Historically, symbolism on stone tombstones was carried out in three different ways: incising, carving in relief, or by using free-standing, three-dimensional portraiture or ornaments. The actual shape of the monument itself can be symbolic, such as a cross (religious), broken column (end of life), or obelisk (from Egyptian use as burial monuments to the sun god).

Incised carving usually is used for lettering or a geometric shape.

Relief carving on tombstones can range from the family crest of the deceased to a symbol of death, resurrection, subjects of nature, animals, birds, or simply religious figures. Symbols are quite specific, however, and choices are made by the family of the deceased for reasons such as aesthetics, religious beliefs, sentiment, or characterization of the individual. Relief carvings can illustrate almost anything the carver could imagine or the client requested. Frequent symbols are the winged death head, upside-down torch, weeping willows, praying hands, hand with a finger pointing up to heaven, open book, lily, cross, lamb, dove, and the like.

Three dimensional carving can be portraiture (weeping woman, angel, lamb, etc.) or ornaments (urns, crosses, crowns).

Early German immigrants carved folk art symbols derived from their religious beliefs on local stone used for headstones. The most frequently used folk motifs are the plant life, tulip, rosette, heart, crown, and astronomical symbols, such as sunbursts, stars, and moons.

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