Conservative Judaism believes that, while the laws and truths found in the Torah were given by God, it was written down and interpreted by humans, so that it contains a definite human component. For Conservative Jews, the law can be adapted over time, so that it fits with contemporary society, but maintaining Jewish values.

Kesher Zion Synagogue

Founded in 1929, from the merger of two already existing congregations, Kesher Zions current synagogue was built in 1950. Kesher Zion is an affiliate of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Their library has hosted fundraisers for the Jewish Braille Institute of America. Above the porch entrance is the inscription "Happy are they who dwell in Thy house." (Psalm 84:4)


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Kesher Zion Synagogue
Kesher Zion Synagogue, Reading, PA.

Holy Ark, Bimah, and menorahs
The Holy Ark, Bimah, and menorahs at Kesher Zion in Reading.