This collection of Cumberland County government records in cludes election returns, 1808-1912; lists of voters, 1808-89; oaths of office, 1784-1914; assessors oaths, 1768-1882; licenses applied for and granted, 1850-55; letters and papers pertaining to bridges, 1812-43; miscellaneous papers relating to bonds, estates, and tavern licenses, 1769-1837; returns made by owners of slaves, 1780; court proceedings, 1780-1875; lists of grand and reverse juries, 1806-56; papers relating to the education of paupers, educator’s bills and receipts, 1807-36; tax returns, 1770-1843; tax duplicates, 1783-98; county commissioners’ receipts, 1780-1887; bounty receipts for foxes and wolves, 1774-1844; viewers of road receipts, 1804-25; treasurer’s receipts, 1807-49; and military records, 1845-46. Scattered through these are items which pertain to slaveholdings, the administering of family slaves, and slave crimes.

Negro Slave Name and Age Returns, 1780, 1791, 1828. The returns are arranged by the date of the document and usually give the slave’s name, sex, age and owner’s name. Occasionally, the slave’s job is mentioned and quite often the owner’s residence and occupation appear as well.

Lists of Pauper Children, 1832-1835. Lists of poor children in Cumberland County. Information given includes the name of the child, age, township, and date of list. Occasionally, children are described as being "col’d." African American children listed for Carlisle, in 1835, are: George Boyer, five; Samuel Clelence, nine; Henry J. Clelence, seven; Ann Campbell, seven; Catherine Diggs, nine; John Green, five; Ann Hawkins, eight; Alfred Hawkins, five; Kisigh Hamilton, six; Andrew Lancaster, five; Samuel Lawson, seven; John Powel, nine; Harriett Sanders, eight; Margaret Smithy, eight; Eliza Amy Watson, seven; Homer Watson, eight; Isaac Whiten, nine; Mary Ann Whiten, eight; Nathan Whiten, six; Elenore Whiten, six; Mary Jane Woods, eight; and David Woods, five.

Election Records, 1779-1914.

Voters’ Lists, 1808-1903. These lists provide names of qualified voters by township or city ward. African Americans listed include: Upper Allen Township, 1871: William Claborne; Shippensburg, 1871: Daniel Right, Henry Johnston, Isaac Russ, Robert Gray, and David Baer; Carlisle, 1st Ward, 1888: Robert Lane, Robert Stevenson, William Streets, John Alexander, Eli Anderson, Henry Taylor, Thomas Kohn, Abraham Parker, William Scott, James Anderson, and Ben Lindsey; New Cumberland, 1889: J. W. Johnson; Carlisle, 4th Ward, 1889: James Alexander, Elias Hodge, William Hodge, William J. Jackson, Joseph Jordan, Robert Jordan, John Lane, William Peck, Noah Pinkney, H. C. Whiting, and J. W. Whiting. The 1871 and 1888 lists identify "col[ored]" voters, but the 1889 rolls do not indicate race.

Abstracts of Wills in Will Book "A" (Photostats), 1750-1768. Abstracts of wills of various individuals living in Cumberland County. Included are:

• Robert Dunning: 4/9/1750-7/24/1750, Book A, page 1: "Slaves: Whiteball and Philis."

• John Harris, Peters Township: 5/29/1759, Book A, page 60: "Negro woman, Jean."

• Philip Davis: 5/15/1753-11/6/1760: Book A, page 71: "Negro Mary, Negro George, Negro Dinah, Negro Will, Negro Kitt, Negro Jean."

• James Johnston, Antrius Township: 7/25/1764-3/5/1765: Book A, page 130: "Negro boy, Jeremire."

• Nathaniel Wilson, Letterkenny Township: 8/22/1765-11/25/1765: Book A, page 138: "Negro slave, Warwick."

• James Moore, Middletown Township: 12/31/1766: Book A. page 167: "Gaven McKee (will give freedom if . . . at 21 years)."

• Robert Elliot, Peters Township: 5/23/1768: Book A. page 190: ". . . his Negro woman."

Treasurer’s Accounts, 1768-1883, 1904. Warrants signed by the county commissioners for payment of expenses incurred by county operations. Under the heading "Cumberland County: to Thomas Alexander Gasler" is cited "Negro Julius for burglary to subsistence from 25th, December 1788 to 19th, June 1789 both days included makes 177 days at 6 pence for day" and "Negro Harry on suspicion of murder subsistence from 25th, July 1788 until 24th, January 1789 in all 189 days at 6 pence for day." Also part of the series is the following subseries:

Court Proceedings, Costs and Fees, 1780-1875. Documentation of constable fees paid by the county for court proceedings. Under the heading "List of Indictments for Sheriff Cryer" is cited "Republic vs. Negro Abraham: Indictment of Larceny, October 1797, tried & convicted," and "Republic vs. Negro Jack Robison: Indictment of Larceny, convicted on submission."

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