Spanning the period from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, these miscellaneous papers pertain to legal, political, military, business, medical, educational, social, civic, and religious subjects. Topics covered including Democratic, Know-Nothing, Republican and Whig politics; the French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War; the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, Pittsburgh and Western Railroad Company, and Delaware and Hudson Canal Company; various forges and furnaces; colonial land policies; slavery; and the Society of Friends. Items referring to African Americans include:

# 33, Broomal, John M., Washington DC, letter to M. Wakeman, Esq., December 19, 1866. Expresses views on equality for African Americans and reconstruction in the South.

# 221, Proud, Robert, Philadelphia, Notebooks, [ca. 1775-1800]. Robert Proud, of Philadelphia, authored The History of Pennsylvania (1797-1798). One of three notebooks contains his views on slavery, which he termed "Iniquitous Property," as well as some data on African American mortality rates from 1759-1796.

# 281, (Virginia) Assessments, 1778. A list of people assessed for property holdings, acres of land, slaves, and money.

# 344, Will of Andrew Hamilton, Philadelphia. August 2, 1741. In his will, Hamilton, a slave owner, divides his slaves up among his children.

# 417, Tredell, Robert, Return of the Inhabitants of Horsham, Bucks County, 1756 (Incomplete). Tax list of people from Bucks County showing number of slaves owned.

# 433, Bond, of Luke Morris to John Penn (Re: Negro Slave), November 10, 1770. Legal contract to insure that Morris would remove his slave, Will, accused of burglary, from the province or pay a penalty of $100.

# 704, Map of Gettysburg and Adams County Underground Railroad Routes, undated.

# 958, Scrapbook of Peter Richter of Selinsgrove, PA, [ca. 1860-1875]. Contains a newspaper article entitled "Slaves of Rebels Declared Free: a Proclamation."

# 1164, Colonel Edward Cook and Other Historical Papers. Contains a 1992 booklet and curriculum guide entitled "Freedom Community, 19th Century Black Pennsylvania" together with miscellaneous posters and photographs. Among the posters are portraits of Richard Allen, Thomas J. Bowens, Thomas Morris Chester, Fanny Jackson Coppin, William Howard Day, Martin Robinson Delaney, James Forton Sr., Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield, Charlotte Grimke, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, Francis Johnson, Absalom Jones, Jarena Lee, Gertrude Bustill Massell, Nathan Francis Massell, Christopher James Perry Jr., Robert Purvis, William Still, Benjamin Tucker Tanner, and William Whipper.

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