MG-153. MARLIN E. OLMSTED PAPERS, 1874-1913.

Scrapbooks of Marlin E. Olmsted (1847-1913), a Harrisburg lawyer who served as a Republican member in the United States House of Representatives, 1897-1912. Included in these scrapbooks are numerous newspaper articles referring to slavery in Pennsylvania.

Harrisburg Call, August 12, 1896, "The Republican Recital a success" (subtitled "Afro-Americans Not In It"). The article summarizes the caucus defeat of African American supporter, John W. Bailer.

Harrisburg Patriot, August 12, 1896, "It was M’Ilhenry’s Day, His Slate Went Through the Convention Without a Scratch" (subtitled "All Nominations Were Made by Acclamation-Colored People Chagrined at the Failure of Bailer to Secure a Place-Threaten to Bolt the Ticket").

York Gazette, August 12, 1896, includes an article in support of candidate J. W. Bailer, editor of the Harrisburg Sentinel Gazette and secretary of the Afro-American League of Pennsylvania.

The North American, September 9, 1911, "Christiana Recalls Riot, One of Causes of Civil War" (subtitled "Lancaster County Commemorates Battle of Fugitive Slaves and Masters-Gover-nor Tener Comments on Coatesville Lynching").

The North American, September 12, 1911, "The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851, Following the Enactment of the Fugitive Slave Law, commemorated in an Historic Manner at Christiana Saturday."

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