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Series Descriptions

Accounts of Certificates Redeemed in Part and Interest Thereon the 1st of April 1806,
1799 - 1806.
(1 volume)

{series #24.1} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by entry date.

Indexed internally, numerically by certificate number.

An account of funds due to various individuals as per certificates issued April 1799 - March 1800, which were redeemed in part with interest by April 1, 1806. Data is presented in four columns with the first containing payee's name and certificate number. The other three show principal unredeemed, interest, and amount due, respectively.

Accounts Current,
1785 - 1809.
(3 volumes)

{series #24.2}[Holdings]

Grouped randomly by payee's name.

Indexed internally, alphabetically by first letter of payee's surname.

Account information is provided in three columns containing the following data: date, reason for debt, and a dollar amount for outstanding debt owed the payee. This amount is totaled at the end of each payee's section to give a representation of how much in total is owed the payee.

Alphabetical List of Accounts,
1789 - 1794.
(1 volume)

{series #24.3}[Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by surname.

A list of state debt accounts for the above years. The pages have three columns: account number, payee's name, and a dollar amount. These accounts correlate with those found in the Journals to Ledgers B and C, part1 of the Journals, 1790 - 1810 {series #24.11}.

Cancelled Depreciation Certificate Registers,
(2 volumes)

{series #24.4}[Holdings]

Arranged randomly.

An account of depreciation certificates cancelled and delivered to the Register General with interest commencing April 10, 1781. Information is listed in six columns as follows: payee's municipality, certificate number, date of certificate, number of years interest had accrued on the certificate, payee's name, and the certificate's principal. Amounts are totaled at the bottom of each page and brought forward at the top of each successive page. The certificates represented payment owed to soldiers and sailors of Pennsylvania units in the Continental Army, and some actual certificates are contained in the volumes.

1789 - 1809.
(27 volumes)

{series #24.5}[Holdings]

Arranged chronologically .

A record of daily transactions of the Register General's office. Information provided includes a number (possibly an account or certificate number, though it is inconsistent between volumes); a description of the account activity--normally payments to individuals for services rendered (salaries for Assembly Representatives, Militia payments, and other pensions, salaries, and interest payments); and finally, a dollar amount totaled at the bottom of most pages and then carried forward to the next. Box 3 of this series also contains a Warrant Book from 1797.

General Correspondence,
1789 - 1809.
(3 boxes)

{series #24.6}[Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of correspondence.

Letters exchanged between the Register General and either the Comptroller General or private citizens. Those between the Register General and Comptroller General discuss the powers and duties of each office and are found amongst the earlier documents of this series. Most others pertain to the settling and dispensing of funds for state, county court, and civilian accounts, as well as other matters involved in the fiscal business of the Commonwealth. Some letters refer to tavern licensing affairs under this office's jurisdiction, and a few, written to the Register General, are of a personal nature.

Indents Delivered to the Treasurer,
(1 volume)

{series #24.7} [Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by surname.

A joint effort between Register General John Donaldson and Comptroller General John Nicholson to provide state debt data to the Treasurer. Six columns divide the data into the following categories: column one has a number that is brought forward on each page; column two has a one or two digit number that can either be in a pattern or randomly placed; three has a four or five digit number; four is titled "brought up" and contains few numbers, most of which are three to five digits long; five uses the same system as three but the numbers are not consistent in each row; and six holds a number. In all probability, these indents are a record of the U.S. certificates issued in Pennsylvania at the close of the American Revolution for interest due on the public debt.

Index to Folio Numbers in Journals,
(1 volume)

{series #24.8}[Holdings]

Arranged alphabetically by first letter of payee's surname.

An index to folio numbers that appear on left hand side of the accounts in the Register General's Journals, 1790-1810. {series #24.11}. The information provided includes name of payee or account type, sometimes occupation or other reason for payment, and the corresponding folio number.

Index to Payments,
1806 - 1809.
(1 volume)

{series #24.9} [Holdings]

Grouped by first letter of surname and then ordered numerically by account number in chronological order.

An index volume with seven columns containing the following data: account number, payee's name, matter of the account in question, when the account was settled, the date it was settled until, warrant number, and a dollar amount. Most payments made were for pensions, salaries, tavern licenses, and various services rendered.

Journal of Accounts Examined and Settled,
(1 volume)

{series #24.10} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by entry date.

Indexed internally, numerically by account number.

A record of accounts examined and settled. Information provided about each account includes date of entry, payee's name, explanation of account purpose, account number and a dollar amount. Explanations list the number of the certificate of the account being settled.

1790 - 1810.
(6 volumes)

{series #24.11} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by entry date.

A record of accounts between the state and citizens. Types of financial activity documented include payments of government salaries, depreciation debt, interest on funded debt, and other state debts. Entries list the amounts and reasons for payment with the folio numbers in the Index to Folio Numbers in Journals, undated {#24.8} found in the left column next to their corresponding accounts. Each account is totaled individually with each page subsequently totaled and the amount carried forward at the bottom. These journals directly correlate with the Ledgers, 1789 - 1815 {#24.12}.

(5 volumes)

{series #24.12} [Holdings]

Grouped alphabetically by first letter of payee's surname or type of account, and thereunder arranged chronologically by entry date.

A record of outstanding state debts owed, such as militia fines, marriage and tavern licenses, pension and salary payments, and warrants due. Divided into six columns is the following information: entry date (also found in column 4), what budget item the account was a part of, amount due (same as column 6), and where the necessary funds would be allocated from. Some volumes also include the account number and reason for payment. Ledger A also contains an index arranged alphabetically by payee's surname for referencing account numbers. Records dating after 1809 are from the Auditor General's Office.

Letter Books,
1789 - 1801.
(2 volumes)

{series #24.13}[Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of letter.

Bound copies of letters sent by registers general John Donaldson, Samuel Bryan, and George Duffield to various individuals, including the governor and comptroller general. These letters contain mostly information about different accounts and other financial issues.

Militia Certificates Received from the Receiver General,
1789 - 1793.
(1 volume)

{series #24.14} [Holdings]

Arranged randomly.

A listing of warrants payable to the militia as indicated by the Receiver General. Information provided includes certificate number, name of person to whom certificate was issued, number of years interest was paid, principal of the individual debt, interest allowed in the land office, and a dollar amount. The principal is totaled at the bottom of each page

Miscellaneous Accounts,
1789 - 1807.
(4 folders)

{series #24.15}[Holdings]

Grouped chronologically by year, and thereunder arranged randomly.

Documents relating to various judicial, legislative, military, and personal accounts. The dollar amounts, individuals' names, and reasons for payment as well as the formatting of this information differs greatly from record to record, but most documents show the payee's name, reason for payment, and dollar amount presumably owed. Many of the papers in the first folder relate to Allegheny County, and include criminal court fine records and tavern license recommendations. The second folder contains many militia certificates.

Record of Continental Certificates Exchanged for New Loan,
1789 - 1790.
(1 volume)

{series #24.16} [Holdings]

Grouped randomly into sections, and thereunder arranged chronologically by entry date.

A register of individuals whose continental certificates were exchanged by the state for new loans when the new constitutional government was established. Information shown includes a five-digit number, date, a name, the payee's name, entry date, a two-digit dollar amount, and the total of that dollar amount for each section.

Record of New Loan Certificates Redeemed,
(1 volume)

{series #24.17}[Holdings]

Arranged randomly.

A record of the new loan certificates that had been redeemed. In three columns is the following data: certificate number, payee's name, and the principal of the loan. The principal is totaled and carried forward at the bottom of each page.

Registers of Funded Debt Certificates,
1784 - 1786, 1789 - 1793.
(4 volumes)

{series #24.18} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of entry.

All four volumes address different issues relating to funded debt certificates. Volume 1 contains the accounts of the certificates issued, showing each certificate number, entry date, payee's name, how the funds were disposed of (whether through consolidation or the land office), and the total amount of debt. Volume 2 lists the certificates received from the Treasurer and Comptroller General, showing certificate number, payee's name, entry date, amount received from the Treasurer, amount redeemed from April 10, 1792 - February 9, 1793, and the amount received from the Comptroller General. Volume 3 is a register of funded debt certificates issued since the appointment of the Register General and registered in his office. It documents the date of entry, date certificate was issued, certificate number, patron's name, and the debt amount. Volume 4 is the register of the cancelled debt certificates, listing certificate numbers, years interest had accrued, payee's name, and the principal of the certificate, which is totaled and carried forward at the bottom of each page.

Reports of the Register General, Comptroller General, and State Treasurer,
(2 volumes)

{series #24.19} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by date of report, and information therein is grouped into sections by official's name.

Printed reports from the Register General (John Donaldson), Comptroller General (John Nicholson), and State Treasurer (Christian Febiger) to the Committee of Ways and Means. Each report provides a statement of the state's public accounts and lists the revenues and expenses of the government. Dollar amounts are included with written explanations. These figures are totaled and carried forward at the bottom of each page.

Settlement Registers,
1792 - 1794, 1806 - 1809.
(2 volumes)

{series #24.20} [Holdings]

Grouped alphabetically by surname, then numerically by account number, and finally arranged chronologically by date account was settled.

These registers verify that the accounts payable by the state were indeed settled. In five columns is the following data: account number, payee, reason for payment, date account was settled, and a dollar amount. These are the same accounts mentioned in the Index to Payments, 1806 - 1809 {#24.9}. The memorandum book included in this series contains the same basic information as the other settlement register except that the accounts were received and settled earlier, and unlike the more recent settlement register, the memorandum book lists both the governor's and claimant's account number, but not the reason for payment. Also, the memorandum book gives the dates the account was received, settled, and submitted, whereas the more recent register lists just the settlement date.

Tavern License Recommendations,
(3 boxes)

{series #24.21} [Holdings]

Grouped by county, and thereunder arranged chronologically by issue date.

Indexed internally, numerically by entry number.

Lists of individual tavern keepers and their municipalities recommended by their respective local county judges for licenses. Also documented are certified tavern liquor licenses.

Warrant Books,
1789 - 1794.
(3 volumes)

{series #24.22} [Holdings]

Arranged chronologically by entry date.

A record of the warrants paid and issued by the Commonwealth through the Office of the Register General. Most relate to salary, pensions, and state debt payments to individual persons. Volume 1 is split into sections of pension accounts, warrant unpaid by a certain date, warrants issued after a certain date, etc., and for each category shows the following data: account number, date of warrant, entry date, and to whom payable/issued and for what, starting warrant value, and current value. The section "Warrants Issued after July 1st, 1792" also includes three more columns for to whom the warrant was delivered, particular amount of the warrant, and the general amount of the state debt to that point. Volume 2 shows an entry date, dollar amount, and explanation for each payment including the account number. Volume 3 is a register of warrant accounts that provides the following information: warrant number, date issued, entry date, payment explanation, date paid, and amount of warrant. All volumes total monetary amounts at the bottom of each page and then add them to the overall total of that volume at the end of a section, if applicable.

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