MG-169. HERMAN BLUM COLLECTION, 1681-1971. 2 cu. ft.

Herman Blum (1885-1973), chairman of the Board of Craftex Mills, Inc., of Pennsylvania and a trustee of the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science was a member of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1963-1971; Pennsylvania member of the United States Civil War Centennial Commission; and an avid collector of historical books and manuscripts.

C. PRINTED MATERIAL, 1682, 1684, 1757, 1784, 1833, 1850, 1891, 1932

A collection of miscellaneous newspapers and magazine clippings printed in London, England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Included are two advertisements and an article with reference to African Americans. They are:

• October 6, 1784 issue of The Pennsylvania Journal and the Weekly Advertiser, contains advertisements and articles referring to slaves.

• FOR SALE. "A Negro woman with a male child." . . . "A Negro boy, excellent for the sea-service, or waiting on a gentleman."

• Three Hundred Dollars Reward. "Negro GEORGE ran away from Elk Forge, near Head of Elk, Cecil County, Maryland, on the 2nd of August, 1784" . . . "Negro CATO ran away from the same place, the 24th of May 1783" . . . "Negro DICK ran away from the same place, the 23rd of April 1781, . . ." [point of contact] THOMAS MAY.

• July 5, 1757 edition of The London Chronicle: or, Universal Evening Post, contains an "Extract of a letter from Capt. Baille, to his owners, dated River Bonny in Africa, Jan. 31: We arrived here the 6th of December, and found the "Hector" with about 100 slaves on board. . . ."

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