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The Department of Transportation was created on May 6, 1970 (PL 356) to replace the Department of Highways and the Pennsylvania Aeronautics Commission, which were then abolished. Powers and duties formerly vested in the Department of Highways were assigned to the Department of Transportation. Functions of the Department of Revenue relating to the certification of title, licensing of operators, and the registration of motor vehicles, as defined by the "Vehicle Code" (1959 PL 58), and other duties and operations performed by the Revenue Department's Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Bureau of Traffic Safety were also transferred to the Department of Transportation. In addition, programs developed in the Department of Commerce in regard to high-speed rail transportation and the function of the Mass Transportation Division in the Bureau of Community Development of the Department of Community Affairs were delegated to the newly established Department.

The responsibilities of the Department of Transportation include coordinating and developing transportation policy; assisting in the development and operation of transportation facilities and services such as highways, rail mass transit systems, and airports; formulation and revision of a long-range master plan for the development of commuter and general transportation facilities, both public and private; appearing or intervening as a party before the Public Utility Commission when transportation problems are being considered; and representing the transportation interests of the Commonwealth before any Federal agency or Commission which determines national or regional transportation rates, routes or policies.

Within the Department of Transportation is the Hazardous Materials Transportation Advisory Committee, whose general responsibility is to recommend regulations for the highway transportation of hazardous substances.

The Secretary of Transportation also serves as the chairman of the State Transportation Commission. The Commission, consisting of the Chairperson of the House and Senate Transportation Committees, one member of the minority party in both houses of the Assembly, and eight members appointed by the Governor, was created to gather and study all available information relating to the need for highway, rapid transit, railroad, omnibus, marine and aviation facilities and services, and to recommend the order of priority in which such projects would be constructed. For related types of materials see the Records of the Department of Highways (RG-12) and Records of the Turnpike Commission (RG-29).

Office of the Chief Counsel

Office of the Chief Engineer

Office of the Secretary

Deputy Secretary for Aviation and Rail Freight

Deputy Secretary for Highway Administration

Deputy Secretary for Local and Area Transportation

  • [APPOINTMENT REQUIRED] Bureau of Municipal Services Information Center (MUSIC) Database, 2008. (1 compact disc) {#52.14} [Description] [Holdings]
  • Bureau of Public Transportation Mass Transit Project Files, 1972-2007. (28 cartons, 2 boxes) {#52.34} [Description] [Holdings]
  • Bureau of Public Transportation Rural and Intercity Public Transportation Grant Files, 1974-2005. (39 cartons, 3 boxes) {#52.19} [Description] [Holdings]
  • Local and Area Transportation Program Files, 1970-1984. (117 cartons) {#52.1} [Description] [Holdings]
  • Meeting Files of the Technical Advisory Committee on Highway Plans and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, 1972-1974. (1 carton) {#52.2} [Description] [Holdings]
  • Deputy Secretary for Planning

    Deputy Secretary for Safety Administration

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    State Transportation Commission

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