Graeme Park, originally constructed by Pennsylvania Governor William Keith, 1721-1722, is the only surviving residence of a colonial Pennsylvania governor. The property was originally intended for use as a distillery before it was sold in to Dr. Thomas Graeme, who renovated it to serve as his country estate. In 1920, Mr. and Mrs. Welsh Strawbridge acquired the land upon which the main house stands and restored the mansion to its original condition. In 1958, the Strawbridges gave the property to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is currently maintained as a historic site. The collection contains two issues of the Pennsylvania Packet or, the General Advertiser containing advertisements for the sale and return of runaway slaves. The issue dated August 29, 1787 has an ad placed for the sale of a "negro man," and the December 7, 1782 issue has an ad placed by Benjamin Rittenhouse seeking the return of a runaway "Mulatto Wench named Chloe."

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