MG-186. FRANCIS A. PITKIN PAPERS, 1933-1966.

After holding engineering positions in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and a brief stint with the Civil Works Administration, Francis A. Pitkin joined the staff of the State Planning Board in October 1934. He was promoted to executive director of the Planning Board in 1936, and remained in that position until 1964, except for the period 1955-1959 when he served as director of the Bureau of Community Development in the Department of Commerce. Included in this collection is a report of the activities of the Social Surveys Section of the Department of Research and Statistics, Pennsylvania State Emergency Relief Board, entitled One Year of Social Surveys, December 15, 1933 to December 15, 1934. This report provides statistics on African American employment and housing, referring to a bulletin, Report on the Negro Worker, Job No. 805.

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