Spring 2008

Volume XXXIV, Number 2


From the Editor
Michael J. O'Malley III

Executive Director's Letter
Barbara Franco


A Place in Time

Philadelphia's Settlement Music School Celebrates 100 Years of Magic
Jim McClelland

Author Jim McClelland writes about two young Philadelphians, Blanche Wolf Kohn and Jeannette Selig Frank, who founded the school in 1908. The school has emerged to become one of the most important institutions in the country.

"Art with a Purpose": Pennsylvania's Museum Extension Project, 1935-1943
Curtis Miner

Author Curtis Miner has meticulously researched one of the least well-known programs of Roosevelt's New Deal and Pennsylvania's Little New Deal.

"In Immortal Splendor": Wilkes-Barre's Fugitive Slave Case of 1853
William C. Kashatus

William C. Kashatus guides readers on a whirlwind visit to mid-nineteenth-century Wilkes-Barre.

Curator's Choice
Spencer G. Lucas, David L. Fillmore, Edward L. Simpson, Robert M. Sullivan

Along the Pennsylvania Trails of History ™
Walter P. Rybka

Our Documentary Heritage
Willis L. Shirk Jr.

Wish You Were Here!

Out and About

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Lost and Found

Marking Time: Frances Perkins

Sharing the Common Wealth

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