MG-436 The National Guard of Pennsylvania, 2nd Regiment, 108th FIELD ARTILLARY Records, 1847-1947.

The parent unit of this regiment was constituted and organized in Philadelphia on December 11, 1840 as the National Guards. It was a volunteer militia company assigned to the 1st Volunteer Infantry Regiment of Pennsylvania. Before being reorganized on October 23, 1916 as the 2nd Field Artillery Regiment, the unit was known as the Infantry Corps of National Guards of the City of Philadelphia in 1856; as the 2nd Infantry Regiment in 1861; as the 90th Pennsylvania volunteer Infantry Regiment in 1862; as the 2nd Infantry Regiment (National Guards) in 1867; as the 2nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment in 1898; and as the 2nd Infantry Regiment, Pennsylvania National Guard in 1899. The collection consists of regimental enlistment books, minute books, photographs, and related records. A group photograph shows two African Americans dressed in gray overcoats that distinguish them from the rest of the group.

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