MG-350. American Association of University Women, Pennsylvania Division Records, 1942-1981.

The American Association of University Women-Pennsylvania Division (AAUW-PA) was organized on October 26, 1924 to promote the advancement of women and encourage their intellectual growth and commitment to social responsibility. Most records document club activities and major networking projects.


Division Board Member Portfolios.

President, 1961-1974. Contains a copy of the Women in History Project publication Our Hidden Heritage: Pennsylvania Women in History, edited by Janice H. McElroy, that features fifteen women including abolitionists Lucretia Coffin Mott, Hannah Longshore, Anna Dickenson, Angelina and Sara Grimke, and Hannah Gibbons. Also mentioned is Martha Schofield, who moved into the South after the Civil War to help feed, clothe, and educate freed slaves. Some of the African American women featured are Marian Anderson, Anna Lucille Carter, Fanny Marion Jackson Coppin, Ella Frazier, Ida Jones, and the Rev. Bessie S. Wheeler.

Division Standing Committee Records.

Legislative Program, 1965-1977. Includes reports of the Citizen Task Force on Regional Community Treatment Centers for Women which contain a breakdown by race of "Women and Girl Offenders by Human Service Areas, Percentage Distribution, 1966-1975." There is also a report on the Muncy Women’s Facility that includes a statistical breakdown on African American inmates.


Status of Women, 1961-1963. The booklet entitled Status of Women, 1961-1963, is a survey of opportunities of continuing education for mature women that includes materials on female migrant workers in Pennsylvania.

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