These papers include numerous items from Col. Richard McAllister (1725-1795), founder of Hanover in York County, and his descendants, many of whom were key figures in York, Lancaster, and Dauphin Counties from the Revolutionary War period into the middle of the nineteenth century. References to African Americans include an "Inventory of the Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of Richard McAllister, October 9, 1795," that lists Negroes included in McAllister’s estate who were bequeathed to his children on his death and notes on their monetary value. Also present is a letter of receipt dated October 15, 1795 by Patrick and Nancy McAllister Hayes for two Negroes (Poll and Jonathon), left to them by Richard McAllister. Other items include a double entry ledger, 1790-1798, of Capt. Archibald McAllister and the cash book, February 12, 1794-July 28, 1796, which contain entries that document store purchases made by African American workers.

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