Resource List

PHMC Archaeology Resources

Native American Archaeology

  • Contact Period
  • Late Woodland Period
  • Early and Middle Woodland Periods
  • Transitional Period
  • Archaic Period
  • Paleoindian Period

Historic Archaeology

  • Early Settlement Archaeology
  • Military Archaeology
  • Canal Archaeology
  • Agricultural Archaeology
  • Iron and Industrial Archaeology

Recording Sites
How to identify archaeological sites and complete the Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey form, along with a list of frequently asked questions.

Fort Hunter
Each year since 2006, the PHMC has conducted excavations at Fort Hunter in Harrisburg.

Archaeology Publications
A variety of downloadable brochures and worksheets, a booklet on the Monongahela, and links to books available through our bookstore,

External Resources

The Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology
The statewide organization for avocational archaeology.

Philadelphia Archaeology Forum
The website for archaeology in Philadelphia.

Society for American Archaeology
An international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas.

American Cultural Resources Association
The ACRA site includes links to information on state and federal regulations, State Historic Preservation office websites, and other historic preservation links.

Pennsylvania Archaeological Council
A statewide organization of professional archaeologists.

A Guide to Diagnostic Artifacts in Maryland
Much overlap exists between the archaeology of Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory has compiled a guide to some of the most common types of artifacts from the region including prehistoric ceramics, projectile points, historic ceramics (colonial and post colonial), and other small finds.

Educator Resources

National Park Service Lesson Plan Search
Search curriculums on a variety of subjects through the National Park Service’s website

A Journey to a New Land
A website that explores questions surrounding the arrival of the first people in the Americas.

Eight hands-on archaeology and cultural history-based activities designed for archaeologists to use with the public at archaeology fairs and other non-formal classroom events