Fall 2007

Volume XXXIII, Number 4


From the Editor
Michael J. O'Malley III

Executive Director's Letter
Barbara Franco


Our Documentary Heritage
Willis L. Shirk Jr.

The Last of the New Hope Crowd: Faye Swengel and Bernard Badura
Joe Conti, Irwin Richman

Faye Swengel and her husband Bernard Badura were intimately associated with the famous New Hope school of impressionist artists, she as a student of Daniel Garber and he as a craftsman. His art frames are so revered by museums, collectors, and art critics, and were so masterfully carved, that to describe his occupation as a "framer" seems inadequate. Our cover story, The Last of the New Hope Crowd: Faye Swengel Badura and Bernard Badura, by Joe Conti and Irwin Richman, paints a colorful description of the Baduras.

Reviving - and Revising - the Reputation of Ralph Elwood Brock
Rachel L. Jones Williams

Time has also obscured the accomplishments of Pennsylvania's - and America's - first African American forester. Rachel L. Jones Williams uncovers new historical details in Reviving - and Revising - the Reputation of Ralph Elwood Brock. Ralph E. Brock's forestry contributions brought him into close contact with conservation's visionary luminaries, such as Joseph Trimble Rothrock, the first forestry commissioner, George H. Wirt, credited as the first trained and first state-appointed forester, Mira Lloyd Dock, one of Pennsylvania's early environmentalists, and Robert S. Conklin, the second forestry commissioner.

Pennsylvania Copperheads: Traitors or Peacemakers?
Timothy Kehm

In the American Civil War, Northerners supported the Union cause; Southerners supported the Confederate cause. Or did they? Timothy Kehm addresses the question of Pennsylvania's anti-war movement in Pennsylvania's Copperheads: Traitors or Peacemakers? The term Copperhead did not refer to the venomous snake; instead, they were Northerners who sympathized with the South. Union supporters derided Copperheads as traitors and unscrupulous scoundrels. The Copperheads saw themselves as defenders of the Constitution who wanted peace - even if it meant unpopular concessions and allowing slavery to continue.

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