Miscellaneous printed and manuscript materials relating to military, patriotic, and political matters. Included in the series Postcards (Novelty Greetings, Special), undated, is an illustration labeled "Fulton at Clermont Manor (arrival at the Home of Chancellor Livingston), August 18, 1807 on the first trip from New York," which shows in the background a servant of African descent. Found in the series Newspapers, 1894, 1898, 1943, are some issues of the military magazine Victory. The issue dated January 20, 1943 notes a book entitled Negroes and the War that was prepared by the Office of War Information. The January 27, 1943 issue reports the production of a motion picture by the Office of War Information entitled Henry Browne, Farmer, "a simple, down-to-earth story of a Negro farmer and his family . . . what they are doing individually and collectively to win the war . . . The film ends with the family visiting the Tuskegee Air Field where they watch the older son soar from the ground and fade over the horizon." The film was directed by Roger Barlow and narrated by Canada Lee. Other items found include The Soldier’s Pocket-Book; The Soldier’s Prayer Book, 1861; Republican Campaign Text Book: Patriotism, Protection, Property, 1910; Lincoln Highway Association certificate, 1913; The Voter’s Guide: A Digest of the Election Laws of Pennsylvania, 1915; and World War II ration books and related items, 1942-45.

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