MG-324. OLD MILL VILLAGE COLLECTION, 1845-1847, 1857-1870, 1883-1897, 1907-1915, 1932-1937 and undated.

Old Mill Village recreates early farm life in Pennsylvania near New Milford, Pennsylvania. This living and working museum was under the direction of the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission, in cooperation with the Associate Members of Old Mill Village Museum. The collection contains account books, portrait photographs and stereoscopic views of the Civil War, Europe, Africa, and Texas. Among the Civil War views are pictures of African American soldiers: "Colored Army Teamsters, Cobb Hill, Va.," "Sacramentos Kroo Boys Taken by Lt. Bartles at Loanda, March 1st 1867," and "Colored Pickets on duty near Dutch Gap." A greeting card album contains two cards with cartoons of African American children.

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