Reflecting Liliane Stevens Howard’s efforts in support of the Philadelphia County Woman Suffrage Society and in support of the woman suffrage movement in Pennsylvania, this collection contains her correspondence with several women’s organizations, such as the Pennsylvania Woman Suffrage Association, 1915, the New York State Woman Suffrage Party, 1916, and the Women’s Centennial Congress, New York City, 1940.

Howard wrote an autobiographical paper in which she spoke of seeing a "women’s building" in Chicago "filled with creations of utility and beauty, ever the handiwork of women. It was a frame . . . holding a group of bust pictures of five persons: a miner, an American Indian, a Negro, a convict and in the center the face of Susan B. Anthony. . . . An accompanying result of this awakening was to make me a student of human relations."

Books and Pamphlets. Contains a book entitled Woman Suffrage: History, Argument, Results, edited by Frances M. Bjorkman, 1913.

Equal Rights Amendment, 1943, 1956. Contains information on efforts to pass an Equal Rights Amendment.

Scrapbooks of News Clippings, 1945, 1947-1959. In the 1947-1959 scrapbook of newspaper clippings is an article about Edith S. Sampson of Chicago, Illinois, who was nominated as an alternate to represent the United States at the fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 19, 1950. She was the first African American to serve on the United States delegation to the UN General Assembly. The article includes biographical information about Sampson.

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