Fall 2014

Volume XL, Number 4


Executive Director's Letter
James M. Vaughan

Editor's Letter
Kyle R. Weaver

Marking Time
Karen Galle

A Century of Marking History: One Hundred Years of the Pennsylvania Historical Marker Program
John K. Robinson, Karen Galle

How They Served: Recovering the Experiences of Five Pennsylvanians in the American Civil War
Richard C. Saylor

War and Tranquility: From Gettysburg to Glen with Robert Bruce Ricketts
Dave Pidgeon

Hands-on History: Pennsbury Manor Welcoming Visitors for 75 Years
Douglas A. Miller

Book Review: Updike
James Plath

PHMC Highlights
Sean Adkins

Amy Killpatrick Fox

Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation ™ Newsletter

Our Documentary Heritage: Shooting Targets and Raising U.S. Sharpshooters Regiments
Richard C. Saylor

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