MG-11. MAP COLLECTION, 1681-1973.

More than one thousand historical maps are arranged into seven major sub-groups: (1) Colony and Commonwealth, (2) Counties, (3) Townships, (4) Cities and Boroughs, (5) Boundaries, Topography, Geology, Parks, (6) Transportation (Indian trails, roads and turnpikes, rivers and streams, canals, railroads, and airways), (7) Military and Battlefields (French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Civil War). Many of the maps also indicate the locations of homes and other buildings, forges and furnaces, coal mines, gristmills, sawmills, lumber camps, etc.

Although not identified as such, these maps can also be used to verify the locations of farms where African Americans lived as slaves or free persons, forges and iron furnaces that employed African Americans, and churches, businesses, schools, and homes owned by African Americans as well as African American graveyards. Map #327-1 Historical Map Adams County, L.E. Wilt, 1942, identifies routes of the Underground Railroad.

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