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J. Horace McFarland Papers

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J. Horace McFarland Papers
American Civic Association


box 5

Hull, D.R., Cambridge, MA, 1913
Hull, Hon morton Denison, Chicago, IL, 1913-1918, 1920
Hume, H. Harold, Pres., Florida State Horticulture Society, Glen St. Mary, FL, 1914
Humphrey, Andrew B., Secy., American Committee for Celebration of 100th Anniv. of Peace, NYC, 1914, 1920
Humphrey, John H., Chamber of Commerce, New London, CT, 1916
Humphreys, Moles O., Pres., City planning Commission, Fresno, CA., 1917
Hungerford, Arthur E., The Sun, Baltimore, MD, November 23, 1912
Hunniwell, Mrs. Arthur, Boston, MA, January 29, 1918
Hunt., Charles Warren, Secy., American Society of Civil Engineers, NYC, 1915
Hunt, Edward Eyre, The American Magazine, NYC, 1913
Hunt, Jarvis, Chicago, IL, May 16, 1917
Hunter, George W., Dist. Educational Director, Y.M.C.A., National War Work Council, Washington, D.C., April 24, 1919
Hunter, T.A., Washington, D.C., 1913, 1916
Huntting, H.R. and Co., Springfield, MA, 1913
Hurd, Wm. P., Director, Mass. Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, 1913
Hurley, Hon. E.N., Shipping Board, Washington, D.C., June 18, 1918
Hutchinson, Charles L., Vice Pres., Corn Exchange National Bank, Chicago, IL, 1913, 1915, 1921
Hutchingson, Stanley H., Ex. Secy., Board of Trade, Franklin, PA, 1915
Hutchinson, Dr. Woods H., Ex. Board, A.C.A., NYC, January 28, 1919
Hutt, Mrs. W.N., Editor, Home Circle Dept., The Progressive Farmer, Raleigh, NC, 1917
Huxford, Frederick W., Attorney, Stanford, CT, 1916
Hyde, C.M., Chicago, IL, 1914
Ihlder, John, Secy., National Housing Assoc., NYC, 1913-1914, 1918-1919 (1 folder)
Indiana University Extension Division, Bloomington, IN, 1916
Ingalls, Rev. W.K., Stockwell, IN, April 17, 1919
Ingersoll, Charles H., NYC, 1913-1914, 1918
Ingersoll, Raymond V., City Club, NYC, 1919, 1921
Inman, Herbert, Landscape Architect, Camden, NJ, 1920-1921 (1 folder)
International Real Estate Journal, Chicago, IL, October 27, 1913

Irvine, Mrs. F.C., New Brighton, PA, 1914
Irvine, James M., Editor, Fruit Grower and Farmer, St. Joseph, MO, 1912-1913
Jackson, Dr. John Price, Commissioner, Dept. of Labor and Industry, Harrisburg, PA, 1916-1917
Jackson, Warren R., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Harrisburg, PA, 1918-1919
Jacobi, Dr. Abraham, NYC, September 26, 1917
James, Enoch, Supt. of Public Safety, Jphnstown, PA, April 21, 1915 (1 folder)
James, Miss Harlean, Ex. Secy., A.C.A., Washington, D.C., 1912-1913, 1921, 1923
James, Herman G., University of Texas, Dallas, TX, 1916
Jameson, Dr. Henry, Indianapolis, IN, December 12, 1912
Jenkins, Alfred, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Carlisle, PA, 1918 (1 folder)
Jenks, John Stary, Philadelphia, PA, August 29, 1913
Jennings, Mrs. W.I., Pres., Florida Federation of Women's Clubs, Jacksonville, FL, December 16, 1915
Jennings, Wm., Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Jensen, Christian, Stillwater,OK, October 7, 1918
Jensen, Jens., Pres., Friends of Our Native Landscape, Rannia, IL, 1918
Jester, Harvey E., Pres., Federated Trade Information Service, NYC, 1919
Jewett, Dr. M.B., Winter Haven, FL, February 28, 1914
Johns, T.T., Secy., Alberta Town Planning Assoc., Calgary, Alberta, June 8, 1914 (1 folder)
Johnson, Mrs. Albert, Binghamton, NY, February 6, 1914
Johnson, Everett D., Real Estate, Jamestown, NY, 1913
Johnson, J. Kennard, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown, PA, 1915
Johnson, Mrs. Lewis E., Steelton, PA, December 10, 1915
Johnston, Archibald, Vice Pres., Bethlehem Cteel Co., Bethlehem, PA, 1917
Johnston, Miss Myrtle L., Joliet, IL, 1914
Jones, Miss, Anna Maxwell, Chairman, Gen. Federation of Women's Clubs, NYC, 1917 (1 folder)
Jones, Francis R., Ex. Secy., The Over-Seas Club, NYC, March 5, 1918
Jones, V. Vincent, Realty Co., Portland, OR, 1913
Jordan, Marguerite Walker, Specialist, Industrial Relations, NYC, 1919
Justin, Joel, D. Harrisburg, PA, December 20, 1912
Kains, E.D., Secy., Shade Tree Commission, Wyomissing, PA, 1913-1914, 1916
Kansas City Star, Editor, Kansas City, MO, February 18, 1919
Kast, M.I., Harrisburg, PA, April 27, 1915
Keator, Mrs. John Frisbee, Germantown, PA, 1913 (1 folder)
Kee, M.G., Office of A.C.A., Washington, D.C., August 17, 1915
Keet, Chamer of Commerce, Kansas City, MO, 1917-1918
Kehr, Cyrus, Chairman, Jt. Board on Nation Planning, Knoxville, TN, 1918-1920
Kehr, George W., Secy., PA Conservation Assoc., Harrisburg, PA, 1914, 1917
Keim, Warren, B., Camp Hill, PA, 1914 (1 folder)
Keiner, Mrs. Wm., Lock Haven, PA, 1919
Keister, Hon., Daniel L., Mayor of Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Keller, Col. Charles, War Dept., Washington, D.C., 1917
Keller, John W., State Forestry Dept., Harrisburg, PA, March 1, 1921
Keller, L.J., Kendalville, IN, 1913
Keller, Paul G.W., High School, Appleton, WI, 1915
Kellogg, Arthur P., Secy., The Survey, NYC, 1920,
Kellogg, E.C., Pres., Walla Walla College, College Place, WA, 1916
Kellogg, Edward L., Standard Buildings, Inc., NYC, 1913-1914
Kellor, Miss Frances A., Vice Chairman, Committee on Immigrants in America, NYC, 1915
Kelsey, Albert, Member, A.C.A., Philadelphia, PA, 1914-1915 (1 folder)
Kelsey, Carl, Pres., American Academy of Political and Social Science, Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Kelsey, Frederick W., Pres., F.W. Kelsey Nursery Co., NYC, 1913, 1920
Kelsey, Harlan P., Landscape Architect and Vice Pres., A.C.A., Salem, MA, 1912-1922 (2 folders)
Kempter, Mrs. J.E., Chairman, Playground Committee, Civic Club, Chambersburg, PA, 1914 (1 folder)
Kendall, Mrs. E.E., Chairman, Gen Fed. of Women's Clubs, Chicago, IL, 1914
Kendel, C.E., Cleveland, Ohio, 1924
Kennard, Miss F.E., Librarian, Meshoppen, PA, 1914
Kennedy, E.L., Clerk, Board of Park Commissioners, Cincinnati, OH, 1918
Kennedy, F.L., Cambridge, MA, 1913
Kern, Frank D., Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA, August 10, 1915
Kern, O.J., University of California, Berkeley, CA, May 16, 1917
Kernon, Mrs. E.E., Somerset, PA, 1915
Kerr, Mrs. John Clapperton, Pres., Women's League for Protection of Riverside Park, NYC, March 2, 1921
Kerr, W.H., Librarian, State Normal School, Emporia, KS, November 1, 1913
Kessler, George E., Landscape Architect, St. Louis, MO, 1912-1917
Kiernan, Mrs. E.E., Pres., Civic Club, Somerset, PA, 1913, 1915 (1 folder)
Kiess, Hon., Edgar R., U.S. House,Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., 1913, 1916-1917, 1919-1920
Kilham, Walter H., Architect, Boston, MA, 1919 (1 folder)
Killian, C.M., Lumber Co., Valdosta, GA, August 12, 1913
Kimball, Alfred R., NYC, December 10, 1912
King, Carrie B., Secy., Civic Club of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA, 1919-1920
King, Clarence B., Pres., Washington Railway and Electric Co., Washington, D.C., December 12, 1914
King, Clyde L., Treasurer, People's Assoc. of PA, Media, PA, 1920
King, Miss Fanny Beley, [], August 22, 1913
King, Mrs. Francis, Pres., Woman's National Farm and Garden Assoc., Alma, MI, 1913, 1917, 1919-1920
King, George R., Boston, MA, 1914-1915
King, W.W., Staunton, VA, August 25, 1913
Kingsbury, Miss Bertha B., Hyde Park, NY, 1918
Kingsbury, H.T., Keene, NH, 1913
Kingsley, Dr. Sherman, Director, Welfare Federation of Cleveland, OH, September 23, 1919
Kinnard, L.H., Philadelphia, PA, April 18, 1916 (1 folder)
Kinne, Charles W., Real Estate, Jacksonville, FL, August 9, 1913
Kinshaw, D.S., NYC, February 23, 1917
Kinsloe, James R., Ex. Secy., Chamber of Commerce, La Crosse, WI, 1913, 1915-1918, 1920
Kirby, Dr. George H., Chairman, Memorial Community Building, Goldsboro, NC, 1920
Kirkham, Mrs. Dora, Ritzville, WA, 1912
Kirkwood, Mrs. Robert C., Mountain View, CA, 1913
Klinestiver, Mrs. F.R., Nebraska, PA, January 10, 1913 (1 folder)
Kling, Miss Flora G., Mt. Vernon, IN 1915
Knapp, Mrs. John A., Civic Sections, Woman's Club of New Rochelle, NY, 1912
Knight, Mrs. Anna, The Outlook, NYC, 1913, 1916
Knisley, J. Herman, Chief, Bureau of Municipalities, Harrisburg, PA, 1917, 1919, 1921-1922
Knox, Hon. Philander C., U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., July 22, 1919
Knupp, James, Waynesboro, PA, March 8, 1913
Koehler, Hans J., Landscape Architect, Wyomissing, PA, PA, 1919
Koester, Frank, Consulting Engineer, NYC, 1915
Kohn, Robert D., NYC, March 28, 1919
Krebs, Fred., Vice Pres., U.S. National Bank, Johnstown, PA, 1914
Kreider, Hon. Aaron S., U.S. House,Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., 1915-1919, 1921
Kreider, Rev. Charles D., Editor, The Moravian, Nazareth, PA, 1913
Kresge, Sebastian S., Detroit, MI, 1917-1918
Krill, C.A., Pres., Prudential Nursery Co., Lalamazoo, MI, 1921
Kuhn, C. Hartman, Philadelphia, PA, 1918
Kunhardt, W.B., NYC, 1913
Kunkel, Hon. George, Judge, Harrisburg, PA, October 19, 1917
Kurtz, Mrs. T.N., Hollidaysburg, PA, 1917-1918
Kuykendall, Mrs. R.B., Scooba, MS, 1913
Kyne, Arthur S., Clay Center, NE, 1920-1921
Labor, C.A., Garrett-Buchanan Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1912 (1 folder)
La Crosse Tribune, Editor, La Crosse, WI, January 13, 1917
Lafean, Hon. John R., Mayor of York, PA, 1913
Laflin, Mrs. Louis E., Princeton, NJ, 1919
Lake, E.R., Secy., American Pomological Society, Washington, D.C., 1913

Lake Mohonk Conference of International Arbitration, May 27-29, 1914, Ulster Co., NY
(1 folder)
-Phillips, H.C., Secy., 1914
-Smiley, Daniel, Prop., Mt. House, 1914-1915

Lamb, Eugene H., Chief, U.S. Railroad Adm., Washington, D.C., 1919
Lamson, F.B., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Marchfield, WI, December 30, 1918
Lancaster, Samuel C., Engineer, Portland, OR, 1916
Landell, Miss Mary B., Philadelphia, PA, September 7, 1913
Landone, Brown, Chairman, Nat. Alliance d'Education Sociale et Civique, NYC, 1916
Lane, C.C., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, December 29, 1913
Lane, Joseph J., The Garden Magazine, Garden City, NY, February 3, 1917
Langworthy, Mrs. B.F., Pres., Illinois Congress of Mothers . . ., Chicago, IL, 1915
Lathrop, Bryan, Chicagom IL, 1913, 1915
Lathrop, John E., Director, American City Bureau, NYC, 1914-1916
Law, Robert E., Secy., Commercial Club, Mt. Pleasant, TX, 1913
Lawrence, Mrs. J.W., Pittsburgh, PA, September 27, 1921
Lay, Charles Downing, Editor, Landscape Architecture, NYC, 1916-1917, 1921
Leach, Arthur C., Assoc. of Commerce, Joliet,IL, 1914
Leach, Mrs., Joseph S., Walpole, MA, 1916
Leaf, James P., Civil Engineer, Rochester, PA, 1916

League to Enforce Peace, 1916-1919
(1 folder)
-Davis, Horace W., Harrisburg, PA, March 28, 1918
-Drinker, Dr. Henry Sturgis, Chairman, PA Branch, 1919
-Gordon, Percy M., Membership, Secy., NYC, 1918
-McFarland, J. Horace, Harrisburg, PA, 1916, 1918-1919
-Michener, C.C., Ex. Secy., NYC, May 12, 1916
-Parker, Hon. Alton B., Chairman, Committee on Home Organization, NYC, 1916
-Rothrock, Dr. Joseph Trimble, State Secretary, West Chester, PA, 1917
-Short, Dr. Wm. H., Secy., NYC, 1915-1916, 1918-1919
-Taft, Hon. Wm. H. Pres., NYC, 1915, 1919
- Weil, A. leo, Attorney, Caucus Chairman, PA Delegates, Pittsburgh, PA, 1919
-White, Thomas Raeburn, State Chairman, Philadelphia, PA, 1915

Leatherman. Miss Minnie W., Secy., N.C. Library Commission, Raleigh, NC, 1913 (1 folder)
Leber, Edward, York, PA, April 27, 1915
Lee, Miss Elizabeth Leighton, Director, School of Horticulture for Women, Ambler, PA, 1915
Lee, Dr. Guy Charleton, Director, Nat. Society for Broader Education, Carlisle, PA, April 2, 1913
Lee (Mr.), Ivy L., Bethlehem Steel Corp., NYC, 1916
Lee, Dr., Joseph, Boston, MA, 1919
Leighton, George B., Vice Pres., A,C.A., Monadonock, NH, August 23, 1913
Leipziger, Dr. Henry M., NYC, January 9, 1915
Leland, Joseph P., Architect, Boston, MA, 1919-1920
Lemert, Miss Helen O., Columbus, Ohio, 1914
Lemon, George W., Chamber of Commerce, Johnstown, PA, 1918
Lion, Maurice, Attorney, NYC, April 24, 1916
Leopold, Aldo, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Albuquerque, NM, 1918
Leverett, Mrs. Wm., Philadelphia, PA, September 29, 1913 (1 folder)
Levison, J.J., Secy., Amer. Assoc. of Park Superintendents, Brooklyn, NY, (incl. Bulletin No. 7, Feb. 1911) 1912-1913
Lewis, Alexander C., Secy., Toronto Harbor Commissioners, Toronto, Canada, 1913
Lewis, E. St. Elmo, Counsel in Adv. Sales, Detroit, MI, 1916-1917
Lewis, Earl S., Bureau of Memorial Buildings, War Camp Community Service, NYC, December 15, 1919
Lewis, Mrs., Howard W., Chairman, Municipal Art Committee, Philadelphia, PA, April 21, 1916
Lewis, Nelson P., Pres., National Conference on City Planning, Boston, MA, 1919
Liggett, Thomas, Pittsburgh, PA, 1913, 1918
Lincoln, Edwin Hale, Photogographer and Publisher, Pittsfield, MA, 1915
Lind., John, Assist. Secy., National Lumber Manufacturers Assoc., Chicago, IL, 1918
Lindsley, Hon. Henry D., Mayor of Dallas, TX, 1916
Linton, Wm. S., Pres., Board of Trade, Saginaw, MI, 1914
Litchfield, Electus D., Architect, NYC, 1919-1920
Litschgi, A.W., Jr., Pres., Retail Merchants' Assoc. of Charleston, SC, 1912
Little, Frederick, Ex. Secy., Boston Arthitectural Club, Boston, MA, March 27, 1919, (1 folder)
Little, Mrs. J. Wesley, Picture Rocks, PA, 1918
Little, Wm., Secy., Keene Commercial Club, Keene, NH, 1913-1914
Lloyd, Morris, Public Opinion Co., Chambersburg, PA, January 24, 1922
Lloyd, Mrs. Morris, Pres., Civic Club, Chamersburg, PA, 1912
Lockridge, Ross F., Welfare Director, Wayne Knitting Mills, Fort Wayne, IN, 1919
Lodge, Richard W., Redlands, CA, 1913
Logeman, John H., Secy., Poster Adv. Assoc., Chicago, IL, August 1, 1914
Lohman, Karl B., Div. of Landscape Gardening, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, 1921
Long, Henry C., Attorney, Boston, MA, 1913
Longstreet, Mrs. Helen Dortch, Gainsville, GA, 1914
Lord, Mrs. Harriet C., High School, Lawrence, MA, 1913 (1 folder)
Lorimer, George Horace, Saturday Evening Post, Philadelphia, PA, 1914, 1916, 1919-1920
Loring, Charles M., Minneapolis, MN, 1913-1914, 1916-1919, 1921
Loring, Miss Louisa P., Prides Crossing, MA, November 24, 1920
Lott, Louis, Architect, Dayton, OH, 1918 (1 folder)
Lovelace, Thomas H., Secy, Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis, MO, 1917
Lowe, Houston, Pres., Lowe Bros. Co., Dayton, OH, August 19, 1913
Lowe, Wm. G., NYC, October 9, 1917
Lowry, Miss Elizabeth, Pocono Manor, PA, September 3, 1913
Lowry, James H., Dept. of Public Works, Indianapolis, IN, February 14, 1913
Luden, Wm. H., Manufacturing Confectioner, Reading, PA, 1913, 1915, 1917
Ludington, C.H., Secy., Curtis Publishing Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1915
Lundberg, J., National Press Intelligence, Co., NYC, 1916-1917

box 6

Lynch, Wm. H., Supt. of Streets, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1919 (1 folder)
Lyndon, Lamar, Consulting Engineer, NYC, 1913-1916
Lyon, Bert E., Chamber of Commerce, Troy, NY, 1912-1913
Lyon, Miss Dorothy D., Librarian, Public Library, Little Rock, AR., 1913
Lyon, Mrs. Frank D., Civic Club, Binghamton, NY, 1916
McAdoo, Hon. Wm. G., Secretary of Treasury, Washington, D.C., July 11, 1918 (1 folder)
McAneny, George, Pres. of the Board of Aldermen, NYC, 1913, 1916
McBride, C.G., Mercer Co. Farm Bureau, Greenville, PA, May 4, 1915
McBride, Robert M., McBride, Nast and Co., NYC, 1914-1915
McCaleb, W.B., Supt., P.R.R. Co., Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1915-1916
McCaull, J.L., Minneapolis, MN, August 21, 1913
McClatchy, John H., Philadelphia, PA, April 14, 1913
McClure, George W., Landscape Designer, Buffalo, NY, 1916
McClure, Mrs. H.M., Secy, Civic Club, Lewisburg, PA., July 7, 1913
McClurg, A.C., Chicago, IL, 1913
McColgin, Edward L. Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Harrisburg, PA, 1914-1918 (1 folder)
McCormick, Mrs. Cyrus Hall, Chicago, IL, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1919 (1 folder)
McCormick, Stanley, Chicago, IL, July 7, 1917
McCormick, Hon. Vance C., Harrisburg, PA, 1913-1920
McCormick, Wm., Editor, The Reading Herald, Reading, PA, 1912
McCrea, Mrs. Annette E., Landscape Architect, Chicago, IL, 1913-1914 (1 folder)
McCreight, M.I., Du Bois, PA, (Cook Forest State Park) 1915-1917, 1919, 1921
McCulloch, J.E., Amer. Inter-Church College, Nashville, TN, 1913, 1921
McCutcheon, Miss Lydia M., University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1915
McDonald, Arthur, Washington, D.C., August 7, 1915
McDowell, M.S., Dept. of Agricultural Extension, State College, PA, 1915
Macey, J. Warren, Cincinnati, OH, December 21, 1912
McFarland, E.W., Detroit, MI, January 21, 1916
MacFarland, Hon. Henry B.F., Attorney, Washington, D.C., 1914, 1918-1919
McGovern, Miss Emma, McConnellsburg, PA, 1917
McGregor, Ford H., Municipal Reference Bureau, University of Wiscinsin, Madison, WI, 1915
McGuire, W.P., Editor, The American Boy, Detroit, MI, 1921
McIlhaney, Asa K., Bath, PA, 1915
McIlvaine, Miss Frances Edge, Downingtown, PA, 1913-1916, 1921 (1 folder)
McIlvaine, Gilbert, Architect, Philadelphia, PA, 1920-1921
MacKaye, Percy, Shirley, MA, December 18, 1916 (1 folder)
MacKaye, Mrs. Percy, Boston, MA, 1917
McKee, Logan, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh, PA, 1914
McKee, Wm. C., Organizer, Committee on the Federal Constitution, Brooklyn, NY, 1913
McKeever, W.A., University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 1917
McKibben, Frank P., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA, 1917
McKibben, Mrs. Emory F., Librarian, Public Library,Fairmount, WV, 1913, 1915
McMechin, Edgar C., Editor, Municipal Facts, Denver, CO, 1919
McMullen, Hon. Hugh J., Comptroller, Annapolis, MD, 1917
MCTair, Henry, Publisher, NYC, July 24, 1915
MaCTeill, Mrs. A., Prince Edward Island, Canada, 1913
MCTider, Mrs. C.H., City Civic League, Mason City, IA, 1913
Macomber, Irving E., Toledo, OH, 1921
MCTayr, R.S., "Tree Expert," Williamsport, PA, 1914
McVeagh, Hon. Franklin, Chicago, IL, January 31, 1918
Maddox, W.C., Richmond, VA, 1921 (1 folder)
Magee, Hon. Walter L., Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA, February 13, 1913
Magill, H.N.W., Pres., Free Library, Pleasant Valley, NY, 1913
Mahurin, M.S., Architect, Fort Wayne, IN, 1921
Mann, Clyde, Secy., National Choral Peace Jubilee Committee, Chicago, IL, 1915
Mann, Miss Hattie M., Free Library, Stockton, CA, 1914
Mann, Hon. James R., U.S. House, Illinois, Washington, D.C., January 30, 1922
Manning, Warren H., Landscape Designer and Vice Pres., A.C.A., Boston, MA, 1912-1922 (5 folders)
Manning, William S., Supt., Dept. of Public Works, Baltimore, MD, September 26, 1916
Mara, W.A., Secy., Adcraft Club of Detroit, MI, 1919 (1 folder)
Marquand, Henry, Bedford Hills, NY, 1913
Marrinan, JohnJ., New York Tribune, Washington, D.C., 1918
Marsh, Arthur M., City Plan Commission, Bridgeport, CT, 1913-1914
Marsh, Edward C., Vice Pres., Macmillan Co., NYC, 1919
Marshall, Miss Eleanor E., Assist. Secy., A.C.A., Washington, D.C., 1915-1920 (13 folders)

box 7

Marshall. Stuart B., Consulting Engineer, Roanoke, VA, 1918 (1 folder)
Marshall, Mrs. T.P., Dallas, TX, 1917
Marston, George W., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., San Diego, CA, July 6, 1917
Martin, Dr. Edward, Commissioner, Dept. of Health, Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Martin, Mrs. J. Willis, Pres., Garden Club of Philadelphia, PA., 1919
Marvin, Dwight, Editor, The Troy Record, Troy, NY, 1917-1918
Mason, Miss E.F., Nreport, RI, 1915, 1917, 1919 (1 folder)
Mason, Hon. Frank H., American Consulate-General, Paris, France, 1913-1914
Mason, Miss Ida M., Boston, MA, 1913, 1915, 1917, 1919
Mater, Harrison J., Penbrook, PA, 1915
Mather, Samuel, Cleveland, OH, 1915, 1917, 1919
Mather, Stephen T., Chicago, IL, 1912-1913
Mather, Wm. G., Cleveland, OH, 1918-1919
Matthews, D.C., Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 1914
Matlack, Miss H.M., Civic Club, Philadelphia, PA, 1918
Mattern, J.R., Julian, PA, (re: Cook Tract purchase bill) 1913
Maule, Alfred Collins, Secy., Main Line Citizens' Assoc., Bryn Maur, PA, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Maule, H.W., Doubleday Page and Co., Garden City, NY, 1919
Maxwell, Miss Laura, Easton, PA, 1913
Mayer, Leo Kenneth, Director, Amer. City Gov. League, Brooklyn, NY, January 21, 1919
Maynard, Mrs. E.E., Sioux Falls, SD, 1916
Mayper, Joseph, Attorney, Committee for Immogrants in America, NYC, 1915
Mead, S.C., Secy., Merchants Assoc., of New York, NYC, 1913, 1917-1919
Meade, Richard W., Pres., N.Y. Transportation Co., NYC, August 30, 1913
Melris, Miss Leila, Secy., Amer. Federation of Arts, Washington, D.C., 1915-1917, 1919
Medary, Milton B., Jr., Pres., Philadelphia Chapter Amer. Inst. of Architects, Philadelphia, PA, 1915
Meek, Mrs. Mary Gray, Bellefonte, PA, 1914-1915, 1917, 1920
Melluish, J.G., Bloomington, IL, 1921
Meloney, Miss Marie M., Editor, The Woman's Magazine, NYC, 1916
Membership Correspondence, 1913 (1 folder)
Merchant, F.W., The Pittsburgh Sun, Pittsburgh, PA, May 29, 1920
Merchants' Association of New York, NYC, April 20, 1917
Merrian, Charles E., University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1916
Morrill, Miss Dora E., Lock Haven, PA, 1913
Morrill, Earl D., Manassas, VA, 1913
Merriman, Miss Christina C., Staff, The Survey, NYC, 1913
Metropolitan National Bank, Washington, D.C., February 5, 1921
Millard, Everett L., Attorney, Chicago, IL, 1914-1915, 1917, 1921 (1 folder)
Miller, C.G., Editor, New York Times, NYC, 1917, 1918, 1921
Miller, Caro, Supervisor of School Gardens, Philadelphia, PA, 1916
Miller, Charles A., City Clerk, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Miller, E.H., Agent, Western Maryland R.R., York, PA, 1919
Miller, F. Roger, Chamber of Commerce, Macon, GA, June 11, 1923
Miller, Frank, Mission Inn, Riverside, CA, 1919
Miller, Herman P., Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1917
Miller, Miss Louise Klein, Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Cleveland, OH, 1912
Miller, R.R., Secy., Institute of Educational Travel, NYC, 1915
Miller, Dr. Robert H., Washington, PA, 1915
Miller, W.L., City Manager, St. Augustine, FL, 1916-1917
Miller, Dr. Wilhelm, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, 1913-1917
Millikin, Miss Elizabeth, Tokyo, Japan, 1913 (1 folder)
Mitchell, Mrs. M.G., Tacoma, WA, 1916-1917
Mitchell, Roscoe C., Secy., Amer. League for Nat. Unity, Washington, D.C., 1917
Molitor, John, Chief, Bureau of Housing, Dept. of Health, Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Moody, Walter D., Director, Chicago Plan Commission, Chicago, IL, 1917
Moon, Henry T., Tr., Glenwood Nurseries, Morrisville, PA., 1917
Moon, J. Edward, Secy., Glenwood Nurseries, Morrisville, PA, 1913, 1920-1921
Mooney, George F., Supt., Dept. of Public Recreation, Columbus, OH, 1916
Moore, Charles, Curator, Art Museum, Detroit, MI, 1917, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Moore, Isiah D., City Attorney, New Orleans, LA, 1913
Moore, Hon. J. Hampton, Mayor of Philadelphia, PA, 1921
Moore, Mrs. Philip North, St. Louis, MO, 1916-1919
Morehouse, Frederic Cook, Editor, The Living Church, Milwaukee, WI, May 4, 1915
Morgan, Mrs. J.H., Chairman, Educational Dept., Civic Club, Carlisle, PA, 1916, 1921
Morgan, Miss Jessie T., Secy., PA School of Horticulture for Women, Ambler, PA, 1913
Morley, Mrs. Albert H., Saginaw, MI, 1914
Morse, Arthur M., Assisr. Tr., The Outlook, NYC, 1915 (1 folder)
Mosle, M.A., NYC, 1915
Mosser, George H., Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Altoons, PA, 1913, 1915
Mott, Hon. Charles S., Mayor of Flint, MI, 1913
Moulder, George B., Park Commissioners, Nashville, TN, 1917
Moulton, R.H., Chicago, IL, February 14, 1917
Muir, Wm. S., Agent, German Amer. Insurance Co., Baltimore, MD, 1913
Mulford, F. L., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 1921
Millowney, Dr. John J., Paxtang, PA, 1915
Mulvihill, Frank J., Landscape Architect, Cambridge, MA, 1916-1917
Murray, Hon. G.H., Mayor of White Bear Lake, MN, 1915
Muse, George W., Attorney, New Castle, PA, 1914
Musser, Frank B., Harrisburg Railways Co., Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1917
Musser, Henry Raymond, Columbia University, NYC, February 6, 1913
Myers, Edward F., Madison, CT, 1915
Myers, Hon. Henry L., U.S. Senate, Montana, Washington, D.C., 1918
Myton, J. Clyde, Secy., Motor Club, Harrisburg, PA, October 16, 1916
Naylor, Ellwood T., Ardmore, PA, 1914 (1 folder)
Nelson, Seymour G., Nursery Products, Chicago, IL, 1916
Nerwich, H.P., The Daily Item, Palatka, FL, 1914
Nettleton, Miss Lulu, Editor, The Mountaineer, Seattle, WA, 1913
Nevin, Hon. D.W., Mayor of Easton, PA, 1913-1915
Newbold, Miss Esther L., Philadelphia, PA, 1913 (1 folder)
Newburgh Daily News, Newburgh, NY, 1914
Newby, T.F., Bethlehem, PA, 1914
Newell, Hon. F.H., Director, U.S. Reclamation Service, Washington, D.C., December 3, 1912
Newell, Henry Grant, Orwell, PA, 1906, 1915
Newkirk, Mrs. F. L., Brooklyn, IA, 1915
Newlands, Hon Francis G., U.S. Senate, NE, Washington, D.C., 1916
Newman, Bernard J., Ex. Secy., Housing Commission, Philadelphia, PA, 1912-1916
Newmark, Henry M., Secy., to Editor, Christian Science Monitor, Boston, MA, 1919
The News, Editor, Springfield, OH, 1921
Nichols, Arthur R., Landscape Architect, Minneapolis, MN, 1915
Nichols, Mrs. H.S., Prentiss, Pres. New Century Club [ ], October 3, 1919
Nichols, J.C., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Kansas City, MO, 1917, 1919, 1921-1922
Ninde, Lee J., The Wildwood Magazine, Fort Wayne, IN, 1916-1918
Nokes, Tom, Poster Advertising Assoc., Johnstown, PA, 1920

Nolen, Dr. John, Landscape Architect and Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Cambridge, MA, 1912-1921
(5 folders)
- Army Educational Commission, AEF-YMCA, Dept of Citizenship, Bureau of Housing and Comminity Planning - Preliminary Outline for Lecture Subjects, December 6, 1919
- Ford, James, Emerson Hall, Cambridge, MA, May 24, 1920 (copy)
- Johnston, Archibald, Vice Pres., Bethlehem Steel Corp., Bethlehem, PA, 1917 (copies)
- Littlebrant, Wm. T., Yosemite, CA, July 24, 1914 (copy)
- Notes on the A.C.A. Convention, Baltimore, MD, November 12, by J.N.
- Rousseau, H.H., Manager, Div. of Shipyard Plants, U.S. Shipping Board, Washington, D.C., October 24, 1917 (copy)
- Smith, Leslie R., Boston, MA, May 28, 1920 (copy)
- Waugh, [ Frank A.], Div. of Landscape Gardening, MA Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, 1912-1920

Norris, Mrs. Charles W., Milwaukee, WI, 1913, 1915, 1919 (1 folder)
North Tonawanda, NY, Secy., Chamber of Commerce, July 14, 1917
Norwood, Irving C., Secy., Commercial Club, Davenport, IA, 1918
Nutt, John J., Record and Guide, NYC, 1914
Oakley, Mrs. Imogen B., Philadelphia, PA, April 4, 1919
O'Brien, Wm. C., Secy., Garfield Ave. Improvement Club, Duluth, MN, 1916
O'Connor, John J., School of Social Work, Duquesne, Pittsburgh, PA, 1919
Odell, Dr. Arthur Lee, St. Louis, MO, 1917

Olmsted, Fredericj Law, Landscape Architect and Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Brookline, MA, 1912-1921
(4 folders)
-Baird, Dr. William, Boulder, CO, November 13, 1919 (copy)
-Chamberlain, Allen, Appalachian Mt. Club Camp, Boston, MA, 1915 (copies)
-Crawford, Andrew Wright, Field Secy., A.C.A., Philadelphia, PA, 1918-1919 (copies)
-Glenn, John M., NYC, October 28, 1920 (copy)
-Lamar, G.B., Secy., City Plan Board, St. Augustine, FL, July 3, 1916 (copy)
-Mather, Stephen T., Assist to Secretary of Interior, Washington, D.C., May 2, 1918 (copy)
-Parsons, Charles H., Chairman, Planning Commission, Springfield, MA, July 8, 1916 (copy)
-Waugh, Frank A., Div. of Landscape Gardening, MA Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, October 1, 1917 (copy)

Olmsted, John Charles, Landscape Architect, Brookline, MA, 1913-1917
Olmsted, Mrs. Marlin E., Harrisburg, PA, April 24, 1919
Olney, Mrs. Lotte S., Pres., Civic Club, Charleston, SC, 1915
Olyphant, Miss Ruth, Englewood, NJ, 1915
Orwig, Mrs. Ralph, Des Moines, IA, 1922
Otis, Harrison G., Manager, War Camp Community Service, NYC, 1917, 1919
Oves, H.F., City Treasurer, Harrisburg, PA, February 2, 1916
Owens, Clarence J., Director, Municipal and Civic Problems in Europe, Washington, D.C., 1914
Owens, Mrs. G.L., Secy., Women's Civic Club, Tyrone, PA, 1913
Pack, Charles Lathrop, Pres. Nat. War Garden Commission, Washington, D.C., 1913, 1919 (1 folder)
Palmer, Miss Estelle, Glen Falls, NY, 1916-1917
Palmer, Miss Margaret, Librarian, Chishilm, MN, October 6, 1913
Pancoast, Charles R., Photography, Philadelphia, PA, 1917
Park, E.S., Contractor, West Milton, OH, 1913
Parke, Mrs. Maxwell, Pittston, PA, 1915
Parker, Hon. Alton B., Chancellor, Sulgrave Institution, NYC, 1915, 1918
Parker, Mrs., Edward J., Quincy, IL, 1917-1919
Parker, Frank, Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA, 1916
Parker, George A., Supt. of Parks, Hartford, Conn., )incl. address delivered before A.C.A. on December 3, 1914), 1912-1917, 1920

box 8

Parker, Joh E., Art Dept., The Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia, PA, 1915 (1 folder)
Parkes, Solan L., Chief Ex., American Forestry Guides, Reading, PA, 1921
Parsons, Mrs., A.H., Sal Lake City, Utah, 1915
Parsons, C.H., Chairman, City Planning Commission, Springfield, MA, 1916
Parsons, Mrs. E.T., Berkeley, CA, June 2, 1914
Patek, Alfred, Denver, CO, 1914
Patten, Stephen J., Secy., Bureau of Municipal Research, Inc., Yonkers, NY, 1919
Patterson, A.S., Pres., Chamber of Commerce, Harrisburg, PA, May 9, 1918
Patterson, Carl, V.S., Towanda, PA, 1921
Patterson, Mrs. Gaylord, Pres., Civic Club, Carlisle, PA, 1917
Patterson, John H., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Dayton, OH, May 10, 1918
Payne, Hon. John Barton, Secy., Dept. of the Interior, Washington, D.C., 1920
Peabody, George A., Danvers, MA, 1913, 1916-1918, 1921 (1 folder)
Peabody, George Foster, Saratoga Springs, NY, 1915, 1919
Peale, Miss Elizabeth Hall, Lock Haven, PA, 1914, 1917
Pearson, Paul M., Pres., The Chautauqua Assoc. of PA, Swarthmore, PA, 1913
Pearson, T. Gilbert, Secy., Nat. Assoc. of Audubon Societies, NYC, (Re: Roosevelt Memorial Fountain), 1919
Pease, Charles G., Pres., Non-Smokers" Protective League of America, NYC, May 22, 1915
Pease, Edward G., Pres., BuckeyeIron and Brass Works, Dayton, OH, 1916
Peirce, Harold, Philadelphia, PA, 1912 (1 folder)
Penland, S.M., Galveston, TX, 1913
Pennington, Josias, Secy., Municipal Art Society, Baltimore, MD., 1920
Pennypacker, James L., Philadelphia, PA, 1916
Pennypacker, Hon. Samuel W., State Railway Commission, Harrisburg, PA, April 20, 1914
Penrose, Hon. Boies, U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., 1916, 1919
Perkins, Mrs. Sallie, Rutledge, GA, 1913
Perrilliat, Arsene, Engineer, Port of New Orleans, LA, 1920
Perrine, Miss Jennie E., Drifton, PA, 1913
Person, Miss Henriette, Port Gibson, MS, 1915
Pettit, Mrs. J.W., Ottawa, IL, 1915
Peyrot, Francois, Exposition, Internationale, NYC, 1916
Pfahler, Mrs. Ralph D., Secy., Civic League, Meyersdale, PA, 1913
Philadelphia Public Ledger, Circulation Dept., Philadelphia, PA, April 27, 1916
Philips, George Morris, Pres., Chester Co. Historical Society, West Chester, PA, 1913
Philips, Mrs. H.B., South Jacksonville, FL, April 10, 1915
Phillips, Mrs. F.R.S., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Tallahassee, FL, 1919
Phillips, M.P., Chamber of Commerce, Birmingham, AL, 1920
Pierce, C.C., Assist. Surgeon General, Washington, D.C., March 5, 1919 (1 folder)
Pifer, Mrs. Fred C., Ridgway, PA, 1915
Pinchot, Hon. Gifford, Commissioner of Forestry, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1920-1921, 1923 (incl. Pinchot's reply, Sept. 21, 1920 to J. Girvin Peters, U.S. Forest Service and latter of Albert C. Burrage, Boston, MA, 1922)
Pingree, W.H., Secy., Central Civic Committee, Jacksonville, FL, 1916 (1 folder)
Pitkin, W.B., New Republic News Service, Washington, D.C., 1917
Pitts, Mrs. Logan R., Chairman, General Federation of Women's Clubs, Calhoun, GA, 1915-1916

Playground and Recreation Assoc. of America, NYC, 1914-1917
(1 folder)
-Braucher, Howard S., Secy., NYC, 1915-1917
-Dickinson, Walter B., Assoc. Secy., NYC, 1914-1915
-Edgar, P., NYC, 1914
-Lee, Joseph, Pres., NYC, 1915
-McFarland, J. Horace, Harrisburg, PA (re: contributions), 1914
-Williams, Arthur, Assistant, NYC, 1914

Plimpton, George A., (re: testimonial dinner for Robert U. Johnson), NYC, 1913 (1 folder)
Plotnick, Mark, Director, Cities Industrial Development Bureau, Inc., Columbus, OH, 1920
Polhill, Mrs. Ilah W., Jacksonville, AL, December 23, 1915
Poling, Daniel A., Interchurch World Movement, NYC, 1920
Porter, Wm. E., Pres., Dry Federation of PA Employers and Employees, Pittsburgh, PA, 1917
Potter, F.M., Jr., Vice Pres., Rome Wire Co., Rome, NY, 1914
Pound, James H., Attorney, Detroit, MI, 1913
Powell, G. Harold, U.S. Food Admin., Washington, D.C., 1918
Powell, H.B., Clearfield, PA, 1915
Poyser, Mrs. Lewis W., Indianapolis, IN, July 8, 1915
Pratt, Edward, Ewing, NY University, School of Commerce, NYC, 1913-1914 (1 folder)
Pratt, George C., Edge Hill, PA, January 14, 1913
Pratt, Mrs. Harold Irving, Secy., Garden Club of America, Long Island, NY, 1919-1920
Pray, Dr. James Sturgis, Pres., Amer. Society of Landscape Architects, Cambridge, MA, 1915-1919 (1 folder)
Price, Eli Kirk, Attorney, Philadelphia, PA, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Public Comfort Stations, 1912
Pugsley, Chester DeWitt, Attorney, NYC, July 30, 1915
Purdy, Hon. Lawson, Secy., Charity Organization Society, NYC, 1919-1921
Putnam, Edward K., Davenport, Iowa, December 22, 1919
Putnams (Retail Dept.), Booksellers, NYC, 1913
Pyatt, Harold D., Lancaster, PA, 1919
Quackenbush, Mrs. A.S., Chairman, Wisc. Woman Suffrage Assoc., Portage, WI, 1913-1914
Rackmann, Charles E., Boston, MA, October 18, 1917 (1 folder)
Rambo, Samuel B., Supt., Public Grounds and Buildings, Harrisburg, PA, 1917
Ramsey, L.W., Secy., The Garden Press, Davenport, IA, 1921
Randolf, Miss Anna, Philadelphia, PA, January 30, 1918
Rapalje, deWitt, North Plainfield Civic Assoc., Plainfield, NJ, 1920
Raunick, Dr. John M.J., Dept. of Health, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1918
Ravenel, S.P., Attorney, Ashville, NC, 1915-1916
Rawson, J.A., Jr., National War Work Council of YMCA of US, NYC, 1918 (1 folder)
Read, Henry, Students School of Art, Denver, CO, 1919 (1 folder)
Redfield, Hon. Wm. C., Secretary of Commerce, Washington, D.C., 1917
Reed, Charles L., Huntingdon, PA, 1915
Reed, Daniel A., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Flint, MI, 1917
Reed, Miss. Katharine S., News Distribution Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Reed, W.C., Owner, Nurseries, Vincennes, IN, 1921
Reed, Mrs. Wm. Howell, Boston, MA, October 28, 1913
Reep, Thomas P., Chairman, Old Salem Lincoln League, Petersburg, IL, 1919
Reeves, L.E., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Anderson, IN, 1919
Reid, E.W., Holm and Olson, Florists, St. Paul, MN, 1915
Reinick, Wm. R., Assist. Secy., PA War History Commission, Philadelphia, PA, 1919
Reinoehl, George S., Pres., Chamber of Commerce, Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Renshaw, Dr. Julieta Lantari, Pres., 1st Amer. Child's Congress, Buenos Aires, FL, 1916 (1 folder)
Reynolds, Lewis D., Philadelphia, PA, 1915 (1 folder)
Rich, Wm. P., Secy., MA Horticultural Society, Boston, MA, March 1, 1918
Richards, Mrs. W.D., Dayton, KY, 1913
Richardson, Mrs. C.A., Vice Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, Beaumont, TX, 1914
Richardson, F.W., Supply Agent, NJ Zinc Co., Palmerton, PA, 1914
Riddle, T.R., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Lima, OH, 1912-1913, 1915
Ridstale, Percival Sheldon, Ex. Secy., American Forestry Assoc., Washington, D.C., 1914-1915, 1917-1918
Riggs, Francis Behn, Headmaster, Riggs School, Lakenville, CT, 1920 (1 folder)
Rightor, C.E., Director, Dayton Bureau of Research, Dayton, OH, 1917-1918
Riker, Samuel M., Chester, NJ, 1914
Riley, Miles C., Director, Public Law Drafting Service, Madison, WI, 1916
Rioux, A.J., Jr., Flag and Bunting Decorations, Cohoes, NY, 1914
Rives, Millard Worth, Wilmington, NC, April 7, 1916
Robbins, F.A., Jr., Pres., Municipal League, Steelton, PA, 1919 (1 folder)
Roberts, Miss Frances A., Philadelphia, PA, 1916-1919
Robertson, George, Washington, D.C., January 14, 1916
Robinson, Carl Davis, NYC, April 6, 1917
Robinson, Francis Asbury, Landscape Architect, Boston, MA, 1917
Roche, Hon. W.J., Minister, Dept. of Interior, Ottawa, Canada, July 13, 1914
Rocky Mountain News, Editor, Denver, CO, November 20, 1917
Roeding, George D., Pres., Fancher Creek Nurseries, Fresno, CA, 1917
Roege, Fred, Atlanta, GA, 1912
Roeper, Herman P., Chairman, Shade Tree Commission, Wyomissing, PA, 1913
Rogers, Volney, Attorney, Youngstown, Ohio, 1915-1916
Rohertson, Howard, Assist. City Attorney, Los Angeles, CA, November 28, 1914 (1 folder)
Rollins, Frank W., Pres., Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests, March 1, 1911
Romeike, Henry, Inc., Newspaper Cutting Bureau, NYC, 1913-1916
Rood. E.B., Bradentown, FL, February 23, 1914
Roosevelt, Hon. Theodore, The Outlook, NYC, 1913-1914, 1916-1917
Roosevelt, Captain Theodore, Jr., Oyster Bay, NY, 1919
Root, Hon. Elihu, NYC, August 14, 1919
Rose, Wm. Ganson, Ex. Secy., City Plan Commission, Cleveland, OH, 1917, 1920 (1 folder)
Rose. M. J., Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1918
Rosenwald, Julius, Chicago, IL, 1913, 1917
Ross, Frederick R., Ores., Investment Co., Denver, CO, 1916-1917
Rothrock, Dr. Joseph Trimble, West Chester, PA, 1913, 1918-1921
Routzahn, E.G., Assoc. Director, Dept. of Surveys and Exhibits, Russell Sage Foundation, NYC, 1912, 1915, 1919
Rowe, Dr. L.S., Pres., Univeristy of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1913
Rowse, D.G., Institute of Efficiency, Washington, D.C., 1916-1917
Royal, J. Douglas M., Editor, The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA, 1917 (1 folder)
Royal, Hon. John K., Mayor of Harrisburg, PA, (incl. Woolett, J.H., Architect, Dept. of Engineering, Sacramento, CA, August 4, 1913) 1912-1915
Royer, Dr. B. Franklin, Commissioner, Dept. of Health, Harrisburg, PA, 1918
Rummel, Charles L., Shippensburg, PA, 1918, 1920 (1 folder)
Rupp, Arthur K., Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH, 1913
Russ, Charles C., Tr., Municipal Art Society, Hartford, CT, December 21, 1912
Rust, David, Secy., PA Horticultural Society, Philadelphia, PA, 1918
Ryder, Frank W., Director of Publicity, Lincoln Memorial Univ., NYC, 1917
Sabree, John P., Chicago, IL, January 19, 1914
Sack, F.R., Portable Elevator Mfg. Co., Bloomington, IL, 1921
Sadler, Hon. Lewis S., State Highway Commissioner, Harrisburg, PA, 1920-1921
Sampson, Lewis D., Pres., Town Development, NYC, 1912
Sanders, J.G., Economic Zoologist, Dept. of Agriculture, Harrisburg, PA, July 2, 1917
Sandles, A.P., Secy., Ohio State Fair, Columbus, OH, 1912
Sanford, E.E., Agent, Adams Express Co., Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Sansom, James B., Secy., Wild Life League of PA, Pittsburgh, PA, 1917, 1919
Sargent, Charles S., Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, Jamaica Plain, MA, 1913, 1915, 1917-1918, 1920
Savery, Wm. H., Delaware Railway Specialty Co., Wilmington, DE, 1917
Scammell, H.B., res., Planet Mfg, Co., St Louis, MO, 1915 (1 folder)
Schaeffer, Edward F., Oaks, PA, 1916
Schlegel, Rev. Dr., H. Franklin, St. Paul United Evangelical Church, Mt. Carmel, PA, 1913
Schmidt, Miss Katharine R., York, PA, 1913
Schwab, Charles M., Pres., Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem, PA, July 18, 1916
Schwartz, G. Frederick, Brookline, MA, 1916
Scott, Hon. Samuel B., PA House, Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Searle, Wm. A., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Camden, NJ, 1921
Sears, J.H., NYC, February 22, 1916
Seested, A.F., Manager, Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO, May 21, 1917
Seiberling, Dr. Frank A., Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron, OH, 1917
Seibert, Wm. Sumner, PA State Railroad Commission, Harrisburg, PA, August 8, 1913
Semple, Mrs. Samuel, Pres., State Federation of Pennsylvania Women, Titusville, PA, 1913
Service, C.M., Dept. of Public Works and Buildings, Springfield, IL, 1920
Setterly, C.A., Rutherford, NJ, September 25, 1915 (1 folder)
Seymour, George D., Patents and Patent Litigation, New Haven, CT, 1917
Seymour, Hon. W.W., Mayor of Tacoma, WA, 1912
Shafer, Wm. L., Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Lebanon, PA, 1918-1919
Shank, Jesse L., Kansas Wesleyan University, Salina, KS, 1913
Sharp, Miss May, Lewes, DE, 1916
Sharpe, Mrs. Walter King, Vice Pres., State Federation of Pennsylvania Women, Chambersburg, PA, 1914-1915
Shaw, Dr. Albert, Editor, American Review of Reviews, NYC, 1914, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Shaw, Robert K., Librarian, Free Public Library, Worcester, MA, 1914
Shay, Felix, Editor, The FRA, East Aurora, NY, 1914
Sheehan, John V. and Co., Detroit, MI, 1913
Shepard, Harvey N., Boston, MA, December 9, 1921
Sheridan, Laurence V., Engineer, Dallas Property Owners Assoc., Dallas, TX, 1920, 1924
Sherman, Mrs. John Dickinson, Chairman, Gen. Fed. of Women's Clubs, Estes Park, CO, 1914-1916, 1918, 1921
Sherman, L.K., Pres., U.S. Housing, Corp., Washington, D.C., 1919-1920
Sherrill, Col. C.O., Secy., Commission of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C., 1921
Shipp, Thomas R., Secy., Nat. Conservatiuon Congress, Washington, D.C., 1913, 1916-1917 (1 folder)
Shoemaker, Col. Henry W., State Forest Commission, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1920-1921
Shope, Dr. Samuel Z., Pres., Medical Club of Harrisburg, PA, 1913
Shriner, Dr. W.P., Altoona, PA, February 3, 1915 (1 folder)
Shuey, Edwin L., Adv. Dept., Lowe Brothers Co., Dayton, OH, 1915, 1917
Shurtleff, Flavel, Secy., Nat. Conference on City Planning, Boston, MA, 1913, 1917-1922

box 9

Sibley. Hiram W., Rochester, NY, October 28, 1913 (1 folder)
Simmons, Mrs. Z.G., Keosha, WI, 1918-1919
Simpson, W.H., Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Co., Chicago, IL, 1913
Skinner, Mrs. Otis, Bryn Mawr, PA, 1919
Slayden, Hon. James L., U.S. House, Texas, Washington, D.C., 1917
Sloane, W.B., Chairman, Choral Peace Jubilee, Chicago, IL, 1915
Smiley, Daniel, Prop., Lake Mohonk Mt. House, Ulster Co., NY, 1920
Smith, Barry C., Director, Nat. Information Bureau, NYC, 1919-1920 (2 folders)
Smith, Curtis Nye, Boston, MA, February 27, 1918 (1 folder)
Smith, Mrs. Edith, Ellicott, pres., PA Rural Progress Assoc., Pennsdale, PA, 1912-1914, 1916-1917
Smith, Geddes, Secy., Nat. Information Bureau, NYC, 1917, 1919-1920 (1 folder)
Smith, Harry Worcester, North Grafton, MA, November 1, 1915
Smith, J. Russell, Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA, 1913 (incl. copy of Critchfield, Hon. N.B., Secretary of Agriculture, Garrisburg, PA, February 13, 1913)
Smith, John, Podunck, NJ, July 8, 1919
Smith, Hon., John Walter, U.S. Senate, Maryland, Washington, D.C., December 31, 1914
Smith, Julius, Secy., PA Rural Progress Assoc., Pennsdale, PA, 1912
Smith, Roy H., Kent, OH, 1921
Smith, Wm. Russell, Jr., Engineer and Architect, York, PA, 1912
Smock, John C., Trenton, NJ, October 30, 1913

Smoke, 1908-1917 (incl. Newspaper clippings and adv. materials) (1 folder)

-Ackland, Richard E., Columbus, OH, February 3, 1912 (extract)
-Baker, D.L., American Stoker Co., Erie, PA, February 10, 1908
-Brutenstein, A.J., Secy., Commercial Club, Great Falls, MT, 1916
-Chamberlain, Paul M., Engineer, Under-Feed Stoker Co., Chicago, IL, 1908
-Chamberlin, V., Assist., Supt., Pope Motor Car Co., Indianapolis, Ind., March 14, 1908
-Daley, Fred A., Pres., Under-Feed Stoker Co., Chicago, IL, 1908
-Flanagan, P.I., New Orleans, LA, September 22, 1909
-Henderson, J.W., Chief, Bureau of Smoke Regulations, Pittsburgh, PA, 1916-1917
-Judah, Mrs, John M., Chairman, Smoke Abatement League, Indianapolis, IN, 1912
-Keen, W.A., Adv. Manager, Under-Feed Stoker Co., Chicago, IL, 1908
-McClain, Hon. Frank B., Mayor of Lancaster, PA, 1910
-Rice, W.G., Newton Fire Brick Co., Albany, NY, 1908
-Searle, J.M., Vice Pres., International Assoc, , , Prevention of Smoke, Pittsburgh, PA, August 27, 1913
-Trout, F.B., Tr., Universal Smoke Separating Co., Lancaster, PA, May 27, 1910
-Viall, S.H., Secy., International Assoc. for Prevention of Smoke, Chicago, IL, August 23, 1915
-Waterfall, Wm., Manager, Stoker Smoke and Fuel Saving Device, Salt Lake City, UT, 1908
-Watrous, Richard B., Secy., A.C.A., Washington, D.C., 1912
-Wilson, H.M., Chairman, Special Committee on Mine Fires, Pittsburgh, PA, 1913

Snipes, Edgar T., Attorney, Philadelphia, PA, 1918 (1 folder)
Snodgrass, Rev. Ottis Rymer, Lecturer, Friendly, WV, 1919
Snyder, Miss Elizabeth, Secy., Main Line Citizens' Assoc., Bryn Mawr, PA, 1920
Snyder, Howard A., Roxboro, PA, 1912
Snyder, Leroy E., Bureau of Municipal Research, Inc., Rochester, NY, (re: Informal Conference of A.C.A., January 3, 1919) May 15, 1917-1918
Solotaroff, Wm., East Orange, NJ, February 15, 1913
Solotaroff, Mrs. Wm., East Orange, NJ, 1913
Sparks, Dr. Edwin E. Pennsylvania State College, State College, PA, 1914-1916
Spaulding, Forrest B., Librarian, Public Library, Des Moines, IA, 1918
Spedding, Miss Alta B., Everson, WA, 1913
Sper, Hon. Robert W., Mayor of Denver, CO, 1914, 1918
Spencer, Nelson S., Pres., City Club of New York, NYC, January 19, 1917
Sprague, Dr. Leslie Willis, Community Motion Picture Bureau, NYC, 1919 (1 folder)
Sproul, Hon. Wm. Cameron, Governor of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, 1919-1921
Squire, Irving, Publisher, NYC, 1918
Squires, P.C., Ocean City, MD, 1914
Stackhouse, J.L., Rotary Club, Easton, PA, 1917 (1 folder)
Stackpole, E.J., Pres., Harrisburg Telegraph, Harrisburg, PA, 1913-1914, 1916, 1919
Stamm, A. Carson, Attorney, Harrisburg, PA, 1913, 1916-1917, 1920
Stark, Paul C., Louisiana, MO, October 13, 1917
Stark, Wm. P., Pres., Nurseries, Neosho, MO, 1917
Stavely, Hon. J.A., Kansas Senate, Topeka, KS, 1915
Steele, H. Wirt, Secy., City Club, Baltimore, MD, 1916
Steinmetz, Gus M., Editor, Harrisburg Telegraph, Harrisburg, PA, 1917, 1919-1920
Stelzel, Rev. Childs, NYC, March 5, 1918
Stephens, George, Mamber, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Charlotte, NC, 1915-1916
Stern, Walter, Milwaukee, Wisc., October 27, 1913
Stevens, O.L., Assist. to Editor, Christian Science Monitor, Boston, MA, 1919
Stevens, Mrs. Otheman, Director, Salvage Section, Bureau of Development, San Francisco, CA, December 13, 1918
Stevens, P.E., Pres., Civil Engineers Society of St. Paul, MN, 1917
Stevens, Vincent S., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Akron, OH, 1920
Steward, Karl, Chairman, Subway Committee, West End Improvement League, Harrisburg, PA, 1914
Stewart, Mrs., Charles E., Westminster, MD, 1913
Stewart, James B., NYC, January 9, 1914
Stewart, Gen. John A., Chairman, Amer. Committee . . . Celebration of 100 Aniversary of Peace, . . ., NYC, 1913-1918 (1 folder)
Stewart, Samuel T., Field Commissioners, Boy Scouts of America, Brooklyn, NY, 1917
Stimson, Hon. Henry L., Secretary of War, Washington, D.C., 1913
Stites, Dr. Thomas H.A., Dept. of Health, Harrisburg, PA, December 7, 1912
Stoddard, Ralph G., Manager, American City Bureau, NYC, 1914, 1920
Stone, F.W., Review of Reviews Co., NYC, 1916
Stoneman, Rev. Albert H., St. Joseph, MI, March 21, 1913
Stratton, Hon. Ira W., Mayor of Reading, PA, 1913
Strong, Howard, Secy., Civic and Commerce Assoc., Minneapolis, MN, 1913, 1915, 1918-1919, 1921
Strow, Carl W., High School, Quincy, IL, 1918
Stuart, Hon. Edwin S., Ex-Governor of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, November 5, 1919 (1 folder)
Stuart, James L., Engineer, Pittsburgh, PA, 1920
Sturgis, R. Clipston, Boston, MA, October 27, 1913
Sullivan, John, Secy., Assoc. of National Advertisers, Inc., NYC, 1919
Surface, H.A., Div. of Zoology, Dept. of Agriculture, Harrisburg, PA, 1915
Sutliff, Mrs. S. Dana, Shippensburg, PA, February 4, 1913
Swan, Herbert S., Consultant, City Planning, NYC, 1920
Swartz, Hon. Joshua W., PA House, Harrisburg, PA, 1915, 1917
Swiggett, Dr. Len Levin, Secy., 2nd Pan American Scientific Congress, Washington, D.C., 1915-1916
Switzer, J.M., Vice Pres., Joyce-Cridland Co., Dayton, OH, 1917
Syracuse Post Standard, Editor, Syracuse, NY, December 10, 1917
Taffinder, A.H., Bureau of Social Reconstruction, Los Angeles, CA, 1917 (1 folder)
Taft, Hon. Wm. Howard, New Haven, Conn. and Washington, D.C., 1916, 1918-1919
Taylor, A.D., Landscape Architect, Cleveland, Ohio, 1922
Taylor, Edna N., Wilmington, DE, 1914
Taylor, Edward L., Chairman, Recreation Park Committee, Williamsport, PA, 1917
Taylor, Graham Romeyn, Assoc. Editor, The Survey, NYC, and Vice Pres., A.C.A., 1912-1913, 1915 (1 folder)
Taylor, Miss Loretta W., Cape May, NJ, 1917
Taylor, M. Harvey, Supt., Parks and Public Property, Harrisburg, PA, 1914
Teller, Sicney, West Chicago Park Commissioners, IL, 1913-1914 (1 folder)
Templeton, Miss Charlotte, Secy., Nebraska Public Library Commission, Lincoln, Neb., 1913
Templeton, Thomas W., Supt., Public Grounds and Buildings, Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Tener, Hon. John J., Governor of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA, 1912-1914
Tenny, Mrs. M.W., Newport, NH, 1913
Thayer, Clark S., MA Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, (incl. snapshot of J.F. McFarland), 1920 (1 folder)
Thayer, John E., Lancaster, MA, July 18, 1919
Therkildson, W.F., Secy., Poor Richard Club, Philadelphia, PA, 1913, 1917, 1919
Thieme, Theodore F., Fort Wayne, IN, 1913, 1917
Thilow, J. Otto, Philadelphia, PA, 1913, 1915-1916, 1918, 1921
Thomas, Jefferson, Pres., Thomas Adv. Service, Jacksonville, FL, 1915
Thomen, Otto J., NYC, 1913 (1 folder)
Thompson, E.B., Washington, D.C., 1914
Thompson, Miss Mary Allen, Nashville, TN, 1915
Thompson, Mrs., Nathan Laurel, MD, 1917
Thompson, Hon. T.C., Mayor of Chattanooga, TN, 1914
Thorne, Charles E., Director, Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster, OH, 1913
Thornton, Lewis H., Wellsville, NY, 1914-1915
Thorpe, Samuel S., Member, Ex. Board, A.C.A., Minneapolis, MN, February 21, 1918
Thurber, Charles L., Ohio Progressive State Ex. Committee, Columbus, OH, December 26, 1912
Thurston, E.W., Chateaugay, NY, April 3, 1915
Tidwell, R.E., Birmingham, AL, April 5, 1913 (1 folder)
Tilton, Mrs. Wm., Secy., Committee on War-Time Prohibition, Cambridge, MA, 1918
Timbie, C.T., Educational Secy., YMCA, Pittsfield, MA, 1917
Tinkham, Hon. George Holden, U.S. House, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., 1919-1920
Titche, Edward, Pres., Importers, Dallas, TX, 1914, 1920
Titcomb, John W., Consulting Fish Culturist, Lydonville, VT, 1917
Titsworth, Frederick S., Pres., Park Commission, Denver, CO, 1914
Tomkies, Mrs. Hoyle, Pres., Woman's Rivers and Harbors Congress, Shreveport, LA, December 19, 1908 (1 folder)
Torre-Veler, Comte de, Presidencia del Consejo de Ministros, Madrid, Spain, 1914
Tousley, Wm. E., Secy., Chamber of Commerce, Cleveland, OH, 1914
Tower, Miss, Ellen M., Livington, MA, November 11, 1913
Townsend, R.D., Managing Editor, The Outlook, NYC, 1912, 1914, 1918
Trenholm, Thomas H., Independent Corporation, NYC, 1917
Tripp, George B., Central Construction Corporation, Harrisburg, PA, 1919
Trowbridge, Breck, Chairman, Endowment Fund Committee, NYC, March 12, 1920
True, Miss Ellen I., Librarian, Public Library, Hoopeston, IL, 1919
Trumbull, Frank, Chairman, National Americanization Committee, NYC, 1915
Tuckerman, Gustanis, City Club, St. Louis, MO, July 9, 1917
Turner, Rev. George H., Oxford, PA, March 13, 1916
Turner, Horace K., Secy., Children of America's Fund, Newton Center, MA, 1915
Tyson, Mrs. Russell, Pres., Woman's National Farm and Garden Assoc., Chicago, Il, 1920-1922
Ucker, Clement S., Vice Pres., Southern Settlement, Baltimore, MD, 1918 (1 folder)
Ulmer, H.C., City Trade Tree Commission, York, PA, 1915-1916, 1919
Ulsh, Bruce W., Editor, Times Recorder, Zanesville, Ohio, 1912
Underhill, Miss Gertrude E., Pres., Public Library, Hillsdale, NY, 1913
Union Metal Manufacturing Co., Canton, OH, April 19, 1916
Updyke, Frank A., Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, March 10, 1915
Upson, L.D., Director, Bureau of Governmental Research, Inc., Detroit, MI, 1917
Ury, Miss Mabel Barclay, Manager, Charles Zublin, Lecturer, Boston, MA, 1916-1917
Van Buren, Miss Maude, Chairman, Dept. of Jr. Civic Leagues, Owatonna, MN, 1915 (1 folder)
Van Casteel, Gerald, Secy., American Civil Alliance, NYC, December 21, 1912
Vanderlip, F.A., American Highway Assoc., Washington, D.C., 1915, 1921
Van Lindley Nursery Co., Pomona, NC, 1919
Van Sant, Miss Belle, George School, PA, 1913
Van Schaick, John, Jr., Pres., Board of Education, Washington, D,C., 1919
Van Wagenen, Mrs. W.H., Rome, NY, 1913
Van Wart, Wm. H., Editor, The Caldwell Progress, Caldwell, NJ, (incl. Grover Cleveland Birthplace Memorial Assoc., 1913), 1913, 1921
Varley, Miss Alsie D., Home Garden Committee, Baltimore, MD, 1912
Veiller, Lawrence, Secy., National Housing Assoc., NYC, 1913, 1916-1918, 1920, 1922 (1 folder)
Vick, E.C., New York Sun, NYC, 1919 (1 folder)
Voll, John A., Pres., Glass Bottle Blowers' Assoc., Philadelphia, PA, 1918
Vrooman, Hon. Carl, Assist., Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., 1917-1918
Wadsworth, Hon. James W., Jr., U.S. Senate, New York, Washington, D.C., 1918
Wadsworth, Robert, Secy., Board of Trade, Harrisburg, PA, 1913-1915
Waid, E.D., MA Agricultural College, Amherst, MA, July 20, 1914
Waite, H.M., NYC, November 14, 1921
Wakefield, Miss Kate E., St. Johnsbury, VT, 1915
Wakefield, W.W., Business Agent, Board of Trade, Erie, PA, 1913

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