MG-113. LEWIS SLIFER SHIMMELL PAPERS, 1873-1931 (bulk 1873-1915).

Dr. Lewis Slifer Shimmell (1852-1914) of Harrisburg was an educator and author. The collection contains correspondence, addresses, photographs and published works. An address of February 12, 1909, "Lincoln’s Great and World-Wide Work," tells of Abraham Lincoln’s belief and desire that all men should be free and that slavery should be abolished. Another address of December 18, 1911, entitled "Abbey’s Pennsylvania As Canvas: Apotheosis of Pennsylvania," discusses Thaddeus Stevens and mentions his support of the African American and the abolition of slavery. Shimmell’s book A Short History of Pennsylvania, discusses the Friends and their philosophy "that no one should buy slaves except to Free." Also included is information on the Underground Railroad, race riots, and the Convention of 1833, which formed the American Antislavery Society, and the burning of the society’s headquarters, Pennsylvania Hall, in 1838.

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