MG-14. J. SIMPSON AFRICA PAPERS, 1734-1891 ( bulk 1772-1891).

J. Simpson Africa (1832-1900) was secretary of internal affairs, 1883-1890. The papers pertain to several generations of the Africa family, of German and Scottish descent, that was prominent in both Huntingdon County and in Pennsylvania. Included are letters, 1794-1807, and a ledger, 1795-1806, of John Cadwallader (d. 1807), a lawyer and Huntington’s first postmaster. His papers include drafts of speeches and articles, 1855-90, and a large volume of correspondence, 1855-91, pertaining to politics, business, land transactions, and family affairs. With reference to African Americans, the collection contains a small poster advertising the "Silsby Variety Troupe at Yenter’s Hall, March 21, 1873." Appearing was a feature entitled The Rival Lovers with one character named Jumbo, a "shrewd nigger," played by W. Maynard.

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