MG-352. MACLAY FAMILY PAPERS, 1788-1933.

The Maclay Family Collection contains material that spans five generations of the descendants of Charles Maclay (1703-1953), who along with his brother John (1707-1758) sailed from Belfast, Ireland on May 30, 1734 and settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Charles Maclay moved his family to Lurgan Township, Franklin County in 1742 and his offspring played important roles in the development of Pennsylvania as a province and a state. Two of his sons, William (1730-1804) and Samuel (1741-1811), held numerous state offices and served in both the state and national legislatures. His son John (1734-1804) served as a member of the Provincial Conference held at Carpenter’s Hall in June, 1776, and three terms in the Pennsylvania legislature. Almost all of the material in this collection deals with John Maclay’s descendants. The collection consists of family correspondence, 1788-1933; legal papers, 1794-1914; genealogical materials, 1824, undated; account books, 1812-1887; political memorabilia, [ca. 1800-ca. 1930]; and miscellaneous material, 1788-ca. 1910. The bulk of the correspondence pertains to David Maclay (1762-1839) and his son Charles Templeton Maclay (1812-1888). Likewise, all but two volumes of the account books belonged to David and Charles Templeton Maclay. Also included are materials relating to the Pomeroy family who became affiliated with the Maclay family through the marriage of Charles Templeton Maclay’s son, David Maclay, M.D. (1852-1908), to Mary Pomeroy in 1878.


Question Book (Sunday School Attendance Book), 1861-1880. For June 19, 1864 there is an entry for a "Male Colored class" with 1 student, and a "Female Colored class" also with 1 student.

Political Memorabilia, [ca. 1800-1930].

Speeches, Addresses. Printed copy of a speech by William Maclay delivered at the constitutional reform convention of Pennsylvania on January 17, 1838, in opposition to excluding "Colored Men" from the right of suffrage.

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