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Records of the Land Office
ORIGINAL PURCHASES REGISTER, 1682-1762. {series #17.83}

*Images of Each Register Page*

The Original Purchases Register is a later version of the list of the names of First and Late Purchasers appearing in the Warrant Register Book, 1682-1762 {series #17.82}. The letters and numbers following the date of the warrant or the date of the survey refer to the first letter of the surname and the number under which the entry will be found in the appropriate Old Rights Register, such as the Old Rights Index for Bucks and Chester Counties, 1682-1740. (1 volume) {#17.78} or the Philadelphia Old Rights, 1682-1745. (1 volume) {#17.79}. (To locate "H-11" in Bucks County, for example, go to the Old Rights Register for Bucks County, select the section of surnames beginning with "H" and scan down the page to the eleventh entry.) The letter and number given for the return of survey refer to the book and page where the return of survey is recorded.

Also, blank “notes” pages, as well as empty numbered pages, have been deleted from this listing.

  1. Please note: The page images are in Adobe pdf format and require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed and printed. The software is available for download free of charge from Adobe's website.
  2. Copies of the actual applications may be obtained using the land records order form and price list on our website.

(*Note: page numbers below do not correspond exactly to page numbers on images)

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