MG-233. Theodore Gregg Collection, 1851-1874.

Letters, commissions, service records, etc., of Theodore Gregg, a native of Centre County, who served on the United States schooner Van Buren during the Seminole War, during which he took part in an expedition in the Everglades. Also contains materials relating to Gregg’s service as a sergeant in Company A of the 4th U.S. Infantry, 1st Division, United States Regulars during the Mexican War and as a brevet colonel in the 45th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. Included is a forty-one page manuscript by Richard C. Brown, entitled "Theodore Gregg: An American," which describes Gregg’s participation in the battle of Vicksburg as the commander of the 45th Regiment that was assisted by a "Negro Brigade." Also included is Gregg’s letter of August 9, 1864 to Colonel Z. R. Bliss, which provides further details about the battle.

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