MG-180. MILLICENT BARTON REX COLLECTION, 1762-1949 (bulk 1814-1880).

Papers used by Millicent Barton Rex, historian, in preparing lectures, essays, and articles on the life and career of James White (1802-1873), a physician in Hartstown, Crawford County. The collection contains correspondence, commissions, licenses to practice medicine, legal papers, land papers, photographs, etc., and accounts of James White, correspondence and photographs of A. McLeon White, and miscellaneous White family materials. Also included are letters of inquiry, notes, and manuscripts of essays and articles, 1942-49, by Millicent Barton Rex.


General Correspondence, 1814, 1823, 1833-1859, 1880. A letter to Wilson King from C. Canning Smith of Memphis, Tennessee, dated August 27, 1864, describing a Confederate raid on Memphis, reporting that "one of the rebels caught a young Negro boy and had him pinned to the earth by driving a bayonet through each eye; another boy (black), seven years old, was shot dead by another rebel soldier." Observing that Confederate soldiers killed several blacks, Smith questioned the commanding general’s failure to restrain his troops.


Notes. Western Pennsylvania County Histories contains a reference to Samuel Marshall, one of the first settlers of Butler County, whose home was an asylum for the needy and oppressed and a prominent station on the Underground Railroad. Marshall opposed the United States Constitution because he felt it sanctioned and protected slavery.

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