Pinning and Adhesives

Pinning is a technique typically used to reattach broken stones. It involves drilling holes into the stone fragments along the fractured edge and inserting a structural pin. Pins are held into place either with mortar or masonry epoxy. Sometimes this method is referred to as "blind pinning" as the repair is not visible after treatment. Pinning may also be necessary when a stone has become detached from its base and requires stabilization.

Epoxies can be used in combination with pinning of broken stones. There are many commercial products that are manufactured to be used with stone. These types of products are acceptable to use with pinning. Epoxy should not be used on the surface of stones for repairs or in the place of composite repairs.

Adhesives are often using in combination with pinning and can also be used for the reattachment of small spalling or detached pieces. Adhesives, unlike epoxies, are not as strong and will allow the reattached piece to weather regularly. Many adhesives can be removed by way of a solvent, which makes them desirable to use in areas where the treatment requires reversibility.

Skilled technician pinning a headstone