Various records of county, township, and municipal governments, including the following with reference to African Americans:


Tax Lists, Assessor’s Duplicates: Hopewell Township, 1825. A list of pauper children in Hopewell Township appears at the end of the volume. Identified as "colored" are Elizabeth Howard, William Howard, and Mariah Howard.

Tax Lists, Assessor’s Duplicates: Mifflin Township, 1825. At the end of the tax list for Mifflin Township is a single sheet with the title "Name and ages of children that are at school in the county of Cumberland." Under the subtitle "Black Children’s Names" are listed: David Wilkinson, ten years old; Palm Denford, eleven years old; Margaret Denford, nine years old; and David Denford, seven years old.


County Commissioners’ Records, 1832-1847. The Record Book of Returns of School Children, 1832-41, contains returns for poor children residing in Dauphin County. Listed under the subtitle "Return of Colored Children for Harrisburg, 1833" are: Sarah Ann Butler, nine; Martha Brown, eleven; James Barr, ten; Mary Barr, seven; Emely Philip, nine; William Maydon, twelve; George Maydon, fourteen; Isaac Maydon, eight; John Prise, ten; and Sarah Prise, eight. Under the subtitle "Return of Poor children, Susquehanna Township, 1832" is listed: Angeline Moore, seven, "colored."


Tax Records: Assessor’s Duplicates and Returns, 1794-1847. Grouped by township: Antrim, Fannett, Franklin, Greene, Guilford, Hamilton, Letterkenny, Lurgan, Metal, Montgomery, Peters, Quincy, St. Thomas, Southampton, Warren, and Washington. Entries list the name of the taxpayer, township of residence, and property owned (slaves, acres, and livestock), the valuation, and the amount of the tax that was paid. The returns for each township are grouped alphabetically according to taxpayer’s surname.

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