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Records of the Land Office
PHILADELPHIA OLD RIGHTS (INDEX), 1682-1745. {series #17.79}

*Images of Each Index Page*

The index of the Old Rights for Philadelphia County is organized into three separate groupings. The first contains entries that are grouped alphabetically by the surname that appears on each document. However, there are two numerical arrangements within this section: the letters from "A" through "S" are numbered consecutively regardless of letter, while "T" through "Y" (there are no "Zs") are organized consecutively by entry number under each specific letter. The second group consists of listings for individuals or entities that owned a large quantity of land, and are listed in order of appearance by name. The final entries are miscellaneous papers, mostly surveys, with no apparent arrangement.

Also, blank “notes” pages, as well as empty numbered pages, have been deleted from this listing.

  1. Please note: The page images are in Adobe pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed and printed. The software is available for download free of charge from Adobe's website.
  2. Copies of the actual applications may be obtained using the land records order form and price list on our website.

(*Note: page numbers below do not correspond exactly to page numbers on images)

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