Founded in 1933, the Pennsylvania Historical Association is an organization of professional and amateur historians dedicated to promoting research and teaching of Pennsylvania history.

Correspondence, 1949-1960. This series contains many letters to and from persons who authored articles for various association publications, some of which addressed African American history in Pennsylvania. Representative correspondence includes: a letter from Ernest C. Miller, referring to the publishing of the original letters of John Brown; a letter dated November 30, 1950, from J. Cutler Andrews to Donald H. Kent, associate editor of Pennsylvania History, mentioning Thomas E. Drake’s Quakers and Slavery in America; letters from Ira V. Brown referring to authored articles and books such as "Pennsylvania and the Rights of the Negro, 1865-1887"; a letter of December 14, 1960, to Larry Gara referring to his article on William Still and the Underground Railroad; a letter of December 8, 1960, to Horace Montgomery referring to his article "A Union Officer’s Recollections of the Negro as a Soldier: Major John McMurray, Sixth United States Colored Regiment"; and a letter dated June 2, 1959 listing a "Negro Bob, death warrant issued September 22, 1795, offenses not known (probably murder)" and date of execution not known.

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