MG-304. POLITICAL MEMORABILIA COLLECTION, 1900, 1918, 1964-1990.

This artificial collection of Pennsylvania and national campaign materials grew from a variety of donations from both individuals and archival institutions, and contains brochures, flyers, newsletters, newspaper clippings, bumper stickers, posters, stationery, petitions, voter registration forms, sound recordings, and motion picture film. Several items in the collection pertain to African Americans:

1968. A 16mm motion picture film promoting the presidential candidacy of Richard Nixon, on which Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts provides a testimonial.

1978 General Election. Includes a flyer directed at "Black Voters" in support of the gubernatorial campaign of Dick Thornburgh.

Miscellaneous, 1976-1790. Includes a flyer printed by the "Voice of Liberty." The "Voice of Liberty" opposed the presidential bid of Jimmy Carter because he favored the Civil Rights Act, forced busing and had an aide, Morris Dees, who raised funds to defend Jo Ann Little, "the black revolutionist who was charged with murdering her white jailer."

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