MG-332. HENRY MOHN FAMILY COLLECTION, [ca. 1844-1960].

Henry Mohn, son of Albert and Melina Faucht Mohn, was born on December 8, 1902. Melina was a daughter of Henry Faucht, a member of the Harmony Society and blacksmith in Leetsdale, Allegheny County. The collection primarily concerns the Fauchts of Leetsdale, with some Mohn family items acquired after Albert married Melina Faucht in 1898. Correspondence and receipts (1844-1958) are mainly between members of the Faucht family and to Mrs. Mohn, including letters written by Melina’s sister Emilia on her tour of Europe in 1901. The other large group is photographs of family, friends, homes, and other buildings in Leetsdale, including several class school pictures that depict African American children and one photograph of a KKK rally.

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