Industrial Complexes

Pennsylvania is a state where light and heavy industry has played a huge role in the state's develpment and prosperity. Each of the major industries developed a standard for the production of goods, often involving the invention of types of buildings designed to make specific products. Pennsylvania's steel mills, coal mines, factories, lumber mills, grist mills, railroad yards, glass factories, coke ovens, iron forges, and lime kilns all required specific structures necessary for the creation of the product. When researching or describing such historic industrial resources, it is necessary to understand the function of each building and to articulate specific innovations in construction that made possible such useage. For example, a grist mill complex would feature a mill race, a mill building with a water wheel, interior milling equipment such as a grinding wheel, and perhaps a miller's residence.


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Gruber Wagonworks

Udree Mill, Berks County

Drake Well Oil Refinery, Venango County