MG-172. HARRY SHAPIRO COLLECTION, 1911-1939, 1956-1959.

Records of Harry Shapiro of Philadelphia, a Republican senator in the Pennsylvania legislature, 1933-1944, secretary of Pennsylvania’s Department of Welfare, 1955-1958, and secretary of the Commonwealth’s Department of Public Welfare, 1958-1959. Included are materials concerning the Department of Welfare (reports and recommendations, 1956; legislative bills, 1911-1939; press releases, 1956; legal papers 1956-1957) and materials concerning the Department of Public Welfare (reports and recommendations, 1959; legislative bills, 1959; press releases, 1959; statistics, 1959; and legal papers, 1958-1959). Minutes and reports of the Commonwealth’s Mental Health Center, Philadelphia Region, include references to the nursing home and boarding-out program. Recorded was a "discussion . . . relative to the topics of . . . segregation in participating homes . . ." stating that the "homes" did . . . not have a policy of segregation," and suggesting ". . . a nonsegregation clause be included in future contracts." Also included in the files are monthly statistical reports that give information on African American patients and residents. Record Group 23, RECORDS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE, OFFICE OF PUBLIC ASSISTANCE, provides statistical information on African Americans and the Record Group 15, RECORDS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, provides census reports on the inmates incarcerated in Pennsylvania’s prisons.

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