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Pennsylvania Canal Maps

Map Book #22

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Book 22, page 00

Index. (1 section)

Book 22, page a

"Charts & Profile of the Susquehanna River In Its Passage Through the State of Pennsylvania. Drawn under the Direction of Charles Treziyulny & George Haines, Engineers. By Isaac C. Haines, A.D. 1827." (1 section)

Book 22, page a-1

[From Northern Boundary Line in New York State to Boundary Line], n.d. (3 sections)

Book 22, page a-2

[From Athens to Towanda], n.d. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-3

[From Little Wisox Creek to beyond Overfields], n.d. Shows: Coal, Mill. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-4

[From Meshoppen Creek to beyond Sutter's Creek], n.d. Shows: Fish dam, Tunckhannock, Teague's Eddy. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-5

[From Cascade Run to beyond Nanticoke Falls], n.d. Shows: Roads, Coal, Wilkes Barre, Ark Yards. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-6

[From Shickskiny Island to Espytown], n.d. Shows: Post Road, Ferries, Berwick, Mifflinburg. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-7

[From Fishing Creek to Northumberland], n.d. shows: Cattawissa, Danville, Post Road, Iron. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-8

[From Northumberland to Mohonntango Creek], n.d. Shows: Sunbury, Shamokin Ripple, Selinsgrove, Post Road, George Town, McKees Falls. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-9

[From Liverpool to Petersburg], n.d. Shows: Millersburg, Post Road, Halifax, Duncan's Island. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-10

[From Clark's Creek to Highspire], n.d. Shows: New Dauphin, Post Road, Harrisburg, Wormleysburg, Cumberland, New Market, Foster's Island, Highspire. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-11

[From Portsmouth to Columbia Bridge], n.d. Shows: Falmouth, Conawago Falls, York Haven, Bainbridge, New Holland, Chestnut Ripple, Vinegar Ferry, Marietta. (4 sections)

Book 22, page a-12

[From Columbia to Maryland Line], n.d. Shows: Westphalia, Charlestown, Washington, Islands, Post Road, Sowego. (4 sections)

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