Phadrig "Pat" Cahill of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, was a photographer for United Press International’s central Pennsylvania region, 1954-1975. His prints were sent by UPI telephoto to appropriate newspapers throughout the state and country. The photographs consist of over six thousand 7" x 9" and 8’ x 10" prints, each bearing UPI’s code, date, and an extended typewritten caption by Cahill. The reverse often provides additional information. The prints are arranged chronologically by year, and thereunder alphabetically by subject. The original negatives were retained by UPI and use of these prints is subject to United States copyright law. Included are the following photographs featuring African Americans: 1954-Football: Dean Maas #55, Minnesota’s center bringing down Pittsburgh’s Henry Ford on his own forty-five yard line after a five yard gain; 1955-Baseball: Williamsport Little League Series, Pennsylvania vs. New Jersey, shows winning pitcher Wilbur Robinson and a scene in which Henry Singleton, also from New Jersey, was mobbed by his teammates after his home run. Other photographs in this folder show Bruce Gilmore in a Penn State football game with a Boston University in 1956 and a sit-in at the governor’s office in Harrisburg by members of the Chester County Committee for Freedom Now.

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