Nearly five hundred posters, most relating to political issues such as campaigns and elections, or to the Civil War, World War I, or World War II. Included in this collection are:

• No. 8. Political-Freedman’s Bureau (anti), "Geary for Climer opposed," ca. 1863.

• No. 9. Political-Lincoln (anti), "Elect Lincoln and the Black Republic Ticket," undated.

• No. 12. Political-McClellan Campaign, "Defeat Negro Equality," ca. 1864.

• No. 15. Political-Stevens, Thaddeus (anti), Mass Convention, Lebanon, Pa., Oct. 6, 1866, "Anti-Negro Suffrage," 1866.

• No. 38. Freedom-"The World Cannot Live Half Slave Half Free" (quotes of Pres. Wilson and the Kaiser), State Council of Defense, undated.

• No. 275. WW I-Freedom, Office of Facts and Figures, "This World Cannot Exist Half Slave and Half Free," Artist: John Falter, 1942.

• No. 515. Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Conference on Black History posters, 1981-1995.

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