January 22, 1917
Culver, E.L., Chicago, IL, February 23, 1917
Cunningham, James S., Charleston, WV, 1917
Cureton, James, Manager, Cureton Nurseries, Austell, GA, January 5, 1913
Curtis, Miss Alice M., Librarian, Free Library, Marion, NY,
Curtis, Cyrus H.K., Pres., Curtis Publishing Co., 1913
Curtis, J. Gerry, Pittsburgh, PA, January 28, 1915
Curtis, Miss Lizzie, Lincolnton, NC, September 14, 1915
Curtis, Ralph W., Cleveland, OH, August 15, 1913
Damon, George A., Dean of Engineering, Throop College, Pasadena, CA, 1916-1917 (1 folder)
Dancy, Mrs. Robert R., Civic Club, Houston, TX, 1913
Darlington, Rt. Rev. James Henry, Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1915, 1918
Davey, John, "Father of Tree Surgery," Kent, OH, 1921-1922
Davey, Hon. Martin Luther, U.S. House, Ohio, Kent, OH, 1917-1920 (1 folder)
Davidson, Hon. James H., U.S. House, Wisconsin, Oshkosh, WI, 1916 (1 folder)
Davis, Charles D., Chairman, City Plan Commission, Bridgeport, CT, 1914
Davis, Dwight F., St. Louis, MO, 1916
Davis, E. Gorlon, Dept. of Landscape Art, Cornell University, Ithace, NY, 1915, 1919
Davis, Dr., G. Pierrepont, Hartford, CT, 1913
Davis, J. Lionberger, St. Louis, MO, 1915
Davis, Otto W., Secy., Civic and Commerce Assoc., Minneapolis, MN, 1914
Davis, Robert W., Rochester, NY, 1915
Day, Frank A., Boston, MA, July 28, 1913
Dealey, George B., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Vice Pres., The Dallas News, Dallas, TX, 1913-1921 (1 folder)
Dean, Mrs. J.J., New Castle, PA, 1915 (1 folder)
DeBerard, F.B., Director, Merchants Assoc. of N.Y., NYC, 1918
Deeds, Edward A., Vice Pres., National Cash Register Co., Dayton, OH, 1913
DeForest, Alling S., Secy., American Society of Landscape Architects, Rochester, NY, 1916, 1919
DeForest, Robert Weeks, Attorney, NYC, 1919
Deland, Thorndike, Secy., Civic and Commercial Assoc., Denver, CO, 1916
Demming, Col. Henry C., Chemist, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Dempwolf, J.A., Architect, York, PA, 1913
Dennis, Dr. L., Orange, NJ, 1913
Dermitt, Miss H. Marie, Secy., Civic Club of Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh, PA, 1913-1914, 1916-1921 (2 folders)
Detweiler, Mrs. john Shelly, Pittsburgh, PA, 1913 (1 folder)
DeVoss, Lee W., Secy., Greenfield Tri-County Chaitauqua Assoc., Greenfield, OH, 1916
Dewan, Bahadur, Raja Sabha Bushana, Hon. Pres. Municipal Council, Bangalors, India, May 5, 1916
Dewey, Dr. Melvil, Pres., Lake Placid Club, NY, 1913
DeWolfe and Fiske Co., Boston, MA, 1914
Dibble, Edward F., Seedgrower, Honeoye Falls, NY, March 26, 1918
Dick, Mrs. W.A., Philadelphia, PA, 1913,
Dickinson, Hon. J.E., PA House, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Dimmick, Hon. J. Benjamin, Pres., Lackawanna Trust Co., Scranton, PA, 1914-1915
Dinwiddie, Courtenay, Ex., Occupational Council, National Social Unit Organization, Cincinnati, OH, November 18, 1919
Dixon, Frederick, Editor, Christian Science Monitor, 1916, 1919
Doan, J.L., School of Horticulture for Women, Ambler, PA, October 6, 1915
Dock, Miss Mira Lloyd, Chairman, Forestry Committee, Fayettevilly, PA, 1905-1906, 1909-1922 (incl. Jacob A. Riis, Oct. 21, 1897) (2 folders)
Dockray, Thomas D., Pres., Ontario Horticultural Assoc., Toronto, Canada, 1918
Dodds, H.W., Ex. Secy., People's Assoc. of PA, Philadelphia, PA, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Doelle, John A., Supt., Public Schools, Houghton, Mich., 1915
Donald, W.J.A., Acting Secy., Comm. for Study of a Proposed Forum . . . Civic Affairs, Toronto, Canada, 1915
Donovan, D.A., Secy., Charter Commission, Akron, OH, 1918
Dort, J.D., Pres., Dort Motor Car Company, Flint, MI, 1916
Dougherty, Mrs, J.W., Beaver, PA, 1917
Dow, Hon. Charles M., Ex. Board, A.C.A., Jamestown, NY, 1913-1918, 1921
Downer, Jay, Engineer and Secy., Bronx Parkway Commission, Bronxville, NY, April 29, 1918 (1 folder)
Drayton, Mrs. J. Gilmore, Ex. Secy., Community Center Workers, NYC, 1915
Dreer, Wm. F., Seed, Plant and Bulb Growers, Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Dreier, Thomas, Bay Street Railway Co., Boston, MA, 1917, 1919
Drinker, Dr. Henry Sturgis, Pres., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1912-1913 (4 folders)
Druckenmiller, W.H., Sunbury, PA, December 2, 1918
Drury, Newton B., Ex. Secy., Save the Redwoods League, April 6, 1919
Duffner, Mrs. F.J., Lock Haven, PA, 1913
Dugmore, A. Radcliffe, Philadelphia, PA, November 30, 1917
Dull, Mrs. A.P.L., Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1919
Duncan, L.N., Special Agent, U.S. Dept., of Agriculture, Auburn, AL, 1913
Duncan, Hon. Lewis J., Mayor of Butte, MT, May 7, 1913
Duncan, Robert F., NYC, April 7, 1920
Dunlap, Mrs. E.M., Librarian, Free Library, Durand, WI, 1919
Dunlop, R.A., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Richmond, VA, November 17, 1913
Dunmire, H.C., Printer, Altoona, PA, 1915 (1 folder)
Dunn, Arthur W., Secy., Committee on Civic Education, National Municipal League, NYC, 1914
Durbin, Miss Amelia, Harrisburg, PA, 1915
Durham, Dr, James R., Warren, PA, 1914
Dustin, C.O., Manager, Bureau of Municipal Research, Springfield, MA, 1915-1916 (1 folder)
Dutton, Samuel T., Gen. Secy., World's Court League, Inc., NYC, November 24, 1916
Dykstra, C.A., Secy., Civic League of Cleveland, OH, 1919
Earnest, Wm. H., Pres., Univ. Club of Harrisburg, PA, 1920 (1 folder)
Easterbrook, Norman S., The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, 1915
Eastman, George, Rochester, NY, 1913-1917
Ebel, M.C., Editor, Gardner's Chronicle of America, Madison, NJ, March 16, 1917
Eberle, Earl G., Secy, City Civic Alliance, Kansas City, MO, 1914
Edmonds, M.D,, U.S. Fuel Administration, Washington, D.C., 1918
Egbert, Rev. George Drew, Pastor, 1st Congregational Church, Flushing, NY, December 18, 1912
Ekholm, Augustus Conrad, Atlantic City, NJ, (incl. "The Race of Progress) 1914
Eliel, Paul, Director, Bureau of Governmental Research, San Francisco, CA, 1918
Eliot, Dr. Charles Wm., Cambridge, MA, 1913
Ellicott, Wm. M., Secy., Maryland Conservation Assoc., Baltimore, MD, 1914, 1919, 1921
Elliott, Mrs. A.H., Wayne, PA, March 22, 1917
Elliott, Miss L.M., Assist. Director, Indiana Historical Commission, Indianapolis, IN, November 3, 1916
Elm City Nursery Co., Gentleman, New Haven, CT, December 13, 1913 (1 folder)
Ely, George B., State Normal School, Shippensburg, PA, 1913
Emery, Lewis, Jr., Bradford, PA, 1917, 1919
Emmons, Arthur B., Newport, RI, July 21, 1913
Engle, J. Linton, Pres., The Holmes Press, Philadelphia, PA, 1919
English, Charles H., City Solicitor, Erie, PA, 1913-1914
Estabrook, Arthur F., Boston, MA, 1913, 1915, 1917
Evans, Arthur S., Watertown, CT, December 16, 1919
Evans, E.M., Bloomington, IL, 1915
Evans, Mrs. Glendower, Boston, MA, [August 25, 1913]
Evans, J.P., Erie, PA, 1917
Evans, John J., Armstrong Cork, Co., Lancaster, PA, 1915
Evans, S. Keith, ("Dinner In Honor of Dan Beard") 1919
Evening Ledger, Editor, [ ], November 21, 1921
Everett, Mrs. Francis Denison, Secy., Gen. Federation of Women's Clubs, Highland Park, IL, 1918
Everitt, S.A., Doubleday Page and Co., Garden City, NY, 1913, 1919
Ewing, Sherrard, Secy., PA Housing and Town Planning Assoc., Reading, PA, 1914-1916
Ezekial, Mrs. Jeannette, Secy., National Conference on Community Centers, NYC, 1916
Fagan, F.N., Secy., Sate Horticultural Assoc of PA, State College, PA, 1915 (1 folder)
Failing, Miss Henrietta E., Portland, Oregon, 1917-1918
Fairbanks, J. Leo, Public Schools, Salt Lake City, Utah, December 2, 1912
Falkman, Miss Florence, Chicago, IL, 1919
Farley, R.P., Secy., Citizens Research League, Winnipeg, Canada, 1917
Farnam, Henry W., Prof. of Economics, Yale University, New Haven, CT, 1913, 1916-1919
Farnsworth, Don., Ex. Secy., Lincoln Memorial University, NYC, 1917
Farquhar, A.B., Pres., PA State Branch of National Conservation Assoc., York, PA, 1913-1922 (3 folders)
Farquhar, J.K.M.L., Boston, MA, May 29, 1917
Farr, Miss Alice N., Librarian, State Normal School, Mankato, MN, 1913
Farrand, Miss Beatrix, Landscape Gardner, NYC, 1918
Farrand, Livingston, Ex. Secy., Nat. Assoc. . . . Prevention of T.B., NYC, 1913
Farrington, Edward I., North Weymouth, MA, 1911
Farwell, Parris T., Pilgrim Press, Boston, MA, 1913
Faxon, Robert B., Landscape Extension Service, Syracuse, NY, January 22, 1919
Fenno, D.C., The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, March 12, 1913 (1 folder)
Filler, Mervin Grant, Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, 1913
Findley, Dr. J.T., Altoona, PA, December 20, 1915
Finegan, Dr. Thomas E., Dept. of Public Instruction, Harrisburg, PA, 1921
Fisher, Edwin, A., Consulting Engineer, City of Rochester, NY, 1915
Fisher, Mrs. George E., Selinsgrove, PA, 1920
Fisher, Irving, Pres., Committee on War Prohibition, NYC, 1917, 1919
Fisher, Hon. John S., Attorney, Indiana, PA, 1913
Fisher, Wager, Consulting Engineer, Philadelphia, PA, January 23, 1913
Fisher, Hon. Walter L., Secretary of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 1912-1913
Fisher, Warren S., Commander-in-Chief, United States War Veterans, NYC, 1919

box 4

Fisk, Everett C., Pres., Fisk Teacher's Agencies, Boston, MA, July 22, 1913
Fisler, Miss Helen V., Charles Scribner's and Sons, NYC, 1913, 1915
Flagg, Maurice I., Minneapolis, Minn., February 23, 1917
Flanders, Mrs. Roger Y., Landscape Architect, Milwaukee, WI, 1917
Flickinger, W.B., Erie, PA, May 21, 1913
Florence, Howard, Review of Reviews, NYC, 1920-1921
Flower, Mrs. Guiles, Pres., Civic Club, Carlisle, PA, 1919
Flynn, W.J., Pres., City Planning Commission, Erie, PA, 1915
Fogelsong, L.E., Secy., Ex. Council of Iowa, Des Moines, IA, 1918
Foley, John, Forester, PA Raileoad Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Forbes, Alexander, Milton, MA, 1913 (1 folder)
Forbush, Erwin H. Massachusetts Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, 1916
Forbush, Wm., Byron, Pres., American Institute of Child Life, Philadelphia, PA, 1913-1914
Ford, George B., Chairman, American Institute of Architects, NYC, 1916-1917
Ford, Dr. James, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1920
Forgan, David R., Pres., National City Bank of Chicago, IL, August 16, 1913
Forman, George T., Secy., Civic Assoc., Collingswood, NJ, 1914 (1 folder)
Forrer, George H., Industrial Commissioner, Chamber of Commerce, Kansas City, MO, 1917
Forsee, George H., Industrial Commissioner, Chamber of Commerce, Kansas City, MO, 1917
Fosdick, Raymond B., NYC, 1912
Fowler, Clarence, Chairman, American Society of Landscape Architects, NYC, 1918
Fowler, Dr. G.T., Bethlehem, PA, 1914
Fox, Hon. John E., City Solicitor, Harrisburg, PA, 1917, 1919
Francis., H.R., N.Y. State College of Forestry, Syracuse, NY, 1916, 1919
Franklin, H.H., Franklin Motor Car, Syracuse, NY, 1917-1919 (1 folder)
Franklin, W.S., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, December 16, 1914
Franz, Frick,, University Heights, NY, September 20, 1917
Freeman, D.S., Editor, The New Leader, Richmond, VA, 1921
Freund, Dr. John C., c/o Musical America, NYC, April 10, 1918
Frick, Mrs. James Swan, Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Baltimore, MD, April 15, 1914
Frund, MissJean E., Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 1919
Frodsham, Miss Janet, Librarian, Public Library, Savannah, MO, 1913
Fuertes, James H., Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineer, NYC, 1913, 1915
Fuller, A.M., Pres., Allied Civic Bodies Organization, Meadville, PA, 1914, 1916-1918
Fuller, M.V., Assoc. Editor, The American City, NYC, 1913
Fulton, Miss Florence W., Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA, November 5, 1919
Gale, Miss Zona, Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Portage, WI, 1914, 1921
Gallagher, Mrs. Helen M. Oierce, Chairman, Shade Tree Committee, Westminster, MD, 1913, 1916
Gallagher, Percival, Brookline, MA, January 3, 1916
Ganble, James N., Union Trust Building, Cincinnati, OH, 1918-1919.
Gardner, Mrs. Florence C., A.C.A., Washington, D.C., 1919
Garfield, Hon. Harry A., U.S. Fuel Administrator, Washington, D.C., 1918
Garrett, Miss Elizabeth W., Germantown, PA, October 29, 1915
Garrett, Miss Mary S., Principal, Home for Training in Speech of Deaf Children, Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Garrett, Mrs. P.C., Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Geiger, Lewis P., Treasurer, Land Title and Trust Co., Philadelphia, PA, November 27, 1917 (1 folder)
Geiser, Karl F., Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, March 1, 1915
Gentry, W. Frank, Secy., Civic Secretaries Assic., Kansas City, MO, 1918-1919
Gerhard, Dr. Wm., Paul, Brooklyn, NY, March 4, 1913
Gest, John H., Rookwood, Cincinnati, OH, 1913-1914
Gettel, W.J., Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, Chambersburg, PA, 1919
Geyer, John R., City Solicitor, Harrisburg, PA, May 25, 1921
Gheen, Russell, T. Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 1915
Gibbons, Mrs. Wm. F., Clarks Summit, PA, 1916 (1 folder)
Gibson, J.H., Director of Elementary Agricultural Education, Victoria, BC, 1915
Gibson, Miss Mary K., Wynnebrooke, PA, 1913, 1917
Gifford, Mrs. John C., Coconut Grove, FL, 1916
Gifford, W. Pitt, Erie, PA, 1914
Gilbert, Spencer C., Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Gilbertson, H.S., Secy., National Short Ballot Organization, NYC, 1913, 1917
Gildersleeve, Clifford, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland, OH, 1916
Gill, G.K. Company, Portland, OR, 1913
Gillis, J.L., Librarian, California State Library, Sacramento, CA, 1913
Gillman, Miss Eleanor, Bridgeton, NJ, 1913
Glenn, Leroy, Philadelphia, PA, 1916
Godard, George S., Librarian, Connecticut State Library, Hartford, CT, July 26, 1913 (1 folder)
Goebel, Eugene V., Grand Rapids, MI, 1919
Goethe, D.M., Sacramento, CA, 1913, 1917
Goodnows, David F., Attorney, NYC, 1914
Goodrich, Ernest P., Engineer, NYC, 1920
Goodspeed, T.H., Save the Redwoods League, Berkeley, CA, 1920
Goodwill, Fletcher, Jamestown, NY, November 25, 1919
Goodwin, Elliott H., U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, D.C., 1915, 1920
Goodwin, Francis, Hartford, Conn., October 9, 1917
Gordon and Hume, Real Estate, Norfolk, VA, 1913
Gordon, G.A., Savannah, GA, August 13, 1913
Gortner, Oden C., Supt., Public Schools, Hanover, PA, 1917
Gove, George. East Walpole, MA, 1914, 1918
Grace, Eugene G., Pres., Bethlehem, PA, 1917 (1 folder)
Grace, Hon. John P., Mayor, Charleston, SC, 1914
Gramley, Hon. C.L., PA House, February 24, 1913
Gramling, Mrs. E.G., Cape Girardeau, MO, 1918
Graves, W. C., Chicago, IL, July 12, 1917
Gray, James M., Trustee, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, IL, 1915
Gray, Hon., John P., Attorney, Bridgeport, CT, 1916
Gray, Niel, Jr., Proprietor, Machine Works, Oswego, NY, 1914
Greeley, A.W., Grit Publishing Co., Williamsport, PA, 1917
Green, Albert R., Manager, European Tour Dept., A.C.A., Boston, MA, 1912-1913
Green, Frederick R., Secy., American Medical Assoc., Chicago, IL, 1915
Green, Mrs., George D., Lock Haven, PA, 1919, 1921
Green, Herbert R., Attorney, Reading, PA, 1909
Gregg, Wm. C., Pres., Gregg Co. Ltd., Hackensack, NJ, 1920-1921
Gregory, Henry E., Attorney, NYC, 1916
Gregson, Mrs. M.H., Silver City, NC, 1913
Griffes, Mrs. Kate S., San Diego, CA, 1913 (1 folder)
Griscom, Mrs. Clement A., Haverford, PA, July 18, 1919
Grogan, Starke M., Statistician, Bureau of Census, Washington, D.C., 1914, 1916-1917
Grosh, Mrs. Albert, St. Marys, PA, 1913
Gross, E.Z., Dept. of Parks and Public Property, Harrisburg, PA, 1919-1920
Gruber, E.F., Pres., Business Men's Assoc., Mahanoy City, PA, 1915
Greenberg, Frederick P., Director, Bureau of Municipal Research, Philadelphia, PA, 1918-1919
Grundy, Hon. Joseph R., Bristol, PA, 1914
Guiam, A.D., Larchmont Gardens, NY, 1919
Guild, J.M., Commissioner, Commercial Club, Omaha, NE, 1913
Gulick, Dr. Sidney L., Secy., League for Constructive Immigration Legislation, NYC, 1918
Gundlach, John H., Pres., Civic League, St. Louis, MO, 1915, 1917
Guyer, John P., Harrisburg, PA, April 3, 1916
Gwynne, Charles T., Secy., N.Y. State Chamber of Commerce, NYC, March 9, 1915
Haden, Charles J., Attorney, Atlanta, GA, 1912-1913 (1 folder)
Hager, Walter C. Hager, Lancaster, PA, 1915
Hain, Dr. Galen, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Haines, H.H., Traffic Manager Commercial Assoc., Galveston, TX, 1914
Haldeman, B.A., Dept, of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, PA, 1920
Hall, Edward Hagaman, Secy., American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, NYC, 1914-1917, 1920
Hall, Mrs. J.K.P., Ridgway, PA, 1913
Hamblin, Stephen F., North Billerica, MA, February 8, 1916 (1 folder)
Hamilton, E.J., Supt., Carnegie Steel Co., Duquesne, PA, 1914
Hamilton, Mrs., F.G., Secy., Women's Village Councils' Federation, London, England, 1921
Hamlin, Mrs. Howard J., Shelbyville, IL, 1913
Hamme, Mrs. John B., Pres., Women's Club, York, PA, 1920
Hammel, Wm., C.A., State Normal and Industrial College, Greensboro, NC, 1916, 1918
Hammesf[p]ahr, A.C.C., Collier's Weekly, NYC, Janyary 24, 1916
Hammond, Benjamin, Pres., Board of Education, Beacon, NY, 1917-1918
Hammond, John Hays, Chairman, World Court Congress, NYC, 1915-1916
Hapgood, Norman, Editor, Collier's Weekly, NYC, 1908
Harbison, Wm., Albert, Pittsburgh, PA, 1913, 1917, 1919 (1 folder)
Harding, Hon Warren G., President of the United States, White House, Washington, D.C., 1921
Hardy, George E., Ex. Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Portland, OR, 1916
Hardy, W.T., Cedarton, GA, March 17, 1913
Hare, Sid J., Kansas City, MO, December 18, 1916
Harkin, Hon. J.B., Commissioner of Dominion Parks, Ottawa, Canada, 1915, 1917
Harlan, Edgar R., Curator, Historical Dept. of Iowa, Des Moines, IA 1920
Harmon, Wm., E., Real Estate, NYC, July 30, 1913
Harmonson, mrs. C.L., Smyrna, DE, 1916
Harper, D.N., Denver, CO, 1922
Harrington, T.C., Secy., Board of Park Commissioners, Kansas City, MO, May 23, 1919
Harris and Ewing, Photographers, Washington, D.C., 1914-1915
Harris, Miss Elizabeth, Washington, D.C., December 17, 1917
Harris, James Russell, Philadelphia, PA, April 29, 1913
Harris, M.L., County Agent, Farm Management, Roosevelt, UT, 1915
Harris, Wm. J., Director, Bureau of Census, Washington, D.C., 1914-1915
Harrison, C.S., York, NE, 1917
Harrison, J.G., Harrison's Nurseries, Berlin, MD, 1913
Harrison, Hon. Orlando, Maryland Senate, Annapolis, MD, 1914, 1916-1917
Hart, Hornell, Secy., National Municipal League, Milwaukee, WI, 1915-1916 (1 folder)
Hart, joseph K., Reed College, Portland, OR, 1913, 1915, 1917
Hart, W.H., Secy., Citizen's National Committee, NYC, 1914
Hart, W.O., Attorney, New Orleans, LA, 1914-1915
Hartfield, Dr. Charles J., NYC, January 19, 1915
Hartman, E.M., Franklin and Marshall Academy, Lancaster, PA, 1915
Harts, Col. Wm. W., Secy., Commission of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C., 1914, 1917
Haskell, G.M., Secy., Safety Insulated Wire and Cable, Co., NYC, 1914
Haskin, Mrs. H.P., Garden Club, Williamsport, PA, 1916
Hastings, H.G., Pres., Hastings and Co., Seedmen, Atlanta, GA, 1913, 1916-1917, 1920
Hatch, Edward R., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., NYC, 1913, 1917
Hatfield, Charles F., Secy., St. Louis Convention, St. Louis, MO, 1921
Hatten, C. Roy, Secy. and Attorney, Citizens League, Grand Rapids, MI, 1919
Hatton, Dr. A.R., Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, 1920
Havemeyer, John C., Yonkers, NY, 1913, 1917-1918, (1 folder)
Hayes, Francis T., Secy., City Club, Cleveland, OH, 1919
Hayler, Guy, Wilfrid, San Francisco, CA, 1920
Haymaker, K.V., Pontiac, MI, 1920
Hayward, Wm., R., Secy., National Efficiency Society, Washington, D.C., 1919
Hazard, D.L., Secy, Cosmis Club, Washington, D.C., February 14, 1917
Hazeltine, Hugh, V., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Warren, PA, 1914, 1916
Heald, A.A., Community Efficiency Conference, Waterville, ME, 1917 (1 folder)
Heard, Miss B. Chairman, Civic Committee, Delphian Study Club, McKinney, Texas, 1916
Heard, Mrs. Dwight B., Phoenix, AZ, 1913
Heard, Frank C., Portland Cement Assoc., NYC, March 8, 1918
Heatwole, Miss Ella C., [], February 20, 1913
Heckler, N. Franklin, Supt., R.W. Grand Lodge, F. and A.M., Elizabethtown, PA, 1915
Heinz, H.J., Pittsburgh, PA, 1913-1915
Hemstreet, Charles, Manager, Atlas Press Clipping Bureau, NYC, 1914
Henderson, Mrs., Wm., Pres., Civic Club, Harrisburg, PA, 1917
Hendricks, Mrs., Irvin W., Chairman, Shade Tree Commission, Chambersburg, PA, 1915
Henry, H.L., Pres., Chamber of Commerce, Geneva, NY, 1915
Henry, Mrs., Wallace G., Guntersville, Ala., August 19, 1918
Hentz, Henry, Brooklyn, NY, 1913
Herman, Edwin S., Pres., City Planning Commission, Harrisburg, PA, 1915-1916, 1919
Herr, Albert M., Florist, Lancaster, PA, 1913
Herrick, Myron T., Chairman, America's Gift to France, NYC, 1920
Herron, Mrs., Wm. C., Ludington, MI, August 5, 1913
Hewitt, G. Trafford, Pres., American Garden Cities and Town Planning Corp., NYC, March 8, 1918
Hewlett, Theodore, Cumberland, TN, April 27, 1916
Hickok, Ross A., Harrisburg, PA, November 5, 1919 (1 folder)
Higginson, Henry L., Boston, MA, 1913
Higley, J.N., Pres. of City Council, Youngstown, OH, 1915
Hill, Edmund C., Investments, Trenton, NJ, 1913-1914
Hill, H.J., Director, Family Enrollment Campaign, U.S. Food Admin., Washington, D.C., 1917
Hill, J.E., Manager, Light and Power Co., Warren PA, 1914
Hill, Dr. John Wesley, Chancellor, lincoln memorial University, NYC, 1917-1918
Hill, Louis W., Chairman of Board, Great Northern Railway Co., St. Paul, MN, 1919
Hillyer, Mrs. Appleton R., Hartford, Conn., August 21, 1915 (1 folder)
Hilte, George R., Secy., Bronx Parkway Commission, Bronxville, NY, April 18, 1918
Hiner, W.J., Real Estate Agent, N.Y. Central Lines, Cincinnati, OH, April 12, 1913
Hinkel, A.M., Principal, Public Schools, Birdsboro, PA, 1917
Hinricks, miss Kathryn, Glen Ridge, NJ, 1913
Hiss, Philip, Chairman, Section on Housing, Council of National Defence, NYC, 1917
Hixon, J.M., La Crosse, WI, 1913
Hoag, Clarence Gilbert, Secy., for U.S. American Proportional Representation League, Haverford, PA, December 6, 1912
Hockenbury. E.W., Secy., Y.M.C.A., Penns Grove, NJ, 1920
Hodgdon, J.B., City Commissioner, Joplin, MO, June 15, 1917
Hodge, Thomas L., Secy., Germantown and Chestnut Hill Improvement Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1917
Hodges, H.G., Secy., City Club, Cleveland, OH, (incl. copy of letter from T.R., September 17, 1917) 1915, 1917
Hoffert, J. Raymond, Engineer, Dept. of Parks and Public Property, Harrisburg, PA, 1915
Hoffman, Arthur S., Editor, Adventure, NYC, 1915 (1 folder)
Hoffman, Dean, Editor, The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1915-1921
Hoffman, J.M., Forester, Central Penna. Forest Fire Protective Assoc., Martha Furnace, PA, 1913
Hoffner, R.J., Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Hoge, Mrs. F.R., Heavener, OK, 1913 (1 folder)
Hoggson, W.J., Contracting Designer, NYC, 1912
Holden, Miss Alice M., Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, January 23, 1917
Holden, George, Washington, D.C., [undated]
Holderbaum, Mrs. John, Somerset, PA, March 9, 1915
Holland, James Mill, Pittsburgh, PA, February 3, 1921
Holland, Hon. W.M., Mayor of Dallas, TX, 1913-1914
Hollenback, J.H., Wilkes Barre, PA, 1917-1918
Holt, Hamilton, Editor, The Independent, NYC, 1920
Holterhoff, Ralph, Agent, State Mutual Life Assurance Co., Worcester, MA, August 2, 1913
Honeywell, Mrs. Arthur, Boston, MA, July 16, 1919
Hooker, George E., Cicic Secy., City Club of Chicago, IL, 1914-1915, 1917
Hooper, K.K., Public Welfare Dept., The Dallas News, Dallas, TX, 1917
Hoopes, F.T., Downingtown, PA, 1918
Hoover, Hon. Herbert C., Secretary of Commerce, Washington, D.C., 1918, 1921 (1 folder)
Hopkins, Dr. A.D., Forest Insect Investigations, Kanawha Station, WV, 1915
Hornaday, Dr. Wm. T., Chairman, Dan Beard Dinner, NYC, 1920
Hostetter, Harry B., State College, PA, 1916
Hotel Miehlebach, Kansas City, MO, April 27, 1917
Hotel Schenley, Pittsburgh, PA, November 6, 1916
Houghton, Clement S., Boston, MA, 1915, 1917
Houghton, Miss Elizabeth G., Boston, MA, 1913, 1917-1919
Hoverter, Hon. George A., Mayor of Harrisburg, PA, April 3, 1920
Howard, C.E., City Planning Commission, Syracuse, NY, 1915
Howard, Josiah, Emporium, PA, 1917, 1919
Howard, O. Joe, Secy., J. Van Lindley Nursery Co. Pomona, NC, 1916
Howard, W.G., N.Y. State Forestry Assoc., Albany, NY, 1915
Howe, Herbert D., Chicago, IL, March 31, 1916
Howes, Wm. F., Ex. Secy., City Clyb, NYC, 1916-1917, 1919-1920
Howland, Harold J., The Independent, and Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., NYC, 1913, 1918
Howland, Karl V.S., The Independent, NYC, 1916-1920
Howland, W.C., Pres., National Bureau of Municipal Research, Johnstown, PA, 1914, 1916-1917
Howland, Wm. B., The Outlook, and Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., 1911-1917 (3 folders)

Howland, Wm. B., Memorial, (incl. obituaties, The Independent, March 3, 1917) 1917 (1 folder)
-Abbott, Dr. Laurance F., Pres., The Outlook, NYC, 1917
-Arnold, Frank A., Pres., The Suburban Publishers, NYC, 1917
-Clearwater, Hon A.T., Judge, Kingston, NY, February 27, 1917
-Hill, Dr. Joh Wesley, NYC, February 27, 1917
-Holt, Hamilton, NYC, March 3, 1917
-Howland, Harold J., NYC, February 27, 1917
-Howland, Karl, V.S., NYC, 1917
-Watrous, Richard V., Secy., A.C.A., 1917
-Woodruff, Clinton Rogers, Vice Pres., A.C.A., 1917

Hoyle, Joh T., Editor, Good Hardware, Pittsburgh, PA, 1920
Hubbell, Dr. George A., Harrowgate, TN, January 23, 1920
Hughes, Rear Adm., C.F., U.S. Navy Yard, League Island, Philadelphia, PA, November 5, 1919
Hugus, Mrs. Wm. K., New Castle, PA, 1915

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